I think i have fallen in love

I think i have fallen in love

i'm not gay right?

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is that a trap? what anime ?

no its not gay to love cute girls(boy)

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru

Its cute sword doing cute things

I have bad news for (You)

i want to fuck that cute little sword in his sheathepussy.

his companion blade, too.

Be proud of being a gay.

i don't think so, they are just too cute.

there's no way I'm gay

this anime seems very gay, almost too gay and I like fapping to traps, seems like its made for fujoshits


they are swords and they are loyal to their master. they are not going to fuck each other so its not that gay.

it is extremely gay, from the way they talk, look, interact with each other and their mannerisms

you can tell from looking at an anime if its made for chicks or made for guys

It's not gay if it's cute

me in the middle

But it's a sword

Ufo's when?

next year

It's okay, I happen to be a sheath myself.

its literally an anime about tops and bottoms, sheaths and swords

you should feel bad for watching a girls anime

So there's nothing wrong

Afaik this is Kantai Collection: Girls edition.

I don't even get why you think you're gay, you're fapping off to cartoons not women. Draw a girl and call it a boy when it's all just lines and colors.

Does he want to fuck his master because it seemed like it.

What's up with his voice?

its nothing to do with homosexual stuff, if you know anything about fujoshit anime you would know the differences in terms of art style and such

Guess I'll just wait for Ufo's touranbu. I wanna see bishounens fucking shit up

Yagen voice kinda deep for a borderline shota (he's like 12-13 years old, appearance wise)


They pretty much all do

Hasebe and Kashuu are the aruji lovers, others care about you while some don't even want to be there. Don't know how how they'll adapt it but in-game there's only 2 master sluts.

Your loss then mate.

>Already making big deal of not changing past at all cost and bad stuff will happen if they did in very 1st episode

Kancolle anime staff please take fucking note.

voice is boner killer

Drawing girls and calling them guys

He is a man, don't know what else you expected.

This guy is a cutie, Fuck remembering the names though.



Oh wait, nvm I get it.
Disregard that I suck cocks and all that.

Google is your friend

we got same good taste

Should be illegal to be this cute

RIP Yasufags being raided by trapfags



In Okitagumi I'm more of a Kashuufag but Yasu was really cute this episode.

Yes, I picked Kashuu as my starter and I have no shame of that.

Their own fault for having shit taste.

No shame at all~

definitely gay
you're here for little boy butthole

i wonder if the person reply in here are boys?

No, Cred Forums only has loli posters. Fuck off.

The first episode was unbelievably gay.


What did you expect?

Same studio as Yuru yuri, which is gay as fuck.

I thought the uchigatana in blue was a girl.
Also I picked it up because it was dogakobo and I like their stuff.

He will never love you, user.
He's all about >Muh Okita

You can pretend Aruji is a girl if you bothered that much.

This. Like I pretend Z1 and Z3 are boys.

Or he can just drop it, it's not like the show will be any fun for a guy that only likes cute girls, especially since this is SoL. Besides the UFO version will have a bigger following on Cred Forums anyways.

That would have made this an otome.

I have such a hard on for red painted nails

This show is doing things to my dick that it shouldn't be doing


Lazy to find the original recollections but there's these pretty redraws.

You can always make everything less gay, just need to try harder.

Wait are those two swords? They don't look like boys at all. Stop confusing my dick, Japan.

>Less gay

To be fair, aren't the majority of Tourabu fanbase otomewhales? I always thought the fujoshits were minority here.

There are no girls, every character you'll see is a sword (male).

theres another one

Female saniwa is far more popular than male one but it's nothing compared to sword/sword ships.

That's a boy

from my understanding, most military ships around the world are "female", japanese swords are "male"?

Loli/shota saniwa is the best. I am happy with how they are doing it though.

Yeah, you are probably right.

KanColle boats are girls.
Tourabu swords are boys.

>it's a "literally just drwa a female and call it a male to make mad bux off old horny bitches" episode

Uninspired shit goes in the trash.

