Is the first gundam really worth it to someone trying to get into the franchise?

Is the first gundam really worth it to someone trying to get into the franchise?

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But its anime


Yes it is the only one that is good unironically.

>The salt episode
Yes and no. Just watch the moview

Please explain this when Wing exists

Just read Origins.
It's better in every way.

Dude you're going to just make OP get disappointed in Gundam or make him another retard who never enjoys anything but that

just fucking watch it

Wing is good ironically. It is one of the best unintentional comedies.

Wing is pretty fucking mediocre all around.

It's not though, to be fair Wing had one of the best animations for its time

Yes it's referenced a lot in future series and it still holds up today. You can't watch Zeta, ZZ or CCA without seeing the original.

Nothing wrong with the salt episode, just a bit meme-y.

>Just watch the movies
Fuck no they cut out so much stuff. They're fine to rewatch if you've already seen the series but not for your first time.

>better in every way

Don't listen to or watch the Tv series. Some people find it hard to get through because of it's age but it's the optimal way to get into the franchise. The movie cuts stuff and has shitty pacing and The Origin adds some stuff that a lot of fans don't love.

OP here, legit question, the movies seem interesting and I'm really curious how much they cut from it, like will I miss something future shows will mention if movies are only thing I started with?

Is it a meme to hate on Wing now? It wasnt even bad, you fucking pussies need to appreciate it

I saw Gundam Wing first when it came out on Toonami. I decided to check out the originals up Gundam ZZ and some movies. I think Zeta is my favorite now but I think it's a good series to check out if they have some familiarity with anime. Might depends on their age too, I was in my mid-teens when I got into Gundam so they might not relate too much with the protagonists if they're older. It also has "dated" art style or production though that never bothered me much, I wanted to consume all I could of anime. It's also not all that "extreme/edgy" like a serious like Wing is so if they've been spoiled by Attack on Titans or something, they might get 'bored'.

The animation in Wing was so good they played the same footage every episode.

The original is the third best real robot mecha anime after Patlabor and Votoms.

Yes, Origins eclipses the original series in every possible way.
The only problem with it is that there are several continuity problems if you just read it and then want to procede with Z.

>mfw the salt filler arc literally will not end

Can anyone please explain what is this salt episode?

I appreciate Wing, it's a fun show, its certainly not a bad Gundam. It's just not a good one either.

People nowadays act like it's the worst Gundam ever made just because edge, like jesus chill

The white base starts running out of salt and they get in a tussle with Garma while he mines salt to send it to space to help Zeon in the conflict or something. I'm surprised they're not bringing up Kung-Fu Zaku II more than anything.

The movies do have the essential parts of the storyline, but you miss out on some interesting one-episode characterization, as well as all the wackiest parts like Doan's Island and the salt episode. No Gyan fight either.

Recently did a rewatch of wing. Everything that comes out of Wu Fei's mouth is fucking hilarious and Heero is the biggest edgelord in existence. follow this op

>Heero is the biggest edgelord in existence
Actually Heero is the reason Wing is never taken seriously

The edge is literally the only thing that makes Wing watchable. Well, that and OZ's aesthetic decisions in MS.

>the salt episode

No it is fucking not, just look at freaking Heero's one liner and tell me how cringe they are, the show wouldve been better without the cringe

Wing isn't -bad-, but it's not really that good either. It's bogged down by a lot of needles fujoshi pandering, gets rather pretentious at times, and is rife with stock footage.
The enemy suit designs are great though. Tallgeese is still one of the best rival suits in the franchise.

Literally just watch it in production order.

>movies seem interesting
Why? It's just the series cut up into 3. There's some minor changes but overall the series is better.

>you miss out on some interesting one-episode characterization
Also this. The characters are the best part of Gundam.

So it's literally salt, that's hilarious

The movies do have more consistent animation.


They seem interesting because I'm really excited to move through the timeline and fillers scare me


No-one would even fucking notice the salt episode were it not an inexplicable meme, it's called Sayla's Agony for god's sake.

>When the crew runs out of salt, Sayla Mass sorties with the Gundam without authorization in the hopes of finding out whether Char Aznable is her long lost brother. They find salt in the end.
>They find salt in the end.
Thank god.

They're literally one off episodes, this isn't Naruto we're talking about here.

I miss wu fei

The ship's chef complains that they're running out of salt and everyone makes a big deal out of it like salt was as important as water. The whole episode became a meme.

