Erm what?

erm what?

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also naruto wasted his last 3 truth seeking balls to block an attack? why didnt he just dodge

Naruto would have made much more sense if Sasuke was female.

Probably to mirror Kakashi and Obito.

>watching shitruto
Kill youself.

your pun is not funny user

I don't know what's worse. Streaming Naruto or wasting space to download this shit.

streaming in 2016 is fine. we have the required technology.

He never once used them correctly anyway

I wish Sasuke was Sarada instead.

Finger wrestling is the ultimate ninja techinque

That's doing handseals with one hand. Even Tobirama Senju could perform a handseal with his finger.

people keep making theories about new boruto series but from what I've read all that is available is a manga of the boruto movie.

Is their something I'm missing? has it been released yet or am I reading the wrong thing?

the fuck? if its available where can I read it, that is the story of grown up boruto etc.

Looks like some underground homo signal

guys if hand seals help you meditate to release the right amount of chakra for a jutsu then why can you just use another persons hand

it doesnt make sense


When are they gonna kiss?

>we have the required technology
I still looks like shit, though.

adult boruto

it would have been so much better if sasuke didn't even exist, or any other uchihas for that matter

That's normal two hand handseals. Tobirama handseals is special thing he come up just to fuck with sharingan's copy ability

and future Sasuke and Haku use 1 hand seals. seals is just bullshit

hell If I remember right Rasengan is supposed to have seals too yet no one ever uses em


Well, nobody says it's impossible to learn or anything. Haku did use both 2 hands and 1 hand handseals, Sasuke is forced to use it since he only has 1 hand left.

That's pretty homosexual

hm maybe but hard to figure it out

boruto vs kawaki

theories on this guy?

Their garage band broke up in the worst possible way


And I wish Naruto wasn't so much a retard and stop with the "muh friend" after sasuke btfo a second time.

is this who's son I think it is?
why did he give him a retarded name? it sounds like burrito

Is that some sort of homo secret handshake?

It's a pun. If you were to romanize it, it'd be "Bolt".

Who's the edgelord on the left?
Another Uchiha everyone forgot about?

No clue. But it'd be nice if for once it wasn't an Uchiha and instead maybe a Senju

I haven't kept up with Boruto at all. Why has there been a timeskip already? Why do they both have tattoos?

Then Naruto is Nalt?

It's supposed to be 'Bolt' but japanese, and yeah he is the 7th's son

We are currently on a flashback, that Boruto vs Kawaki is the 'present'

the theory is he is the son of naruto and sasuke since fags were so desperate for naruto sasuke relationship that was more then friendship.

I think the introduction of mitsuki being the engineered son of orochimaru who eventually befriends borito and becomes a konoha ninja was to introduce the idea of an engineered son of naruto and sasuke making him in a wierd way borutos brother.

Continuing the reincarnation brother fued of hagoromos children.

Sand Village asshole apparently


They already did you gay fuck.

Nah, there's another edgy Sand kid but it's not him. We have no idea who that character is because he hasn't been formally introduced in the manga yet.

Does Borutou-sama have the Byakugan?

Boruto's belt is falling off .////.

No, that's just cool. Loose belts, black and red, swords tattoos and eye scars are cool.

Uzumaki Boruto... KISAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Get out

yes, he didn't awaken it like his sister but he has the byakugan via hinata my guess.

This new guy killed naruto. the village looks like a post apocalyptic wasteland and the era of ninja is apparently dead and gone.

i think the tattoos are sage markings.

>I still looks like shit, though.
Nice typo

he has the byakugan like how kakashi was gifted the sharingan.

see pic

His sister's eyes?

seehe has the same markings on opposite side and in this one the markings have spread across his face.

So I'm going to go with sage markings.

Well the flashback is probably going to have a timeskip because no way a simple timeskip is going to ignore the age jump.
>missing his right eye
How gay would it be if he also got a Sharingan?

possibly but I'd image hinata jumping in to help naruto like during pain just they both get fucked up and die.

It would be lame to introduce another child of naruto to have her die. Also during the naruto inauguration side story she activates the byakugan and destroys naruto so she shows potential.

But quite possibly his sister since ninjas are apparently a thing of the past, konoha is a wasteland and this guy most likely killed sasuke also since he was able to do away with naruto.

How does a faggot kid kill the most powerful Kage in existence?

It's not worth watching this show anymore.

At least in Dragon Ball Goku died of a heart attack or something.

he has the byakugan in that eye

Nah, it still means "steamed fish-paste cake" or whatever.

>How does a faggot kid kill the most powerful Kage in existence?

A faggot kid killed Hashirama?

He didnt say he killed him though

because indra and ashura were seperated and reincarnate. my guess is orochimaru failed at making mitsuki his vessel. Who took the name mitsuki after tsuki, the previous experiments that orochimaru cloned which was a name that meant vessel.

Eventually orochimaru creates a vessel out of naruto and sasuke thus creating kawaki.

Making him borutos estranged brother in a way continuing the brother feud.

He would have the chakra of both ashura and indra making him a power house.

Sasuke and naruto both had that chakra but it was separate with each having the chakra of the reincarnations but they didn't have both.

Naruto has ashuras and sasuke has indras.

he looks like the retarded offspring of naruto and sasuke closer up.

>Hashirama- sama is stronger than Naruto-sama

Kill yourself.

>same amount of ninja juice
>Hashirama does it all through his own OP body while Naruto depends on his furry friend stuck up his ass





Is this fake or..?

nardos parents died, so Bort's will too to continue the chain of pottery

If it was fake it wouldn't be on the internet, dumbass.

>If it was fake it wouldn't be on the internet


>How does a faggot kid kill the most powerful Kage in existence?
Same way literally everyone else in this series has "killed" him: by ripping Kurama out of his asshole

Have you been living under a rock?

i thought dragonball super was trash. This is next level of retardation.

Resurrection was a mistake


konoha is now shit piled on shit

How many times has that shithole being destroyed already?

That's so sad...

This is a meme, right?

this time is doesn't look like it's coming back

Find a way to remove all the tailed beast shit & he's stuck with Toad Sage mode. Strong but far below 1st. The Last Naruto didn't have all that 6 paths shit.

It's much better off than it was in the Pain Arc. Shit was a literal crater.

Why was NUNS4 so shit? 1-2 were the best, 3 was ok, 4 was trash.


is he a forest sage or what?

