We post best anime/manga rage moments

We post best anime/manga rage moments.


Umineko has the best rages
Post em

Kek this manga is so bad.

Why would anyone read it?

Weird. I read it as
>best anime/manga rape moments.


Because Alan is a top-tier protag specially when he's mad.

Basically Guts 2.0

>inb4 I trigger a lot of people for posting this.

Well deserved rage.


I know its only because Haki wasn't properly explained until after the timeskip, but I love how despite Akainu being a Logia Whitebeard still sideswipes the shit out of him

That works too in this case

All of that with half his fucking face/brain missing...




Kind of embarrassed this didn't open with Berserk.

Berserk is just kind of a given though.


how is this rage

You would know if you've seen it

it's gotten redundant at this point, honestly.

that arc had the best rage moments



It would have been /thread immediately at the OP then... Especially with pic related.