From Ougi Dark

From Ougi Dark

> I’ve done this to Shinobu plenty of times before, so I can’t think of any excuse to refuse our current positioning, but still, as someone of the age to be graduating high school, being held in the arms of an older woman like this feels rather awkward, or perhaps I should say embarrassing

> Shinobu, on the other hand, has her arms wrapped around my torso like it’s the most natural thing in the world, holding me tightly as if to stop me from falling out of her arms—with her chin resting on top of my head.

Kissshot sits Araragi on her lap.
My heart.

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Next year

Also from Ougi Dark

Why were they playing baseball?

They were bored and it was croquet.




>so happy she forgot to kaka
Shit just got real.


Muh heart.


There needs to be more fanart of these two just casually together- just draped over each other and doing whatever.



a SPOOPY is fine too

I should hope they'd be able to coexist.

How can one coexist with something that has no genitals? If there's no chance to fuck it why bother

Koyomin has a fetish for conversation. And it's not like there needs to be genitals to grope the rest of the body.

It's to make someone who does have genitals happy.

goddamnit. it feels like forever since i last saw a new episode of this series, and i just watched kizu a month ago. owari1 and then koyomimono two seasons in a row spoiled me. I NEED SOME NEW FOOTAGE

kizu 2 wont be translated until after the new year ;_;

Wait for Kizu III PV

Read the LN translations. We're getting some good shit on a fairly regular basis.

Well, it's in select theaters all across USA this month.
I'm waiting for blurays personally. They're too far away to drive to quickly and in the middle of the afternoon when I'm usually sleeping.

The real question is does Ougi have boobs?

I'm pretty sure Ougi has whatever is necessary for the situation, to be honest. You could probably be convinced she does regardless.

shit, i live in nyc so there should be at least one. but if i go see it now, then i have nothing to watch for months to come - there is no winning

also dont wanna go see a movie alone, thats just not cool.

Yes, AraragiXShinobu is the most perfect hetero relationship in animu.

Going alone to a movie is nothing to be ashamed of. Hell, that's how my parents met. But it's just a place to watch things. Surely you're not embarrassed about wanting to watch it if you're so anxious for new releases. Own your passion.
You've got over two weeks until then anyway.

Maybe other NisiOisiN or SHAFT works can tide you over for the time being.

>typing like this much of a retard
>wanting to be 'cool'
Get off of Cred Forums, you underaged fuck.

>Kiss-Shot will never lift you up and spin around
The world of anime, manga, LNs and VNs made me into one depressed man.

God damn it Araragi. Being pressed up against the breasts and thighs of one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the earth is worth some embarrassment. Enjoy the gifts you're given you faggot.

Why even live?

Maybe I'll become a vampire myself someday. I'll hold off dying for that chance.

Take long walks at night and check under all the streetlights.

>sitting on her lap
>she can still rest her chin on his head
Araragi's manlet level never ceases to amaze me.

She is a big girl

But she's wearing heels in that picture. How tall is she without them?

Those look like 3 inch heels, so about 175cm.

Do I need to buy a porn magazine first?

It would be closer to the script.

>become a vampire
>now a bitch to Nagash

>barely 180
manlets, when will they learn?

pretty normal

>no genital no happy
fucking normie when will they learn?



What the fuck are they doing? Singing?

that's her height without the heels. with the heels she'd be around 1.90m

I agree. Dialogue wise, it's a slave and master switch with age and power play. They're really just passionate, well bonded masters over one another with no detectable switch.

Are they soulmates?

Both literally and metaphorically.

Jesus christ

Better version

Fake as fuck. Kiss shot is significantly taller than Araragi so this position would not work in reality at all

They could be sitting/laying on something.

It works on a bed,

Have either of you actually tried this? It'd be incredibly uncomfortable or awkward with that kind of height difference


Crossboarder cancer, fuck off and kill yourself.

Yeah. It works perfectly fine, especially with an arm to brace yourself like Araragi is doing. You don't fucking sit like that for hours. You have a nice hug for a minute and then do something else.

Seeing this reminds me again of Route X.

Kiss-Shot deserved happier headpats.


We really need Owari 3 so we can have some animated Kiss-Shot that's genuinely happy.




wow I thought KissShot was at least 6'2

yeah, that's what i imagined as well. Man, I knew everyone in nipland was short, but this is fucking rediculous. makes me feel better about being 6 foot

Why is she so perfect?


Ubermensch genes tempered by six centuries of life plus a dose of magic to keep her in her prime.

She's 6'2 with the heels you fucking manlets

Sometimes Araragi is so dense he puts even the worst harem protagonist to shame.

>It would appear Hachikuji isn’t the only one Gaen-san came to an “agreement” with today during my date with Hitagi. I’m starting to feel like a bit of an outsider in this conversation.

>Turns out I was the odd one out all along.

>I wonder for a moment if Ononoki-chan might be feeling the same way, but she’s as expressionless as ever, with perhaps even a vacant look in her eyes.

>She might not care at all.

>“Fear not, my master—’tis not as though we’ve heard the whole of it. We’ve only heard the highlights—and in particular, we have not yet heard the details of what this specialist plans to do next. We left that bit aside for after you joined up with us,” says Shinobu, as if she picked up on my feelings of alienation—even though our connection has been severed, and there should no longer be a physical or emotional link between the two of us.

Gee. It's almost like Shinobu has always worked hard to understand you and it's more her efforts than your magic pairing that has made your relationship go so well.

> as if she picked up on my feelings of alienation—even though our connection has been severed, and there should no longer be a physical or emotional link between the two of us.
Her perfection is truly unlimited.



/ss/loli a best.

>there should no longer be an emotional link between the two of us.
Fucking triggered. How dumb are you, Araragi-kun?

Remember: he is unreliable narrator. He rarely shows his true fellings.

It's gotten to the point of flat-out lies though. He really does need Ougi to keep him honest.

> He really does need Ougi to keep him honest.
That's why she is here.

I never knew I wanted to be a girl's chair until I saw this scene.

I don't think it would be anywhere near as enjoyable for a girl that isn't Shinobu.

The two big lines in black are right before the two of them start fighting to the death.

>"I need you to die, master!"
>"Prepare to die, servant!"

He's talking about their master-thrall vampire link, which was severed when he died.