Swords is euphemism for dicks

Half of the swords shown looked like boys to me, I don't get this meme.

>It's a "literally user's butthurt that his favorite anime don't sells as much as bishounen swords" - the post

You know the show did something right that it made me care about sword that i'm used to think as meh/boring in the game.

Same, he looks much better in this artstyle too

He is so smug.

He's a manly shota. Exclusive top.

My favourite all-time is DBZ because nostalgia
I think it just might

I had no use for him until I realized I needed some strong Wakis thus ended leveling him up. Considering he was always my captain I took a strong liking.
Urashima has better status nowadays but I still prefer Nikkari.

background smug

So, it's a generic boring slice of life with penises on it's female cast because it has nothing else unique to hinge itself upon


Never reply to me again.

user gets it

swordfag on blast

No, I want this meme to die. He literally asks for your love.

Is he still smug while he's being purified by Ishikirimaru?

Be honest swordfags how many of these swords look like traps? I might actually watch this if it has a good amount of cute girly boys doing cute things instead of just sparkly cool bishonen doing cute things.

I just got done with Ep 1, don't bother. If you want that type of aesthetic shit, there's plenty better than this. The quality of writing in general is just a notch below average, unless you like the shitty game, don't bother.

Refer to

Could still be a bishoujo without the female lead.

Before I started playing I genuinely thought Yasusada and Midare looked like girls, but that's about it. There's Namazuo and Honebami too to some extent I guess.

It's mostly just cute in my opinion. I wouldn't call any sword in this "cool".

This. Nikkari is completely forgettable in the game. Same with Hasebe and Ishikirimaru for me.

He was so cute in this episode. Maybe I'll start using him

I'm going to sponfeed you just because of your very nice quads.

The majority of the shotas look like traps and there is one disgusting okama. Yasusada looks very girly in the anime and so does Namazuo (Hobenami will probably look like a literal girl too). If you like Yasusada's design then give it a try, beause he is pretty much one of the mains. In the other hand if you get triggered by gay shit or SoL is too boring for you, just drop it.

>Same with Hasebe

What a horrible taste.

That's because you guys are kusos.


Yes. If you like traps you are gay.

It doesn't matter if they look girlish. If they have a penis, it's gay.

All of the swords are great. The only shit sword is Ookurikara.

>Refusing to use one of the bests in their respective classes

Which swords love you the most?

But Hasebe is great, even without the memes.

Who? Nikkari? The OnoK sword is better than him, a shame it's impossible to get him.

Cashew and Hasebe.

I'm not sure which one you mean but I actually use Nikkari regularly when I'm not using Monoyoshi. Ishikirimaru didn't drop until way after the others and I didn't feel like raising another oodachi when the tachi bros and hotaru are almost 99.

>Monoyoshi better than Nikkari
But that's completely wrong.

If you don't have Monoyoshi then might as well use Nikkari or Urashima. Ishikirimaru is the second best Oodachi and Hasebe is pretty strong too.

Honebami and Horikawa are my favorite Wakis but I barely used them as leaders because I lose scouting points and Horikawa loses troops all the time.

Both Yasu and Kiyomitsu are pretty affectionate, and there's Hasebe and Yagen too. Shinano and Monoyoshi say nice things too but those won't get to show up. Namazuo and Nikkari also tell you lewd jokes.

I thought this saniwa was rule63 Tonbokiri and was highly confused by the pairing.

People hate KaKaKa over fucking nothing. Best swordfu.

Thanks guys, I'll probably give it a try. I like SoL, gay shit is fine too and a few of those swords look pretty cute. Although my autism will hate me for watching this as a secondary without any knowledge of the fandom jokes or game.

They hate his KAKAKA.
I like him as a character and he's super sweet in fanart, but his KAKAKA gets old fast in-game.

Better stats, better seiyuu.


Fuck this faggot. It's harder to get him than fucking Monoyoshi.

Honestly I don't think this was very well targeted towards secondaries. There's so many jokes and personality traits that completely go over your head.

