I can understand that all Love Lives are great and it's hard to choose the best one...

I can understand that all Love Lives are great and it's hard to choose the best one, but how the hell did Ruby end up last?

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>Kotori but autistic
>her entire gimmick is she's socially inept
>Akarin design
Gee I wonder why.
But Chika/Dia should've been last. Both of them are shit characters and look like shit too.

How indeed?
It's not like she didn't have a fucking line with any thought put into it, or any worthy scenes aside from one episode, and absolutely no fanservice throughout the series.
Oh wait. Yes, it was like that. It was obvious as fuck that her popularity will fall to oblivion and yet some stupid people didn't believe me.
Now here you go.

Holy shit, That's some garbage taste

>Kanan second
What kind of garbage poll is this?

>Kanan second
Dozens of fanservice scenes.

>little demon #1

I was a little disappointed that her role felt kind of minor, but something about her design and stupid voice makes her my favorite. And I don't really like chuunis either.

What is it exactly is it that makes you guys like her as well?

Because she got last in the first poll, the neutral fan feel sorry for her amd decide to vote for the underdogs. Mari and Dia stuck in the same spot because they aren't "the last" so no one make a point to vote for them.
For Ruby, I am not sure, probably because her character is only complimentary to Zura and Dia?

Because she never had a scene to herself, much less any fanservice, everyone forgot about her and it won't ever change now.

To think she was consistently rated in the top 3 prior to Sunshine. Poor Ruby, she deserves better.

Still ain't this the one to decide the center for the next single? If so this ain't that bad, I love wooby but I would not vote her for center.


>Kanan second

Did they only allow horny 15 year olds to vote in this poll?

Its funny how Jap(both the staff and the fans) see Kanan as heroic while Mari is in the wrong, while most Cred Forums has opposite opinion. Probably some cultural difference I guess.

>Poor Ruby, she deserves better.
It all depends on what the staff wants to do with her.
But with her popularity dropping to oblivion, there's no way they will change their mind about her.

It's a dumb bit of drama in the first place and Mari ended up winning out anyway

>dumb drama

At least it was better/less retarded than the original love live drama.

Don't get me wrong, that was also bad
But that doesn't stop it from being dumb too

Well this is the center poll, and in my onion, I think she is the least suitable to be a center. Might be because of her childish voice and acts.

>playing score match
>this appears out of fucking nowhere
wew lad

The point is even Mari said out loud to You that she was the "wrong" one even though two of her friends just decide on themselves to keep the truth from her as well as antagonizing her when she try to reunite with them.
Yeah in the end everyone is happy but it still felt weird the whole universe agree that Mari is somehow in the blame when Kanan and Dia are more responsible for the drama. Just my observation anyway.

A possible factor is that anyone outside Japan, where she's considerably less liked, can easily vote on this contest. This is the first one that can't be considered a reflection of Japan's taste.

Center polls are pretty much like popularity polls anyhow.


I hold that onion myself.


She deserves first.

I'm more surprised that You has sunk from the top to near the bottom.

She's middle.
And she already won a center before, so those girls start at a huge disadvantage.

The votes are still 80% or more japanese I'm pretty sure.
There's absolutely no surprise after how she was handled in the anime that her popularity will die off.

Gangbang Ruby!

Another performance where she was ridiculously underplayed.
And unlike most girls who had those sexy poses, she had nothing going for her. Straight ticket to "who the fuck" treatment.

>tfw she's my favorite Aquors girl
I cri

How do we make Dia more popular? Make her do more dumb shit and say stupid shit, while getting ignored by everyone?

>tfw I just noticed my mistake

>Mari still 8th


She was ranked second in the previous center poll so it can't be that.

You're right.
It's so low because of how the anime was.
Really, what's so hard to understand baffles me.

This user understands

I want to cuddle Ruby-chan.

You do that and I'm going to have fun with her sister.

My wife is the Studen Council President!

Not only was she minor, she was a useless gimmick character who doesn't even belong on the show and has no enthusiasm for school idols.

It's a retarded poll done by idiot pencil dicks.

>a useless gimmick character
So like every other character on the show?

Literally every time the scene pans to her, she's doing some retarded chuuni shit in the corner while everyone pretends this is normal.

She's a gimmick, more than the rest who at least serve some purpose. Get over it.

She's the most popular character and that won't change no matter how much you cry about it. Get over it.