Naruto would have only made sense with "follow your dreams, work hard" only if rock lee was the protagonist

Lol good question

>How does a faggot kid kill the most powerful Kage in existence?
who are we talking about here? who's the faggot kid and the kage?

I think it might be that
like he saves up a bunch of spirit energy and does the same thing that Tsunade and Sakura do

>faggot kid
Sarada Uchiha

Naruto Uzumaki

Sasuke is the only human Naruto truely saw as his pal so he chased him down because he wanted to save his friend from his edginess. You guys dont have friends who will do such devotion to you? Wow you guys have shitty friends.

hokage naruto looks lame as fuck. They should've made him look like minato with whiskers.

Naruto is a demigod since he is Ashura.


will Edo Tensei Madara ever come back to save the world?

He's not really Asura, he just has Asura's chakra attached to him.

But then he wouldn't look like his idol Obito

this is actually pretty neat.
and why is Orochimaru still allowed to do these experiments. jesus christ put this man on ninja prison already

Was Madara diabolic?

not really, he wanted to make everyone immortal who would be grand wizards of their own reality making anything they want come true etc.

no clue, probably went off to another hide out after helping out during the war.

The true canon ending.

is kaguyas voice actress speaking with a different japanese dialect?


hokage naruto should've had this hair

>Rasengan is supposed to have seals
Regular rasengan has no seals as it's just melded chakra with no elemental affinity. Rasen shuriken is supposed to have seals but it's not shown.

Why was the Senju clan the only clan capable of killing the Uchiha?

Threadly reminder that Sauce might've lost but it was Nardo who got fucking destroyed

I would have fucking murdered Sasuke if he said that to me.

This one will be much better

lel I don't even get why he said that. If I could use kage bushin I'd abuse it all the time to do all my work/play vidya/watch anime/hang out with friends.

Where can I find a summary of what happens after Obito or Madara or whoever summons the 10 tails? I stopped reading there and I don't want to read every issue from then on.

google my nigger

It probably takes 30mins~1 hour to read everything.

Are you autistic? Can you not read fast?


Obito did the same thing to Kakashi when they fought.

Yeah I figured that would be what I should do, I just wanted to be spoonfed.

obito was lame, it would've been better if they introduced him not as a villain bitch to madara and came back with a positive purpose. Hero tier shit.

>has a son
>looks like a clone with worse hair
Poor guy just can't catch a break can he?

Because they had huge amounts of stamina and physical strength.

No, you'd transform your clones into hot women and fuck them all day.

who does all males in naruto look like eminem or justin bieber


>these are ninjas

They look like Jackie Chan

It was kinda bullshit how Obito got as strong as he did. Naruto had a problem with people just getting fucking stupid strong at all levels, and resurrection making it worse.

He was aided by Madara and Zetsu though!

Zetsu was fucking stupid too
then Madara jobbing to an alien was stupid

Madara coming back was fucking stupid. Leave dead people dead. Kishi didn't set anything up after Akatsuki characters so he just revived people he talked about a few times before.

>Despite that Sakura is the physical strength of the trio
>Naruto never shows how stronk he is in the last 15 vols despite having tossed fucking Kyubi around

those feels when zabuza cries

Naruto isn't part of the Senju

>Naruto never shows how stronk he is in the last 15 vols despite having tossed fucking Kyubi around
Well he did uppercut Sasuke into a Sasuke-shaped crater on a fucking rock wall. Honestly that should've knocked the fucker out cold right there and then.

The Uzumaki are a branch of the Senju and are also direct descendants of Ashura

Zetsu considered them to be the same thing

>>same amount of ninja juice
Retard, Hashirama says that each of them is comparable to his.

Each fraction of his chakra is what Hashirama has

If that were the case then each of the fodder ninjas would have the power to do stuff like pic related

He looks like Obito and thats kinda the point

I think he looks great that way


You go back in time to the start of Naruto and tell Kishimoto one thing to make Naruto good. What do you tell him?

I get rid of Susanoo and perfect Jinchuriiki bullshit. Naruto wouldve been much much better if the max level of power was limited to sage mode and balanced mangekyo sharingan (fuck eternal mangekyo too)


psssh nuthing personel kid

i need a CaC Naruto game like Xeno right fucking now

Sick burn bro

Sarada killed Naruto?
When the hell?

She wanted to be Hokage and thought he was taking too long. Truth be told, it was Boruto who struck the final blow

Oh no, it's the 5th time the village has been destroyed, what will they do?

She did it to activate her mangekyo then she found out which Naruto clone was actually him and she killed him.

So, a jutsu to cover your loneliness?

This shit will go on forever, it will never end. When will you people just ignore it? How do you enjoy something that never ends and keeps pulling out shit for the protagonists to care about?

They will rebuild.

Is the Boruto side story canon?

>ignoring the animu GOAT

%100 canon

Because we like it, duh

I heard the last episode had stellar direction and animation, where are the webms?

Edo Tensei Hashirama was limited in his strength right? Was that all he got?

>meet the 7th

Ransengan-kun dieded? what? I feel wierd.. where were you when nrto die?


Having the power and knowing how to use it is diffrent things. Naruto had kyuubi since birth and yet was a useless piece of shit that got pushed around all the time. He was the weakest of the villagers, yet when he learned how to use his power he became ninjajesus. The chakra naruto shared was for the purpose of giving them more stamina and survivebility and be able to use their abilities even tho they reached their limits.

You can give a kid a nuke, but it'll be piece of expensive metal if he dosent know how to use it

chidori is impossible to hit without a sharingan

Pure Kino

I'd tell him to fuck off with power creep bullshit. Do it like Steel Ball Run

better than garbage like Re:Zero cuck

Doesn't change the fact that everyone on this board would finally go fuck themselves, like i've been telling them for years.

This looks playfighting


Was probably better with soundtracks and sound effects?


f, d, f/f +HP

its the worst part of the fight animation wise and one of the best atmosphere wise. That user is probably trying to be contrarian.

As far as i know the Boruto manga started by retelling th story of the movie .. so there isnt really much of new shit yet.

So what happened to Hyuga Conspiracy images, did anyone actually finish them?

The jutsu covered up Naruto's autism

I have no clue, that's the only one I saved.

It was just a meme

Here you go

So? It was funny and it never got updated as far as i know.