I'm honestly surprised how many secondaries are picking this up or trying to take it seriously

This whole whole show is just fanservice for me because I love all my swords so much

This SoL anime is probably for fans, Ufo will probably be more secondary friendly.

So most of the jokes are unfunny shit if you don't know the game?

Well I guess secondaries wouldn't understand the slow Ishikirimaru jokes, and some people didn't like Namazuo's shit jokes either.
You also didn't get to laugh at the Saniwa's complete incompetence until they explained it.

Yeah, pretty much. Ishi's jokes are entirely based on game mechanics.

them complaining about the repair room only having two spots made me chuckle

Who is this slav?

>People hate KaKaKa
>But somehow are fine with YAYA KORE NARU WA

No one who hates Kakaka should tolerate YAYA. Nakigitsune and his fox are far worse than Yamabushi.


Next episode summary is out. Tsuru and Tanuki show up, and Hasebe, Souza, Yagen get sent out to battle on map 3-2.

Time for some banter.


>Tanuki show up

I can't believe best sword is going to show up so fast.

>hating anybody or anything about them
Fucking kusos.

>Odagumi already

They'll probably get back at Ikedaya once Kane-san, Horikawa and Nagasone show up.

You'd be surprised. I've seen people defend him all the time, saying his voice is fine.

>The majority of the shotas look like traps


Shut up barafag.

If anything barafags are the biggest kusos, circlejerking around Tanuki while dissing every other boy. Not okay.

I want to fuck this manlet.

There's a couple veterans but I wonder how many of the no name seiyuu will gain popularity from this and the ufo adaption.

Tonbokiri is the best bara, gap moe gentleman is perfect.

Is there any (non-new) sword who didn't show up in the OP?

I'll be mad as fuck if this doesn't boost Ichiki's popularity.

Everyone up to Nihongou and Akashi atleast

Where is best boy?

Tanuki is cute, CUTE

What do you mean by non-new? As in not added recently to the game?
We're missing like 11 swords.

Higekiri and Hizamaru aren't exactly new, but they didn't show up.

Having lesbian sex in the stables with Namazuo off camera

I hope they give him a cute reunion with Namazuo.
Also waiting for the fire jokes.

Sadly Ichiki will never be rich as Terashitma but I'm glad he'll get a money boost.

At least he's married too.

When will this artist do a Hotarumaru doujin?

There is already good ones out there

Post smug Kashuu.


Kashuu is for bully, not for smug.

Well yeah, I need more.

>he sees your dick

Why no both?

You mean showering with affection.

Daily reminder that Ookurikara is worst sword.

Kuso pls go.

But he's right

He is though, not even tsundere but an actual jerk. All Dategumi managed to improve with the new content but Ookurikara was even worse.

I hope the guy who voices Maeda finally gets more popular, I love his voice.
But I doubt it.

Still makes you a kuso.

So how many doujins does one have to read to be familiar with the franchise? Not exactly keen on webshit games.

How come KAKAKA drops so easily?

You mean history books.

You coyld read the character pages on the english wiki and the manga anthologies on batoto.

Your favorite sword is shit too user.

That's not pic related

The manga anthologies are kinda made for people already familiar with the franchise.

That's because he loves you user. He loves you so much he shows up every time to greet you.

I’ll take it, I guess. Can’t everything be illustrated by Nemunemu, as unfortunate as that is.

Everyone was in the OP except the swords who were introduced since last October.

He doesn't deserve his house husband ccp

So you think I should level him for good?

Kane-san drops more but since he doesn't welcome you with an obnoxious laugh it's less aparent. Unless you hate Kimura Ryohei or something.

Both of them are only a problem if you're on world 5.

Seriously though, if you want to get familiar with it you have to read real history too.
The only place that I know sums up sword history is some tourabu facebook group.

>Not having a level 99 KaKaKa

But Kanesada is one of my favs, of course I'd welcome him everytime.
I really should advance from lv32.

