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Bing Bong Ding Piano

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It has begun.


i'd play her piano

>Izuru Kamukura watches the despair orgy
>Chiaki screaming out "Hinata-kun" over and over
>Chiaki fucked so viciously that her hairpin falls out
>Izuru picks it up
>Hajizuru cries over NTR


She should play this:


>>inb4 she becomes BROKEN

Komaeda is cute!

>She'll never play your piano
why live?

This is because Mirai-hen was actually written by Kodaka while he had nothing to do with the other 23 episodes.

This also explains why the RoD left a message explaining all of what they just watched was a plan done by them when none of what happened in Future was even broadcasted, so a video like that was unnecessary.

You mean "Kibou"-hen. Good fucking joke by the way Kodaka, making me feel nothing but despair. If he wasn't going to bother coordinating with the other writers for anything at all, why even bother with the "perfect ending"? I think somebody else - like one of the people who actually worked on the show - would have done a much better job of it. Maybe then Hagakure's prophecy of a happy ending would have come true.

Komaeda is for taking care of!

Anyone think that a protagonist switch early on is likely with piano dying and rantarou or hopebot taking over?
It just seems weird that the mc would have a talent that isn't unique like hope or luck

Reminder that /drg/ is nothing but a hive of Despair.

None of the 6survivors from dr1 or dr2 were killed.
Nobody care about the literal who from the anime who were created to be cannon fodder and characters to be killed off.

I'm glad you agree, user!

and I see you've saved some of the previous pictures I've posted. Komaeda is truly a hope-filled cuteness!

I cared, fuck off. They killed my attachment to SDR2's cast and I never really liked most of DR1's survivors anyway so I was left with fucking nothing.

>You will never see Munakata being domestic with Juzo

Even manlet hunters need to eat and relax

the cutest!!


Nanami is for pure love and cuddling only.

I can't handle his cuteness! I just want to take care of him and give him hugs

I liked seeing Naegi's luck taking a more direct role this time around, even if DR1 was leaving it open to interpretation as to if he even really had a SHSL at all, or the suggestion that he was only SHSL Hope.

>juzo tries to cook dinner for once because he wants to be a good husbando
>makes the kitchen explode
Can I have this instead?

Hinata truly is blessed.

I like it when we agree with the nips about things.

Hey normies,

My name is Komaeda Nagito, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at pictures of talented people. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any talent? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to Enoshima Junko's pictures on facebook.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I may be trash, but compared to you I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the Killing School Trip's investigation team, and starter on Remnants of Despair team. What sports do you play, other than "jack off to naked drawn AI girls"? I also get dozens of Dr. Hopper cans at a time, and have a banging hot loli girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO luck). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It's me testing my luck

He really is. I wish I could touch komaeda's fluffy hair

>posts chinks

>because he wants to be a good waifu

The nips agree with the chinks on this. The point I'm trying to make is that we're all equally baffled by DR3.

Is Juzo the most popular DR3 character? I want to know his popularity among nips.


It's probably not even her real talent. The twist will be that her talent is something messed up.

With who, though? Nagito and Hajime have both proven themselves to be horrible boyfriends. Chisa? Sonia?

Let it die guys. It's over.

Shut up.


>Komahina intensifies into eternity

It gave me despair if that was the purpose.


Probably she is just some random shit who gives hope anf become ultimate hope
Like every fucking protag in danganronpa

I can totally accept that Naegi's lucc helped to save Kirigiri because he wasn't having a happy ending without her by his side, but why did it not help with his crush in DR1?

Because he didn't go full Nagito then. You saw what happened in his fight against Munakata, he banked on his luck helping him out and it did.

Oh sure, Pianist seems fine and innocent, but ask yourself how a Pianist ends up in a Maximum Security Prison

Because actually loving someone is quite a lot different than a crush.

Sayaka was someone he went to middle school with and admired. Kirigiri could be his wife someday.

Its never over for hajmemes

I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love

She's for impaling with thick rods violently.

Maybe she killed a lot of people with piano wire.

Dude, are you saying that all of the drv3 characters have a different shsl

Imagine if Chiaki came back, but she had major brain damage from the blunt trauma and blood loss she had to endure during her execution. For instance, she loses her ability to play video games very well. Forget getting the high score in Gala Omega, she struggles to so much as overcome casual mobile games. She's still dimly aware of the talent she once possessed, which makes her repeated failures all the more frustrating for her, but she still has fun playing games. The best part is, she always ends up forgetting what happened except for the most basic of details, so even a single game can always give a fresh experience for her. Her speech pattern is stunted and instead of being able to articulate complex concepts like talent, she simply whines for Hinata-kun to play with her. She gets lonely when he leaves her for too long, probably ptsd from her execution.

Whenever he does, she giggles softly and nuzzles against him, and basically she cuddles more than actually playing the game. Her love for him is the one of the only things her enfeebled mind can cling to, so whenever he has to get up - even to do things like make lunch for her - she cries and holds onto him. She holds him in a bear hug and begs for him to not leave her. Even though his strength easily outclasses hers, he can't do anything or else she would get hurt. So he has to very gently push her away, letting her fingers grasp the empty air, and seeing her eyes water as she realizes she has to say goodbye to her Hinata-kun yet again.

Then he comes back with the food and she acts like she hasn't seen him in forever, and then they hug and kiss. Of course, this cycle continues on and on... truly, her childish innocence in this state creates an eternal game utopia.

Hell yeah she is!

This is also acceptable.

I'm surprised I haven't seen art of it yet, given his hand situation.

Mindhacking with music.

Friendly reminder that DR isn't anime anymore and you need to go to /drg/

This. Somebody do a pixiv tag check. Chisa had more, but they ground to a halt after the despair reveal. So maybe?

So glad that I never let myself get attached to her.
That would have been painful.

Nah, if you got attached to her you could have tons of fun later.

What kind of fun?

That is true, his relationship with Kirigiri does go pretty deep thought the games and DR3.

> Munakata helps him with small thing like putting on tie since with only one hand it became frustrating

The thing is, after you have your attachment severed - from unfulfilled expectations, bitter resentment, and plain disappointment with the ending after scanning it for all of a day - there's a void there that you can fill with all sorts of cool, new things. Even things that were related to the character(s) you used to like.

Yeah man, that was a rough one

Yeah, fuck you too.

>Tengan : 19
>Bandai : 23
>Gozu : 39
>Miaya : 45
>Koichi : 56
>Izayoi : 109
>Seiko : 165
>Mitarai : 183
>Ruruka : 203
>Munakata : 300
>Chisa : 334
>Juzo : 407

I'm pretty surprised about Ruruka, I didn't think she would be one of the most popular characters, she even has more stuff than Seiko

Since pretty much the entire DR2 cast is now excluded, do we still have enough people for a Loser's Killing Game? Victims and murderers alike. Who would you have in it? Do you think they'd have it in them to go for another round?

I'm surprised about Bandai, he maybe had 10 or so minutes of screentime.


I tried to let myself like her but ultimatly she just screamed death flags from the beginning.
Plus she was designed with no flaws (unless her hope in being with her friends counts as a flaw towards the end), and that just doesn't sit right with me for someone, they need a flaw or drawback to make an attachment towards

Christ, that stack. It's been awhile since a piece of art's resonated with me like that.

I haven't been assaulted or anything, I just thought it captured it in a beautifully minimalistic way.

...I guess none of this is going to make any sense if you can't read basic nip though.

Will you spoil yourself V3 or will you try to keep it clean?

This makes me warm inside.

Strange. I liked her more than AI Chiaki precisely because she was more humanized and more fallible.

When I saw they didn't dare kill for real tanned tits I realized they wouldn't kill any of the main cast. And then they killed Chiaki but found an antidote for Kigirigi offscreen. Fuck this shit


The Juzo pinterest is still alive and well.

Hell's Killing Game
-Real Miaya
Despair bitches not allowed.

I'd rather not, I bet it'll happen anyway.

I deducted something from the flow of pictures, but I can't read japanese, maybe you could tell me what was this about?