What is left after you take out Heero's one liners? A badly written political thriller with stock animation fight scenes.

If moviefags actually bothered to watch the TV series they wouldn't be moviefags.

Why would you ever enjoy Heero's one liners, for real, why? JUUST WHY

it sux, just read the manga

I was the same at first but it's only 42 episodes long and nothing really feels like filler.

/m/ is the board for everything related to giant robots.

Naruto fucking scarred me from long animu but hey I'll give it a shot because its 43 episodes

technically it's all filler since it has no plot

This isn't Wing, kiddo

Not really. The movie trilogy for the original series are actually pretty good, especially compared to the compilations for the other series.

Most of what was cut was enemy of the week stuff and a couple episodes Tomino didn't like. The G-armor was also cut as Tomino apparently disliked the thing and the only real gripe is that the Gyan was removed from the texas colony arc.

aren't they going to tell him to lurk more? afterall if some guy came in Cred Forums and asked what's the best anime to watch to start watcing anime they'd be told to watch boku no piko

Enemy of the what?

Gundam is required watching, but if you're unwilling to sit through 47 episodes then that is why the movie trilogy exists. Decide to watch one or the other. You'll probably see both eventually anyways so it doesn't matter.

Nah, they post the production order chart and tell him to watch the series.

Honestly that's the only really bad cut, but fuck if Gyan isn't the coolest Zeon MS of that generation.

It's pretty much only consistently recommended and liked Gundam when you look around for recommendations for the franchise.

Now I wonder what is the worst one any newcomer to the series should avoid

I bet someone will bring up Wing since this thread was full of Wing haters.

Wing def

SEED destiny, AGE, IBO, and Wing.

Tbf it had the best opening


My first Gundam was Turn A, because the older animation in the first gundam or Zeta was too jarring for me.

Enemy of the week. Those one off enemy units that appear for one episode and then get defeated without much else of importance happening in that episode.



No, fuck off, you're shoving IBO with the worst Gundams out there.

where it belongs

Will anything beat the first Gundam Cred Forums?

Wing got me into the whole Gundam series.

08th MS Team is probably the best series, critically.

Yes and?

Literally everything about IBO was either enjoyable or okay and could be overlooked, it's NOWHERE near the worst, recheck your opinion.

War in the Burger or Turn A depending on your tastes.


I don't know what else you expected.

You're like the polar opposite of me, who watched every UC Gundam except TurnA.

>08th MS Team is probably the best series
This, I love you, you have the best taste in this thread

Why does Cred Forums defend IBO so much? It's the worst Gundam series after Destiny.

I have to agree with this, only a minority dislike IBO

I think you got baited user.

Also IBO is the latest Gundam, so by the laws of the Internet is has to be shit and what came before it was so much better is every way.

Just wait until they finish IBO and make something after it and then it becomes acceptable to like IBO.

Probably because it was their first.

Bias aside it was fine, if there is something I wanted to never see again its that princess bitch blonde

I've understood that Unicorn was well liked too, but is it good good or fucking great good?

On that note

Because it's new and Cred Forums only talks about current airing shows.

It was obvious bait but fuck it, id bite it anytime because Gundam fanbase can be retarded with this whole every latest Gundam is the worst

You definitely need to get on that. Turn A is amazing.

Board wars.

Unicorn has great animation but goes full retard with understanding.
Turn A and Burger are more solid overall, and Turn a looks like a fucking Ghibli movie for fifty episodes, give or take a few animation issues.

Let's just get this straight, to whoever think IBO is pure crap just tell me what the fuck makes it so retarded to you? And it better be some actual reason other than >lol its not the first gundam

>it was obvious bait
It's my lest favorite gundam and I've completed fifteen of them.

Some of those pros and cons are hilarios.
>Gundam designs similar to Wing and short with "only" 39 episodes.

That's not just gundam, it's literally everywhere on the internet.
>Kids today only like shit, back in my day we liked good stuff.

Wing is basically 3 episodes of awful narrated plot followed by 5 minutes of awesome robot fighting. Rinse and repeat until the series ends. The show is garbo my friend.

I think people dislike it because it doesn't feel Gundam-like? I'm not even sure.

What do you mean? 39 isn't very much for your average Sunrise mecha show.

