Romance harems

I've been reading harems since 2005, and I realized Umi no Misaki really spoiled me. There hasn't been a good series like it since then.

No, Nisekoi isn't good.

Honeymoon Salad is a great series. Haven't read anything else that's good since.

Nice oxymoron.

boku no pico is an Cred Forums favourite
just download it

Umi no Misaki is good.

Its not. Just an excuse to bang 3 girls.

>didn't read Umi no Misaki

Good taste, but threesome isn't a harem, bud. The only thing I dislike from this manga is that they didn't do threesome sex in the end.

Top three "more than one girl" manga of all time:
1) Honeymoon Salad
2) Umi no Misaki

Nothing follows.

What are good threesome manga for you?

What pissed me off about Ichigo 100% was that the ending was actually all right. Nishino did the work to get Junpei.

I got so pissed off at Aya. Fuck, she had him all that time and she couldn't even say a fucking thing. She couldn't even give a fucking sign that she liked him until it was too late.

Replace Aya with Onodera.

Welcome to Nisekoi.

>harem series
>harem series that ends in a harem end
>harem series that ends in a harem end with sufficient build-up and justification for it

Fucking beautiful.

After all these years, Soyogi is still best girl.


I didn't expect to have tears in my eyes when she sent Nagi away so that he wouldn't die.

I was like


Soyogi best girl

Karin a shit

my only gripes with umi no misaki is why the hell they didn't keep the artstyle from the earlier chapter??

Artstyle really differs especially when the manga becomes longer. There's probably the artist who becomes tired, or lack of helpers.

The great thing about Umi is that the harem end is needed. And it's just a really great story. For a harem series, it focuses a lot more on character development than anything else.

>Rosario Vampire
>Manga ends with main girls dad sitting Protag down and warning about how he also lived the harem life and his wives ended up warring amongst themselves and nearly ending the world.

Kind anticlimactic ending because the girls already warred among themselves and are BFFs in contrast with Rosario's dad's women.

She hated him at first but in the end she loved him the most

Harem series ends with harem end is fucking selfish. You don't go to the supermarket to buy everything there, you only buy the best things

It's a bit odd that considering the genre is huge, there's only a handful of actually decent entries.
Though people are quick to call anything a harem ending, you can generally split them into three rough categories.

First: The No Ending / Maybe Ever After

In this ending, the protagonist does not establish a romantic relationship with any of the girls, but leaves the possibility open for the future. He may get with one or all of them but either way, we never get to see it.
And that's stories that canonically end this way. It doesn't even count the overwhelming number of stories that end this way because they're just half-assed LN adaptions that will never be finished.

Being the primarily encountered "harem ending" with examples too numerous to count, this is the kind of ending people usually mean when they use the term.

Second: The Faux Harem Ending

In this ending, the protagonist establishes a romantic (or something close to it) relationship with several, if not all, of the girls but it is done in such a poor manner that there is no satisfaction to be gained.
Though the story may try its damnest to tell the viewer what is happening, and there may even be explicit sexual content, there is no real substance or emotion there.

Much rarer than the first one, but it happens every now and then. Stuff like Omamori Himari or Grisaia come to mind.

The True Harem Ending.

Similar to its predecessor, in the true harem ending the protagonist establishes a romantic relationship with several, if not all the girls. But here the protagonist's relationship with each girl is explored with great detail, and the topic is actually properly discussed with the girls, and among the girls themselves. The main difference really is that the topic is treated with some degree of sincerity.

A phenomenon of astronomical rarity despite the genre's overwhelming prevalence, the number of existing true harem endings may be countable on one hand.

Harem end is best end because it pleases everyone

Kimi no iru Machi is nice as there's some actual character development, and they eventually get old and shit.

How about the gag Harem Ending? Where the sheer absurdity and nonsense events in a series allows the author to bruteforce a harem end usually to incite closure but most importantly humor.

Yomeiro Choice and Fujimura-kun Mates as an example, I guess.

Yomeiro choice was hilarious, how does Fujimura-kun Mates compare with it?

It's just the standard boke/tsukkomi shtick where the MC reacts to his harem doing stupid shit.

School days ftw.

>every time I have an encounter with a girl, I will go and discuss it with 4 of my friends seperately over the next 20 chapters

Damn, I enjoyed reading the hell out of this years ago.
Soyogi a best

Umi no Misaki's probably the best True Harem. And Honeymoon Salad, to an extent. The girls accept the importance of each other to the lead, and the story actually necessitates it.

>Great, kind lead
>Great women
>Great writing
>Self-sacrificial true love
>Harem end

yeah, nothing can beat Umi