Look faggot I understand you like her and she's your favorite but don't go claiming she's the most popular because of 1 poll

Don't be an idiot

It's true she doesn't have any passion about idols (so far at least) but really besides Chika, Ruby and the 3rd years the rest just went along with the idea and. As long as she does not cause trouble and she is training (singing, dancing, running etc.), she is fine. And she would not be there if she also did not enjoy doing these activities. At the end of the day, she likes this idol stuff maybe less than the rest but nonetheless, she wants to be there with the other girls and she is enjoying her time.

She is not the most popular character but definately in top 3. At least from the fan polls I have seen so far and the amount of fanart on pixiv/twitter.

>Kanan this high
>while Dia and Mari are still in the garbage bracket
I just don't understand.

People who voted have shit taste.

Both are bad ranking but at least Kanan is now second. Dia, Mari and Chika deserve better places.

For nth time: The Japanese fandom thinks she is on the right about the whole drama thing with Mari. To them, Kanan acted like a selfless and kind friend that wanted to do good for her dear Mari and had no faults about her decision. Mari was to blame on because, well ask them as I also do not understand this part. Aside the injury that she did not tell Dia and Kanan, about the leaving thing the blame is on Kanan because the way she tried to help caused all three of them to start falling apart and not talk to each other for 2 years. She has a "heart of gold" even if she was edgelord over Mari when she came back. I get she had good intentions but she messed up the whole thing.

>forever 8th or 9th place
This isn't joke anymore.

I have never seen a citation for this any time it has been repeated. She's #2 because there's a twitter campaign and it's easy to proxy this poll. In the magazine vote going on at the same time she's only #5 presently.

>only #5 presently
Where are Dia and Mari in that one?

Not that user but

>there's a twitter campaign
That's already proof enough that she's becoming popular. There wouldn't be a twitter campaign for her in the first place if she didn't have a lot of fans.

>In the magazine vote going on at the same time she's only #5
That's still a huge improvement from before the anime, where she was consistently in the bottom 2 with Mari.

Yohane is a good girl. She has an offer where she dates anyone who goes a full year without never missing a single camshow of hers. She currently has 11 boyfriends that started off as fans of her show.

There is only one idol who can save these threads from dying.

It is now officially Poop Hour.

Post Poop.

Poop?! I'm the cutest and most feminine idol!

We are getting some early numbers and it's looks like Sunshine BD1 sold around 60k to 70k.

But Nico is lewd.

Fresh Tomato

You could see that puffy vulva from outer space

>Kanan second
As she should be

Bonus points when she's first

You wouldn't give a fuck about her if she wasn't constantly flashing her tits like the whore she is.

Show some proof for the sunshine BD.

Are Kananfags only in it for the tits and for pity because she was ignored by the staff over the first half?

It's the hagu.

So it's the tits.

Stay mad, user.

Remember to vote for Yoshikochan!


She got almost fucking no exposure from the moment her arc ended and that was early on in the series, and it pains me, because I really like Ruby.


1. Yohane
2. Kanan
3. Ruby
4. Hanamaru
5. You
6. Chika
7. Dia
8. Riko
9. Mari

>Mari that low

Woah what the fuck nippon, how is You now 5th

>character shown to have a ton of lewd books
>he puts her at #8
What the fuck. The purest Sunshine is Chika by far.

It was barely her arc. In fact, the Kurosawas don't have any development at all.


I love arrogant Dia.

I am surprised Ruby is so low. I haven't watched this shit but she looks like the most attractive out of all of them.

>You 5
>not the purest

What are the chances of S2 not being a The Chiko and Rika Show feat everyone else and who the hell is Kanan too?

That's quite honestly my biggest complaint about Sunshine. For as much dumb drama LL had it at least managed to give everyone enough focus and screentime to not leave anyone unsatisfied.

>Yohane that high
She should be 9 instead.

What are you talking about? If anyone needs more screen time it's Chika. Sunshine didn't do a good enough job and I sincerely hope it's addressed in S2.

Because she was already the 2nd PV center and this poll is to chose the 3rd. I wasn't voting for You either even though she's my favorite.

Why would you want more screentime of someone so completely lacking in charisma as a leader and in a group where everyone has much more interesting and colorful personalities? She's not even a quarter of what Honoka was.

Oh I get it now. I don't understand how most of these polls work either.

I don't understand the appeal of Hanamaru either, she is fine and all but never was more than a food/zura combo joke after her episode so it's weird to see Ruby at the bottom and her in the top when both were pretty much untouched.

Google "proxy".

My first post was bait but
>everyone has much more interesting and colorful personalities
You mean one or two gimmicks and catchphrases per character? Incredible! The leader thing has been talked about before too, Chika is a better leader than Honk.

My best friend has very large breasts (bigger than anyone in Aqours) and generally wears tight shirts. She says she's proud of her body and that wearing clothing that accentuates her body is a net positive for everyone since guys feel energized by looking at it. Does that sound like a whore to you?