I enjoy IBO but I think the fact that it's okay is precisely the problem. It's not bad, but it's not exceptionally good either. In a way okay shows are the worst, they can be boring.
Most people on Cred Forums want trainwrecks and good rides. IBO has no redeeming points for them.

Honestly, Zeta is the single most fucking awesome shit ever.

>goes full retard with understanding
No one was forced to understand.

>okay is now the worst

It's a pity that Zeta had so many infuriating characters when the original didn't really have anyone you wanted dead every time they had screentime.

Zeta's characters were fine though

Turn A gundam is unironically the best gundam despite it being such a departure from the usual gundam show format.

How is Gundam 00, friends?

IBO destroyed the Gundam format

They are but i think user is talking about the fact that almost all of them are assholes.

Tell me of one thing about IBO that stands compared to other gendums.

Actually don't, because you can't.

You can watch worse, but you can definitely do much better.

It's not mutually exclusive. I thought IBO was okay on its own, but I liked every other Gundam anime more than it.

oops meant to reply to

IBO is just Gundam modernized dude

00 is pretty good though. Probably not the best for newcomers.

Most were, but there were a few like Katz, Reccoa, the pink hair girl Katz had a boner for that dragged the episode down whenever they were on screen acting like retards. Rosamia was also annoying but she's excused for being a cyber newtype retard.

The first season is great. The second season isn't great but still has its moments. The movie is dumb.

Man that S1 finale was still one of the better highlights of Gundam last decade. That shit was hype as fuck.

>watched every UC gundam except turn A because waiting for content to fill in the gap

Yep, pretty much.
The salt episode is pretty par for the course with the original Gundam.
I only think it's worth watching to see how it influenced the rest of the franchise (and other anime); I don't think it stands up on its own.

Is Gundam an anti nazi propaganda?

destiny was better than 00

What the hell is this joke about a salt episode? I watched the original and don't remember salt being that important.

but the movie was the payoff



It's a meme ya dip.
If anything people should be complaining about the episode when Amuro met that guy with the kids on the island.



>Probably not the best for newcomers.

That's the point.

OP here, I just watched the first episode of the first Gundam, the guide user posted earlier said the animation is shit even by its 70s standards but it's actually really fine and I'm enjoying it so far

It has above average animation for 70s.

Will do, I'm craving for Gundam ever since IBO came back, I might as well watch TurnA.

On top of that, aside from the few minutes that they talk about salt, the entire rest of the episode is in the second movie anyway.

Fuck yeah.
Also, the show has the greatest Char clone ever created so look forward to that.

Snail's pace for most of the series.
For underdogs everything goes okay without any problem for Tekkadan, especially after joining Teiwaz.
We are told that a lot of people suffer from poverty and the things it brings, including Tekkadan, but it's only shown in ep1 or once or twice in the background of a flashback, Tekkadan is having the best field trip ever.
Brewers arc being absolutely retarded with that brother shit.
Most episodes are Kudelia feeling down, finding resolve and repeating the same thing again next episode.
Then Kudelia becomes hyper-competent when Fumitan dies.
For an incredible military force Ghallarjhorn cant even crush a single ship, even if they are decaying they have a whole orbital fleet.
The Dort arc was retarded as well because apparently no one knows how Kudelia, a celebrity and a Ghallarjhorn high profile target looks like. The resolution to it is even worse.
Then the earth arc arrives and it somewhat seems to pick up with everyone making, morally and not, questionable decisions. However in then end everything yet again works out perfectly and with no problem for Tekkadan and instead of calling their shit out, the characters who were doubting and were not agreeing with the questionable decisions, somehow praise them instead.
That cop out finale.

It's a very unorthodox series (in a good way). Imagine a Pre WWI society suddenly digging up mechas and moon immigrants coming to Earth. Only falls somewhat near the end in my opinion but it's still my favorite.

>For an incredible military force Ghallarjhorn cant even crush a single ship, even if they are decaying they have a whole orbital fleet.
This pisses me off so much

>the moment he slapped that asshole off the side of a ship
The payoff was great,

You're dumb.
The bad things about the movie are sidelining Setsuna until when he saves the day in the end and not resolving the other characters' arc in the end.

But people literally die from sodium deficiency, user. We just don't have the problem these days because we put salt in fucking everything

I'm actually pumped to watch it now, thanks guys, will watch it as soon as I come home.

Original Gundam is the best in terms of story and that authentic Gundam suffering which is what makes a series good.