I won't spoil myself but I'm pretty sure I'll come accross a cunt posting spoilers on the front page eventually, just like it happened with P5
I don't want to have to avoid Cred Forums entirely but I guess I'll have no choice

Go Team Celes

>Real Chiaki not in it

> Last time I checked it was at 60
> 5times more pictures now
Thank you


What a fucking waste of time this all was
Despair arc was disappointing, lol anime brainwashing magically makes you commit atrocities, while future was lol tricked u shit

Then comes the Hope episode, that recons anything dramatic or remotely serious that happened before such as class 77's deaths in DR2 or Kirigiri's poisoning.

get fucking hacced kiddo

We all know that the best part of DR3 are it's threads.

Thanks Kodaka, you really helped me see the light! Gosh, I can't wait to preorder the limited edition of Danganronpa™ V3™ Everybody's New Semester of Killing™ with the Komaeda Nagito Bonus OAV! You should all do it too!

Did you enjoy kodaka's wild ride as much as the threads did?

>makes 10 new characters
>kills all of them
>Let's the mass murderers get a DINDU NUFFIN escape to their sex orgy island
>Clear as fucking day they just bullshitted the plot of the killing game because it makes no sense if you try to figure out the logistics and details
Should have just gone predictable/10 and had Monaca be Junko 2.0 instead of doing Delta but worse.

>wild ride
It was a bland disappointing ride where the "excitement" was in seeing how much they would screw up.

Missed it because I was always slow to watch the episodes


I'm most likely the minority but I really liked mirai, zetsubou had it moments but I'd rather forget it existed at all. Glad I was part of this threads, did some edits and contributed to discussions.

Literally Mayoiga 2.0, in terms of threads.

real chiaki is the most depressing shit ever.

So why didn't AI Junko just hold AI Chiaki at gunpoint or something as a motive for every murder, considering the "idea" of Chiaki was apparently more important to them than their own families?

Fuck. Not a single goddamn thing in DR2 makes sense now. Kodaka you goddamn hack, you blew it all to hell.

I mean the ending was bad but the show wasn't Mayoiga levels of bad

How do people get through cringe introductions? I tried literally 3 times but this was too much.

What's most depressing is how her fate is fucking railroaded into dying as some sort of goddamn gamer jesus, then never have her ghost show up again, and then they expect me to be 'happy' about that.

I really liked Mirai, as well

Really. Why couldnt she even show up in the fucking theater?

>I'll save you sensei, hinata-kun!

And she sort of barely did the latter but she doesnt know that.

Reminder: this detective boy has ahoge

>After DR3
>Asahina Togami, Toko, Komaru, someone else revealed to be a sleeper Despair agent
>Despair starts winning again
>Absolutely rekts the world
>Kirigiri dead
>The last few non-brainwashed people are down in bunkers
>SHSL Quantum Physicist finds a way to reverse time
>Has one brainwave protection device that will protect memories
>Wants Naegi to go back in time and kill Junko before she despairs the world
>One catch - his memories will fade quickly once the time is reversed
>He will quickly have to write down the instructions for himself
>Time is reversed
>Wakes up
>Finds note on his desk
>Freaks the fuck out
>Decides to kind of follow her around in case someone does try to kill her
>She tries to kill him
>Unpredictability x Despair

I liked kibou-hen. No joke.

What a small ahoge.

whole thing was too sweet, could've been easily improved with double sore wa chigau yo and air guitar but oh well

Kill yourself, Mitarai.

It'll get bigger when Kaede plays with it.

Whether the shows were good didn't really matter in terms of OC and memes.
I have the impression that e.g. Juzoboys totally reeks of the feeling I got from Mayoiga threads. Like, the whole "let's hope Narna survives this episode, bros" and every Narnabro patting each other on the back, telling themselves that it will be daijoubu and hoping for the best.
I don't know, in the first episode the show had this classtrip kind of feeling which I really liked.

No problem. I just wanted to double check some things. This might not be 100% accurate, but it's close enough for something that's deliberately vague.

It's framed as a part of Junko's blackmail setup, out there in the rain. The assault begins. Juzo is breathing heavily, before it starts to fade into his thoughts - that's what the ハツ is.

He flashes back to Munakata's speech.

The handwriting expressing Juzo's thoughts is sloppy.


"You. I'm relieved (?? could be in reference to his secret staying safe). I love that picture of you."

Juzo focuses on the picture, continuously repeating to himself that he loves it.

It continues until the assault is over.

Naegi should have been the first one there to try and talk some sense to Mitarai. And as he's about to say Sore wa chigau yo, Hajime should have appeared and simultaneously said it too to Mitarai's surprise. Then Naegi can let Hajime take the rest of the conversation. Would give Naegi something to do too before he passes the mic to Hajime.

Why didn't they just get the Ultimate Time Traveller to go back and kill Junko's parents before she was conceived?

I just hope we'll see 77 and 78 classes again someday somehow not in killing game, not this shit again, I'm most curious what will happen with HPA now since Naegi is in charge.

That's too much dumb fanservice. The way they handled it with Hajime doing all the talking made the most sense, Naeigi didn't do anything because he had no place there.

ハツ is yakiniku term for "heart", blind.


Peko is such a sexy character holy shit man

This gives me a boner

It's a ハッ, a short halted breath.


Naegi arriving first because he was already there and hot on Mitarai's trail wouldn't be a stretch. It doesn't really remove the idea that it's not a job for him to finish since Hajime and friends are the only ones who could actually make Mitarai change his mind.

>dumb fanservice
Fitting for Kibou-hen then. God knows it had nothing else going for it.

Thanks. More content's being produced than I can keep up with, but I'm doing my best.

That's not even counting duma's shit (I don't want to be the one to trigger another deleting fit) or all the stuff I see in locked accounts.

>this pic




I knew.

End of Future arc
>Junko comes back instead of DR2
>Rambles on about m-muh undpredictable despair
>Cant predict Nagi's luck still
>Gets mindbroken into hope
>gets un-Despaired
>Realizes the full extent of what she has done
>Falls into an emotionless catatonic state
>Munakata and Naegi agree to hide her so that people wont kill her out of revenge
>Munakata because he now realizes that living with a burden like that is the harshest punishment they could server her, and Naegi just because he is always nice to everyone
>She gets exiled to a remote asshole of the world to atone for her crimes
>She is in a dark room
>Dark outside, snow everywhere, loud winds
>She is huddling around a little dying flame in her fireplace
>Really pale and sick
>Picture of Mukuro on a nightstand next to her
>She closes her eyes and tries to sleep
>Suddenly the door opens
>She stares at the door, dumbfounded
>some manlet with huge bags standing in the doorway
>Suddenly she realizes who it is
>I t-thought you could use some warm clothes
>Her face lights up

>Naegi showing her the winter clothes he brought
>Junko sitting on the floor and smiling
>Huge snowstorm outside
>She doesnt let him leave
>They cuddle for warmth in front of the fire wrapped in a huge fur coat


>Too sweet
Not sweet enough, more like.

>Gets mindbroken into hope
>gets un-Despaired

Goddammit, Mikan.

>implying a nip could ever grasp English

Keep making anime and manga. That's all you people are good for.


"Even if Juzo is super good at punching, like the best at punching, hitting someone with a steel pipe would still be stronger, why does everyone act like him not being able to punch is a big deal when hes trying to hit people with shit metal weapons."



I almost wet my panties at this moment.

Would you run laps with Ibuki?


I'm pretty sure her tits aren't that big.

I'd marry her actually.

Friendly reminder that Ibuki is riding Mitarai's dick 24/7

i was playing sdr2 at 2 in the morning and this shit popped up out of nowhere.

Nah he's spitroasting Mikan with the Imposter.

We need one for DR3

She has a pretty sizable chest. Not the biggest, mind you. Piercings, on the other hand...


Please. Both of them are getting satisfied by those two guys.

lets be honest here, naegi and kirigiri arent ever getting married. Those 2 are so autistic about their feelings that one of them's idea of a confession is touching bare bacon hands. Their wedding vow's would be the cringest most confusing shit.

