Strike witches

Finally decided to get around to watching Strike Witches. I'm assuming I can sum up the entire show with this image?

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No. Wrong angle.


Is this better?

There you go.

Yeah more or less
And it's great

Strike Witches is the pinnacle of all human achievement.

Perrine a cute.


Honestly while the fanservice is nice and what drew me to the series, it isn't what kept me.
Overall its a great series that makes me very happy while the ww2 fanservice is whats best.

The movie had some great parts and my favourite was when Trude changed the barrel on her mg42, while Erica simply threw hers away. That got me so hard, fuck reloading and changing barrels on a mg42.

A life without witches is not worth living.

Is that a shit stain?

No loli cameltoe in Brave Witches though.
Take that as positive of negative reinforcement.

My cum getting through.

It's a shadow.

You missed the weekly threads and the waiting for BOST tv rips, and THAT email. I pity you.

Weekly? It was almost daily.

Which email though?

Shirley's tits are


The guy who uploaded the BOST tv rips got it and his reply, before the last episode.


Hope that karlsland witches are still best witches

More or less this pretty much explains it.


Perrine is my wife.

Your wife a Shit

> The Afrika series won't be adapted
Why live?

In which proportion they battle alien and in which they do cute things?

Be hoenst, please. I don't wan't to sit again in front of a series where the girls "fight" like Girls und Panzer and expend 80% of time doing nothing and only 10% of actual fighting.

You better believe it. 8 episodes of no plot, then they wrap it all up in the last 2.

Best anime of late 2000s desu

Plot and Action take a backset to pandering and fanservice. It's ony in the last few episodes that it wraps up. Hell, episodes like 7 don't feature fighting at all.

I'm gonna kick your fucking ass.

More like with image like this.

Only another day to go. I'm hyped.

If anything GuP is the opposite. Shit's 80% tanks.

SW is a pretty hefty amount of fighting but it's not really fun. It's full of drama and repetitive encounters.

This obviously isn't true, loser. How can she be your wife when she's my wife? I bet you don't even speak french!

>not fun
Please go and stay go.

You have fun hearing Yoshika cry about muh war and destruction?


That's a shop.

Vividred Operation is 100% the fun, 10% the boring drama

I take it you didn't watch the movie.

Who is this? I don't remember her from the show?

The only reason to watch it is moe camel toe

The Star of Africa, makes an appearance in S2 and the second OVA.

Best witch

Hannah this should freshen your memory

>furry tail

I can think of other reasons too.


i need more of her

Null draws pretty good Marseilles.

Null should be the official designer for future SW projects. Also make them actual h-anime.

>Marseille will never sit on your lap



The only reason to watch it is for the lovable characters with entertaining dynamics.

And for the tits.

And for the references.

>You'll never just relax, listen to Jazz together, discuss Rommel and his tactics while drinking some fine whiskey

You'll never spend the evening with Heidi, watching the stars together after she's danced for you in the diameter of the moon, then as the evening draws on you and her cuddle on a blanket together watching some amazing astrological event being invigorated by the scent of well blended coffee as smooth Jazz plays in the background.

>no lewds

I admire you, user.

It's called being courteous user, lewds would come later on when things grow colder and you need to use the blanket and your own body heat to warm you both up.

Nipa soon

I want to sit on the stoop with Shirley, drinking Bulleit, while watching fireflies and listening to the sound of crickets chirping on a cool summer evening.

woozles soon

I want to snuggle with Naoe, next to a roaring fire place as we read French literature together.

Right, so do I watch it weekly with Cred Forums as it comes out, take part in the speculation, or do I wait until the first season is over so I can marathon?

Has anyone got a link to SW game cards? I need them for scientific purposes.

Underrated post, because the whole series is full of interesting WW2 facts/relations put in. Unfortunately the pantsu cover them all/is all people recognize.

I hope Brave Witcches is good unlike the absolute shit that was SW s2. God, that was terrible.

S2 gave us Marseille, though I do miss the characterization they used in the first season which they should've kept. I wonder if Brave Witches will be a mixture of both the comedy from S2 and the character centrics we got in the first season.

>S2 gave us Marseille
And she was annoying as shit. Not until the third OVA did they make her likable.