>The Dort arc was retarded as well because apparently no one knows how Kudelia, a celebrity and a Ghallarjhorn high profile target looks like
This is one of the things that bothered me the most, she should have fucking photographs and newspaper articles showing her. How the fuck did they not know how she looked like?

Even the dub is not bad

Seed Destiny

I can't imagine why anyone would say anything else

Damn user you really know your shit, now enlighten me about why seed is shit

Seed Destiny

It's shit
It's a sequel

It's not anime!

Zeta a best but way too many people hating on Wing in here

Everyone who wasn't a teenger was a fucking fantastic character, and every Teen not named Heero, Relena or Wu-Feng was pretty tolerable.

Forgot this one:
Exposition during almost every episode for shit we already know.

Seed's artstyle is the worst

>way too many people hating on Wing in here
Literally every fucking gundam thread that it's starting to get tiring, all of this because Cred Forums hates Heero


Wing had fantastic grunt designs that actually managed to not be derivative of zakus like most other shows that don't have shit grunt designs. Seriously, most non UC gundams either tend to have shit looking grunts or just try to copy Zakus

Do gundam shows every go past solar system?

This, the down syndrome faces were bad enough, but the eyes man, those fucking headlights like eyes that stuck to the eyesockets like ink, they triggered my autism so many times. Why did they think it'd look good? It was distracting as fuck.

What the fuck are you talking about?

No, for good reasons considering how far away that'd be. There are things that come from outside the solar system like Turn A and Turn X

>things that come from outside the solar system
What? Gundam has aliens?

00 had aliens in the movie

That's fucking disturbing

Ibo isn't the worst gundam by far, but its definitely subpar.

The Teiwaz arc could easily have an episode cut from it without losing any character growth or plot progression.

The brewers arc was a massive disappointment. Akihiro's brother really needed to be foreshadowed earlier and the gusion fight was just awful. When they clashed previously, barbatos's sword couldn't damage gusion's armor and it only retreats because its propellant is low. Then all of a sudden the sword is shown literally crushing parts of the armor and the fight consists of gusion running away like a little bitch until it dies.

The dort arc was the worst though. The main issue was how inconsistent kudelia's fame was that arc. While it makes sense that Gjallarhorn was censoring information on her, it goes against the idea that the speach she gave at the assembly prior to the series start made Earth stand up and take greater notice of the independence group. It also doesn't make sense that the men gjallarhorn sent to capture her have no idea what she looks like when that seems important and we know they have an entire file on her with pictures.

That the union worker leaders who practically worship her have no idea what she looks like is even worse, and they weren't even consistent with that because later on some random workers did despite not having met her yet. And then after the careful setup to make it seem like the workers shot first kudelia, and established literally who to most of earth, basically just said "gjallarhorn did it" and that was the end of that. And the whole thing with the maid just lacked impact because she had so little development. We don't even get to know when or why she started working as an agent for Nobliss.

Those are my main gripes with the series. There's some other stuff but those are the issues that really kept it from being a good gundam.

They were standard shapeshifting living metal hivemind aliens with no means to communicate properly with mankind other than absorption until Setsuna uses his Gundam to establish first contact. Basically the Coralians from Eureka Seven.

My theory is that people defend IBO so much is because they compare it to A/Z, which is also pretty new and such a garbage series that anything could be a masterpiece by comparison.

Oh god don't remind me of that trash ever existing. Please don't.

Which is worse, G reco or IBO

G reco at least got quite a few laughs out of me with pic related thinking she was hearing a newtype ghost of her husbando when she was just insane from grief.

This is a fair post, I like this better than muh IBO meme hate


How did MC pilot the mecha so fucking easily in first gundam

He read the manual and was portrayed as an engineer autist in the initial scene.

The learning computer. It and the armor carried Amuro until he got good.

He didn't? It took him ages to get good and at firsr he only survived because the mobile suits sent against him were trash in comparison.

He read the manual obviously.

Gene did nothing wrong

Yeah Rx-78's armor was top notch and his beam rifle one shotted everything.

Kudelia is SUGOI but we are never shown why she is or how she got there. She SUGOI but all she did was "cry me a river speeches" and the fact that she's Kudelia.

Almost no character development. Normally the events that transpire would change characters, challenging their worldviews, ideologies and actions, show self introspection, think about their selves and more. Here, the characters end up almost exactly the same as they started and are praised for it.