They are running a school together, thats the closest we are gonna get.

>wrong hand chopped off
Come on

Seriously? Did you even watch DR3?

I really dont think your in the minority there. Most people seemed to like 3 overall just are in agreement its easily the worst entry. Its definitely divided the fanbase and justifiably pissed some people off but its also pleased the shit out of certain fans depending on what you were going for.

The only thing that urks me is just the ROD's coming back, i do like that they have their chance for redemption now but i just prefer they'd of left it vague as to their fates, though one thing i strongly disagree with about the criticsm this plotpoint gets is people dont seem to realize they arent getting off scott free, like at all. They are getting a really short end of the stick because its heavily implied in the events shortly after 3 the world more or less goes back to a relatively functioning society, a society they have just exiled themselves from and become public enemy #1, its also heavily implied they are still gonna go around the world and try to undo all the shit they've done people just assumed they were returning to jabberwock.

I do

I hope we get a little short story or even short manga of naegi and kirigiri running hopes peak together. It'd be a nice way to show where alot of the characters and FF went from the events of 3 since im assuming naegi and kirigiri technically both left FF to start HPA up again leaving togami in charge of their branch.

>FF existing
>not disbanded

Shut the fuck up dude.

Only if she teaches me how to play drums.

It's obviously gonna be a multi main character game ; like we played with komaeda a short time in Super danganronpa 2. But i think only Hopebot will die of the "mains"


I hope we get something like that as well. Or maybe something with naegi and kiri going to towa to meet up with komaru and searching for his parents/her grandad.

Yeah, hence why im mentioning those 2 are autistic about their feelings. We technically got a love confession in 3 which is fucking unheard of in this series, its just kirigiri is a weirdo so it was super roundabout.

I'm not saying they arent basically a cannon pairing by now, im saying they are so awkward with their feelings that them getting married would probably involve mental gymnastics way out of their league of understanding.

It would've been easy to disband the FF if the truth were exposed immediately, but the Remnants forced the FF's hands.

The 13th branch head (the one who was in charge of the food distribution) is gonna be overworked to hell after this.

They had a few months before that last scene of HPA, chances are good that Monaca had the last laugh after all. She admitted to killing one person; what's two more?

I really dont think this theory is gonna happen unfortunately, hopebot maki and hagakure 2.0 seemed to just be placeholders.

I do think if we get a multiple characters type deal its just going to be between kaede and dude kirigiri whose basically confirmed to be the deuteragonist at this point with the combo of the box art + the fact they kill him off in the trailers more or less guaranteeing his saftey for most the game.

Reminder that Juzo sleeps in just his trunks.


I don't really mind that they brought all the DR2 cast back - I do mind how they handled it though. What was the point in designing all those RoD outfits if the DR2 characters aren't even going to show up in them? Why did none of the characters except Hajiman show any signs of regret or trauma over the shit that's happened to them?

Instead of development, they just went maximum "fanservice" (i.e. a bunch of mostly uninteresting action shots)

Naegi's optimistic as all sin, but even he probably accepted his parents are dead by now. Kirigiri's grandad on the other hand is still alive so that could work.

I dont know id rather have a feel good slice of life with these characters than see them in danger again even if nothing will obviously hurt them. If they wanted to bring drama into it they could just bring up naegi's ptsd/survivors guilt especially since they can use that as an opportunity for cute shit since he didnt lose kirigiri and she can help him bounce back from any episodes.

Honestly i dont care how poorly handled her comeback was, im glad they didnt actually off her cause that'd just be unnecessarily cruel to naegi. Like even if you take off the shipping goggles the series does go out of its way to show she's basically the thing that kept him from breaking under all the stress from past events and current ones, now imagine that in addition to the guilt of technically causing her death. Ending the series with the main character basically being at the mercy of trauma would just be too much and left a foul taste in my mouth. I like edgy shit but sometimes too much is too much.

I really doubt Naegi will be autistic about his feelings when the woman he loves got resurrect, he already admitted it openly in dialogue with edgelord anyway. These two are not teenagers anymore. I mean really, it's not hard to guess what happened after Munakata left in the final scene and Kiri's boots showed up.

>early on
>implying the switch won't be during chapter 5, when there aren't any more FTE opportunities

We know.

Thank you

Nah, we'll have protagonist kill someone off screen and be convicted during chapter 5's trial, after all attempts to find contradictions that'd clear their name.

Should of asked the SHSL Dermatologist to undo baconhands.

Ideally yes after the 2nd time he thought he lost her he should of gotten everything off the table in regards to their relationship. But then i just remember that in the 2 years since 1 they really didnt have any excuse for them not to of made some progress especially since 3 even emphasized that naegi has liked her since at least chapter 5 of DR1 with kirigiri being more or less mutual from that point on too.

Granted i feel like even if naegi tried to pussy out for whatever reason asahina would probably start pushing them together.

I haven't seen despair's version of this before. What's it say?

You mean Kodaka-kun? Nah, he's busy making his stupid animays without a talent.

You want to know why I didn't give RL Chiaki closure? I didn't need to.
Why I didn't need to? You never saw her ghost in the death theater with Junko and Chisa, right?
It's not just because I ran out of money to pay HanaKana, but maybe because I kept her alive somehow.
Maybe that's why he never mention her "death" directly, but is guilt-ridden over his act of betrayal from him and his classmates instead.
Maybe that's why you didn't see her ghost alongside her Hinata-kun.
Maybe Izuru dropped off her comatose body at her parent house and went off being boring somewhere else in the world, keeping her hairpin as memorabilia.
Maybe she wasn't with the despairs because they didn't want to drag her down into fugitive status and let the world be her oyster, not just Jabberwock island.
Maybe that miracle did happen, but I couldn't show it to you because we were only given 24 minutes.
Maybe you should buy limited edition DRv3 with OAV to find out the rest.

Wasnt the whole lack of chiaki in the theater just cause ai chiaki technically is still alive in hinata's subconcious.

This might not be likely, but I was guessing it had to do with the word finger. To finger an instrument, it should be obvious what that means, but to finger a person is to identify a criminal.

I'm still pissed we never got to actually see his reaction to her being alive. We got to see naegi at the absolute lowest we've ever seen him and then they jip us with the opportunity to see him bounce back full 180 when she waltzes right back up behind him. The implication that they finally wound up together just makes the fact we didnt actually see them confess or do anything all the more frustrating.

That theater is hell, Chiaki is obviously on heaven.

>That theater is hell
90% sure that it is just a meta dimesion just like the team party room in Umineko

Pretty sure all the dead go to the same place in Japanese culture. I was really surprised that they didn't have her in the theater. Would of shut the Chiakifags up in my opinion.

No, namely because it would make the exposition of the MC pointless.

She fell asleep before she got there. She currently in space between life and death.

That's not her real talent.

>I don't really mind that they brought all the DR2 cast back
That's not what I'm talking about at all. They destroyed their implied complexity and introduced a bunch of plot holes by trying to tie real Chiaki in there with them, and to top it all off they didn't even have her come back for a truly happy ending.

>place all dead DR people in one place
They would've kill each other over and over again 24/7
Wait, oh shi~

Reminder that Mikan saved the giri and won the Hajimemes.

AI Chiaki flat-out says that they're different people, you moron.

>delusional shipperfag
At most he's going with Komaeda.

>won the Hajimeme
No she didn't.

>His feelings for her were strong, he imagined her into existence.
Please teach me this jitsu Hajizuru.

Not him but
>komahinafag talking about being delusional

>Hajime going with Komaeda
>calling someone else delusional shipperfag
My sides

>hiding that from the player

Danganronpa Afterlife confirmed?

I didn't care about Mikan at first but now she deserves all the happiness in the world.

>Would of



Good luck, my dude

>That short sword

Glad that finally an artist's addressed the possibility of Munakata killing himself.

Good thing you aren't a writer, twists like these are fucking stupid.

But those are briefs.

Worst girl saved best girl, she will now be known as average girl.

Just like revealing mastermind in last chapter. Or revealing that the bad guy (um... gal) is actually protagonist, who currently has amnesia.

