RIP Jobber and Italian Jobber

Beautiful smile eh?

Will two jobbers become a couple?

I think Rindou is actually supposed to be a snake, judging from her eyes

Rindou is a dragon

Rindou is a rare case of worst girl. A vampire bitch.

>taste it with my whole body
How.. shameless.

>Everyone loses to the elite ten
>Gin quits Tootsuki, and they make their own cooking school

Alice = Hisako > Erina >*

Alice >> Erina > Hisako = Tadokoro

Though, I just finished 183 and I don't get what the fuss about Erina being the perfect tsundere is all about. She's 2nd best girl, though.

She used to be great until she went all deredere.

have they learned anything from this shit school? why dont they just go fucking home and cook real food?

It's ok. Rindo will pass them if they become her underlings.

She's not so deredere too, though the tsun is almost completely gone.

How is Megumi a jobber? She's only lost to Kurokiba throughout the whole series, the guy who tied with Soma at the elections. Hell she was one of the only 3 people to defend her RS from the Central purges.

She's a pansy but a jobber? Hell no.

she failed out super early on and souma had to challenge shinomiya to let her stay

I agree, she is not a jobber, in fact she's part of the top 8 best with the 1st years anyways.

That was because he was a dick that was all "muh recipe" even though some improvisations she made on the fly made for a good product.

Any other alumni would have passed her.

>Rindou will be the one jobbing

can't wait

Shinomiya was being an asshole, doesn't count.

Apart from her constant whining she's usually very effective on her cooking. Same can't be said of Aldini though who I can't even remember winning a single Shokugeki.

He only jobbed to Subaru. He tied Soma and that's it.

Jobbing to Subaru puts him below the guy that's below Alice, Ryo, Hayama, and Soma, everybody else in the top 8 lost to a finalist.

I stopped after dad came to the school, I can't find the chapters I'm missing on batoto in order to catch up
What do

Batoto doesn't use MangaStream scans and and since cassanova (may they rest in peace) died no one but them translates and uploads decent scans.


Thanks Yami, I mostly read on Mangarock because of the little time I can dedicate to mango, but I'll get my hands on their scans.

> Alicefags

I'm sure they will survive because Rindou will fall asleep in the middle of the evaluation or some shit like that.

Let's be frank, even if some are expelled there are solid chances of them being brought back in after Azami is kicked out.

I wonder how they'll be able to survive this, obviously they'll lose, but what happens after is kind of mysterious.

Maybe we'll finally see Erina challenge them to a face off so that they won't get expelled?

thats a vampire/snake/dragon girl or what?


Spoilers are out












食戟のソーマ 187話 ネタバレへ続く!!

her name is doujima


Will she be able to intimidate or distract them with her looks? Doubtful.

Come to think of it, all of the main characters have competed in shokugekis in the series, except erina.

>Hisako, Meat and Smoke vs Tsukasa.

PLEASE BE FAKE. I don't want Hisako to go, fuck the other two.

Who's facing off against sword guy?

>Nene vs Isami-Yuki

Good fucking riddance, this is g-

>Hishoko paired with Meat and Smoke vs. the motherfucking food paladin

pls no

Acording to that, Alice and Ryou.

Dude, she is the first main character who did shokugeki. Against that club president. Read again

Welp goodbye sword guy

>buttbros not being homos and liking girls.


her face makes me diamonds and scared at the same time

They could actually still lose but they seem by far the least likely to.

>spoilers that early

We got an early chapter coming this week

The logic was really flawed from the start. The boss should have stocked perfect vegetables if he demands a perfect replica.

He did mostly, he was weeding out the people who couldn't assert themselves in a kitchen because that almost fucked up his restaurant.

Souma leart the art of low quality bait and the strength of ketchup

They actually have, mostly from each-other though

Stocking bad ingredients would do the same.

Do you have a link for the full colored chapter ? I want to see Alice's dad in color.

