This is the best Saber

This is the best Saber.


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That's correct.

non canon shit and the worst saber clone

That is the best female Saber, yes. This is the best Saber overall.

I love my emperor!

I prefer the other red saber honestly.

I want to mating press her a whole afternoon. I want to fill her with thick, creamy cum and after I ejaculate at least 6 times inside of her have her clean it off my dick with her mouth.

Not best Saber but she is damn good.

Best taste.


Who's this cute girl?

Shaft adaption soon, right?

My dick.

Mordred, Arturia's son, isn't obvious ?

Alter is good too.

My knight of treachery can't be this cute!

Post a Saber with HUGE tiddy


user I do hope she is your waifu and you love her if you're going to say such things about such a beautiful woman.

Lewd user.
You wouldn't impregnate your emperor would you?

I don't have a waifu, but if she became real (or I unreal) and she loved me?

I would run with her to get married or the Roman equivalent and as soon as we're official princess carry her to her bedchamber and make love to her non-stop for a week.

I would not impregnate her just once.

I'd fill her up time and again. She would spend every waking (and sometimes sleeping) hour with my semen inside of her.

I don't know if you know this but Nero wants love, not just good dickings. In fact she's kind of tired of that cliche, and just wants to be a housewife. Not a boring housewife, but a wife none the less. You sound you like you just want to have a lot of sex with her, which is never a bad thing. She's just not into that. Despite the slanders of her and how lewd she can be. Just make a doujin then or something.

But I want to have a lot of sex with Nero.

Do cute couple stuff? Of course, take her to dates, to travel through Egypt, to take a nap in the wilds.
But also lots of sex.

You are so lewd user. You have god tier taste.
Please tell me more. It makes me hard when you post this stuff.

You know I'm probably always the same dude right?



What else? You're just saying that because you want to have sex wit her.

I love that image.

I would like to spend an afternoon with Nero on my lap, feeding her grapes and lazing around.
I would like to go and bathe with her in a lake out in the wilds.
I would like to steal half of Rome's funds and run away with her to Africa.

I like Nero, she's cute and lively but I will not hide the fact that she turns me the hell on because it's true. She is incredibly beautiful, cute and sexy.

I know. You need to write more about her. You have a gift. Do like that user says, make a doujin. Learn to draw, capture her lewd beauty. If not, get another user to draw it with you. You sound like a waifufag to me, so do it for her.
And for Nerofags penises everywhere too please!

And do what? Orgies with the locals?

Nero is all for myself.

Make way faggots.

Well at least we think alike then about that stuff. I suppose you're another man of fine taste. I used to write stuff like that all the time, but I've gotten to sick for it. I still feel it, but have trouble it expressing it. When you put it like this instead of just wanting to mating press her it sounds much more beautiful. Maybe if I read more romances I could get back into writing out my feelings like you.

Usually when you say Africa you get retards like Nice to see another who sees that it'd be a fine beautiful place to elope too, honeymoon, or just vacation.

I would rather go with her to the Caribbeans though for an adventure,m or South America. Someplace even more exotic since it's way on the opposite side of the world from her home. Then again Africa has lions. Deserts are cool too.

Not even best boy in F/SF.

>Saber thread
>posts caster
don't skip school often

Oh. Well would you let me watch you have sex with her for days then?

Wish we had a more real Dumas who was more like fat Caesar in GO than a crazy candy toothed NTR psycho.

I know it may sound like I'm just out for her body but that's not right.
I'm no waifufag because I've had a bad experience with it but I really like Nero.

I've just never been one to control my lust. She is very cute, wife material, but she is super sexy to me and when I'm aroused and I see her it's incredibly hard to keep control.

Africa, Egypt, all those places are cool and I bet she'd love them. I wouldn't go to Northern Europe with her, though, I don't think she'd like it.

I said he is not even the best male character in F/SF, let alone best Saber.

I would let you be our bull user!