>kills Chiaki
>steals her husbando
I can't accept this. Hajime will never move on past Chiaki. Fuck you Kodaka for not bringing her back and letting both Mikan and Kirigiri live. It's unacceptable.


There's a difference between that and out-and-out lying to the player.

What if Hinata impregnated Chiaki before he did the Kamukura Project?

I figured out Bandai's sayings.

>"A divorce note from an Imp?"

Refers to Monaca fucking off.

>"Dolphin and deer both live in pine trees."

Refers to the Killing Game being held underwater. "Dolphin and deer both live in pine trees." Dolphins live underwater, where as deer live above ground. But they are both in the same place.

“A dancing wolf needs no saké, right?”

Boxing is often refereed to as dancing, so I believe the "dancing wolf" can only refer to Juzo. "Needs no sake" refers to him being able to shake off the effects of Ruruka's love candy. This is a further hint to Juzo's true nature, as he doesn't fall in love with Ruruka because he is gay.

“A chanting monk doesn’t know his parents, right?”

DR3 has neither monks nor parents so my liberal interpretation is that the "chanting monk" refers to Munakata. "His parents" refers to Chisa and Juzo, as his closest relationships, rather than blood relations. He doesn't "know" them because he has no idea about Juzo's feelings towards him and Chisa's despair side. The "chanting monk" refers to the oxymoron of Munakata's ideology. His chant is that he must destroy despair at all costs, but he is at heart a monk who just wanted to protect his friends, as we see him returning to his normal state after Makoto has his heart to heart with him.

"The strawberry seed only shows its face three times."

The strawberry seed is a reference to Ruruka Andou. Ruruka is manipulative and guarded person. "Showing its face" refers to Ruruka exposing her true intentions and feelings. This occurs three times throughout the show.

>Ruruka attempts to kill Kirigiri
>Ruruka tells Seiko her true feelings when she thinks Seiko sabotaged her Performance Exam
>Ruruka betrays Izayoi

In conclusion it turns out that Bandai's sayings did indeed contain hints for the rest of the show.

I slowly became more and more ok with the remnants all waking up, it really doesn't devalue the moral of moving on from loss that DR generally goes for since they are dealing less with moving on from loss and more atoning for their actions. Living with the burden i think is a pretty good send off for the characters. That said yes i do wish they had kept their fate's up to the viewer's interpretation like the 2nd game did.

More like best girl from DR2 saved best girl from DR1 and became even better girl

Then you're pretty stupid and can't think about anything besides that.

Again ai chiaki technically didnt die, shes merged with hinata's subconscious. Granted yes this is left up to the viewer to decide but the implication was given in DR2 that chiaki would literally be with hinata forever.

Which means hinata is like the least datable person in existence, hes 3 people.

Good discussion buddy.

Don't bother, angry DR1fags and Chiakifags will just call you a kodaka dicksucker.

>refers to him being able to shake off the effects of Ruruka's love candy. This is a further hint to Juzo's true nature, as he doesn't fall in love with Ruruka because he is gay

t Chiakifag

I'm not gonna bother 'discussing' things with a moron like you. I've already pointed out the problems in this very thread.

>Which means hinata is like the least datable person in existence, hes 3 people.
Goodlord, 4somes for free

I still can't get over how ripped and thicc Juzo is.

When did Chiakifags become this cancerous?

This would be the one and only time when Juzo will consider lightly punching him

I'm sure that just gave Teruteru a nosebleed.

Izuru will remember her when she shows him their child.

Would you Ruru?


>Both Hinata and Izuru like Chiaki
>all of them are one
lewd, I need a picture with Hinata and Izuru fighting over her.

I will forgive kochacka if he somehow finds a way to make a new game based on dr3 casts.

She would probably be forced to get an abortion because she's a teenage girl and being a single mom probably isn't such a good idea at that point, especially because a baby doesn't exactly mean much for her talent like it might for someone like Mikan. That would make her depressed at how she failed Hinata-kun and assumed he left because she killed their baby, and lower everyone's spirits. Might end up lowering their potential to fall in despair and force Junko to look at other potential targets, but it could also mean that she would love to crush what few scraps of hope they had with them.

Fuck you. Mikan killed Chiaki and everyone is giving her a pass because she saved a sub par girl from the first game.


>She spread her legs and vagina that day.

You sure you're talking about Chiaki?
Because that's sure as hell not like her at all.

>sharing the same body from the start
>sharing the same memories now
>implying amnesiac you with your old memories aren't you
Doubt that. Even Junko's personalities are more different than Izuru and Hajime now.

It's easy. UDG already provides a framework for it, it'd have been a solid survival horror game.

I want to smell Mukuro

I don't wish to see Ruruka ever again.

i need sauce, senpai

I like the way you think, user.

>Chiaki with swollen lactating tits

I just want to see Juzo

What? No. I just mean that if you think about it, you could have made a game like DR3 Mirai by basing it off of UDG.

Same but he doesn't give a shit about these characters so it isn't going to happen.

Munakata action game by Platinum when

Positive. You tell me how a girl with no family or friends aside from Class 77 is supposed to handle taking care of a baby, or hell, just bringing it to full term while she's trying to attend classes. HPA, possibly Chisa herself, would pressure her to get rid of the baby/"conveniently" force a miscarriage so that she could focus on her talent instead of trying to take care of some reserve course dropout's kid.

No. When i said DR3 cast i didn't mean they have to do it the mirai way.

Go play Persona

>literally died for your sins
Will he be back if I kill Kodaka?

Oh, okay then. I'm saying that DR3 could have worked perfectly well as a game.

He's dead Jim

Chiakifags are so stupid... Chiaki killed herself for being a dumbass, ignoring Komaeda's warning and going to get the rest of her friends brainwashed, despite seeing what Izuru and Enoshima were capable of first-hand.
Yet you try to blame Mikan who was a brainwashed puppet at the time for merely pushing her, when she already came to the place herself and Chisa would of got to her anyway? It doesn't take a Mikanfag/friend or whatever to laugh at your logic. Everyone is laughing at you but Chiakifags.

Hinata is sometimes an idiot but I doubt he's stupid enough to leave her child so he'll find a way.
There is also no way Chiaki would accept Chisa offer to kill her own child and family since Chiaki hates all kind of killing.

>ignoring Komaeda's warning
But seconds later he admits that he was merely pretending not to be retarded

Where the hell are you from?
She came there because she trusted her friends yet she stabbed her in the back, besides even if the others didn't want to go there Chiaki would've went alone because she cares about people close to her that much
I don't even care if it's stupid.

>Hinata is sometimes an idiot but I doubt he's stupid enough to leave her child so he'll find a way.
By that point he'll already be Izuru. Forget trying to simply impress Chiaki, he has -standards- to live up to as a father that his talentless ass couldn't hope to match.

>There is also no way Chiaki would accept Chisa offer to kill her own child and family since Chiaki hates all kind of killing.
Not if she thinks abortion isn't murder! As I said, an accident could be arranged easily, and one baby's a small price to pay for preserving the sanctity of HPA, don't you think?

Fuck off Jin.

Jesus Christ is this how desperate Chiakifags have become? They must have actually thought Chiaki would come back to life somehow.

She's a cartoon villain who drops pianos on people's heads.

How the fuck did you come to that conclusion?
I'm a Chiakifag and I've been trying to prove him wrong the whole time.

N-no, wait for the alternative ending.

Only if it has multiples routes

I responded to the wrong person. Was meant for the person you were responding to

You know that I'm right.

What are you even talking about?

Unsuccessfully, I might add.


Would you?

What I'm saying is you're acting as if Mikan and Despair Mikan are the same person, that's what's stupid. Each time both in the anime and DR2, Mikan was trying to help others but it backfired for her. How is it her fault?

If Chiaki was brainwashed, she would of done the same thing to Mikan.
This episode even clearly lines out the difference between them for dumbasses to see. She didn't need to save Saionji, but she did, she didn't need to save Kirigiri either, but she did. You really think a girl like that would ever betray her friends if she was her normal-self?
Chisa had more input than Mikan did, but you want to blame Mikan because you're butthurt...
It's more ridiculous than blaming Izuru because he could of stopped everything before it began. You're just a butthurt Chiakifag who doesn't care about logic.