This is going to be so fucking retarded when all rebels win

Damn, smoke and meat could actually work well together if they were given a realistic opponent.


So we have

Nikumi/Ibusaki/Hisako vs Eishi

Takumi/Megumi vs Rindo

Alice/Kurokiba vs Somei

Isami/Yuki vs Nene

Soma vs Hayama

Am I missing anyone?

2 Irrelevant delinquents?

Marui and Ryoko vs Eizan.
Buttbros vs some really cute girl.

Okay so assuming the cute girl is one of the new elite 10 then that leaves

Momo and another Unknown

That spoiler is fake. So many dumb and naive retards here.

If all rebels don't win, then how can the author bullshit about muh nakama?

it's not going to be retarded because hayama is the only e10 that'll have a cookoff with his opponent. The rest are just going to give them challenges.

Why isn't Erina fighting anyone?

Why is Erina built up as this GOAT but never fucking does anything?

Because central forced her into the regular exams

I assume that it's supposed to be 2 against 1 to "even the odds", but I don't see how having 2 cooks making one dish is an advantage. Too many cooks spoil the broth is a saying for a reason.

Erina is like spoiled child that have doting father.

That spoiler is fake, dumbass.

So are your moms titties but I still enjoy them all the same

they will all lose but the truth is the results never mattered. either they will be deemed worthy to pass by the E 10 or they only need one of the judges to choose their dish to pass/win, its a fair handicap considering their opponents.

souma will beat hayama tho

New popularity poll when

Her winning all the time isn't really necessary or interesting, and showing struggle or lose would take away the hype for when her rivalry with Souma reaches it's climax.

If by "doting father" you mean Hisako, yes. Nothing to do with her cooking, though.

They probably sent Erina against some fodder rebels.

She's probably being reserved to have a fight with Soma

That would be quite tragic.

>Erina vs Yuki, the one who loses is expelled.

Why is Souma the one facing the weakest member of the Elite 10? He's the strongest of the rebels and he already defeated Eizan.

If the spoilers are to be believed Pajeet specifically requested it.

That spoiler is fake. There is nothing to believe in.

So he wins, duh

Adds more tragic plot
>if Erina willingly loses, something something will happen to her friends

Curry is supposed to have powered up greatly, Souma is probably the only one going solo, I guess.

>Implying broken Eizan isn't the weakest Elite10.

I was thinking about someone even more fodder-ish.

How the fuck does that make her a jobber? Are you totally retarded? Do you have no idea what jobbing means? Do you think it means "losing"? Kill yourself.

>Souma is probably the only one going solo, I guess.
Except that working in pairs doesn't really matter much in cooking.

He's a second year.

he's not a first year

Will Takumi stick his spaghetti noodle on Megumi's ravioli?

It can help you when deciding what to do. Specially if one of the team members has knowledge about the theme and the other doesn't.

Takumi is irrelevant to anything happening in the manga since Giganigga was introduced. I have no idea what the plan for him is or how he's supposed to be a rival to Soma. He's on Nikumi's tier.

Yeah the whole "gets a nosebleed and mutters 'maybe it's alright if we don't advance'" line seems antithetical to how the rebels have been acting the whole time.

Ragdoll for Rindou to mop the floor with

>sharp teeth

>Curry is supposed to have powered up greatly
He's still the 9th seat, which means Eizan is stronger than him.
Keep in mind, Eizan only lost to Souma because he wasn't taking the fight seriously.

So, after losing and joining Central reluctantly(or maybe not), will we see a change in Megumi's personality? Can we finally get this Megumi?

Huh? We don't even know the seat numbers after Curry was included.

>Eizan only lost to Souma because he wasn't taking the fight seriously.
We can't even be sure about this. Eizan indeed didn't give his all but it wasn't even a close match: Souma won without a problem, so we don't know if Eizan's true potential is enough to beat Souma.

