What is the best romance anime of this season and why it's Hibike?

What is the best romance anime of this season and why it's Hibike?


I agree. There's something about Shuuichi and Kumiko that's really enjoyable.

Final kissing scene will be good.

Not as good as the corndogging scene that comes after.

What does Kumiko's hair look like down there? I guess I'll need to ask Shuuichi to find out.

I can't wait till they start making some sweet music

It's out this season?

Why does Reina's reinas looks so big and delicious here?

Takeda Hiromitsu magic

I think Reina is pretty underrated in the show.
She's one the most beautiful girls in the cast, looks always classy and elegant.
People tend to remember her for sperging out over ribbons immaturity, but she's much more than that.

I more or less watch the show just for her though.

Source material will be changed. Don't worry.

delusional. kyoani has already said they will side-line shuichi. wont happen.

I dont think so, user

So the new season will have hetshit?

Will she and takahiro sakurai get some focus this season? I heard it's supposed to be Asuka-focused (which is fine too, desu)?

When people talks about Reina, they put her together with Kumiko. I'm talking about Reina alone.

Picked up

She is borinf Mary Sue with awful personality, her only interesting trait is love for sensei.

nice one user


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