I'm sort of glad I watched Turn A on DVD because I have an excuse to watch it again some day on BD. It's hard to appreciate late era cel aesthetic on 480p when I'm used to 1080p.

It was physically painful for me to watch G Reco. All this top notch animation for the sake of an overly convoluted, poorly crafted story and characters whose heads I feel like throwing against the walls.
IBO might be inferior when it comes to animation but at least it's watchable because the story, though nothing special, is competently written, no matter what anyone says.

If we both had to be frank about this, Kudelia is one massive fucking reason IBO didn't have a fantastic cast

Which gundam had the coolest shield?

Yes, please watch it you newfag

I'm watching it for slender

>IBO might be inferior when it comes to animation but at least it's watchable because the story, though nothing special, is competently written

Are you seriously going to sit there and try to push that the Dort arc was competently written?

G-reco, IBO is just mediocre, G-Reco has potential to be great with a lot of neat ideas and it follows up on none of them. That makes it more sour to me.

Shields look ugly desu

For me it's IBO.
G-Reco was beautiful to watch and i didnt really found the plot to be messed up. The attention to small detail actions of the characters made them charming even if they acted erratically quite a lot.
All in all i enjoyed G-Reco a lot more.

Fuck you, shields look awesome.

G-Self, Unicorn, X


I really enjoyed the interactions with Char and his crew. Something about it felt very real.

You should also watch 0083 any time after Zeta since the mecha porn is something else even if the plot is meh.

so can i watch gundam in this order
1- Mobile Suit Gundam I (the movie)
2- zeta gundam
3- gundam war in the pocket
4-8th MS team
5-turn A gundam

can i skip the the movie and zeta?

Well you want to watch 8th MS and War in the Pocket so you shouldn't skip the original since it also takes place in the OYW. If you do choose to not watch Zeta for now then don't watch 0083 like previously stated.

I think 0079 is pretty good but I kinda don't feel in the mood to watch it right now. Should I skip ZZ when I finish Zeta? I plan on going MGS to Z to CCA. I also thought Thunderbolt, Stargazer, and Unicorn were quite good too. I think marathoning SEED to Destiny to 00 burnt me out.

Just watch every UC show in chronological order.

ZZ isn't ultra necessary in that order, I trusted I'd regain interest and go back to it sooner or later, and I did because it looked radical.

For me the first 20 episodes of ZZ are pretty much nonexistant in my memory, the show really starts when they introduce Haman.


Which is kinda literal when the main conflict of the movie is a language barrier between humans and aliens.

It's Understanding.

As someone who watched it pretty recently for the first time with no nostalgia clouding things, it's good, but only as a comedy.

Like, the laughs never fucking end with Quattro and Heero. Everyone else spends their time 50:50 split between being boring or the height of comedy. At no point does anything done by anyone bestow merit upon the series in a way other than it being fucking hilarious.

Like, there's one episode where they are clearly cycling through everyone having some down time and developing as characters before an important battle the next day, and when they finally cut to Wufei its just him getting out of his Gundam, yelling at a bunch of animals until they run away, and then getting back in his Gundam.

>everyone makes a big deal out of it like salt was as important as water.
Not as important as water, but still really fucking important.

>The American Gundam game for the ps1.
It was full fmv if I remember, might as well have been a shity movie.
Best Char ever though.

OP, watch the stuff in release order, don't watch the movies. the movies cut out a lot of what made the series so noteworthy in the first place, plus you miss out a ton of memes like the salt and Doan's Kung-Fu Zaku II Island. the movies are good to watch, but they're better as a refresher of what truly mattered/got changed later on, like the Guntank being replaced by another Guncannon or the G-Fighter being replaced by a bunch of Core Fighters. if you're really suffering from the animation difference (the movie animation is still ass, even if better than the TV run), just run SVP or something, worked fine for me and made it infinitely more bearable. I still haven't watched Origins myself because I'm waiting for it to all be out so I can marathon it, but look how people are already so heated about continuity issues brought up by it; do you really want to feel like you've no idea what everyone else is talking about just because you decided to cut down on the amount of time you spent getting into one of the greatest anime?
the movies do NOT have more consistent animation, they do have some portions that're completely redone/new and are therefore better, but they reuse a lot of content from the original TV run so there's tons of jarring jumps in quality throughout the movies (Zeta's included). how can you be so blind as to not notice this?
definitely not Wing or G Gundam, those should be reserved for the seasoned Gundam watcher, otherwise they'll get huge misconceptions about the nature of the franchise.
pretty sure at least Orga has been having tons of these moments of introspection and whatnot, every time something goes wrong or Tekkadan gets in a fight, he ends up losing more men under him which constantly caused him to question his motives and minuscule gains. this was especially heavy on him with Biscuit's death and Mika's extreme expectations/reliance on him. that's all though. but yeah, very little proper growth overall.