I cant express how much I hated everything in S2 and am glad brave witches is slated to be more military based and OVA-like.

I'm fresh off the back of watching both seasons and I can without hesitation say that I preferred the second season.

Overall, it was just more memorable, had better characterization and interesting plot points.

It was like the first season redone and refined to be much better.

Is there really that much of a big difference in quality between S1 and S2? It's been years since I last watched them but if I recall it was a different studio or something which picked up the second season but I'd need to watch them again to notice the change in tone.

So who will Brave Witche's Marseille be? I'm betting Aurora but I'd love to see Rudel finally make an appearance in the anime, the most handsomest witch.

Yeah, S1 just felt like:
"Here, have some cute witches, doing uh, stuff."

S2 had more depth.

I'd love to see Rudel but I'd LOVE to see Aurora.

I can without hesitation say you have the shittiest of tastes.

>So who will Brave Witche's Marseille be?
Should we give a shit. I'd rather it be about the 502nd. I dont care about non important LN witches.


Like a kiddie pool.

It was literally a hard copy of what happened in S1 without understanding why it worked. It's embarrassing.

You cant be serious.

I try to not get my hopes up, but she's the one thing that I'd choose to include in the show if I could.

It was a hard copy of what happened in S1 WITH understanding why it worked and improving everything in almost every way.

Just stop.

It recycled the plot of S1 almost point by point, and resolved nothing.

Here are the poll results from the marathon, just got through compiling them together.
Thanks to all of you who managed to join in and make it so much fun!!

You're pretty much as wrong you can be. If anything the marathon we had this weekend proved that 99% are in for the characters and the things occurring around the war. Ecchi is just 'there'.

Looks like someone didn't watch past first three episodes, because Miyafuji drops the whole pacifism thing quite fast and after that never speaks of it again.

Nipa's time to shine and fuwa is upon hand at last.


Is there a reason they didn't continue with the original Strike Witches for the third season?

Trude and Aurora is my OTP

Especially since Trude would basically be the imouto in that one.

You just trolling now with no effort. Not even 2/10

>girl who wants to make peace with the enemy
>enemy shows themselves
>please I don't wanna fight
What did they mean by this

Their story is done and the expanded universe is big enough and good enough that not shifting the focus at times would be wasteful.

Moontube is streaming both seasons and the OVAs this weekend to commemorate the new series. You'll need to rev up a proxy to log in.

this is excellent

>she will never put her soiled panties on your head as a mask

Why even live?

We already did that this weekend actually by ourselves. It was fun.

We all agree with this, right?
Best ass: Trude
Best tits: Shirley
Best body in general: Minna

>that fucking episode they wasted on perrine treasure hunting for herbs or something.
>weaker episode 7
>the lucchini episode
>the eila sanya episode where eila is a complete and utter annoying lesbian cunt the entire episode.
>fucking katana killing an entire hive and miyafuji being mary sue
>said hive isnt a hive, it's a SUPER hive. That means it's more deadly than s1 guys!
>the marseille episode where she's just a cunt.

And it was so recycled but with shittier characterization.

Are people just upset that Minna probably fucked a boy?

It was top comfy and I was sad when it ended.

Fair enough, it still make me kinda sad though.

Erica has a bubble butt though

I wish they came up with a better villain than super hive, considering it was like how Star Wars repeats itself over again with the stupid amount of Death Stars. Warlocks were a fun concept but I didn't think they were handled that well.

>Are people just upset that Minna probably fucked a boy?

I still love her.

I'm not wrong. Season 2 had all of the best episodes and the way in which the characters interacted was expanded upon in a very satisfying way.

S1 wasted too much time on dumb plot elements.

As do I. I didnt watch S1 live and all but were the Japs butthurt she had a boyfriend like a normal person?

thats what gets me about the anime. There is LOADS of WWII references and real things brought into the strike witches universe but can easily be overlooked or missed.

She's the least liked witch fanart wise, so I'd assume in a way yes.

Nah, Yoshika is the buttwitch.

That's a fucking travesty. Fucking purityfag otaku.

Perrine treasure hunting episode was the funnest episode of both seasons.

The Lucchini episode was also great.

So was the Eila/Sanya episode.

Literally top tier episodes.