He doesn't need to do all that, the only historical relevant bits are the ones related to Shinsengumi. And at this point everybody knows about Shinsengumi from somewhere. Reading the Tourabu wikia alone is fine.

I figured that since the character pages on the wiki have a trivia section with their history, it was a decent starting point.

That doesn't actually sound so bad, if secondaries were able to enjoy the shitshow that was the kancolle anime they can probably enjoy this too.

Nemu's art is shit, sameface, pencil dicks, and shitty bony stick bodies.

Nemu's character used to have meat on their bodies.

No meat is better, user. I don’t want to feel like I wouldn’t be able to overpower my sword boys when they need disciplining.

Yeah I also liked his old art better.

when's best boy showing up?

If you don't know history you couldn't have understood the Nue part or the reason behind Souza's lines. You're essentially missing out on a part of their personality.
I personally knew shit about the Shinsengumi before playing. The next Ikedaya enemies are based on a historical occurrence that isn't well known.

More historical references are going to keep coming as the show goes on.

Is it still gay if their Aruji is a girl?

I don't want the swords to fuck each other, I want them to fuck my self-insert.

>Self insert

Fuck off otomewhale, go back to /vg/ or the Utapri threads.

Dunno about you OP, but I like my girls with penises instead of a vagine and being able to bear children.

Sengoku period is also essential

Most whales are Yaoiwhales though.

There's plenty of people who draw sword/female saniwa stuff.

>I personally knew shit about the Shinsengumi before playing.

That's because you are a dumb fuck, there are multiple series that mention or explain the Shinsengumi and Bafuku.

I bet most players still don't give a shit though. They're in it for the cute boys just like boatfags are in it for the cute girls. Most of them are completely fine with the history tidbits on wikis and maybe reading up on some things in more detail, as in wikipedia, if they feel bored/interested enough.

Souza is a little bitch. Nobunaga was a chill guy.

Were secondaries surprised by this line? I never stop hearing about how nips were surprised by this line in particular, but I barely even noticed it. Maybe it's a cultural thing.

What the fuck are you talking about. He says the same line when he attacks an enemy in the game.

Is this the reverse of kancolle threads where everyone was sperging out about shipping the girls and the TTK not being around?

I know. Even in the game I didn't think it was a big deal, but I was wondering if people who were exposed to it recently felt any different.

Saniwa actually showing up would cause a devastating sea of shitposting. I'd be mad too, unless it was a loli Saniwa. And shipping swords is too gay.

I hope someone makes a collage with every smug sword.

what is this show and is it actually Homo?

>talking shit about my swordfu
Fight me IRL

>that pic

Who's the VA?

all i know about this shit is from doujins

Pretty much this. Yaoi fans are all fat fucks who ship guys with themselves because they know they wouldn't stand a chance getting a guy like that. Same for yurifags.

Truth is, these swords and the boats aren't gay at all, it's just delusional yaoi/yurifags insering their faggotry everywhere.

I think Hasebe's outfit is really cool but sadly they use jerseys or kimono the most it seems, even in promotional art.

Why does Hasebe like you so much?
Also, Cashew seems OOC as fuck since he's supposed to be sucking the Saniwa's cock, too.

>I wonder if that means I'm loved...
He will get there

Shipping yourself with cartoon characters is totally less delusional though.

Kashuu always pretends to be cool as fuck in front of others. He's not going to be so obvious about it.

Both Hasebe and Kashuu had masters that threw them away, so of course they both have issues and try to do their best to please you so they won't end up abandoned again.

>reading comprehension
I'm not talking about the characters themselves, but going by the in-game lines some of these swords say to you and the fact that you can actually marry the boatgirls gives you a clear idea that they aren't supposed to be gay as fuck.

Because he was owned by an insane conqueror, hates him so much yet can't forget about undying loyalty. He's a bit crazy.

I dunno user, liking big sharp metal rods seems pretty gay to me.

I don't get it

Sword thighs

Because he loves you. Why do you question his undying love, user?