You know, they focus so much on cooking, that we have no idea how well any of the students are doing in their actual schoolwork.
What would happen if a member of the Elite 10 got terrible grades in regular subjects?

They outright said that Curry was the interim 9th seat.

It's probably a given that they're doing well on their gen eds, since it's probably a requirement to be on the E10

Then where is Eizan and Erina? Which seats are the other two new Elite 10?

It was said that academic grades are one of the considerations for becoming an E10. Along with profit they generate and most importantly, shokugeki record.

Yes, but I am not entirely sure if Megumi would be "reluctant" given Central's goals for Tootsuki. (Aka no fighting, no sacrificial stones)

They got promoted most likely to 7th and 6th seats.

Only guesses. Eizan could very well have been demoted to 10th seat as punishment losing. No way of knowing yet.

I stand by my theory, here. In fact, has it even been said that the other rebels are having cookoffs, or it's just speculation?

No. Fuck off with your fake ass megumi already.

That's 1 of the most retarded posts I've seen. Rindou already said Eizan could've easily devoured a few of the Elites had he focused less on his business. You're overestimating Souma there.

>Eizan could've easily devoured a few of the Elites had he focused less on his business
That means he hasn't reached his potential. At least try to think before being such an aggressive bitch.

RIP Buttbros

You won't be missed

So? Are you dumb? Souma clearly downplayed his victory, and we know Eizan can perform much better than he did. Weren't you the idiot who brought the potential issue? Try to read between the lines, retard.

>Info dump chapter

Wouldn't surprise me, but the TOC isn't even out yet.

What would Rindou's Stand be ?

One thing is the potential performance he could achieve his his current abilities and a different thing is the potential of how really good he could be if he focused on cooking instead of business. Too hard for you you?

>and we know Eizan can perform much better than he did
But user, he used chicken to make chicken stock! He's a genius!


How can one guy be so perfect?

Tosh doesn't fuck around, Souma is just sexier young Shinomiya at that point and I am pleased with that

Spoilers before TOC release are basically fake.

The only thing I don't like about loss = expulsion situations as with Souma vs Hayama right now is that all the hype, tension and suspense goes out the window.

You just now that Souma and the others will somehow be able to win in these situations and Rindou will probably fuck around and let italojobber and Megloomy pass because muh fun.


Buttbros, while definitely into women to a degree, are defiant fighters.

The line is out of character.

Or she passes them on the condition they join Central, because that's the more fun route.

>dat alice
>dat rindou
>dat erina


I think that was meant to show just how little he thought of Souma. He was trying to win simply through how skilled he was at temperature control and timing kinda like Ren only without autistic equipment.

I didn't even knew I wanted this.

What is this genius

I want to lick his chest.

Yeah, but the judges were raving at how awesome it was that Eizan would make chicken stock out of chicken

Control yourself, Erina.

Yeah, cause he's doing it. There's quite a few 3-star restaurants out there that make simple looking shit, yet it's the fine details that sets them apart from well, ordinary home cooking.

A good example is Shinomiya vs Megumi, Shinomiya's dish wasn't actually all that special in concept and not very hard to make, but getting the perfection right with minor adjustments is enough to make it good.

>Those lewd as fuck bikini spreads
>Ikumi's especially


after topaz clean and denoise


How the slut twins chose shitskin over this I'll never know

Are the spoilers real or not?

They're not.

fake user

always fake

>while definitely into women to a degree
To a degree, maybe. These are the guys who overwhelmingly prefer to talk about Isshiki's underwear.

I-is Soma more attractive as a man than Erina is as a woman

To the guy from yesterday's thread who doubted that Erina is becoming friends with the PSD crew, you need to read all the volume extras.

A bunch of stuff has been happening at the PSD "offscreen" while Erina's been living there, including stuff like her getting together with them to play cards and stuff like that.

Physically, maybe not. But his charming, hard-worker personality and him being a man that can cook can moist any pussy.