He's not dead if he lives on in our hearts and fanfiction.

He could've just been giving in. He knew he wasn't going to convince them otherwise.

>people are still replying to the autistic Mikanfag
Stop feeding him.

I agree with you and I'm not the one blaming Mikan but don't assume all Chiakifags are like that, The one to blame is Junko afterall.

AI Chiaki isn't the real Chiaki.

They'd probably force her dropout, to be honest.

Glad to see somebody gets it. She's either gonna be forced to dropout (which means suicide for her) or she has to get an abortion. Or, since they're so nice, they'll just arrange an accident for her like having Diejobu come out of nowhere and slug her in the belly before running away.

Naegi-kun, it seems that my panties are wet.

Junko please.

Are we still alive?

Don't underestimate fujoshi.

God damn it. I accept no responsibility for this, you are to blame.

You look different Kirigiri.

Father, fuck off, this manlet is mine

Put more cum stains on the galaga.

No. Not at all. Mayoiga was trash, and any type of person who says "DR3 was only worth it for le MEMES!! XD" needs to choke on their own puke. Go back to Cross Ange, Aldnoah Zero whatever shit fandom you came from.

Would you guys enjoy a Future Foundation SOL series?

I'm shocked this thread is so active, yesterday the thread was dead as fuck. Did people finally flee /drg/?

>implying DR3 was good

OK, I apologize at least to you then. Nice to see a person who likes Chiaki that understands logic. I don't dislike Chiaki just to make that clear (she's 3rd on my girl list), I'm just frustrated that this argument keeps being brought up all the time when it makes zero sense.

It's still going along at a dead pace compared to how it was before.

Weedman's VA did say there will be a lot of unasked questions.

Yesterday there was something like 200 posts in 13hours.


She'd probably go with the former decision. I doubt it's suicide for her. I don't know where everybody got the presumption she's homeless and has no kinfolk, she's got a fucking handheld console.

Seriously though a killing game with the dead cast could be interesting

You know what would be a great idea? A Danganronpa prequel. Unknowingly to us the Student Council Killing Game wasn't the first one.

The first one was more low-key and private, not restricted to only students but people from all backgrounds. One of the participants is a red-haired little girl who ends up being Junko as the twiiiiiist

Most Chiakifags are quite so the ones doing that are usually falseflagging or trolling to see some waifuwars, the brainwashing to begin with was a bad move from the anime.

Why not both?

>Thread is full of Munakata and Juzo SOL speculation

Hmm, I wonder.

I need to sleep.

Do you think Hajime ever smashed any of the other girls or did he die a virgin, still mourning Chiaki's death?

>Naegi-kun, it seems you have stolen my job

She never talks about her parents, not even on the brink of death, and she says early on that all she has are games. These imply things about her.

>she's got a fucking handheld console.
You can get money from tournaments and stuff you know, or just rewards for getting the highest scores(most likely 'social' avenue for real Chiaki prior to HPA).

Nah, he probably tapped Chiaki at some point cause of BOOB ON THE MOLE.

Not anime. Post it on Cred Forums.


Yes, and now Kyoko calls him daddy too.

Who KazuKoi here?

It was. So was Umineko. Please cry more. I enjoy your tears. B-but why didn't Tengan just steal the video?!? Explicitly stated multiple times in the show why but people like being outraged more and taking things at face-value. There are even people who think Tengan did it for the lulz. I didn't think you needed a brain to follow DR3 but now I do.

As someone who expected DR3 to be trash like the DR1 adaptation was I couldn't be happier. I've also realized that game adaptations generally don't work. Instead you create an original story, that way you don't need to cram +30hr content into a single cour anime.

Ok, fine, but now I accept no responsibility.

He didn't show any interest on other girls as Hajizuru so I assume it's the latter.

>so was Umineko
opinion discarded

the Demon princess has to be born somehow. hinata fucked Mikan

I'm not a huge fan of either character but I support this pairing.


Ibuki is the Imposter's daily breakfast, though.

Was the Hope they got truly worth all the sacrifices they had to make?

>this stupid theory

You're just the type of person who makes a headcanon as to how the mystery should be solved, then you cry when it doesn't end up like that. Muh Chiakizuru. Go cry to your mommy.

I really don't know what you're talking about

Souda got an eyeful of those jugs at the beach when she was slathering his body in sand with Sonia.

>Juzo dead
>Munakata destroyed

I don't fucking think so.

Would you? Knowing there's cameras recording and broadcasting it worldwide?

v3 store benefits.

Kaito, Shuuichi, Kiibo, Rantarou are on there 3 times, the rest only 2 times.Guess they aren't early deaths.

Koizumi needs a man to fix her pipes and camera every now and then
I saved that entire photoset on tumblr

Only if it has lot of Juzo spilling his spaghetti

Ibuki has it bad for Impostor
Sonia is into Gundam
Akane may or may not be into Nidai
Peko is just waiting for Fuyuhiko to fuck her

That leaves: Mahiru, Mikan, and Hiyoko

Hiyoko never shows any interest in him, so she's out. Mahiru has kind of a weird relationship to dudes in general but beyond getting flustered near him once she doesn't treat Hinata specially.

Mikan is probably the most likely candidate by process of elimination, and is also the only one he's canonically described as cute - while she herself rather blatantly is kinda-sorta into him, even if only because he's kind, in DR2.

However there's no chance in Hell that he would fuck anyone with Chiaki living inside his head so she'll likely just have to settle for Souda when he eventually gives up on Sonia.

That was in reference to her talent in response to Hajime's ambition for talent though? She felt trapped into a certain lifestyle because of her talent and that's why she proclaimed that it was all she had. Even if she hadn't mentioned her parents, her last message was directed towards Hajime and her wishes, so any talk about parents would be irrelevant. Just saying that her being homeless is as much a head-canon as her having parents.

>comparing Umineko to DR3
Wew lad

So does that make Kokichi her half-brother?

No? There are direct implications that she has no parents. Absence of evidence is evidence of absence and all that.

What is this stupid tumblr pairing?
They had like...5 interactions in the whole game.

This is the one that makes sense the most.

It's cute but no


Fuck that. He'll end with best girl Mahiru.

I'm saying that the amount of tangible evidence on either arguments is lacking. Her whole background is shrouded in mystery. Just that she most likely has parents in that the average high school student in the world lives with their parents and homelessness is a statistical anomaly.

Wasn't Maizono all over promo material precisely to make her seem important? Don't rule out early deaths based on that.

>trusting promo stuff
>trusting kodaka

It was a beta couple that got scrapped in development.

>implying Tumblr would ever ship Mahiru with a man

>hes 3 people
A foursome for the price of one. Neat.

Yes, they made her look like she was going to be the main heroine, but at the end, Naegi was the main heroine.

>Main Heroine

Nope. There's more evidence in favor of her having no parents than the alternative. You really, really need to "do your own homework" when it comes to what it is real Chiaki does and her own personal history based on what evidence we get about her. Therefore, since she never talks about her parents even when she's about to die tells me that she, unlike others, has no parents.

By the way, you're the only person who's said this in this thread.

>Kyouske says he has a plan, that tengen knows nothing about him and his plan. It's pretty clear kyouske has literally no fucking plan.

>being this new

If Nagito and Mikan are willing to share then yeah
Although Mikan is secretly a nympho so they would probably let her bang anyone she wants so she can stay happy

Alright, since I missed all the evidence that points to her having no parents, as I never came to that conclusion watching presumably the same anime as you, why don't you point out a few instances that support your claim? Also, the vast majority of adolescents without parents without foster care tend to be homeless. It's not just a correlating relationship, but it's also one stemming from direct causation. Homelessness is an attribute that is indicative of having absent parents. You can easily find evidence of it by looking at demographic data for any country.

>he doesn't know
I bet you also think Juzo wasn't the main heroine of DR3, faggot.