No user, self inserting and voyeurism are two completely different fetishes.
But to be honest I don't like shipping swords between each other either. That's what the Saniwa is for, but without the self inserting shit.

I love my tiny oodachi!

Fuck this show might turn me into a full blown homosexual by the end.

Nothing crazy about having dependency issues and craving love from a mass killer

2D doesn't count user

Saniwa/Admirals have no set gender and they're not even in the anime adaptations.

Become Gay, God commands it

But what if I get curious

The Saniwa and Admiral are literally supposed to be the player though, this much is said outright.

Yeah, they don't have a set gender because it would cause a shitstorm, but they ARE in the anime, even if they're only mentioned.

Contributing to sword thighs.

I'd ravage him.

>Kancolle/Tourabu collab never
>Tenryuu will never hang out with his big bro
End me
>implying that you aren't already curious
What are you even doing here then?

>Those Legs

Hasebe is so cute, I want to bully him so much.

shinanos thighs are the best


Please faggot. 3D can't even compare to 2D, specially when it comes to swordboys.

>Shinanon won't be in the show
It hurts every day.

You're already beyond salvation.

Is it just me or the sword types can be associated with penis size?

i feel you user

I don't think they've officially stated which swords will and won't be in the anime. I believe an user in a previous thread stated that they're planning on including more swords later that haven't been shown yet.

I'm pretty sure they won't show up if they aren't included in the OP. No reason not to include them otherwise.
I'm sure they were talking about the swords that didn't show up in episode one.

What if he's in the ufotable one?

I guess if you are not even in the opening, you are out, so:

>No Sadamunes
>No Higekiri and Hizamaru
>No Oodenta and his brother
>No Juzumaru
>No Kiwames

It's just you

Did they do some between key animation or backgrounds?

I hope he is, and the Genji brothers too. Even if there's suffering.

>No Ookanehira

They did Nikkari's head tilt.

My uncle works at dogakobo, can confirm they got someone from SHAFT in to draw one frame of Nikkari Aoe tilting his head then sent them home

But that never existed in the first place

>The Saniwa and Admiral are literally supposed to be the player though, this much is said outright.
And here is an adult woman, living the dream of seeing her swordboy in VR.

I think they did 仕上げ

They did whatever the fuck 仕上げ is. Google says it means finishing touches.

The first episode had some decent action.

How can a sword be so autistic?

Is VR gear too expensive? I'd be willing to throw a couple hundreds to live the dream.

He's just lonely

Going by that logic hotarumaru has a monster dong

How does he do it with those tiny shorts?

So many of the swords have autistic as fuck fixations on things. There's barely a sensible one among them.

>Is VR gear too expensive? I'd be willing to throw a couple hundreds to live the dream.
My recommendation is to wait until PS5. It wouldn't be long now and I expect a PSVR2 for that thing.

>Going by that logic hotarumaru has a monster dong
>How does he do it with those tiny shorts?
Telescopic dong. And it's not the first time we have head of well-hung shotas in these kinds of stories.

needs more qt jew shota.

These two and the Yaris are alright.

Mitsutada is pretty autistic

There is nothing autistic about CCP, he is normal and nice, unless you are talking about him wanting to be "cool", which is tame as fuck.

Is it a different game? Sounds stupid to play a browser game using VR.

Does anyone have the nico ratings for the first episode? I'm curious to know if nips liked it.

>Is it a different game? Sounds stupid to play a browser game using VR.
No, it's a VR experience at TGS2016 where women get to experience seeing a swordboy talking to them in VR. They were told specifically not the get off the cushion, so no touching.


Anywhere to see footage of it?

>no touching
Then what's the point?

To cuntblock her. Gotta buy it herself for full experience, goy.

so they stay pure, idiot

The shinsengumi raid in the beginning is just as chaotic and messy as i expect it to be.

Still like the Kenshin version better.

say, what's on the second floor?