I think it's supposed to be like that. At that point they both realized that it was pointless, it's supposed to be like two stubborn, stupid kids, fighting over a little thing that doesn't matter. At least that's how it looks to me. They both know they don't have enough stamina to continue, they are both too close to death to continue, but they fight because they are just two stubborn idiots, that somehow got through all that shit


Holy shit! That means Kakashi could have a kid with treeman.

So I keep hearing that Naruto is supposed to represent Kishi and Sasuke is supposed to represent his twin brother. If thats true then what kind of fucked up semi homo relationship do those twins have?


Check again. He still has them even after he blocked Sasuke's arrows with them

>direct contact without sharingan still going to miss
What the fuck

what the fuck was the point of hand signs again? i remember them being such a big deal in the beginning but i almost never saw anyone use them by the end, since everyone was using god hacks

They're mnemonics but for chakra. Once you're good, you don't need them.

you all got it wrong, boruto the one that destroyed konoha and naruto told edgelord-kun to bring boruto to him

Yknow, after seeing the hair, I realize it's definitely going to be this now.

Boruto is naruto and sasuke kid in one sense, kawaki is their kid in another sense.

yes, seals are bullshit just like energy levels in naruto

shounens never make sense bruh

Someone added a little bit here.

chidori supposed to use seals, not rasengan

Difference is that the homo in MGS4 was one sided.


The sign means "love"

No. Then we wouldn't have best Uchiha ever.

This looks fucking retarded, glad im not reading this

He isn't even in the top two

I know you all will hate me for it but one of the reasons I was able to put up with naruto even after it got shitty was the uchiha and their eye hack jutsus. Without eye power shenanigans naruto wouldn't even be enjoyable for it's stupid fun fight scenes. Madara was the best thing to happen to naruto since Pain.

>my one and only friend

So since reading and watching Itachi's story, I don't even understand why the fuck everyone suspected the Uchiha clan of the nine tails incident.

Fagu (Or whatever Sasuke's dad's name is) said that the Hokage told them to protect the people still in the village and thats why none of them helped with the fox. So why did everyone hate on them? How could they not have known.

Also, fuck Donzo. His prejudice against Uchiha's is what started this shit; fucking moving them all the way to the outskirts of the Village. That stupid fucker.

Disliking non-Sasuke Uchihas is just a meme perpetuated by people butthurt that their favorite side characters never got to do shit.

Because Uchiha eyes are widely known to be the only thing that can manipulate a tailed beast.

However, if I were a normie around that era I would blame it on the host fucking up in keeping the beast under control rather than our strongest and most popular clan wanting to destroy the whole village for the lulz.

Who do you guys think will be the 8th Hokage after Naruto dies/retires?


Fuck this shit, I want to rewatch some fights of the chuunin exam but all these youtube videos are fucking dubbed, cropped, zoomed, watermarked, unsynced pieces of trash.


Probably one of the few characters that weren't completely one demential. Along with Itachi, and Kakashi.



Well thanks, just have to find every fight on wikipedia.


Given that they yada-yada'd Kakashi's reign so badly I think that if there ever is another big timeskip of more than 15 years, Sarada will be the next hokage that we see

What in god's name is this?

Fucking desk is gonna be filthier than when Bill Clinton was president

Konohamaru is average-tier at best. He's only relevant because of his last name.

He can do perform the Rasengan though.


Whoa, Sasori and Nagato actually make a reappearance?

Naruto ecchi spinoff when?

I want an AU spinoff with him where he was successful with his jutsu.

>no watermarks

Filler bullshit

The hinata fillers were cute though

I wouldn't know, I haven't watched the anime since, like, the first battle at the Valley of the End.

part 1 sasuke is the best nardo character

Fucking de_stroyed

I still can't believe he ended up with fucking Sakura. What a fucking joke.

> ha ha Naruto you're lonely
> Sasuke your brother murdered your clan and parents and left you without a single friend in the world
> and then you decided to not bother making new ones throughout your entire life
> h-ha ha Naruto
> y-you''re lonely
> ha

>my enjoyment of a show about ninjas depends of the amount of time my waifu is on screen

He literally never said that. He said a filler arc was cute. Projecting much?

He kinda cared for her in part 1

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?

he acted like an MC in part one

It stopped being "a show about Ninja's" in part one. Might as well get the most out of the rest.

Yeah, but we weren't suposed to believe he actually loved her useless ass or anything.

[spoilers]YOU ARE MY DREAM

Ninjas became super-sayians.

>shits on him for being ronery
>when he's currently trying to kill everyone who cared about him so he can be an edgier Lelouch
All the swirly eyes in the world can't help you see how retarded you are

>cuck pass

It made sense before that retcon. Originally the uchiha were nowhere to be found that night, they had a clan meeting or some shit, and acted like sketchy assholes when asked where they were.

Ok, say for the sake of argument, this is the son of Naruto and Sasuke. Why did he have to look like such a faggot? Why the two toned hair and piercings? He's literally looks worst then any devientart faggotry I've ever seen.

> Hey so where were you guys during the attack of the Nine Tails, we could've really used your hel-

>and why is Orochimaru still allowed to do these experiments. jesus christ put this man on ninja prison already

He's basically the goofy uncle to the gang at this point.

But now the retcon makes it the 3ds fault they wren't there to help with the Kuybi.

As someone who got off the Naruto train a little after the first series ended, this seems really satisfying for fans who stuck it through.

I haven't read the book, but I don't take the anime filler as canon. Was Fugaku mentioned in the book much?

>Tsunade's "dead" little brother was called Nawaki.
It's Obitobi all over it again, I tell ya!

Why was part 1 so much better?

The webm of Sasuke just beating the shit out of Naruto is horrible. Naruto just, like, stops flinching and Sasuke's still sitting on him just punching him in the face until he's exhausted.

Okay Tobirama.
Take your derogatory comments and leave.

Why didn't Sasuke just stab him or choke him to death?

He acted like more of a MC than the actually MC in part 1.

I hated that.

This page preceded him knocking her the fuck out and leaving her on a bench, outside the Village borders, at midnight.

He knocked her out gently user, and the village is very safe.

Because Sasuke is not a smart man.

Why didn't Sasuke just use one of the TWO Rinnegan paths that allow him to immediately rip Naruto's soul out of his body? Why didn't he just use the path that allowed the absorption of all jutsu - since he has Six Paths power, Senjutsu-related techniques wouldn't be a problem anymore either

Then who would be the other member of Team 7? How would Kakashi be useful without Obito's eye? Who would be the villain? Who would be responsible for most of the plot points?