You're relying excessively on real world statistics, whereas I derive evidence from the show itself.

>why don't you point out a few instances that support your claim?
Her entire death speech. That alone is enough. Never a single mention of her parents. Again, absence of evidence is evidence of absence. Can you stop this autistic tirade because I happened to disprove your stupid Hinanami pregnancy ending?

Have blue rays been scanned yet?
I accidentally ordered two vol.1 box sets.
Would I be able to sell one here in the states?

>implying the main heroine of DR3 isn't Chisa
Read threads again.

Of course it was. The DR3 cast amounted to nothing more than stepping stones after all.

Except the antidote literally rolled across the screen.

Munakata has 2.


And yet a bunch of people still died and the FF nooks that were still alive knew about it. The broadcast was only to FF members anyway.

If I was dying I wouldn't be thinking about my parents; I call home maybe twice a year. Maybe she's not that close to them or they're just not important to her compared to other people.

>naegi looking at kirigiri's blood on his hand.

Thank fucking christ for cure-W, this ending would of just been too cruel an end for this character.

Dammit, I just want a separate trio of point getters.

What are those on Munakata's shoes

This ending just got happier.

'Maybe'. But you're being pretty stupid and dense about this when it tends to imply something else, especially in anime. For instance, we know that Hajime has a bad relationship with his parents by looking at the Kamukura Project forms which involve signing away all rights. So do shut up about this, you haven't even begun to make a case.

Detective could also end up as an MC.

Now I want to see a doujin about Hinata masturbating but his mind showing a simultaneous pleasure orgy between him, awakened Hajime, Izuru, and Tulpa Chiaki.

god the fucking memories are coming flooding back, I already miss these threads.

It wouldn't make sense for someone to say "Tell them, Detective"

I'm not even the other guy you were talking with. Real Chiaki's development is centered around Hajime and her class so it's hard to tell anything about her home life.
I don't see what's wrong with Hajime's parents signing him away. How does that mean they have a bad relationship? The fact that they're paying for him to go to an expensive school when they could just not give a shit means their relationship is okay at the very worst. It just means they're not over possessive like most parents and respect that Hajime has his own rights and wants to do the Kamakura project, so there treating him like an adult and letting him walk his own path.

I'm not even the original poster, just a lurker who thought that this whole conversation about Chiaki getting knocked up was hilarious, so you were wrong in your assumption. This "evidence" subjectively fits with whatever head-canon you have in mind. Again, her speech was directed towards Hajime, which is why you see that the context lacks references to her parents. She never gave a laundry list of any grievances she had in her life because that was not the point of the scene. She spent a vast amount of it trying to get Izuru to remember her and talked about her regret that her death had no impact on those around her, shortly followed by her wishes. She had no reasons to talk about her parents whatsoever. This is not "evidence" which is why I did not arrive at that conclusion such as yourself. A majority of fiction have settings based on the real world, so it's not unreasonable to tie the two together when thinking of things from the writers perspective. In fact, it makes the writers job a whole lot easier, so I'm an idiot trying to look at things from the writer's perspective, right? Also, I'm a Mikanfag.

They call him by his name, not his talent.

>Real Chiaki's development is centered around Hajime and her class so it's hard to tell anything about her home life.
Which is why you should always assume the worst and cut to the heart of the matter, in this case no parents at all.

> The fact that they're paying for him to go to an expensive school
You don't even know the basic details of what was going on in the show, how can you expect to fool me like this? Do you even know what the Kamukura forms said? It was giving him away to HPA.

Hooray, two people who aren't the same.

>She had no reasons to talk about her parents whatsoever.
Not wanting to die before she can see her parents again would be one reason. That absence, like it or not, implies something.

>I'm a Mikanfag
I knew it, only somebody as stupid as a Mikanfag would be incapable of inferring things and rely solely on statistics.

no doubt about it



So when you're about to die in 10 seconds, you wanna tell your mate that you loved your parents? What a good boy!

>It was giving him away to HPA.

It was his dream to go to HPA you idiot, they signed the form to give their child the chance of his dreams. Hajime still had the option to back out if he chose.

Well, not I, but assuming I was a cute anime girl if I had any parents I'd be crying for them.

No, it's heavily implied that he doesn't exactly have a good relationship with his parents.

when do the DR3 ones come out?

only other one i have

You go ahead and show me where it's implied.

Hajime had a rough time with the other kids at his old school because they thought his parents were paying his way into HPA, his parents aren't mentioned once besides that and them signing the form..

They're already out they just need to be scanned and translated.


Signing away the rights of your child and forgetting their very existence for the sake of a shady experiment isn't a "good thing".

>Which is why you should always assume the worst and cut to the heart of the matter, in this case no parents at all.
W-what? That's almost never true, but okay I guess. This level of pessimism gives me despair.

>You don't even know the basic details of what was going on in the show, how can you expect to fool me like this? Do you even know what the Kamukura forms said? It was giving him away to HPA.
Yes, and before that they were paying for him to attend the reserve course, which was a money drain. Either way, it was Hajime's decision to give himself to HPA so I don't know why you're saying his parents letting him go with it means they have a shitty relationship. Maybe if it an unequivocally shitty idea, but it was basically an offer to become a super soldier. It's not like he can't come back afterwards (from their perspective, since they didn't know the extent of the Kamakura Project). It's like how when you get a job you're basically signing away all your rights to a corporation, but you can come back later.

Chiaki should've come back to life.

Chiakizuru vs Hajizuru would have been hype as fuck

Occam's razor. What's simplest is best.

>before that they were paying for him to attend the reserve course,
No, they weren't at all. It was a scholarship exclusively based on his participation in the project. You see? You haven't paid attention at all.

They didn't sign away his rights you fucktard, they signed to give him full control over his rights. Hajime chose to do the project himself, if he had said no he would have had to go back to his old school.

Junko going on a training arc to surpass Izuru would have been hype as fuck. Anything would have been cooler but we ended up with a stupid manlet who got away with everything.

Damn i really wanna see them, they probably have a few funny ones to come out of kirigiri's death.

its going to be such a wasted opportunity if they dont have one where its mikan saying she revived the person who took the antagonist only to have bandai show up behind naegi.

See? Your whole argument is based on assumptions! If you want to convince the majority of the people on this thread that your head-canon is true, you have to give me "real" evidence. Evidence that is not susceptible to subjectivity. This is why I said that there is no tangible evidence of either arguments, but because the narrative is based on a developed, first-world country, receiving a letter from HPA would require some form of mailing address or PO Box (Which I doubt a teenage girl that Chiaki had access to) and because said residence would have to be leased to adults, it's safer to assume that she had parents versus a lack of thereof. So, pray tell, please give me some form of actual evidence that supports your head-canon.

>they signed to give him full control over his rights.
Yeah, you just admitted you didn't read the Kamukura Project forms at all. Thanks, we're done here.

>"Junko thought her killing games were the shit"
>"Well I'll make my own killing games, with blackjack and hookers and on the moon"

So what are your bets, is the mastermind someone from (or related to) DR1/2 or a completely new character?

What sort of crazy shit should we expect? Given that they already put brainwashing and mind control in the "current age" and this one will be in the future.

>With who, though? Nagito and Hajime have both proven themselves to be horrible boyfriends

Occam's razor means choose the simplest option, not the shittiest option.

And he wasn't part of the project before he accepted it. Either way it doesn't change that Hajime got what he himself wanted, but we're talking in circles at this point.

I think one of the biggest take away's from the last 4 episodes of the show is that they arent going to be so reserved in their feelings, kirigiri took koichi's words to heart and naegi is going to be more honesty about his feelings for her after thinking he lost her. You really dont need to be shown directly what happened to get the implication of what happened between the events of her coming back and HPA opening up again, especially once you consider the fact kirgiri is implied to be running the school with him.

>>See? Your whole argument is based on assumptions!
Almost the entire existence and development of real Chiaki is based on assumptions, you moron. Therefore, I look to what's said or unsaid to piece it out. You're not really doing a good job of proving your case here, Mikanfag. Your filenames don't really suggest competence on your part either.