More enemies.
Actually I'm not sure if they'll move these guys to the second floor, since in the game you go there first. Would be disappointing if they don't, but if they do it wouldn't make much sense.

>Anywhere to see footage of it?
There is no actual footage, but here is a Japanese youtuber who gave it a shot.
From other sources, most reviews of the experiences involve fangirls hyperventilating.

Opening this thread was a mistake

I'm not gay, but I'm honestly more interested in this than a Kantai version.

>I'm not gay

>I'm not gay, but...
Look, if you are attracted to fictitious little boys I am not gong to judge you. Leave it in the 2d and VR realms and no one gets hurt. You can enjoy whatever you want in the privacy of your own home.

>talking to them
What did the reviews say anyways? Did they say some cute lines to you?

Kantai had a handful of good waifus, but I found the character in Touken are generally more fun and interesting.

Don't worry user, we are all straight here.

KC should have 'Recollection' or KaiNi afterwords like Kiwame messages to flesh out their characters more.
Those guys in KC thread listen to ship lines referencing other ships and call those 'character interaction', pretty sad when they got devs who don't give a shit about that details.
Also, Murakumo calls me 'little man'. Fuck you girl.

Doesn't kiwame completely change the character, rather than fleshing them out?

>black cat and those flowers on the ED
Fuck me I just noticed.

It's not like Tourabu has much more, the devs are hella slow to add more content and characterization.

Kiwame is shit I wish it had never been implemented.

It's one sort of development but some of them were for the worse. Like making them even sadder, edgier or more dependent.

Sayo was showing changes in his latest interactions but in his kiwame he's even more edgy than was before. Imanotsurugi was also fucked over.


I don't understand why people hate Imanotsurugi kiwame so much, having a clingy and obsessed shota is great and appeals to me very strongly so.

The message idea is there. The personality is another matter depending on it's shit or not. In fact, KC has done the personality shift bits after K2, like that siscon dyke ship finally accepting you after remodel.

I wouldn't mind if he was like that from the beginning, but turning a happy and cheerful little kid into that was a terrible idea. You're pretty much breaking him.
Making him not give a shit about his previous owner is trash too, I don't want that to happen with anybody. Imagine if they made Shishio or Yasusada not care anymore either.

It's fine since Kiwame makes the swords take you into account more. I mean, most of them barely even notice you're even there, what's the point of being a fucking Saniwa if the swords don't even give a shit about you?

At least the boatfags have marriage.

>not wanting the guys to be dependent on you
Are you a fag?

Yasusada not caring about "muh O-okita-kun" would be a great change, he is not like Shishio, he is obssesed. I am his current master, therefore making him only care or respect me shouldn't be so strange.

And Imanotsurugi is still a happy boy, he just loves you a lot more than he used to and the Toushirou shotas see you like their mighty general. Now, Sayos Kiwame makes no sense, and I've no fucking idea what the fuck they wanted to do with him.

Not everyone is a self-insertfag.

Different opinions, I want my swords to love me without being clingy or mentally ill.

Self-insertfags have to get something after all the yaoi baiting. A big part part of the fanbase are the Saniwa/Sword people, you think they're going to alienate them like that when they're one of the groups giving them the most shekels?

Yasusada already cares about you, if you think otherwise you need to go over his lines.

Tsurugi feels broken as shit, I don't like that kind of weird love that killed off part of him. His cheerful non-dependent self was miles better, now it just hurts to look at.

I feel like most care enough, except for a couple of exceptions, but then again having that sort of variety is nice. I don't want them to lose part of their personality or stop loving something just so they can focus more on me. It doesn't need to be that drastic. I already love them the way they are, and Kiwame is taking that away.

Are all the swords going to get Kiwame eventually? What do the nips think about it anyways?

>A big part part of the fanbase
They're minuscule in comparison.

I have the sudden desire to try on nail polish

>not pandering to group is alienating them

If Okita came back to life and asked Yasusada to become his sword, he'd do without even thinking twice.

Enjoy being a cuck user.