Minna fucked a boy, but it's okay now because he's dead and Minna has moved on to greener pastures.

Please kill yourself.

Erica does have a nice everything, I'd love to rest my head against it like a pillow.

Anyone else find Trude's tits underrated?

Take your bets on how many times will Nipa be struck by lightning, striker malfunctioning, hit by sneaky neuroi beams and other unexplainable accidents.

I don't think I will do that.

There are people in this world that have opinions like this.

They're called "right opinions".

I want to reassure Nipa that everything will be daijoubu as I pat her on the head.

alright, boyo.

.So brave witches is going to focus on a completely different set of witches?

I need more gertrud though...

I, for one, barely noticed any differences between the seasons. Both were good.

Everything would be better in the world with more Trude, I wish she was my nee-chan.

>You'll never bathe with Trude in the outdoor bath as you rest your head against her awesome breasts while she washes your back

Yeah, I hope we can at least count on a cameo of the old cast.

Because, you see, I need more Hartmann.

STOP. Eila belongs with Sanya!

Thank God.

What's not to like?

Perrine episode had
>cool spelunking expedition
>everyone in swimsuits
>mom and pop sharing a kiss
>drunk Mio
>Perrine being bad ass with her rapier

Lucchini episode because who doesn't want to be toured around Romania by a cute-as-a-button little girl. Putting her in that situation really expanded on her character.

And the Eila/Sanya episode because it had one of the most romantic ending sequences in all of anime to date.

I'm quite alright with S3 featuring a different unit, but I wish to see more of the 501st since we didn't really get an ending.

Jesus fucking Christ just keep that taste to yourself.

>I'd rather it be about the 502nd.

Too bad, episode one and there's barely any of the 502nd you know and love.

Enjoy Yoshika 2.0 Original Character donut steel.

There have been 3 endings for them already.

At least Yoshika 2.0 is cuter.

>she can crush neurois with her ass

She's a lot cuter, has a hot nee-san. Already better than Yoshika.

The girl on the top-right is pretty qt.

Why would you lie to her like that?

But be honest here, were they satisfying?

Or is it just me with my urge for Witches?

And that NuYoshika comes with an onee-san.

In an alternate universe where Yoshika is an ass girl, Perrine is her BFF and Lynette is the bitchy, upper class rich girl. Minna crushes a Neuroi with her breasts.

>Minna will never ride you
I bet it'd be awesome but so deadly.

As said dozen times by now, they're pretty sure going to remake S1 ad S2 episode structure so ep2 won't have 502nd most likely either save for some short clips.

What's with the onee-san meming? Miyafuji had Mio as her mentor, who Takane is replacing archetype wise. Mio might as well be Miyafuji's onee-san but wasn't. Takami might as well not be Hikari's onee-san but is in the end.
They're both still Fuso MC's respectively.

That onee-san isn't even part of the 502nd.

She's part of the 508th. Unless Humikane does some retcons.

Part of me still wants Hugbunny to be the MC, rather than Yoshika Magical Bogaloo

Alternatively, you could fuck off. No one is stopping you from fucking right off.

>Unless Humikane does some retcons.

He's a fucking madman. He created the 503rd years ago and to this date, still hasn't properly introduced the other half despite making clear profiles and group shots for them already.

But this neesan is sexy like Minna.

I wish to confess my love to Minna, hug and kiss her multiple times a day to make her feel loved and cared for.

And Mio isn't a sexy Yamato nadeshiko? Takami onee-san looks like mix of Mio and Minna which is great too.

How would you even win Minna's heart or any of the other 501s?

I'm already in love with far left and far right. Both are perfection.

I really can't see Sadako or Naoe as main characters unless they want to make it a comedy.


Literally the angsty hotblooded greenhorn shonen protagonist. Except with a vagina.


She's just a more mature and military trained Yoshika. Hell, she's good at cooking, a protege of Mio, from a family of Fuso intellectuals, has a chronic fixation on molesting people and has a shy soft spoken european Witch as a bottom bitch. Fuck, she's 110% Yoshika.

Not really.

Show Minna my dick because according to her, witches cant resist it.


Mio isnt that sexy. No. Takami seems more Minnaish

>Mio isn't that sexy
I find her underrated among the witches, I love her calm nature but something tells me during private and intimate moments she'd fuck you like a tiger but would still want cuddles afterwards.