>Which I doubt a teenage girl that Chiaki had access to
As I already said, she could have gained money via tournaments or something else and thus lived on her own. Therefore, in the light of lack of evidence to the contrary and implications in favor of it, real Chiaki was an orphan with no parents.

It's the simplest assumption instead of jumping through hoops like you idiots are doing.

>play DR2
>group stuck in funhouse
>they're all starving
>do an FTE
>give one of them food as a present
>they hate it

Shit writing desu

The ones that are out right now got released before the finale aired so there wont be anything that would spoil the finale in them. You'll have to wait till the next set gets released and I don't think tumblr is going to translate that one so you might not see that for awhile.

Should've done Akane's FTE.

Yeah, put them all in the bag and nobody gets hurt.

The simplest assumption is that she didn't think about them in last moments because she loved Hajime and was talking to him. "She had no parents" is the assumption that jumps through hoops.


Somebody failed basic logic.

>Ibuki is so irrelevant that even the OP doesn't consider her a girl
This is despair

Um, know? Do you know why her existence and development aren't based on assumption? It's because there's a whole show centered around your waifu. I also never said that she had parents, I stated that it was the most likely case. English isn't your first language isn't it? Also, to get a PO Box and residence without parents is nearly impossible. That's why there's foster care and it tends to be a government funded program in every single democratic country in the world. Your flopping around pretty hard. Also, get cucked!


Huh, the Mikanfag stopped talking. I guess he really was just a loon.

I think you just really love your parents and can't understand why other people wouldn't think about them in their dying moments. That's okay, people as pure as you are rare and I wish there were more. Just realize that when they're dying people usually think about their hopes, dreams, and regrets, and that's exactly what Chiaki does. Her parents don't fit in there and for many people it's the same.

Why is this stupid fat bitch the MC instead of the hopebot?

He looks much better and I would do a better job as MC

No, it's more that you refuse to assume things and prefer a sappy life where Chiaki has parents, when all available evidence points to otherwise.

I think we can all agree that DR3 was a travesty. They should of split the show into two different series with 24 episodes each. It had the fanbase to do it, but instead we have this stupid "BUY DRv3 LIMITED EDITION WITH KOMAEDA OAV." Spike and Kodaka sold their souls.

You don't like girls, user?

Because the robot is going to die early.


Yes, I refuse to assume things because Occam's razor means you make the fewest assumptions possible and come to the logical conclusion. The existence or nonexistence of her parents both require assumptions because they're not relevant to the show.

Worst of all.

>this is no longer relevant
Fuck you Kodaka.


Actually, they're highly relevant to the show. The only family Chiaki had was with Class 77 and she lost it all. Now do shut up, you have no points to make.

Oh, you're back? I've already pointed to it. Absence of evidence is evidence of absence, and all that. You can continue to dwell in your fanon, but do avoid trying to confront me with it when I can actually point to things.


There is one reason why Mikan and Chiaki were sharing a poster in the blu ray edition user. They are the only 2 choices

This is so dumb. I guarantee you that you'd be a shit lawyer.

Are you sure? Because it looked to me like Chiaki was a worthless background character and Mikan took up all the space.

>This is now canon
Thank you Kodaka.

Going by your logic half the cast has no parents then. They weren't referenced because they aren't fucking important to the overall plot.

To feel soft and sad inside
Heart attack warning for chiakifags

Anyway, you two throwing a fit over that detail I mentioned need to shut up and try talking about it at a later point. Truth be told, it had no real relevance one way or the other for that specific scenario. What matters is that Chiaki is doomed and no wishy-washy things like "What if Hinata-kun fugged her" would save her, and I think that much is something that all three of us can agree on. Am I wrong?

> fanfiction
I'm yet to see a good one

>The only family Chiaki had was with Class 77 and she lost it all.
Now THIS is an assumption. How did you come to this conclusion, and why wouldn't it apply to someone like Ibuki?

In which way would you kill this despair hungry whore?

>Naegi finally managed to Kiri her Giris

Just shoot her.

Naegi is out of character in the second one, but cute enough to forgive.


Skip the monologue, take the shot.

Pretty sure the original Chiakifag you were talking to left a long time ago. But of course Chiaki is dead, only best girls get revived.


Just checked back on these threads and I'm surprised they're still alive.

Come on Mikanfriends, let's not pick on the Chiakibros, that ending was rough enough for them as it is. Let's just be happy our girl got a happy ending!

Neck yourself

Nah, he tapped her when they were both attending HPA

they are all kind of out of character in the 4komas, kirigiri is usually portrayed as a clingy jelous girlfriend in half of them

yeah it only took him two separated occasions of her fucking dying to his perspective to ostensibly make a move off screen.

It's almost entirely consisted of a single argument on how miserable Chiaki's home life is. Not really 'alive'.

>kirigiri is usually portrayed as a clingy jelous girlfriend
>out of character
It's perfectly in character, Kirigiri is the kind of girl who goes yandere for the rare guy she cares about


>Kirigiri is usually portrayed as a clingy jealous girlfriend in half of them
Where are the scans for these I need them all now

can someone translate please?


Kirigiri isnt the jealous type though, she got mad at naegi that one time for interfering with her investigation/thinking he doesnt trust her but i dont think even once we saw her get remotely upset with him in a jealous type. Their whole romantic subplot was always kind of on the sublte end of things anyway, it took 2 sequels before any character even outright said they liked eachother and it was in the context that she was dead to their perspective.

>None of class 78 commenting on Kirigiri even once that episode
What the fuck was that about? Did Mikan tell them, but they decided to pull a prank on Naegi or something?

Not from an offficial anthology but still


>This will never be real

Sure yeah the anime did a lot of things wrong like Junko and was sort of underwhelming in the end (Naegi being pretty useless during Kibou-hen was really frustrating) but Baconhands became Baconwife so I'm willing to forgive it.

user, that scene was them talking about losing kirigiri. The shot was to put emphasis that she was missing alongside naegi looking at the blood on his hand from kirigiri.

Fucking HOT________

Yeah, fuck you too.

>Male maid in murder mystery series
Not again please
Also in the thumbnail looks like he is doing the "Just according to keikaku" pose

Chiaki is dead. This means Mikan is for sure Hajime's (or Izuru's?) waifu. Great!


Just cause I'm a Kirigirifag doesn't mean I'm still not mourning Nanami, friendo

>Mikanfag delusions
End it.

Naegi being useless in kibou hen didnt urk me as much as others, i would of preferred a team up between him and hinata but naegi also isnt the person who could talk mitarai down, the reason the ROD's could was cause they all shared the guilt of having blood on their hands and they can inspire him to not run away from it but rather accept it and come with them to atone for their actions. Naegi is just a reminder to mitarai of all the people that died because of him especially since mitarai saw naegi lose kirigiri first hand, to mitarai he probably would of just thought "oh no heres the guy whose life i ruined"

>mourning an irrelevant character with no closure
Who cares?

>you cant be happy for more than 1 character


I never said anything about RL Chiaki being dead. In fact, preorder the limited edition of Danganronpa™ V3™ Everybody's New Semester of Killing™ with the Komaeda Nagito Bonus OAV

As someone who actually had a near death experience, what would have been my last thought were about how I should have cleared my internet history. Also that I would never know the conclusions to a bunch of stories I was following. That's kind of pathetic but oh well.

Stop discrediting yourselves, chiakifriends. I know your feel but there's nothing we can do about her death anymore, tho I'm sad as fuck about this fact too. Have some dignity.

One of the things I'm salty about the most is that Class 77 got cucked out of their own show.

No because that would be retarded

>that guy doing the hey hey HEY

fucking lol

Who ever said anything about being a Chiakifag? Is this really how childish your mentality is that you think there are girl wars or something? Oh yes, let's ignore the abysmal plot, who cares about any of that, my stupid ship was ambiguously implied!


Personally, I really liked the idea that Mikan was Izuru's main bitch while Hinata and Nanami were the "rebooted" OTP, but Zetsubou sort of fucked this up. Plus, I really liked the idea of Mikan being in love with Izuru when it was ambiguous how they became Remnants and what exactly they did during The Tragedy.