If Tsukuda wanted this, he should've let Souma join Central after he lost the unofficial shokugeki. Also, where Megumi stands is irrelevant; she'll just be in the background either way.


Good taste

Rindo and Eishi are two different people with different mindsets.

Eishi not wanting Soma as a right hand was well explained and in line with his character.

Rindo throwing Soma's closest friends into Central is in line with her character.

>Megumi is irrelevant

She's the next most important character, following Soma and Erina.

He's like Saitama. His SD form is perceived as is so when he's not looking sexy people think he's a bumpkin.

>She's the next most important character, following Soma and Erina.
So hero importance order is Souma, Erina, Megumi, and Takumi? They seem to be setting him as part of Souma's main crew squad recently and the whole Subaru thing was a big deal thanks to him

i'm 17 episodes into first season and i figured it was between the rich chick and the small town blue haired girl and then they reintroduced some chick from his home town. Who the fuck is suppose to be the MC's love interest? without spoiling to much please.

>Who the fuck is suppose to be the MC's love interest?
Erina is about 3 miles ahead of the competition to win the Souma bowl right now

That's fair.

Now, going back to the fake spoilers, buttbros are treated as a single entity, not separate characters.

This means buttbros wil be paired with one more person. In this case, Hisako since they were the group to scout out Nene.

But in general, dedicating an entire chapter to whom is fighting whom is a waste of time.

It's better just to flip between Rindo/Umis and Soma vs Hayama since Soma's group has been the focus since chapter 178.

I'm okay with that crew.

Yes, it seems those four are the primary quad now.

bummer, was hoping it would randomly end up being meat girl.

Definitely Erina

Follow the money

That's really, really unlikely but not impossible.

With stuff like the cover page of them eating on the school roof and gigga spying on them, the two Umis have been set up as being Souma's best friends at school.

Souma's always got a little bit of a standoffish lone wolf thing to him, but while people don't take Takumi's rivalry too seriously after the elections, I think most realize they're pretty good friends.


That's Rindo targeting them specifically and beating them would be a blow to Soma.

They would get get expelled or conscripted into Central.

That would be really brutal.

Wouldn't Soma just take it in stride like he usually does though?

>targeted by giganigga.
>targeted by Rindou.

Being Souma's bro is suffering.

If Erina's not in this chapter I will FUCKing KILL myself!!!


It would mean he and Erina would become closer however.

Now, if something were to happen to them beyond that he might lose it.


I'd ship that



Let's keep in mind that the ''only'' time Soma has ever lost his cool was when Shinomiya threatened to expel Megumi, and they weren't even as close back then.

And Subaru beating Takumi is what made Soma take the match against him seriously.

He doesn't show it often, but you can clearly tell that Soma is pretty close to them moreso than other members of PSD and messing with them is a good way to get under his skin.

Honestly a solo train ride with Soma and Erina would make for an interesting chapter.

I dunno how it would play out but it would be interesting.

thank you based Mitsuru

Soma does have a hell of a poker face most of the time.

His ability to do that while still not being a cheerless piece of shit is a big part of why I like him as a character.

His ears look weird

I give this 10/10 taste

I have that dream too, user, but meat will never win. Only Erina.

Better her than the terrified T-rex, tho.

Well, for starters both Erina and Soma have something of the respective party.

Soma has Takumi's Mezzaluna

And Erina has Megumi's Manga

They would talk about how they wouldn't be able to return them now both were (presumably) expelled.

Then many chapters later, both Takumi and Megumi resurface to Erina and Soma, but are different people than they were before. (Outside of being Central members of course)

It's odd for a main character of a Shonen Jump series to be so level-headed while still being so upbeat. Its a weird, yet endearing combination.

Erina > Rindou > Alice = Hisako = Mizuhara >*

Fixed that for you, no need to thank me. Also Taki should be on that list but she has appeared so little that I reserve judgment on her placing.