I wish he would have just fucking killed her when he had the chance.

Truly the best.

>When Sasuke actually cared about his friends.
Why did Kishi have to get rid of this Sasuke in favor of Edgy "Traitor" McVengeance?

As soon as I saw Jiraiya's hand I teared up.

Imagine how the series could have been if
>Sasuke never left the village
>Orochimaru stayed the main villain
>Team 7 bonding and training together instead of timeskip
>Itachi stays a villain instead of being retconned

Because after Itachi died he got turned into a plot device to show how awesome Naruto is for still loving his friend despite everything.

because he's a fucking hack, and instead of coming up with a good ending, he decided he wanted another Naruto vs. Sasuke to end it

The beginning was full of cool ideas that eventually got dropped in favor of demon kaiju and magic eye lasers. Remember when ninja actually acted sort of like ninja instead of floating in the air having DBZ battles?

>Who would be the villain
Oro. But honestly, Sasuke wasn't the problem on team 7, it was always Sakura. I wish she were fucking replaced with Tenten or Hinata since they were the only two girls who didn't have a major hardon for Sasuke.


I think it's supposed to be a penis. You know, since the cycle of homolust and stuff.

Wait who is this? Obito?

>magical Uchiha shit continued with no Orochimaru Sasuke in-between
Great, we jump directly to the bad shit instead of gradually stepping there.


Do you really not know about Shushi?


He probably doesn't know he can, doesn't have the chakra, or just is unused to using it. Obito never used much of those Rinnegan techniques.

>Sasuke actually smiling
T-thats kind of c-cute user


Oh yeahh Itachis best friend. Completely forgot about him

Kishi said they happened off-panel in part 2.

Part 1 Sasuke is cute!

Naruto was using traps and trickery all the way to the Pain fight.


He is a borderline non-character outside of his plot device eye power.

He does get a full backstory in the games and is one of the most popular characters in them.

Nigga, Shisui has THREE backstories in this series. One from the anime, one from the games, and one from a novel.

Naruto is confirmed gay as shit but honestly that shit almost made me manly cry

But their dynamic came off less gay and more tragic.

The Demon Fox & giant toads were there from the start.

And nearly none in the manga


Good times, i remember coming back near the end of the manga and see the masive fallout of the shippers. That was glorious.

This is GT all over again
Holy shit I thought edgy saucegay was the bottom of the series but nope

Do not brother trying to explain it, this is by a different author.

>Smacked 5 bijubombs away in BM
>Kicked away a Goudama in base SPSM
>The thing that blocked 4 of the Juubi's bijubombs exploding and the Naruto/Minato combo
>Never shows his physical strength

So when Sadara and Boruto have a kid, they will have nine tails chakra and the sharingan?!

But no one bitches about animal-based summonings.


>3 jutsus
>A shitton of jutsus plus the one he created

Sounds like someones compensating for something

They all fit together almost perfectly though. They're all just in different parts.


Burns 100x more than any Amaterasu flame.

Because Obito was controlling Kurama thus giving the fox a Sharingan which made the people conclude to that.

But did they actually see the Sharingadingdong?

These two are cute




Maybe he just wants to escort him to the Hokage's office

>shipping literal children
Shipperfags are mentally ill.

Better than the art in the Boruto manga.

Have you forgotten that you are on Cred Forums?

No, they're still drawings.

And don't act like this didn't happen during Part I as well, by the way.

>implying the best doujins weren't of part 1

Shipperfags of all kinds are cancer. They're ALL autistic.

Their is absolutely Absotively Posilutely nothing wrong with shipping.

While this may be true, as long as it's the kind of shipping I like it's all daijobu.

Naruto started being retarded/unwatchable when they FUCKING BIT their firgers off and feel no pain.
Or when they take their eyeballs as if it were nothing.

>when they FUCKING BIT their firgers off and feel no pain.
They literally get Kunai's and Shuriken embedded in their limbs and just flinch.

On miss: Stab yourself. Idiot.

Tunnel vision bullshit. Plus, Sasuke had one eye open which affected his aim.

Fuck I cried like a bitch watching his story in the game. Tragic as fuck.

rasen shuriken was not supposed to have seals
keep head canon to urself pls

That's some tragic ending.

Their thing was more or less giant Kaiju-esque battles unless you're something like Kakashi's dogs. Then again, that was the whole schtick for whenever a tailed beast decides it doesn't only want a few tails to be out.

What the fuck are those? Dream filler shit?

web players come with built in madvr now?


Why is Hiro outing all the pass users?
If anything not being able to samefag will just discourage people from buying them.


re:zero fags pushing their shit as "good"

What a noob.
More like transform myself into a hot woman and have my clones fuck me.

Are you all fucking retarded? Do you seriously not think that 12-year-olds are interested in the opposite sex? By 12, kids are already dating and going to school dances.

Never mind the fact that this is Naruto. There was always romance in the series before they even got out of the academy.

I thought that Kishi would make them into another rivalry so people wouldn't think that Nardo and Sauce had a borderline romantic relationship only stopped by both of them having penises.

But this is the most blatant case of "yeah, they are going to fuck" there has been in the series.

Which one? ObitoKakashi or NaruSasygay?

Obviously the one with the biggest waifufag in the universe was the less gay one.

does naruto masturbate in his girl mode?

They really weren't
It was mostly Sasuke x Sakura, Sasuke x Naruto, Sasuke x Kakashi, Sakura x Kakashi, Kakashi x Iruka

We now have NxH tooth decay and a shit load more hentai.

It's basically a tacit admission of the fact that if sausage or nardo had one less Y-chromosome they'd be a couple

Nah, they were. Nowadays it's the same 3 or 4 Sakura titcow doujins and a slew of NH that are virtually indistinguishable from each other


no such thing

Jesous christ this bullshit should just fucking end already. Everyone got married and had kids, wasn't that fucking good enough?

Not until the kids get married and have kids of their own

>Series goes from an untalented warrior overcoming his natural limitations and becoming the strongest to bloodline demigod chakra chosen one bullshit
>Uchihas end up overpowered as shit


Then Kishi should just skip all the way to that generation.

Burrito and Salad's kid would be a living god.

The only useless piece of DNA in their genes would be Sakura's.

Does Bort have his own Byakugan or did he turn his sister into Punished Himawari?