How do you think, would the origin ova improve this relationship?

Don't undersell it, its Wufei yelling at the dogs that he's stronger than them

do it in chronological order
Gundam (original TV run/movies, whichever you prefer)
War in the Pocket
8th MS Team
and finally Turn A
there's a bunch of other stuff in between ZZ and Turn A (like Victory and F91 and Unicorn) but Turn A is waaaay in the future so the events of these don't matter too much in the long run.

>wanting to skip the original and Zeta
Why do you even want to get into Gundam?

If you haven't seen the original gundam every other gundam fan will look down on you

>No 0083
>08th MS team instead

t. G Recofag

>only a minority dislike IBO
Only a minority give a shit about IBO

only listing the ones he put, then added ZZ. dw, I myself watched it all properly in order, but I figured that if this person was going to skip stuff this hard to watch Turn A then it wouldn't matter to them.

It's a great series, it really is, but it's hard to get into if you expect good animation, even for the time.

If you're going to watch it, be prepared for some KWOLITI ANIMAY.

>I enjoy IBO but I think the fact that it's okay
If only that was the case. The show is just dull an uninspired for the most part and feels like one of those shows that gets pushed hard pnly to receive so very little in returns.

Theres Turn A 1080p now.

I miss Trowa.

Unless you just flat out hate Tomino or are just retarded, IBO.


0089: Stardust Memory is the best Gundam series. Above all include this one.

It has the best animation in the entire franchise for sure but its characters are incredibly shitty

I had fun watching all of the first Gundam on a single day but holy fuck the animation was terrible at times. The Gundam transforming mid-air must hold some record for most often re-used footage in a single show. Some of the episodes are also completely pointless.

>that episode about the random guy living on an island who also happens to have a funktioning Zaku there
>White Base making a detour to look for salt
>any part of any episode focusing on the children

i don't no about zeta but i heard the original had a really bad animation even back when it was airing


At least for UC. You can watch the MSG movies if you're a fag who can't handle the TV anime, but watch the TV series for the rest.

Once you hit post-CCA you're kind of on your own, check out AUs and see if you like any of them, G and Turn-A are commonly recommended. You get more out of Turn-A the more previous series you've seen, though. Post-2000s, I'd say avoid SEED or at least only watch the first series, 00 S1 is great S2 is unintentionally great, and IBO has been cool so far. Unicorn is.... well, unicorn, and Thunderbolt was dope.

Build Fighters is also good to watch after having watched most other gundam, you get the most out of it then. Let's pretend Try doesn't exist.

Oh, also watch G-Saviour with some beer and buddies if you like terrible live action movies. It's pretty funny.

>White Base making a detour to look for salt

That episode was important enough to make it into the 2nd movie.

At least watch the original and Zeta. Great watch.

Although it was quite "thing of a week" and not particularly good episode, I think it has it's place in the series.
But I think the point of Amuro realizing that just because a dude is from Zeon and has Zaku on his backyard doesn't mean that he is evil asshole.

I watched all of 0079 in under a week and I had to try to remember the episode about salt because it's not even about fucking salt. It's just a normal episode where at the beginning the chef on the White Base complains that they're about to run out of salt and at the end they find salt. Everything in between those two things is a normal episode of the show

>>any part of any episode focusing on the children
Show must occasionally pander to it's target audience too, giving them the spotlight.

Anavel Gato is a God among men and I will not have you slandering his good name, sir.

It's actually one of the more plot-relevant episodes too. Sayla sorties for the first time, they capture Ral's subordinate, and she finds out what happened to Char after the Garma incident.

Kai is best boy of Zeta.

First series characters are the best. The only new guy in Zeta I'd have sexual relations with is Jerid and even that's purely physical.

>Kai is the best boy in UC

Fixed that for you

00 started going downhill as the Thrones were introduced and never stopped. Before that I thought it was pretty good.