I don't have kiwame Ima but I just glanced at his lines and I'm not seeing where you're getting "broken" from. He just seems more affectionate. It's pretty cute. I feel like people are really overreacting to the kiwame changes in general.

But Yasusada already changed, he's the first sword to get some sort of development in-game. Now If Yasu kiwame happens like Sayo's kiwame then it doesn't even matter.

>we got shitty kiwametsurugi instead of grown-up but still cheery oodachitsurugi

It's not even about love, some of the swords don't even respect you. I want Ookurikara and Hobenami to stop being such a little bitches.

They've pandered to yaoifags, why not the rest? Compared to KanColle, it seems like they do alienate that part of the fanbase.

>implying other swords wouldn't want that too
But I don't mind, since that's never happening anyway and he came to terms with Okita's fate. That's just part of who he is and I love that too.

Hasebe wouldn't.

And that's great, but it doesn't make me like the ones who would any less.

What pandering to yaoifags? There's zero homo subtext in this.

You sound like a fucking cuck, user.

Hotarumaru in the anime when?

Ichigo's page always make me laugh, poor guy didn't deserve this.

Ookurikara is an extreme case.

I just like everybody the way they are, don't bully.

Did you even watch this fucking episode?

The guy straight up hates you. That's not right.


Though Horikawa is pretty sane in all his other interactions.

>The guy straight up hates you
I'm sure there are some people that are into that.
Like diabolik lovers fans

I thought you were talking about the game.
There's no point in comparing pandering in the show to the game, they're two completely different things.

But that's the thing, would he even be down to fuck you?


His artist doesn't seem to give a shit about him. It makes me sad since he's my favorite sword.

Literally which sword wouldn't?

Hizamaru being a brocon is cute, but Horikawa faggotry actually piss me off, if turning into a Kiwame actually brainwashes the swords, I hope this faggot stop being such a clingy faggot.

>implying he gets a choice
I'm not really into him but I do see the appeal of forcing a huge asshole to be your bitch.

Can't be as bad as that pink shota's page. It was pretty sad.

This isn't cute. But to be honest I'm more upset over Yoshitsune. He used to be so happy and proud about that, and now it's gone and replaced with this.

I like Horikawa because even If he's obsessed with Kane-san he's more mature than him. He cares about the master too, but he cares about his partner more.

>Draw a bunch of girls.
>Call them boys. And give them cute little bulges.

Ookurikara's extreme unwillingness to cooperate is funny as hell, I don't get why people dislike it so much.

Because he doesn't even have a good reason to be a fucking asshole.

Because he's an asshole.

He just learned that his whole existence was a lie and the Saniwa is the only person that actually exists that he knows, give him a break, even I would get a little sentimental if I were in his shoes.

And besides his other lines are still pretty genki.

So what, he'd be allowed to say that sort of shit about Yoshitsune but not the saniwa? Why? What's the difference? Those aren't even creepy lines or anything. They're perfectly cute as long as you're okay with the idea of him caring about the saniwa.

But I guess it's just a preference thing. You don't have to like it and to an extent I can see why you might not. It just doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me. Thankfully the game doesn't force you to make him kiwame or anything so everybody can be happy, more or less.

Cute catboy when?

You'll never love Kashuu much as Izumi does

Tsunderes males are always horse shit, this archetype only works well with girls.

Not true

Her Kashuu battlestation is so cute.

There's tsundere then there's plain ass.

There's a fine line between tsundere and asshole but, unfortunately, most creators get it wrong.

I'm not sure I'd call him tsundere. That implies he has a dere side somewhere.

Kashuu is a slut and I don't like him at all.


That's a shame, I love Cashew.

Kashuu is pure!

I can't tell. Is this the female equivalent of harem anime?

Does this not look like that cross dressing girl from Tokyo Raven?

How historically accurate is this?

Don't say bad things about my swordbando.

This anime is just SoL, but the historical bits are accurate in the franchise. If you're more into that wait the Ufotable anime.

I don't know user, I'm not from the future, but I hope 2205 will be a good year.