Well, the anime isn't the only material available, I like Maru a lot more in SIF or the Dengeki stuff where she seems more comfy and easy going. And despite the show not being very generous to the 1st years their respective appeals are still very different.

Well, yes.

She sounds like a good whore.

>The leader thing has been talked about before too, Chika is a better leader than Honk.
How so?

Your friend sounds cool. 99% of the girls doing something like that would be doing it for attention and then bitch about how filthy perverts are ogling her all the time or stuff like that.

>actually decent CG during Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari
Why couldn't they get their shit together in time for Snow Halation?

Great movie, though. I'll probably buy the BD.

>they kicked me out for the shitty amateurs. who the hell is that Chika kid anyway? bitch I was already making the world a better place the moment her vagina spilled fucking blood.

I'm not a big breast guy but that's kind of cool. It doesn't exactly sound like she's doing it for attention and she's not acting like a bitch about it.

I would fucking hit that shit.

I bet you'd carry a different tone if her episode came in last.

>Japs Magz poll
>Vote via post mail
Sure user. Sure.
I bet you buy 100 copies of Dengeki magz just to make your fav chara on top.

Are you seriously this new?

Don't underestimate real autism, just look at Nisekoi.

This poll was online.

Who is the stupid looking slut who replaced honk on the app logo?

Some bitch called Yohane.

For the sushi lover faggot.

Yeah cause I liked her a lot in that episode then I was mad it all went away. I don't hate her.

Everyone is better in SIF though, I like those stories because they are comfy, SOL material.

I don't know where they're getting this number but I keep hearing 71,185 repeated for Sunshine volume one and about the same for the Muse Final Live that costs close to 20K Yen. Just wait 12 or so hours and we'll have exact numbers but either way school idols annihilated the rest of this season. Just too strong

Sister love for all raibu when?

Japan lost bad to Love Live and iDOLM@STER Starlight Stage again this week. I mean event ticketed BD, Final Live BD and an event with Kaede, Mika, Rin, Uzuki and Mio. For the obsessive idol fanboy that's "gotta catch em' all" at least 25K yen plus however lucky they are feeling with Gacha's.


I liked her before she was cool.

Idol life is just like pokemon man and yes if I had the money I would be catching all the figures

I don't trust the polls

Bamco decided to take the ever so slightest pity on them by not having an IMAS or Love Live Single come out this week but we got Walkure Trap instead. Really makes you wonder just how much disposable income idol otaku could possibly have. Apparently substantially more than any other anime fan group.

Fuck all these dumb cardgames, why can't there be one franchise that can be enjoyed as a non full-on shit eating mobage crazed retard?

That's how it is. The girls gets shoved into the background and keep on memeing until it's their time to shine. Maru's just came earlier. She at least got her own episode, plus another half from Yoshiko's centric episode, so I can't complain.

>That Nozomi

Idol hell is a scary place

Because they want to appeal to the casuals, hence the focus on mobage

>4.0 update came out on EN
>Forgot how different most of the personalities are in Dengeki

So what do you prefer, anime or Dengeki's personalities?

>You 5th.
What the FUCK.


The Dengeki because they are a little more in depth

Riko was always superior to You

She's basically a giant baby

Rajesh! He's saying bad things about Wooby again.

Zura is better than You by far by virtue of not being a shitty doormat.

>Best girl in 1st

and for once, Japan has a good taste in idols.

Disregarding the 7th place slut, the lower ranking they are the cuter they seem to get.
I don't think I like this new Love Live.

>Third years have no relation to each other or school idols
>Kanan is more of the big sister type and has no edge
>Dia acts a lot more disciplined and strict and doesn't spaz out as often
>Mari doesn't meme as much and is actually into metal and punk and shows more of her business side
>Yoshiko actually has a reason for her chuuni shit that isn't "just because"
>Maru was more or less the same until after her episode, and then she became a mirai zura spouting hungry hippo
>Ruby acts a lot more like a baby in Dengeki, and doesn't have as warm of a relationship with Dia since the latter never associated with school idols
>Riko still has her music stuff but it isn't her focus, instead she claims that she's extremely boring despite coming from from Tokyo and has a low opinion of herself like Maru. Also knew about µ's coming from her school.
>Chika isn't a filthy secondary. Otherwise she's more or less the same.
>You is almost exactly the same in both and if anything, the anime just cemented her role as the support

The anime sure decided to mix it up I guess.
How long until the anime personalities start bleeding into Dengeki's personalities?



Step back shitters number one and zuree are in town.