Again don't skip school often it may help you down the road.

Are you some sort of cuckold user?

I'm not into that stuff.


I'd crown her, if you catch my drift


Ah, I understand. She is very beautiful, with the personality, talent, and genius to match. It sounds to me like you do love her, even if you aren't a waifufag, you can still love a fictional character. It is nice to see someone saying such nice things about her though, and they are quite beautiful. Really, it's making me want to go read and get better to how I used to be and join you in such words of praise for her. Even if you don't want to say more do keep returning to these threads so we aren't stuck with idiots like that cuck user there.
I bet she would enjoy northern Europe to some extent. It would be cold and harsh, but Nero seems to find beauty in anything given the time. Snow, and the struggle for life and all that.

Oh I meant it because you know, Briton and German barbarians.
Not a good experience for Romans.

Well there's that, but I mean you could just kinda go a little into the woods, but yeah you got a point there. Sorry wasn't thinking of it like that.
>tfw I will never be a poor battered barbarian germanic slaveboy under her who ends up becoming her consort over the years
Would be the stuff of movies.


I would like to be a loyal Centurion who loves his Empress that is somehow noticed by her and taken as her personal bodyguard. Then it'd go from there.

Think of all the C-grade porn!

This is a Nero thread.

Same difference, they're really nice cliches I think. I'm not a fit person though. I could never fight for her like that. I'd rather just by her side though hand be a support for her. being emperor is hard. I would like to do whatever i could, but feel like I'm useless sort of a deal.

I'm not a fit person either and here's the reason why I'm no waifufag. I can't find any motivation to do it for her since she's not real.
Ultimately she's only a fantasy. It's sad but such is life.

It's okay user. She's been my waifu for several years now, since Extra was a thing. I've fallen apart and a lot of shit has happened to me and I think this is what being mind broken is like, or something. I still keep loving her and posting her and trying to think of beautiful things like what you type, like how I used to be. I know I haven't fallen out of love. Just bad stuff i'm not goign to blog about. even if I don't get better enough to go back to my plans of life I had laid out for her I'll still keep loving her, no matter how much I fall down. Even if I can't pick myself up one of these days. Even after I die. I'm going to at least try to love her for all times. I just can't see it with anyone else. i love other characters and all, and other people. I can see myself goign on dates, but being satisfied? No, not ever, not unless it was with her. If life was with her I don't care if I was quadriplegic. I'd still love it. Just being by her side. I think if she was here I would be doing much more right now. You aren't alone in those kinds of feelings.

It sounds like you collect the stuff he posts. Do you stalk him in these threads?

If you do, can you share it?
I have this too of her and Hercules.

I miss foolz. So many good links gone now.

The best.

I love his cape and armor.

I'm going to be so depressed if i don't roll a Bride. I would have failed to roll her both gachas she's appeared in then.
I hate my life.

I love how the cloth goes so deep between her asscheeks. The lewdest thing in clothing.

Nero is the only good Saber. Everyone else is trash and belongs in a dump.

Caligula, pls go.

Saber is the best Saber.

No please stay.

Shirou please, Sakura is waiting for you.

Lancer Alter is lewd, and fun too.

Best Alter, glad I rolled her.
Do really need to finish ascending her though.


>caring about any Fate other than Scat
user, please.

I wish i wasn't such a filthy dumb barbarian for my waifu and her ROMA family.

>roll for her in London rate up
>get Astolfo

I don't think I will ever get past the rage I felt that day.

A teacher is fine too.


scats are welcome in saber threads

I want to tell Nero she has conquered my heart!

I want to cuddle with Nero on moonlit nights!
Hug her, and be princess carried.
Make love in fields of flowers.
Bathe together and wash her back and Massage her body.
Go for walks on the beaches.
If only.

Best cumslut maybe

Your emperor a shit. Chaos > Emperor

Then why are you on her team?

Pouting umu.

How would you feel if Nero decided not to wear underwear with her dress?