>Hasebe and sword Jesus

So much shit taste.

please do not bully hasebe

It's rare to find someone who didn't pick Kashuu as their starter, Mutsu and Manba are also other popular starters but Kashuu is far more. I went with Yamanbagiri myself.

Kasen's new interactions are pretty cute, underrated starter.

I picked Mutsu.

I was so close to choosing Manba, but in the end I'm really glad I chose Kashuu.
Manba is cute as fuck, so he ended in my main party anyway.

Male Aruji is the best.

what is the name of this cute sword

I picked Yamanbagiri and regretted it almost immediately. His complaining got old, fast. I wish I picked Mutsu. It took forever for him to drop.

Midare Toushirou.

Use iqdb faggot.

I picked Kasen. He's one of my favorites to this day.

>draws a girl
>calls it a guy

every fucking time

I don't mind sharing bath with him. Not cucking my favorite sword when Midare looks like a girl.

I don't have the nips popularity poll pic here, but I remember that Yamanbagiri used to be the most popular starter, followed by Kashuu, now it's the other way around. Third place was Kasen or Mutsu and last place was Saint Seiya.

Never cared for the slut or the autist, because Mutsu looks better than everybody else and there is his accent.

Pretty sure Hachisuka is the starter nobody cares, especially when they released his superior brothers.

I picked Yama because I can't stand the rest.


I blame that dumb gold armour of him, makes him look really out of the place.

>Facebook picture
>Facebook picture for ants


Mutsu's the cutest. If you idle too long in the citadel, he falls asleep and starts snoring.

I got it from twitter, mobile is just shit.

>yuri on ice


How is he a slut? He loves you.

I don't care for Tsurumaru.

Feels bad for Mappa, it's going to flop

this doesn't look fujo
fujobait boys are always in the yaoi style, these are clearly boys who look like girls for the sexual pleasure of bi-leaning perverts

>fujobait boys are always in the yaoi style, these are clearly boys who look like girls for the sexual pleasure of bi-leaning perverts
There are different boys for different tastes.

Me neither, but he is popular.

How can someone this feminine be a man?

Or the most popular. Ichigo, CCP and Hasebe are also popular.

It's a reverse trap. This is a reverse harem.

Don't spread lies user. There's a dick inside those blue clothes.

Take a look at a Japanese sword and guess why they are male.

swords are tools to go inside men

ships are tools to have men go inside it.


My dick.

That is easy to figure out, but how are ships girls?


Then there's two dicks

yaoi on ice amirite

Me too. Why are swords so sexy?

>mfw I'm a seaman

It's actually a horrible fucking life senpaitachi.

If they do fuck a female saniwa, won't it fucking hurt?

Hilt first.

Is that Kaneki?

Poor Hasebe.

Me to your left stroking my hip and revealing my lewd armpits

>tfw you will never be aggressively, even violently, topped by a shota

How big is it though?

If anyone is interested, there's this series called Wasurenagusa where the MC fucks the Shinsengumi members and in one CD I listened the captain fucked her while screaming his sword's name. Probably shoved it up somwhere.

RIP Nagasone, it was awkward.

It's petite.

I'll take it.

Sword of Conquerors a cute. Kiwame to give him good stats and make him a crazed battle fanatic destroying his established character like most other kiwames when

Same here. He is an elegant man of culture.

episode 2 when?

When will a better oodachi arrive?

Tsundere doesn't work that well with girls, either.
Most of them time they're just violent autists

I picked Hachisuka as my starter and I don't regret it.

You aren't alone

I went with Yamanbagiri too. His blanket is cute and so is he.

Tell me about Nakigitsune, why does he wear the mask?

He's an autistic guy.

I want to impregnate her.

Boys can't get pregnant

Not with that attitude, no.

Speaking of harem, is Saniwa getting the TTK treatment?

who is going to be the final boss?

Good thing I love sluts!

They haven't had to deal with high speed yari yet right? That's gonna be a bitch.