I like the way Trude refers to the barrier diving her and Hartman's side of the room as the Siegfried line.

So cute.

I'd love to clean Erica's half (with her approval) in order to get Trude's attention.

Erica's messy room calls to me to be cleaned, I can hear it constantly, even in my sleep.

Would Trude reward me with a kiss on the cheek if I clean it thoroughly?

I'd clean Erica's buttcrack with my tongue while she's passed out drunk.

Which witch would you think being a househusband too would be the most comfiest? I think Trude or Rudel.

Rudel would come home to molest you.


I'd honestly love that.

I'd break her Siegfried line if you know what I mean

>You'll never be Trude's househusband
>You'll never prepare her a nice cup of tea upon arriving home then giving her a shoulder massage
>You'll never bathe with her then cook a romantic candlelit dinner
>You'll never spend the rest of the evening destroying her Siegfriend line followed by cuddles and talking long into the night before you both fall asleep in each other's arms

> with her approval

Good luck.

I love my little slob.


Just imagine Trude saying "I love you, user." as you cuddle.


I don't think she'd mind, would she? You could probably just get in there while she's sleeping and do your thing. And then maybe clean her room afterwards.

Holy shit, Trude's was the most heart attacking inducing. I also loved Perrine's, Shirley's and Eila's. Minna's was good too.

Someone should use these soundbites in a Strike Witches dating sim.

>When you meet your witchfu

I wonder how you would have to make yourself stand out from among the rest in order to win the affections of a witch, I bet it'd be nigh impossible in the SW universe.

Challenge them to a friendly competition

I'd challenge Marseille to see how long who could stay awake the most.

I'll get it down to a low roar if it kills me.

Why is life so unfair?

Just is user, imagine being born in the SW universe and having to settle for a normie woman.

Kurt had Minna but reading from the wiki I understand they were together before she became a witch?

>became a witch

Before she was drafted you mean.

They were neighbours and he used to play the piano while she was singing.

>Kurt was childhood friend
I think this is one of the occasions where childhood friend won for once but still suffered.

Do you think they did it?

yeah, my bad

See, all you have to do is be an incredibly handsome, blonde, talented musician like Kurt. And then not die.

Damn, at least I'm not dead then, all I have is an incredibly good knowledge of literature and movies.



I think there's a doujin where they did it

Yes, I got it myself.

But if you want to trust doujins, the witches did all kinds of fucked up shit.

Which Strike Witch has the best smelling vagina?

I bet Minna and Sanya's vaginas smell fantastic.

Sanya or Lynne.

I bet Erica's taste like slow-churned ice cream.

I bet Sanya's vagina smells like Eila's breath. Minty fresh.

> atahuta

Imagine if you were the only male on base during May. All those witches in heat, prancing around, their familiars activated, wagging their tails and rubbing themselves on you as much as possible.
And whenever they're overwhelmed by their sexual needs, they take you to the nearest closet.~

The whole base would smell of love and lust.

I wouldn't like it. I'd rather just be a fly on the wall.

I'd love every minute.

I also had a dream once I was the only male at 501, all of the witches had trouble getting to sleep so they used me as a live teddy bear or hot water bottle. It was kind of nice. We came up with a rotation system of who would get me the next night and rinsed and repeated it the following week.

My cock (and heart) couldn't handle it.


I'm not 14. I don't need everything to be about me. I'd rather be a watchful protector of the witches way of life. A father figure.

wallpaper version


>If anything GuP is the opposite. Shit's 80% tanks.
NO, just, no that's what I heard during all this time and that's why I watched it. I sat through the entire TV series (didn't go into the ova or the movie that's true) and was mostly huge amounts of nothing.

Unless you count as "tanks" the huge amounts of time they expend talking about them or eating cakes with its form, but the actual battle tanks part was REALLY small.

Watch the movie then, The girls/panzer ratio is probably below 1.

>didn't watch the movie
Yeah, that's your loss brah. Hahaha!

>didn't go into the ova or the movie
Good job, the two fights in the film span one and half hours of glorious tank lunacy with the very last quarter making up for any action you expected and lost in the series (and every other show you watched for two seasons)
Admit it, it's the C part in CGDCT that puts you off, isn't it. You just wanted tanks and drama

Which SW episodes have nipples? I haven't watched the show in so long that I forgot, but I want to go back and check out those episodes.

