Stella no Mahou / Magic of Stella

Ready for more gamedev anime?
First episode soon.

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Hope it's better than New Game which was very underwhelming by the end of the season.

Staring in a min


CGDCT? I'm sold.


The usual place


niito booru

One of the girls has a crush on the older brother of another girl.

And? I don't mind it.

How soon?

>windows 10

They really fucked up the artstyle.

It's shit.

ED of the season

I hope the visuals are a placeholder, though, shit's boring.

Subs when?


Next week

>[Ohys-Raws] Stella no Mahou - 01 (AT-X 1280x720 264 AAC).mp4

Raw out

Patiently waiting for them to drop long-winded infodumps about making games. That's where the real fanservice is at.

>Silver Link is back.
>AOTS comfirmed


removed the fujo! Put a yurifan instead
that will more rentable

What kinds of games do they make though?

Nice new name, Mugitard

The one they played today was a Puyo Puyo ripoff



>only TV role for Aoi this season
Oh well.

somebody please resurrect fansubs

Anyone subbing this?

From a scale of Tekyuu to GA Art Class, how much do they delve into game development?

>she isn't voicing the fujo

>subs next week

O-Okay then.

Watching this just for her desu.

Maybe she can some rest and the bags under her eyes vanish.

Who knows. FansubDB only listing Daisuki at the moment though.

I wish Aoi would take short break but she is probably busy with other things.
Earlier today she was taking photos for the jacket of her upcoming solo album, for example.

am I smug enough?

Filthy fujo please go.

Not enough

Mori, please save us

Looks better than the manga.

What kind of game would a group of five cute japanese highschool grills make?

I bet it's a pixelated 4X with really cheesy FMVs.

Tama-chan > Aoba

Isn't the glasses one?


>they are all kids
Dropped. Only mature women like Aoba and Nene are supposed to make real games.

Dwarf Fortress.

Remove the useless fucking piece of shit fuckjoshit and this anime will be an instant classic.

>real games
They're making a fucking match 3 with cute girls

Hey man Huniepop was great. Unless I'm totally off about what match 3 means.

Match 3 is still more of a game than Fairies Story.


These are high-schoolers in Japan.

30 seconds in and I already knew this was going to be amazing.

Art style reminds me of that SuzakiNishi short that nobody subbed.

Blue haired girl reminded me of Mikan, but with NNB eyes.

Getsuyoubi ga machi ni yattekuru~

Does CR not have this? Do we seriously have to wait a week for subs?


I was wondering at the lack of thread activity and I thought for a moment the lack of anyone walking around in their underwear had something to do with it.


Silver Link has been on point this year.

>Murakawa Rie
Is she going to use her retarded Megu voice?

Somebody get this girl a brush.

No, it's something more deadpan.

>not dogakobo or white fox


Since when does daisuki do exclusive streaming?

They should rename themselves to Daikirai if they're going to delay subs like this.

It could be worse, it could be amazon the one with the exclusive (They have a lot) and ripping from them is complicated because iirc kabaneri had to be manually subbed.

Well, since now.
Probably, since the Funimation-Crunchyroll partnership, the Japanese might wanna try to push Daisuki a little bit stronger for the western market.

So uh
Subs when?

Anne Happy > Sansha

Both were shit desu senpai.

"This program is fictional, all introduced characters, organizations and locations have no relation to reality".

I don't watch raws often, is it normal to have such disclaimers in anime? It seems pretty unnecessary, unless they proceed to make fun of some politicians or something.

Is this New Game + Shoujo-tachi?

Supposedly this is because of fruitcakes like Uri Geller trying to sue Nintendo for libel because they depict psychic pokemon and all psychics are depictions of Uri Geller.

>that ancient PC case
>floppy drive
What the fuck man

>not heavenly

You need ancient hardware to make these aesthetic 8bit games.
Or the author probably is old and the studio tried to follow the source material as close as possible.

I guess this is everyone's favorite character Hacchan. According to some people, the manga only gets good when she is introduced.

They had Windows 10 on the laptop though.

The author isn't that old, he recently graduated from University of Tokyo. The anime is set in 2016 (Heisei 28).

>all girls world again

This is New Game - office setting + school setting + actual game development + SUFFERING

Then I don't know, maybe she's poor or yet is another case of the japanese not being interested on pcs.

sansha sanyou had much better visuals though


Next week.

Well yeah, the only noteworthy aspect.

Quite enjoyable, as expected of Silver Link. Tamaki's voice reminds me of Kadowaki and Taketatsu.

Pentium 4's need love too.
>>all girls world again
picked up.

Why do jap girls dress like grannies

>Murakawa Rie
And picked the fuck up

This is unacceptable.

Where are the subs, I demand subs.

Because reasons.

Fansubbers need to step up.

They are all dead.

>he doesn't have a floppy drive

Nice meme.

You now realize that they don't make 3,5 inch floppies anymore.

This exclusive steaming shit is really beginning to annoy me.
I do not like being annoyed.

These characters look like fat toddlers, and not in the sexy way

Is this another one of those shows with the yuri subtext "gags" again?

I will literally kidnap a small child if I don't get subs soon