All of them except the Kurosawas are better in Dengeki/SIF imo. If they incorporated Dia and Ruby's anime personalities into Dengeki it'd be the perfect canon.

I want my own Dia


She's gabrring Yoshiko's teat

That's our Hanamaru!

I finished up the original series. Why do people hate Nico so much? Is it because she isn't a 100% agreeable character like You?

She's Borderline Personality Disorder levels of disagreeable.


She's a conniving thief and a liar.

I can give you lair but what did she steal?

Did she steal your heart or your penis?

>Kanan at 2nd place
As a longtime Kananfag, I can't tell you how happy I am.
But I love Yohane too, so I'm happy regardless if either of the two wins.

Honk's fries. And she would've stolen her burger too if she could've gotten away with it.

She offered to give them back

Honk should've taken them.

I'll vote for Yoshiko. Her voice is better than Suwawa's.

>the chuuni is first but ruby is last

I'll vote for Dia-sama. Forever and ever, for all eternity unless Umi appears

Yoshiko and Kanan are having a bout but Maru's the sleeper and wins the race.

I love Dia too.


>good taste when they voted the walking crawling tits on second place
Yohane winning can't rescue this shit poll.

Traditional girls are the best.

Why is Dia so ugly?
I didn't think it was possible for a beauty mark to make a character look worse


I'm surprised she had any free time between sucking various cocks to pose for a picture.

She loves it when people look at her

I want to hear Umi and Dia's conversation on how to improve Japan's nationalistic position in culture


I have a crush on Yohane!

>sexy poses
not in this lifetime brother

>nigger in japan
>nico jogging in a skirt
>umi present at all

so much wrong with this scene

We all do


What did they mean by this?

Where are her panties?

They're in New York you dumb fuck

Hanamaru's doing so well in the center poll because she has a great singing voice and deserves a showcase to make up for getting shat on by the anime.

Maki got her seal broken by the Honk

I don't think anime/dengeki Aqours are mutually exclusive except for the 3rd years' backstory, which is too bad since the anime actually made me care about them. Otherwise I just tend to think of Dengeki versions as being more fleshed out versus what we saw in the anime which was streamlined to plot essentials plus easy gags for time's sake.

Good crack.

Which character is most likely to have done anal?

It's always the flat chested, innocent-looking ones, so Ruby and Rin.

Realistically? Mari.

She has to do something to fill the emptiness

Yoshiko has been popular since the first character poll Im sorry your autismic hatred blinds you of this fact.

Probably 7th and 8th


Why is she so beautiful and sexy and wonderful and perfect

She'd be perfect if it wasn't for that stupid bun.


What noise does she make?

Sultry noises you'd expect from a woman twice her age.

That's a secret

> Mari second to last
> You 5th place, just above Chika
> Kana 2nd place
Are you fucking kidding me?

>You just above Chika
I agree, it's fucking disgusting. You shouldn't be above Chika for any reason whatsoever.

>Chika is a better leader than Honk.
too bad she's a horrible friend.

Someone got the compilation of all her bigii's?


But was Honoka a good friend though

>>Akarin design
These aren't bad points. And Japan always loves the shy girls.

I love this bird

Is there a consensus on what Muse's second best song is?

Game prizes coming out in February

I confessed my feelings to Yohane last night and she accepted! We haven't had sex yet but we've kissed a lot and are going on a date tomorrow.

I was at a convention last saturday for rippi concert and some madman had this cardboard saying "best love live supporting characters" with 3 of the Honk classmates while the 4th character was Kanan. I wonder if some Kananfag actually punched him or something lmao.

cool story insert crackship here



You shouldn't have sex so soon.

Do people have sex after confession?


Yoshiko wins- YohaChika MV
Kanan wins- Chikanan MV
Maru wins- Chikamaru crack MV.

>he doesn't like Daiya

Mari is the best gaijin

A shame DreamFesta is going to flop and disappoint the Bamco Idol family.

>You 5th
>Dia 7th
Kinda triggered.

Top semen demons.

please stop posting black wooby and blue joke

These are mine

>Yoshiko steals Hanamaru away from Ruby in the anime
>Dia - Ruby's own sister - steals Hanamaru in SIF

Is there no end to Ruby's suffering?

Ruby is a baka who wastes her time reading idol magazines



Riko may not be as strong as You but Riko has the power of manipulation on her side

When are we getting those shitty stories where You and Ruby cry on each other's shoulders?

Me too
I just got her. Feels great.


I'm perfectly fine if Riko ends up being the average member of Aquors. It's exactly what I love her for, and i couldn't ask for more.

i would watch idolshit if they got the dick

without dick I can't self insert

Self insert as your favorite girl. It really lets you understand her better.