Good God, that tank looks like Metal Slug or something.

It'S a mortar, not a tank.

Yoshika looks so pure but she's really lewd, I like that about her. Would get drunk with and discuss our deep love of great, stonking tits.

Kodapeta's true face.

>That one episode the fansubbers edited pussies on all the naked girls.

>that Naruto pasta based on that episode

Post it

On a similar note. I lost almost everything I saved from those times, and faggots refuse to post them.

Girl, or boy?


Supposedly male.

They had too. It was the 1940s/30s and they had no TV and stuff.

and 53 according to pixiv

I hope I'm that cool when I'm 53.

I think he also claims to be a construction worker.

Lynne is for impregnating.

But theres a loli in the 502nd?

Not him but the Perrine episode was not funny or good.

Why the hell do you want to see Luchini get a tour by some literal who who is there for one episode.

And Eila was super annoying throughout the entire episode with Sanya not giving two shits about who she did a mission with.

Can we hope to get some real yuri this time now that Kupri is around?

yuri is cool but which one wants to fuq shotas?

Naoe isn't a loli really, how many times is this argument going to be said?

I hope so, Krupi if someone is a good candidate for enabling that to happen.


Jesus christ it's been an eternity since I've seen a comic based on this template.

What was the original even talking about?

the game god hand.

I wish Strike Witches had a WWI spinoff with eccentric historical ace pilot lolis.

God Hand, a game which almost nobody remembers.

I went through the whole fucking series hoping to meet the Red Baron Onee-san of Karsland, real Christmas Cake.

Also did the Star of Africa in s2 remind anyone else of the best WW1 piloting ace ever, Flasheart?

I don't know if it's still yuri if you remove the consent.

A whole season of glorious Nipa. I hope based Silver Link delivers.

Holy shit, will the love is alive and well threads finally come back? I miss those.

I think he's as mischievous as his waifu. I want to buy him a drink.


I had hoped the new series would have been about the 507th, the misfits squadron is cute as hell. I don't know alot about 502, so it should be fun.


There would be so much animated rape if they did a season of the 507th.

nah, the LN garbage should stay just that.

Love is alive and well. In my pants.

Kodapeta seems shy given his reaction in that VR picture.

My body is ready.

She'll be super lewd. Probably sluttier than princess.

Sanya is my witchfu. How can she be so perfect?

>there will never be a Sanya episode without Eila making it an all about Eila episode after her S1 episode.


Sanya is a precious commodity in a war torn world. Why do you think Eila hogs her and steers her in the wrong direction to find her dad?



>dat anatomy

>they gave a shota a bath in the OVA
>didnt get naked too


its a garbage show, read a fucking book nigger

Why was OVA2 the only one with nudity? Did they not want DFC in the others?

Yes, I'd like to think it's self aware of being complete and utter shameless panty shots and bullshit.

quite fun though.

I'd rather a Wilma.

>Not wanting to fuck Lynette in an onsen as she scrubs you up good
user, Wilma a good choice though.

Why not both?

>Only interested in older men
Never mind, you'd be fine.

You think Lynette did some lewd with the refugee kid in the third OVA during their bath time?

You know it.

>you'll never be Lynne's sibling.

Lucky fucker.

>You'll never be one of Perrine's war orphans who is molested by either her or Lynette, forcing them to call you "Mommy Lynette," or "Mommy Perrine."

Rall best 502nd.

Rall the sexiest 502, I'm really looking forward to seeing her and eventually getting more art work and lewds.

>Those lips on Edytha

She is. Other than her back stuff, I feel like we know the least about her.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed.

I feel like I'll be fapping to these two the most. And Georgette.

>She is. Other than her back stuff, I feel like we know the least about her.
I think that is more polar bear girl. All we really know about her is she gets mad at the crashing trio.


I just watched S1
Why is Eila's voice so weird
She's cool though

That's not Nipa.

Because she's the best. Go download the Live Special concert and listen to her, Ayuru's voice is amazing but yes a bit weird but that's why it's so great. She's also Oryou in GuP but even with less lines than on SW sadly.

