Openings you never skip

Openings you never skip

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>skipping openings
Literally every pleb out there.

The female vocal in the jazzy breakdown "ikite ikou" gave me chills every time.

Yes!! Awesome

Show was just pretty good, but that's one of the GOAT OPs

Every fucking opening

Jesus, people who skip openings should be fucking drowned

>they don't skip bad openings

Why re-watch something that is absolutely terrible.
Like this for example:

The best this year.

I watch entire series in one marathon session, so unless it's a great OP and ED I usually only watch them on ep01 and the final ep.

The show turned to crap halfway through, but I loved the OP

I think I like the ED even more honestly.

>that chill trumpet

>Ctrl+F no Carnival Phantasm
Wew lads.

Is this show any good? I have been considering watching it.

It's so reddit that r/anime changed it's name to r/gowatchnewgame

This was the only SZS OP I could find on youtube but it applies to all of them.


I take it that's a no.

Heres some openings for you to enjoy EVERY time.

Is this the YHYL thread?

The OVA op was pretty good as well

Personally, I like the 1st one better.

That's a little too scarce user, especially considering it's not rare for the final episode to not have any opening.

Why the fuck would you limit it to OPs only? EDs are almost always better.

Sometimes they are.

any one that features some decent vocals too, lots of the bleach openings, 5 and 9 come to mind

Can't skip, wont skip.


was looking for Gintama MS paint OP but jewtube removed it.


hmmm... What you say is not untrue.
But like I said, if the OP and EP are great, I don't skip 'em.


Heres the good naruto ops:
sh 7
sh 13
sh 16
sh 19

Both OP and ED for Sakamichi no Apollon are great, but that Ed has got to be the most heart-wrenching I've ever heard.

Erased ending is something special

>boring slideshow

I always skip the ED.

>I always skip the ED
What a nazi.

>how to spot somebody with no taste

mmmmm, tasty.
Good taste, user.

At first I didn't think I was going to like this show but by the end I really did. I wish it had lasted longer

All of them. What kind of I patient subhuman trash actually skips OPs or EDs?

Why are SHAFT openings and endings so good?

Have one with spic subs:

i mean princess jellyfish

>Garo opening
Fuck I forgot how good these were.

That show in general was amazing.

Mah nigga

Season 3 NOW, goddammit!!!

Hopefully they never release s3.

Why is that song so good?

Usually I like faster ones for my chinese cartoons, or just straight dempa, yet I never skipped that one.

Not enough oppai for you, user?

Perhaps this is more up your alley.

For me, the sweet vocal and the minor falls are just gorgeous.

It's amazing how good Garo was and how badly they fucked up with the second season. Only good thing was Seimei.

This reminds me a lot of the Flash Gordon theme by Queen

(off topic, sorry)

>The first opening theme is the Queen-influenced "Big-O!".[16] Composed, arranged and performed by Rui Nagai, the song resembles the theme to the Flash Gordon film. The second opening theme is "Respect," composed by Sahashi. The track is an homage to the music of Gerry Anderson's UFO, composed by Barry Gray.[17] In 2007, Rui Nagai composed "Big-O! Show Must Go On," a 1960s hard rock piece, for Animax's reruns of the show. The closing theme is the slow love ballad "And Forever," written by Chie and composed by Ken Shima. The duet is performed by Robbie Danzie and Naoki Takao

All of them

Cool. They certainly nailed the feeling.
I loved this show's ED (Sorry for the low quality)

well, if we're gonna do EDs too...

>episode or series ends
>causes you to tear up
>tear up while the familiar ending theme plays and it sounds perfect
which one is it, Cred Forums?



>(Sorry for the low quality)
Have to blame trigger for that

Ha. I still can't even listen to the ED of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso without feeling a little tightness in the throat.

>not available in your country
Why is the US so cucked by Youtube?

How about some manly openings, you nerds?

>watching them more than once

The only time I watch it is if there is a change.


This one changes a bit every episode!

And gets stuck in your head for weeks.

I remember when they broadcast this on TV under the title 'Star Blazers'. God, I must have been 8 years old.

That one is from the remake tho.

Speaking of being around 8yo, sometimes I still hum or whistle this one

oh fuck i teared up just looking at that image. my daddy is dead

Sore ga Seiyu has a different ED every time too, and they sing a few bars of popular anime themes in them.

that ed as well

p gud

I swear I even laugh a bit when they started to sing the Eva OP.

I really like these kind of openings an endings with little changes each episode.

To be fair, the ED is pretty good too.

It's a good way to keep people from skipping them, for sure

What's the pic from, Satan?

So long as we're also on the topic of EDs, this is my favorite thing to happen in Lucky Star - and that's saying something.
>No Pazuru.
Fucking failures.

Overshadowed by Purupuru pururin rin.

>cucking your own OP

It's an ED, but it makes me want to sing along every time.

Such a great show. I should really re-watch this.

I don't even need to post a link!

Certainly not Clannaid.

For some reason Sunred hit me too close to home.