What? Are you a faggot? All Love Live fans are gay girls.

I'll take "Things That Will Never Happen Ever" for 200$

>Dia never being above 7th in all the polls

you know you want to put your burd between those burds.

What did she mean by this?

Riko Takami

I too am waiting for an all-male idol group anime to be made

Too bad.

All Idols are gay.

I want a BD Song where Kanan and Mari sing about two girls holding hands, on a swing in a garden of glass and lilies where they can enjoy a forbidden love far from the judging eyes of the world.

I want a RubyMaru song where they sing about looking at each other in class.

Or a YouYoshi song about a passionate, summer romance on the beach.

But they already do, they live in the middle of nowhere in a country that has a 90 to 1 female/male ratio. Mari is a cowgirl and Kanan is a fit junky, it is basically brokeback mountain for idols

What was the best scene in LLSS and why was it not the MariKanan hug and reconciliation?

for some reason I just couldn't give a crab about all these new girls
I mean 765 were around for almost a decade before they shit out CG


>Ruby friends have mobilized following her last place ranking

Ready for Ruby to shoot straight to the top and win it all?


You meant tits if you know what I mean.

That's Ensemble Stars for you.

Are Idol anime the future?

But it was.


Kanan is fucking shit, and Kananfags are shit too.

Kanan is cute and Kananfags are cute.

I'll have to go with Saint Snow blowing Aqours the FUCK out.

What happened to them anyway? They were complete assholes, then they were gone.

Anyone have the mufti shot of Hanamaru, Mari and Ruby?

Built for sex.

Can we share this work of perfection together?
you do her mouth, I go below

What flower is that



This is what I came away with after watching it all.
Almost everyone was shit.

I'm late, here are the numbers.

*1 ** 71,185 *71,185 *1 ラブライブ!μ’s Final LoveLive!
*2 ** 66,745 *66,745 *1 ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! 1【特装限定版】

Yohane is pleased by this conversation

>Act Chunni and genuinely retarded.
>Get first place.

>Act like a normal character with feelings and emotions.

>act like a doormat and then a jealous possessive bitch
>drop in rank
Really makes you think, huh?

That's just because she's already gotten Center and so it would be a waste for her to do so a second time. You are such a baka sometimes, you know that?

>Being ignored by your best friend is apparently acting like a doormat.
It does make me think.

I'll be your best friend Lelouch



>Walkure outselling the average Aqours single in music sales
>Flopped on BD charts

Aqours is the best!!!!

Which one?

Anju, always Anju.

Best girlfriend material.


I want my girlfriend to be full of useless passion.

I'd marry her in a heartbeat and with no reservations.

Bottom easily. I'm not yet convinced by the main cast, but Saint Snow has won my dick over more quickly and effectively than A-RISE.


Last day to vote on the center.

Poll closes 5pm JST.


I want to fuck her sweet and soft teenager face.

Zuramaru is for breeding

Zuramaru is a naughty girl. She knows how to turn me on.

I'll fuck your mature 20-something face after work, user~


>a couple of autists think they can do anything about a girl being unpopular as fuck
Nope. Sunrise did the damage, it can't be fixed by anyone else.

But would she be willing to marry you, user?


Don't lewd Ruby's girlfriend

I want Babymetal

I'll never know unfortunately.

But she loves to put things on her mouth


>childhood friends interlocking their fingers

Childhood friends should always win.

They told me in other bread that they originally planned to have a male MC in this shit? Is that actually true and could someone link some sources if it is?

And if it is not sorry for bothering you, I never got into the franchise but I could never see this working with males so I am curious.

Here is my only saved Love Live picture from my friday dance moves folder.

>Ruby's girlfriend


Not sure, but it seems likely. I've seen translations of magazines scans of early Love Live where Maki is flirting with you (the reader) and calling you "Onii-chan".

Doesn't matter what you want, RinPana 2.0 is what we get

Who remembers the before times?


I love her so much...

That makes her happy


jav when

I didn't know about Love Live during 2010 or 2011, but I was alive then.

I want to help Ruby pick out a Halloween costume

What about the one where You gets in some person's car and taken to a love hotel?

Why would they make a JAV out of something she does twice a week for spending money

>Yoshiko 1st, Ruby 9th

>Kanan 2nd, Mari 8th

>Hamaru 3rd, Dia 7th

>Riko 4th, Chika 6th

>You 5th


You's cheeks are so big

You can't even see them with her skirt in the way

They seemed a lot lewder back then

Mari still has a huge butt