Because she's perfect.


meme character


That looks more like vividred to me.

How do I go about fucking a Strike Witch? I don't think my life will have any meaning if I die before I've done that.

I suggest killing yourself, my friend told you get to see witches in heaven.

We can all agree Marseille a best, right?

See people voted on during the marathon that Erica was better, tie got five and Marseille two votes. Sorry Marsanon.

But I said I needed to fuck one before I die. Fucking one after I die would defeat the entire purpose.

>Marseille only has pictures of herself on the wall.

It would be a lot better if it didn't try to force japan strong shit all over.

Happy fapping.

>Rall is the titty monster

yes yes yes yes

You're a god. Thank you!


I want to stick my face in Edytha's butt

Are they gonna be the Minna/Mio duo of Brave Witches?


Would you stop for this questionably sexy gal?


only two more days. can't wait.

1.5 days user. I've been waiting for this day since 2013

Karlsland is the best once again. How can others even compete?


Why didnt the truck stop?

Erica is the least attractive Strike Witch.

I see the argument.

You misspelled Suomus there, but I fixed it for you.

Only the anime matters, son.


Some people just swing that way.

More for me, I suppose.

The only reason people dont mistake Erica for a boy is because she's really tiny.

I mean you could hire a girl who looks kind of like one and have them dress up as one, then close your eyes?

That's about as good as it gets.

>Go download the Live Special concert and listen to her
Can I get a name/link for that? Not seeing it in the pastebin or on Nyaa, or I did find it but no seeds.

What do the boys look like where you're from, user?

praise kek

That looks like a youthful 9 year old boy.

Tell your government to stop putting hormones in water.

user I dont know what you watches but only the first 2 episodes of the series is about talking and setting up the premise after that its Tank battle after tank battle with a little drama in between fights, but the drama parts are really short.

and don't get me started with the movie, the first fight takes around 30-40 minutes and the second tank battle lasts a little over 50 minutes and its INSANE.

As much as I love strike witches GuP beats it with the sheer amount of tank battles.

So I take it the love is alive and well again?

No. Not until the Strudel.

cant wait for the first episode user, havent been to a strike witches thread in years

love never died. it just went into hiding.

What's the best place to read the LNs at, or even a list of which ones are translated? I need to cast off my title of animefag.

If that's a boy then I'm gay.

If the love is alive and well why has nobody translated the novels?


In terms of attractiveness

Shirley > Eila > Trude > Minna > Sanya > Erica > Sakamoto > Zucchini > Yoshika

This is unequivocal truth


>walk into your room
>see this
what do?

Suprise buttseksu!



I want her to sleep on my lap

Hand over the back-up pants.

LucchiniButt best StrikeButt.

No, YoshikaButt is the best!

I prefer Perrine

Nobody likes Perrine.

I like perrine


Why are Erica and Trude almost exclusively refered to as Hartmann-san and Barkhorn-san while for all the other witches the first name is used?

itt cesspool of Cred Forums

We love you too.

I assume that there's no uncensored version of this

I hope they won't go this far with the fan service. Boobs are fine but nopan is too much for me.

I can't remember who released it. But there was a complete de-censor of season 1. I remember the episode where Perrine slipped on soap Abe went spread eagle with the soap blocking the view. This release removed all of that and gave us the full Monty.

Everybody refers to Lucchini by her last name, rarely Francesca.

Better one right here



Karlsland asses are the strongest in the world!

Ah, SW threads.
They hold good memories for me.

Where did all the years go?

Same. Good times.

I want to rape Perrine and Prinzessin

Those were the days.


I want to leave some of it behind though, like the futa fics.

Not a fan of those?

I still can't believe that it's been over 8 years since it all began.

wish I had those saved

Perrine is the Perfectly Cute witch.

I had a rummage through my old folders, sure it was there, but frustratingly I came up empty handed.

Anyone know if BW will be live streamed anywhere?

Never mind. I just searched by filename on the archive and there it was.

Shirley a best

>Shirley will never give you breakfast in bed ;_:

The Perrine one was so hot. Raping a tsun in the ass is always welcome.

Pepridge Farm remembers.
I guess


No Sanya
No Watch


Go to bed, Eila.