>implying any genes besides Nardo and Sauce's matter in the slightest

The only kids I want to see are the ones between Himawari and Inojin. Holly shit they're so fucking cute together that my mouth gets a new cavity every time I look at them.

isnt that the hand sign madara used for majestic destroyer flame tho?

Shinra Tensei isn't supposed to work like that nor should it be broken through like air. It's supposed to be some kind of magnetic force.

And Hinata's to some degree. Their kid would have some kind of mixed eye shit going on.

Hand signs in Naruto are necessary for channeling Chakra. You can't do handsigns while doing taijutsu, so he's using Naruto's hand in order to cast his own fireball.

Obito did that to Kakashi and it looked better.

Why isn't anyone talking about the part after this sequence, where Naruto was trying to do this cross hand seal for kage bunshin, and Sasuke kept preventing him from completing the hand seal? I thought that was really smart from the animators.

I can't wait until Boruto officially wipes out the Uchiha clan with his penis.

>jobber eye mattering when the edgygan is around

I think the little shit might end up taking the Uchiha last name instead

How would they deal with that. Nardo dies, fox is released. Is fox back to ragemodo or does his just happily get resealed in someone. Considering naruto has to have his mother die, then get fox sealed it can't pass anything on through birth (he didn't get whiskers until fox was sealed).

This was stolen off Kamen Rider OOO...

I fucking love it whenever the three way deadlock happens.

Because it had to sell, once it got as popular as it did he was free to do make as many mistakes as he wanted.

Honestly S-CRY-ed did this way better.

Upcoming episode titles:

#478 (October 6) - The Unsion Sign
#479 (October 13) - Naruto Uzumaki!!
#480 (October 20) - NARUTO.HINATA

New OP and ED on the 20th

Why didn't everyone get taught teleport or reverse summon spells?

Why didn't everyone have a contract with an animal, we learn that most animals are not actually a different dimension, just elsewhere on the planet.

We're also should that you can safely withdraw from an engagement with reverse summoning. Why can't humans make contracts with humans for quick recalling? Yes it has an okay mana cost with it, but as the series goes on basically any jounin tier character could easily do it.

As for 2nd and 4th teleport spell, as OP as it was, wouldn't that be really fucking useful? It's some writing on an object and you just cast the spell. The difficulty of a handsign is never really touched upon. Use them in the right order, add some mana (tainted with an element if need be) and you get an expected output. So what exactly makes all these high level spells hard to case and use, outside of having the mana pool/elemental alignment to cast it.

Many spells in the end game were eye/genetic locked, but others were generic utility anyone could do and it could have saved lives and made battles more interesting.


What would it really add?

Red eye transforms into grey ringed eye, the only upgrade from there is getting grey ringed eye with commas.

A better manga plot would of been Bort and Salad defecting becoming a mercenary duo.

>He acted like more of a MC than the actually MC in part 1.
>he acted like an MC in part one

Sasuke was the MC for part 1.

Nana Mizuki ED when?

What episodes?

I'm honestly kinda interested in the Tsukiyomi worlds but I don't wanna sit through all of them.

hes so handsome

So in what moment of the manga did Kishimoto become fucking insane?

Nothing personnel

That one scene where Naruto kissed Sasuke. It was destined to go to shit from then on.

>#480 (October 20) - NARUTO.HINATA
Oh my



hiashi is a beast

Maybe that would pack more punch if Naruto was still an orphan ostracized by the village, but in the context of the story it just makes Sasuke look like he's projecting his own loneliness onto Naruto.

Sasuke is the one who distanced himself from everyone then cries constantly how he hates everyone in Konoha despite most of his peers and the citizens showing nothing but admiration for the Uchiha clan. He made the entire village his enemy when the real enemy was some some elders.

Meanwhile Naruto is friends with literally everyone he meets while Sasuke only calls one person his friend. So, really, who is the lonely one?

>#480 (October 20) - NARUTO.HINATA

Rebuild of Anal Devastation 1.11 incoming?

> Naruto sausage
Now thats lewd as fuck

top kek

Nah dude, he was sick as fuck. Him bootstrapping himself into the top tier by injecting superior genetics was great.

Keeping resurrection techniques alive ruined the last arc of Naruto.

I don't get it.

Is Naruto dead or something?

it's a strong possibility.

it wont work, it will kill any sort of shipper in it. which is the main reason of it love/hate status

>that quality face

The gay genes bro.

Well, when a giant ninetailed fox is destroying your village it would be near impossible to not see the special snowflake eyes

handseals are bullshit, there was this interview with kishi about handseals were he said that they were still being used even though they weren't show in the manga, Madara was show using handseals sometimes and sometimes performing jutsu just doing that very basic handseal with just two fingers and so did the first 3 hokages, same for Sasuke, Kakashi and pretty much any strong character and if I'm correct in the kakashi novel he learned how to use jutsu without handseals too

My guess is that they're going to make Neji's funeral into an entire episode.

As much as I want to see this, it's frustrating to know that poor Hinata had to wait two years for that idiot to realize his feelings for her. If Kishimoto wasn't such a prude, The Last could have taken place only a few months after the war.

No, Kakashi couldn't hit anything when he first invented Chidori because he went so fast that he couldn't see shit. And he had to go that fast because otherwise nobody would ever get hit by that loud, bright piece of shit. Sasuke stood still so Sharingan wasn't relevant.

>Kakashi doesn't even have his namesake sharingan anymore
>can't effectively use his signature move raikiri either because no sharingan
>he only got his taijutsu and summoned dogs going on for him at this point
>still abysmal chakra reserves
Was there a character in Naruto that got shat on harder than this?

Neji, Guy and Rock Lee.

At least he got off this ride before having to see his depressing world view come true

he still enters dream of his teammates

Do you idiots not understand the concept of a counter punch? When you throw a punch, your opponent can slip and counter you before you have the opportunity to react. Chidori is particularly susceptible to this, because

1. it's attached to your fist, meaning you have to be within arm's length of your opponent to hit them
2. it's a stabbing motion that's generally thrown quickly, often while running

The reason that Sharingan negates this disadvantage is because Sharingan gives you slow-mo vision; you literally can see your opponent moving slower than real time, allowing you to make subtle adjustments and not allow them to dodge or counter.

No, the necessity of having to use Chidori in tandem with the Sharingan has nothing to do with your dumb boxing bullshit.

this, kakashi is a beast and has how many techniques in storage due to taking advantage of sharingan. He still has those techniques, it's not like his sharingan will have him forget said techniques.