This. It's so fresh to see souma because he's not the type who'll yell around like a retard unlike most shonen Mc

This is too much for me

Can't wait to see Rindou animated and voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki

TOC is out so spoilers a-any minute now.

Where did SnS place this week?

Remember when Takumi used to be Souma rival??

Neither those the author.


And which chapter was that?

He's never getting that Mezzaluna back is he

Souma's really mad at Azami too, though he doesn't shout about it too much.

But both trying to shut down the PSD and hearing from Tsukasa that they plan to make it so Yukihira's can't exist have massively triggered him.

>Remember when Takumi used to be Souma rival??

178 I think.

Wasn't that 9 weeks ago? That doesn't sound right.

Everyone will gift him one for his birthday, he will end up with a bunch of them.

Eishi could have just make him wash dishes or some shit. He was a core rebel to be eliminated anyway, so don't defend the fact that it was a total cop out.

>most important character
More like the most background of characters. Chapter after chapter Tosh just positions her in the same pose.

>Wasn't that 9 weeks ago?
Yes, That's how the ToC works.

I thought it was 8 weeks.

And I thought it was 6. I wish there was a confirmation of how many weeks it is

was Isami one of the rebels? If so, RIP to the one character who's certain to be expelled











食戟のソーマ 187話 ネタバレへ続く!!

Maybe he'll take a level in badass after Isami jobbs?

How much will the match take? I hope it will be just 3 o 4 chapters.

It probably depends if they deal with multiple battles at the same time.

Soma vs Hayama will get fleshed and probably Rindo/Umis too.

Everything else will be glimpsed over

>"And as the possessor of God's Tongue, she also possesses God's Bust."

Here you go user.

Best girls!



holy shit good job user

You're a hero

>Can't wait to see Rindou animated and voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki

Now I'll be upset if they don't do this, thank you.

He went from his rival to his bro, seems pretty standard.

Images in 5 minutes

Souma may be his rival but the same can't be said backwards. Souma's rivals are Erina, Curry and Jouichiro, maybe Tsukasa too, not sure.

No, souma did explicitly say he's his rival. Though his constant gag and him jobbed to giganigga causes us to not taking him seriously

During the Camp or at the Elections? I can't remember?

Will these days ever come back for Curry?


>everything Soma does triggers people at tootsuki


>No, souma did explicitly say he's his rival.
This never happened.

The Nips are really happy about Kuga being toyed around by girls younger than him.
Good taste.

more or less right.

I didn't know I needed this until now

No, he's always been just a male slut to him.

Nigga what rivalry?

>With curry

>Not liking spicy with sweet.

Full pleb.

>this pleb

Contrary to what this Manga would have you believe, different people have different tastes.

Yeah, there's pleb taste. No doubt.

Hating what you never actually taste before and only imagine in the retarded small brain of yours is what we called pleb taste, user.

Rindou a cute

So has this been confirmed fully yet?


no, user, check later in the thread for spoilers.

So what is a dish that combines smoked but tender meat with Chinese medicine?

>betting against fangs


the only person who could beat her is Soma, and that's only because she would allow it to happen so that later that night she would take him into the sweet embrace of the snake

Doesn't her name include the kanji for dragon

Shinomiya literally kicked some kid out over his hair perfume that he wasn't even wearing in the kitchen before the camp even actually started

The logic is that Shinomiya is allowed to do basically anything within that kitchen
He could probably have just kicked out everyone.

He didn't even think of a recipe until cooking was halfway over.

Rindou is probably just going to ask for a coffee or something when she wins the match, if she even fights them directly.

Chinese medicine actually just flat out includes normal food. Ginger is something you'll see served with crab or shrimp for this reason, because both are 'medicine' to counterbalance the other.

I fucking swear if Rindou starts jobing I'm out.

