Do you still remember what it was like to Fly Away?

Do you still remember what it was like to Fly Away?

Happy Hanukah!


No. But I remembered how to Transform.

I'll never forget, i have the OST


I'm glad Minakami still remembers.

Also Stocking thread.


So long as it's not Kneesocks.
And Scany? Well, almost nobody cares about her anyway.



>some user started dumping the raws of this doujin when it first got scanned
>instead of getting deleted or banned, the mod sticked the thread and put JUICE on repeat.

Good times indeed to break RRRRRRRURRRRRRRUSSSS.

Season 2 when?

What was the last time Cred Forums was so heavily invested in a single series anyway?
When Gainax is kill.

kek la kek?

Either way, PSG fridays were fun.

The shitstorms it generated were totally joyful

>the first PV
>the first FLY AWAY NOW
>the day Cred Forums went gay for Briefs.
>GAINAX ruined Christmas
>The day the OST got leaked

That is why some anons still are hopelessly waiting for a S2 like me ;_;

>When Gainax is kill.

Actually, if TRIGGER has the will & time to do one. In a recent con in Germany, one director of GAINAX said that they will have no problem if Trigger came to them and pitched the idea of a S2, but Trigger right now is really occupied with some proyects that are yet to be revealed.

I think TRIGGER want to distance them selves from Gainax and show that they aren't Gainax 2.0, but they are their own thing.

I understand, but the people who left to create TRIGGER are the ones who came up with PSG. It is not clearly impossible.

If they wanted to PSG Season 2 so bad they would've stayed at Gainax, with Anno leaving on bad terms and then Imaishi also presumably leaving on bad terms, I'd presume that they just want to put that in the past and work on future projects.

Of course I remember the best and most perfect girl.