Good times

Time remind you of Minna's true colors.

>tfw you were there for it all

Truly an elegant lady. It takes skill to shit while flying and not have it land in the propellers.

No exactly.

How far do you reckon they'll take this?

probably not fumikane-far, but it'll be good and we'll probably see gags where Graf tries to creep on Nao or Georgette

No Loli
No Watch

Not this thread
fuck me

So wrong but why does it feel so right

Did they fuck?

I know what this is without following the link.

>literally an episode where our protagonist's balls drop and she realizes she's a flaming lesbo with a thirst for breasts
Okay, this is more amusing that I thought it was going to be.

They fucked in the stratosphere.

There is cold as fuck.
>tfw you will never suck diamond hard sanya's nipples

Where does Sanya end up in your fantasy?



What Sanya doesn't know won't hurt her.

Where does Lynne end up in your fantasy?


>had one of bests pilots in battle of britian
>only one (1) polish pilot in SW

There's two Polish witches in SW now actually, but of course you wouldn't know.

That's really triggers me that they didn't use map from beggining of ww2


Somehow I manage to fucked up replying
It was to

why did you even watch strike witches if you didnt like that?
you're the one with wierd opinions here

Oh god, not again.

If you could make any character from another franchise an honorary witch who would you go for?

I'd pick Yoko from TTGL.

Any doujin's of them getting it on?

How about not being a retard and spoonfed but using the search functions on the sites you go to? Or take it to /r/.

There are two on Sadpanda, one has been translated already.

Is it wrong to fap to those? I mean, he basically hates witches.

Pretty sure he only did episode 7 it was called the extra uncensored version.

Being impregnated.

He learned to love them.

Sanya wants her dad.



For the last time, Strikers.
Also, there's only one release batch with two 7th episode.

Only a day to go now.

Honorary witches? What about actual witches?

Fingers crossed it's not mediocre.

As long as the fights look better than what they put out in the second PV I'll be happy.

With less than a day to go, any news on if someone is subbing this or is it just crunchyroll rips?

I'm more concerned that they do the personalities in the 502 justice.

Crappy, low-budget fight scenes would also be a downer.

Daiz is fucking dead most likely. I vaguely recall >Commie doing two eps of Season 2 before dropping so it's a possibility.

Luckily though there's a good chance of actual CR rips for HS's release even though this is a Funi show. I forgot they did a partnership allowing more Funi shows on CR. One show already that benefited was Show By Rock.

Maybe Sanya wouldn't have lost Eila if she showed some motherfucking appreciation for her.

Hopefully we'll be saved from the worst fate and won't have to endure commie.

Yeah if Daiz would stop destroying anime and picked witches up again after skimping on the OVAs I'd be a happy user. At least we will get subs regardless so really no place to complain.

There is only one OTP



And it's Eila and Perrine. Their somewhat adversarial relationship is begging for it.

>There is only one OTP
Yes! Me x Perrine booty

Do not lewd Perrine. She is pure.

Pure sex

Stop that!

Reminder to witch friends both old and new to use!

It features witches 24/7 and everybody is welcome to use it.

Even though it's a tad slow, but we together can change that!

If we can convince at least 100 more people to start using the site regularly, maybe it'd be worth keeping a tab open for. We need at least as many people actively using the SW board as are using this thread.

As it is right now, it's something that you check back on every few weeks to read a handful of posts.

Yes, so that you can be exposed to the toxic posting culture you find on /c/ and perpetuated by Eagle and friends.

Please shill elsewhere.

If you can make SPAM with your ass out of a French girl, you must be killing your workout routine.

Damn. Bitch lookin' good like that.

That's why I advertised it in a thread with more than 100 posters.

Judging from what you wrote you apparently don't browse helma at all, the atmosphere there is top comfy and literally everybody gets along nicely.

And /c/ isn't toxic at all, you're encouraged to post cute witches, taking part in the discussion is not required but would be nice.

I agree, that's why all that is needed to is just talk more about it again like in the old days here. Honestly though you don't need 100 but even just 10 active posters to bring more traffic to it, there's huge ton of lurkers as shown on helmad's info page. Last week was pretty active in general with over dozen user posters.
I don't know about you but I check it at least every few hours myself for anything.

What the hell are you talking about even?