And he can still chidori if he wanted to, sharingan was just a sweet compliment to the chidori, but he wasn't reliant on the sharingan.

Besides he's hokage tier, he's fine with or without it.

Yeah but this time they destroyed the Kage faces.

YOU DON'T JUST FUCKING DESTROY THE HOKAGE FACES, who the hell thought this was an acceptable idea?

the idea itself had potential though, it's just that Kishimoto used it terribly and it just ended up being a jobbing party. Kakuzu litterally got beaten offscreen for god's sake.

They already lost once, its stupid to continue showing their fights

What was dumb was thinking people like Haku or Zabuza deserved any more screentime especially after all the powerups everyone got. It was a dumb way to bring in more villains without actually introducing any new ones.

> They already lost once, its stupid to continue showing their fights

So a character can only fight once? It's your logic that is stupid, it can't be worse than Naruto spamming clones and rasengan. What matters is using them for good fights. If anything the zombies were a good idea, would you rather have them asspull ton of super strong guys out of nowhere?

people have theorised borutos talking from a tell tale perspective and they may go further with the space time stuff by having him time travel to the past or something.

Also the evil scientist may not be orochimaru but the tool from the boruto movie. He goes rogue like sasuke, is into the ninja tech stuff etc.

Kawaki is like a corrupted sage of six paths and boruto the sages brother. Like the asura and indra feud carried on but Kawaki is the estranged brother of boruto via naruto and sasuke.

Is like the sage because of the chakra of the sons reincarnate over time.

So having both makes him like the six paths old man. Having a mixture of senju and uchiha.

And boruto is like the sages brother the founder of the uzumaki and hyuuga.

Boruto being an uzumaki and hyuuga.

So kawaki has six paths like power and advanced technology. So the age of the ninja quote may not necessarily mean all ninjas a dead but a similar line boruto says to hokage naruto in the movie about his era of ninja being in the past. And him being into the new technology stuff.

So a sage power kid with advanced technology could definately wipe out konoha and turn it into wasteland.

also borutos tattoos grow, there he has them on the face and another image he doesn't so it's not surprising he has a curse mark.

He obviously will be like sasuke and sarada will be the first uchiha hokage, she praises naruto as a father since sasukes always out and about.

Just shut the fuck up, faggot. You don't know what you're talking about.

I know right, everybody knows that Naruto has always been all about boxing.

Then why don't you go ahead and explain why Sharingan is necessary for Chidori and how Naruto was saved once Sasuke's Sharingan deactivated?

They are formulas for doing jutsu, each seal kneads(Wtf?) chakra in certain ways, apparently every jutsu is a formula of handseals or chakra kneading meaning with enough experimentation you could invent a jutsu like Tobirama did twice.

When you can will your chakra you dont need handseals anymore though.

Also handseals are a nonissue if you move your hands really fucking fast like Itachi' clone did.

Rasengan is pure chakra molding thats why it doesnt require handseals, its literally shaping chakra currents into a contained chakra cyclone in your hand pretty simple shit if fucking children can learn it ridiculously easy.

Three tomoe sharingan is Color of Observation it allows you to see moments into the future of your opponent's attack thats why Sausage wasnt getting blitzed to pieces by KN0 Naruto at the Valley of the End.

Reverse summoning is literally teleportation it would revolutionize transport in Naruto far beyond our world.
>When you're moving too fast, it's impossible for you to see the enemy counter your attack
>When you're moving too fast
Sasuke was standing stock fucking still. The anime did it for the drama, just because it looked cool even while not making any sense.

because learning a new jutsu is like learning a new skill in real life
just because you can play drums doesnt neccesarily mean you can play the bass
that's why naruto can't be assed to learn any new jutsu through the whole series
i didn't know it was possible to speedread naruto

A character that lost shouldn't be revived to fight again, we saw their backstory, their tricks, their shit.

I would have rather Kishi set things up before hand with new villains, rather than just bringing back old villains, referenced characters or people who died a fucking long time ago.

Its really hilarious how someone didnt invent Chidori before Kakashi, I mean you think some raiton user in Hashirama's time would go LOL WHY DONT I TURN MY HAND INTO A ELECTRIC RAPIER?

so what about the all the good guys who lived through the whole manga and fought several times, which we also saw their backstory, tricks and "shit"?

Face it, your logic is stupid. There was no need to introduce ton of new villains at this point to fight a whole army, and it wouldn't have made any sense.

People learn new techniques, and characters develop. Dead people just stay dead and are the same as when they we saw them 500 chapters ago.

Maybe all manga should just not develop any new characters past like chapter 200-250 and just bring dead people back constantly.

That becomes interesting if you develop more the revived characters obviously.

Besides, you seems to forget more than half of the zombies were either new characters or ones who got no screentime, like the 7 others jinchuriki. Gaara's father was a good example of that, even if battle wise he jobbed hard.

>Sasuke was standing stock fucking still. The anime did it for the drama, just because it looked cool even while not making any sense.
It's in the fucking manga too, you stupid douchebag. Just admit you're wrong.

It doesn't literally let you see into the future; it just allows you to make predictions based on the smallest of movements, so it looks like you're seeing into the future.

>Just admit you're wrong.
I proved you wrong already. This is an anonymous image board, you don't need to save face, faggot.

You've already been proven wrong, and yes, you are making a fool of yourself.

The manga shows that Naruto countered Sasuke because Sasuke's sharingan disappeared. Kurama even commends Naruto about noticing this, after the fact.

Admit you're wrong.

>y-y-you're wrong!!
>this evidence doesn't count!!!!!
Fuck off, retard.

>tried to claim that that part was only in the anime
>is shown that it's in the manga too
>trying to bluster and hope no one will notice
You were proven wrong and are continuing to make a fool of yourself.

>that one ancient raikage that was doing chidori with one finger
>current raikage doing the same shit but weaker
Kakashi is full of shit

You're still wrong about how Chidori works, dumb boxer-kun. Is that one thing all you have to go on? Because it doesn't prove anything.

Notice how you haven't been able to explain that part away? It's because you know you can't. Again, you're posturing. You keep posting without saying anything of substance, because you know you're wrong. You think that just acting confident is going to trick people into not hearing how retarded you sound.

Sharingan is necessary for Chidori because you can't see counters without it. That's a proven fact that's in the manga. Whether you use Chidori at full sprint or simply use it as a punch, if you don't have Sharingan, you can get countered just like you could with a regular punch in boxing.