I can't even imagine how she'd job
I mean think of it this way
Literally EVERY dish is Eishi's specialty and he completely blew Souma the fuck out in french cuisine after he learned from Shiniomiya
Rindou is Eishi-tier. Takumi and Mehgoomin aren't quite Souma tier but let's say that combined they're Souma tier
How can Rindou, who is Eishi tier, actually lose against a Souma tier?

>but let's say that combined they're Souma tier
How? 2 chefs together aren't going to be better than 1 chef unless they're completely in sync like the Aldini brothers. Getting 2 chefs to make one dish isn't going to make it better.

I'm saying 'let's say'
Also it depends really, like if it's a dish that would normally take three hours to make but together it only takes 2 or something so they can push out a completely different dish than would normally be possible or if they use a dish that combines their specialties.
Meat and Curry would make a good combo in this case.

Ikumi > Alice > * imo

Not sure how Megumi and Aldini's specialties can be combined.

Someone post the page
Azami's Central teachings had a chapter on
>Japanese-style Italian cooking
>~using rural ingredients~

They will all win because the author doesnt have the balls to kick out any named characters from the school

Do the buttbros count as named characters if the author didn't bother giving them names for a long time?

>SnS and AgK died at roughly the same time
>SnS refuses to drop named characters
>AgK refuses to stop doing so

His fault he wrote himself into a hole with the Azami bullshit

Fujo bucks for ships with Soma.

He was doing this expulsion shit long before Azami showed up, seriously the whole "EVERYTHING WAS BETTER BEFORE AZAMI" meme needs to die.

Azami himself is a fucking meme.

This is true, but I'm tired of acting like the series has suddenly become a steaming pile of shit after his debut.

If you hate it that much, drop the series and move on otherwise stfu and enjoy the Rindou.

>drop the series and move on
Have you fucking seen the state of these threads
Do you not think that's exactly what's happening

To be honest it made it a lot worse because of all the second years moving in
Also don't forget the judges that Eizan bribed didn't actually hold up their side of the deal which is retarded.

Tfw when the Villian predicted this ship

Post Rindou you fucks

Was the entire S2 the tournament? I dropped it 5 episodes in.

mostly the tournament, last 3 were the stagiere so that was pretty good

Pictures when

ooooh baby



thieving cat*

every time

bearded clam vs hairless cat

>takumi, megumi, and rindou threesome


A cheshire.

S2 ends before trainwreck arc.


delete that shit


Why is this even a thing
Isn't it patently obvious that Rindou is one of those "good at literally everything if she actually tries" types compared to Erina who's the ojou-sama type?

Man what episode is this face from

Can anyone translate the spoilers?

Nobody even knows if they're real

>wasting your time to translate fake spoilers.


So the seat's not actually changing hands here, is it?

But user that's the main charm of SnS.

>yfw these two will fuck and make babies

Spoilers when

Incredibly dead thread

Give him an earring.

These would end up legit. No surprises since it seems boring.

But he can have them lose and invent some reason to keep them, like trading their freedom to central to not get expelled.

>state of these threads
Threads are fine, dipshit. Not everything has to be 24/7 generals.

>King Crawfish
>Clam Crimson

You're retarded
>before chapter ~140
Threads moved at hyperspeed, we easily got three or four threads for every chapter
We can barely keep off page 8-9.

That's a big change for 8 months, what happened?

What happened is that we had the first season running, and the schedule worked like this:

We'd get text spoilers on one day, then the next day we would get pictures, then the next day a filthy speed scan, then the next day the anime ep would air, then the next day casanova would release their scan, and the day after that viz would release the official scan, and then there would be one single day where nothing came out.

So it was a release cycle that perpetuated the threads artificially.


Rindou and megumi yuri doujin where the italian job is tied up in a corner and can't do anything

when did Souma ever give a shit? it was always one sided

He kind of gave a shit as in Takumi was the first guy that made Souma go 'oh shit someone the same age as me who actually grew up in a kitchen and isn't garbage I'm not a special snowflake after all'