You can't absorb Senjutsu. It's why one of the Pains turned to stone.

Human Path is damn near worthless in battle. It's why that Pain sacrificed itself to keep the other Pains alive while fighting Naruto. It's only useful if the target is immobilized.

I don't think you guys know much about shinobi aside from the common "they're stealthy and use hand-to-hand combat."

I heard they're going to adapt the novels in the anime, and apparently during Kakashi's time as Hokage he invents some new lightning jutsu that allows him to attack from a distance (kind of like how Sasuke reshaped the chidori to reach farther against Deidara) to make up for his missing Sharingan.

But yeah he definitely got downgraded and is in contention for weakest Hokage.

>untalented warrior overcoming his natural limitations
Being a shit student until he learned he was the choosen one is the only "natural limitation" Naruto had.

> shonen mc and his rival ends being overpowered

>a character literally says what Chidori's issue is
>going with headcannon and grasping at straws instead
This is pretty pathetic.

>I-I was proven wrong!
>M-maybe if I keep saying I'm right, no one will notice . . .
You're pathetic, user.

What's with this "chosen one" meme?

Naruto didn't know about all this "boy of prophecy" shit until the Pain Arc. Jiraiya guessed it was himself. The he thought it was Minato that was the child of prophecy. Then he guessed it was Nagato until he thought he died. Then Minato and Jiraiya thought it'd be Naruto. It was nothing but guesswork.

Ashura's descendant was never said to save the world or unite the Tailed Beasts. The Sage just hoped that would be the case someday. And Ashura's chakra simply latched onto Naruto's body; it didn't give him any powers and he was reincarnated as Naruto.

*wasn't reincarnated as Naruto

Why didn't the village tell Pain Naruto was in the frog mountain? He'd have left and Naruto would have gotten more days to train because it's really hard to get there.

All you autists just please get out of my precious Naruto threads, we never have them enough as it is so make like a flea and bounce RRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

daily reminder that there is /vg/ thread for Naruto

I wanted to watch Shippuden to the end after i came back for this last two episodes. Now they are going to do another bunch of fillers? I thought episode 700 was getting animated in the next week. FUCKING BULLSHIT DROPPED AGAIN

technically it isn't filler since they are adapting novels now

10/10 best anime of all time

>What's with this "chosen one" meme?
Not a meme thanks to Naruto turning into a messiah archetype.

A character doesn't need to be aware they are the chosen one for the trope to works. I
n Naruto they're a dozen of side/background characters that comment how the prophecy point (or should point) on Naruto (eg; jiraya, tsunade, A, and the frogs). All that before the Ashura reveal.

Fucking disgusting guys. How isn't this a dubs thread yet? 2010 Cred Forums would be rolling in its grave.

Also check em

Nacho literally had unlimited chakra from about the moment he was an hour long
If the main villains hadn't been people that had a way to make tailed beasts their bitches, then Nacho would have godmoded through the entire series.

Even then he still never fought anyone aside from Madara that he couldn't beat in a battle of attrition.

This series was doomed from the start

This faggot was a mistake

Ees a metaphor

Not in the original material = filler
SP isn't really faithfull with their novel adaptation so far, anyway.

it would have been better if naruto was a female

lel no i wouldt be reading this crap if it didnt have em

I haven't enjoyed Boruto at all. He's nothing but an ass wipe. And Naruto has become just as unenjoyable.
Naruto lost his way and Boruto is a fucking cunt.

They'll really have to pull some magical shit out of their asses to make him enjoyable beyond his child ass wipe stage.


This, but unironically

jeez there already carbon copies

>This new guy killed naruto
>retards still falling for it

Thought Minato, Nagato, and himself to be the CoP before they all failed so he moved down the list of his students and gave the title to Naruto shortly before dying
Thought Naruto was to be the CoP from before he was born; did not believe himself to be one
Thought he was the CoP before he realized "the error of his ways" and that Jiraiya's tale depicted Naruto rather than himself. Believes Naruto may be the CoP before sacrificing himself
>Old Toad
Did not believe Naruto was the CoP until after Jiraiya's death
Was told he was the CoP by all if the above, but never brings it up
Being the CoP was just a title for someone who would change the world and nothing more


last 2 episodes were actually good

dont seals change chakra into an element? because if you can mold and change it into an elemental type what the fuck do seals even do? just to make manipulating chakra easier

Sasuke's just as pathetic trying to kill everyone he knows so he won't have to feel analpained from being alone.

The novels are filler.

Is Sasori part of the Uzumaki clan?


>Did not believe Naruto was the CoP until after Jiraiya's death
The prophecy is first brought during the Pain arc which start with Jiraya's death. Plus if Naruto wasn't Jiraya's pupil, frogs wouldn't had bothered coming to him. Because the CoP must be a student from Jiraya, etc...

>Being the CoP was just a title for someone who would change the world and nothing more
That's why he is called a choosen one. It was very clear that title would befall on Naruto from the very moment that plotline was introduced. Some of the most powerful/influent character accords to think he is such in-universe, including character involved in that plotline.

It's like you expect a god-like being pointing to everyone and their mothers that Naruto is the one who will fullfill the ancient prophecy or something.

Naruto is a "choosen one" in virtue of being a messiah archetype.

either he's dead or currently trapped. It's all context. Either ninjas are a thing of the past, or the tech has become powerful enough to be able to claim the era of ninja is a thing of the past.

Also the context of which boruto has spoken has been theorised his telling a story on his last legs, or time travelled etc.

Either way the byakugan that he holds is not awakened but has been gifted from a member of the hyuuga or via his sister.

It's clear his story will be heavily influenced by sasuke and kakashi whilst sarada is a story influenced by naruto.

The era and age of ninja is either dead via extermination of ninja or surpassed by technology as boruto put it to naruto. His ninja way is in the past and of a different era.

Either way some terrible shit has gone down as as boruto stated in his story. It's not about naruto but his story and as he puts it, it starts with naruto because he is the hokage that realised his dream but boruto was resentful of the ninja path and has become re accustomed with it in his older age.

Baruto has the whiskers though. So does his sister. He wouldnt have the whiskers unless he had the nine tails chakra

both of them has picked up an influenced via kyuubi due to naruto being his vessel whilst siring the children.

Should be interesting.

Pain can reverse summon.

You're a faggot

I heard he's faking his death for some reason

hopefully, I'd love for him to be alive. but I will admit he was a dick of a hokage. Since then he lost his spirit, and his son lacks it and is obviously going down the edgy path..

either way this song brings back good memories

I'm on my re watch of the series after all these years. Sound ninja just has his arms blasted.

>male+female= faggot

I expect nothing but fanfic-tier from this franchise, but till' it's proven, I prefer to believe the whiskers are just a retarded design choice so narutards don't forget whose children they are.


>The Third Hokage was supposed to be a big deal

No, he wasn't. That was just dumb fan logic.


>The Fourth Hokage was supposed to be a big deal.

Hmm i dont think that is the case here though. If you remember Ginkaku and Kinkaku, the gold and silver brothers, tried capturing the nine tails and ended up being swallowed and imprisoned inside kurama. They started eating away at his charkra for two weeks while inside. Then they came out with whiskers and the nine tails chakra reserves.

he was the hero of the village and was gnarly. the third was necessary and well deserved his position.

>*480 (October 20) - NARUTO.HINATA
It's a wedding episode

>tfw the Shonen ride is over
When is the last arc of bleach animated+

He's probably dead and Boruto probably got his eye taken out and received a Byakugan from someone, because his other eye is still normal.

TFW naruto threads are tolerated on Cred Forums because of moots /q/ faggot board.

the moment obito's spirit going into kakashi ginving him amngekyousharingan and a instant perfect susanao kamui shurkinen

But he is?

This is the problem with Dragonball style shounen. When at the end of the series you end up with the main characters being so overpowered that they fight on the moon and can alter the planet's surface single handed, most readers/watchers completely lose touch with the in-universe reality and think that's the norm.

The third was amongst the strongest of Kages. He could use very high level techniques of all 5 basic chakra natures, as well as extremely powerful fuinjutsu and had a harambe summon that transformed into an unbreakable staff that could extend in length to Masamune levels. And that was when he was an old man. He just wasn't as buttfuck broken as the Senju brothers.

The Third's level should have remained the top-tier power level of Narutoverse. It really shouldn't have gone further than that. The manga would be much better that way.


>Then they came out with whiskers and the nine tails chakra reserves.
Went back throught the chapter and this is more headcanon than anything. They both never showed how they looked like before they went in Kurama's stomach. It's just there for the design as far as I'm concerned.


Why would they have them for design? When no other character in the Naruto series has them besides those with Kuramas Chakra..
Convince me.

there is clearly a partial influence. It should be interesting if boruto stops being such a cunt.but then again narutos become a cunt likewise to his son.

It's clearly to showcase their relation to Naruto as the only other Kyuubi chakra hosts. The whiskers also makes them more memorable and recognizable especially with the clusterfuck of Edo Tensei characters that were introduced at the time.

And at the end of the day Kishimoto isn't an architect of a writer. He makes shit up as he goes, rather than carefully plan and think every angle with the exception maybe being very major events or very few certain characters. Kushina and Mito both didn't have them and they were genuine Kyuubi Jinchurikis.

If anything it's much more likely that Naruto's kids have some Kyuubi chakra through some bullshit inheritance reason, rather than the whiskers itself being a showcase of that power. Boruto got them to make him a mini Naruto and Himawari got them to differentiate her from young Hinata or really most Hyuugas since most of them look really similar.

The fact that Jiraiya never showed up again is fucking retarded or that he was barely metnioned, it was all Minato at some point. Naruto spent the best years of his life with Jiraiya yet he is petty much the only one that never gets revived

Because Kishi want it.
Because the whiskers have a visual strong identity and uniqueness that allow lazy design s and flat character stand a bit as demonstrated with these two 5 chapter villains, boruto and his sister.

Again, the franchise have been fanfic-tier for a while and love to retcon itself, but so far it's just headcanons.

But Guy got acknowledged to be the strongest being in the planet by both his rival and by what was at the moment the final boss

it kills me also, jiraiya should have been present for during the time of minato and narutos reunion.

Jiraiya was fucking awesome and was a grandfather to naruto and a father figure to minato.

honestly I hope for timetravel to influence the series so they can fix certain mistakes like jiraiya.

also bring back madara as a hero. that be sweet.

also I hope sasuke educates the piece of shit boruto with the sharingan and gives him a full fledge first experience of naruto and sasukes past.

Boruto is such a piece of shit he needs the be ground into the dirt. fuck I hate him.

He needs an epiphany via sasukes genjutsu. he needs to witness the past in it's entirety.

Well, more exactly he was talking about his taijutsu.

>a grandfather to naruto
Except when he never told him shit about his parents, when he stayed out for the first 12 years of Naruto's life despite being the kid's godfather or when he spent all of Naruto's hard earned money on ninja booze and ninja prostitutes.

they're already mad

>ninja prostitutes
They were plain prostitutes, man.

Why do they keep going? Boruto movie was the perfect ending


he was a bastard but played a pivotal role in narutos growth and played the unfortunate role.

he was such a cunt you can't help but love him.

Even though this Tumblrfag is off their rocker, they do have a point. We have The Last. What more is there to add to Naruto and Hinata's relationship? Unless the movie is being invalidated.

>ninja prostitutes
The Kage Bunshin potential! So wait. If you people came inside the Kage Bunshins of a ninja prostitute and then she undid them, would all the cum return to the original? How would they find the father in the case of pregnancy? Is Suiton the preferred chakra affinity for prostitutes?

is this that orochimaru son?

No. That's just an American wannabe rapper.

what do we know about kawaki

I dropped Naruto years ago, what did I miss senpai?

>I hope for timetravel to influence the series so they can fix certain mistakes

He is edgy, he nuked the village, he might have killed Naruto, he has a stupid hairstyle, he knows Bort and he is powered by tattoos.

is this one piece?

He looks like he belongs in Fairy Tail.

>Naruto and Sasuke working together
What episode is this from?

And how do you know?

It's good for hentai plot but no.
>Clones are supposed to vanish once they met concrete.
>Original never substain the damages a clone took.
>Memory is the only thing that return to the original body and only if they are the special clone of the special super secret jutsu Nardo stole in the first chapter.

Naruto should just begin a buziness of sexy jutsu clones prostitutes.

no orochimarus son defeated and abandoned him and became borutos companion and team member to help find his own path.

his name is mitsuki and theirs a side story manga about him.

as if you don't want jiraiya back in action...