What the fuck is your problem, m8? Let people have fun while threads are alive.

>Naegi achieved nothing beyond dragging Kirigiri into a killing game because she went to a meeting for his crimes that he used her FF division to commit for the explicit purpose of defending him, then got her killed because she valued his life more than her own
Literally everything would've been his fault, jesus christ. I agree that maybe her return could've been executed better but I don't think it would've been an improvement to leave Naegi crying in the fetal position after nearly losing it in his closing hope speech.

This is great.


But watching lazy eyed gyaru and bored high schooler is so much fun, right? Right?

It's ok though because they made up for it by cucking Naegi out of his finale.

My 'problem' is this godawful show that destroyed SDR2's plot entirely and the idiots who defend it.


Are you saying you wouldn't tap your friend?
Are you gay user?

>still being this triggerred
Just let it go. It's over.


That's what I say to you retards.


You're the one who gives a fuck about it tho.

Remove this damn, ugly and fat bear on this picture!!!

Not that I don't agree with you but it's just not worth it anymore, the animes over and nothing we do will change that. Might as well look forward to V3, which Kodaka actually cares about and put effort into.



What are you even doing talking about DR if you aren't used to abysmal plots?

If he couldn't put in effort for DR3 when he -did- submit an outline with hundreds of pages, I frankly hold little hope that he'll do good with V3.

At least the abysmal plots tended to avoid crossing back and destroying previous games like DR3 did.


>still posting

And on top of that dont forget naegi has severe ptsd of the events of 1, survivors guilt eats away at him moving foreword and it really seems the sole thing that kept him going was always having kirigiri by his side. Killing her off in front of him let alone by an extension of his actions would of been the most mean spirited way of seeing this character off.

Yes DR is a series about staring tragedy in the face and finding the strength to move on, but offing kirigiri would not only devlaue jin and koichi's sacrifice it'd basically of rewarded naegi for pushing on from 1 by shitting all over his life. I just wish when they brought her back it would of been more than just some dumb stinger at the end of the episode, like would it of killed them to give us 1 last scene of them talking and seeing naegi grateful shes alive.

Kill it with fire! Why has Junko such a shit-tier taste about creating mascots?
Ok... Usami/Monomi is the worst thing ever.

Friendly reminder that Chiaki was betrayed by her classmate and the teacher that she greatly admired. Friendly reminder that she had the longest, most tortuous execution in the series. Friendly reminder that she died thinking she was unable to make an impact when really she was able to create the bright future she wanted for her friends. Friendly reminder she died right in front of Hajime while desperately pleading for him to remember her. Friendly reminder that Hajime would rather think about the AI Chiaki and not the real Chiaki. Friendly reminder that there was absoultely no closure in her death, and she died in one of the most miserable ways in the series. Friendly reminder that the instigator behind her agonizing death, Junko, was able to die with happiness and ultimately get what she wanted. Friendly reminder that other popular waifus (Kirigiri, Mikan) came back to life.

Just a friendly reminder.

>At least the abysmal plots tended to avoid crossing back and destroying previous games like DR3 did.
DR1 couldn't do that because it was the first game, SDR2 brought back Junko in a completely unsatisfying way, turned the hope vs despair shit up to 11 with Komaeda and ruined the ambiguous ending of the first game.

user. I agree with you as well but there's fuck all we can do about it. Either drop this series for having such a poor conclusion or move onto V3 and hope that's where all the brains went to.

Still nothing compared to what DR3 did.

"Would it be ok if I've been wearing them for a little while?"

That's actually preferable.

Also her body was just left there, and is probably still there.

Monokuma is a qt

>Either drop this series for having such a poor conclusion
Way ahead of you, my friend. Now I'm just trying to help people out before these threads fuck off for good.

Well to play devil's advocate, part of DR3's lack of kodaka involvement only had half to do with him wanting to move onto V3 faster. Writing for TV is an entirely different beast than a game and as a result he likley needed someone with more experience to do the heavy work. I think the issue came around when alot of the script likley got shrunk down to fit the time frame given how much kodaka actually likes to put retard amounts of detail into dialogue.

I do wish he stuck with writing the dialogue more though, as i think hope arc was the only one where alot of characters felt in character.

>entitled chiakifags complaining that their waifu died when literally EVERY other person in class 77 survived

It's the same shit.

>destroyed SDR2's plot entirely

You do know that the cast was in a VR, right?

> let's ignore the abysmal plot
So ignore DR1 and DR2?

Funny, it was Hope Arc that destroyed me feeling that the characters were in-character.

Chisa died
Boozeman died
PE teacher died

>Bad Mascot

Kill yourself.

>including ai chiaki which is left up to your interpretation of whether you want her to be dead overall or alive in hinata's mind.

Hinata is working towards a brighter future where he and his class are redeemed for their actions. Naegi was a poor guy suffering from ptsd who almost lost the person keeping him together over the years. DR2 no doubt got the better boat so its funny that they are the ones the most mad.

We just need a DR3 visual novel so that we can scrapped this shitastic installment. The worst conclusion ever.

>Q. Tell us who is the first person that comes to your mind when you think about 'Autumn’.

>Naegi: “Um…. Kirigiri-san, I guess. She’s cool but also has a really warm and gentle side– I believe that’s very much like her. I-I don’t mean that in a weird way! Y-You know, coincidentally her birthday is in October… O-Of course I would remember when her birthday is. I mean, she’s a really important friend to me… Eh, “When is Hagakure-kun’s birthday?” U-Umm…. A-Ahaha! I might’ve forgotten… I think?”
Remember, she was the entirety of his happy ending.

>Chiakifags are still this mad

So you're telling me SDR2 affected DR1's plot the same way DR3 affected SDR2's plot?

Don't be retarded.

>it's the poor spelling naegirifag
Fuck off.

How wet do you think her panties were wet after she heard about about Naegi opening his feelings about her when she was "dead"?

Yes they did, I couldn't headcanon the DR1 survivors being brutally murdered by the outside world because of SDR2

You people really are stupid.

Goddamn it, Naegi. HNNNNG

Remember that one maximum autist who was saying naegi can totally have a happy ending without her. Yeah fuck that guy naegi deserves one fucking thing working out for him without his luck saving his ass but harming those around him.


It would never be translated



He has Komaru.

Honestly I'm probably too generous because I'm going to give Kodaka the benefit of the doubt and get V3 although a used copy version. Because I did overall enjoy the DR games I played.

Wait is this a new thing or something?


That's fine, I suppose. Make sure your money doesn't go to line his coffers in any way.

There were no panties. She gave it to Naegi already.

Is this a new meme?

He can't fuck Komaru She fell to the /u/ meme

Yes, by expanding on the same story that already had enough of a conclusion with retarded and unsatisfying answers.

Imagine this. On Naegi’s first day of school as headmaster, he notices a young girl with dark navy hair in Nekuro High’s uniform. Someone who looks exactly like Maizono. Naegi rushes to the girl and is about to call her ‘Maizono’, but the girl says with a smile 'No, I am not Maizono Sayaka.’ before he could say anything.
Naegi is shocked, wondering how she can read his mind. She replies, “Because I’m an esper!” with a mysterious smile. Naegi staggers back, wondering if he is seeing things.
“Did I just sound like my older sister?” the blue-haired girl says with a shy giggle. Now that Naegi has chance to look at her carefully, she does look different. The girl introduces herself as Maizono’s younger sister, whom Naegi didn’t notice her in the new student files because she and Sayaka have different surenames (due to the parents’ divorce).
The girl entered new Kibougamine High because her big sister was a great consolation to her through TV programs although they were apart for most of their life. She had wanted to know what kind of school her older sister had gone to, so that’s why she had decided to come here.

>Is this a new meme?
If it is, its a shit replacement for the falseflag king.

sayaka doesn't have a younger sister even though she should

Reminder that next thursday is her birthday, Cred Forums

What will Naegi get her?

A ring


A bottle of Cure Wew

I'm glad best girl survived and got her hopelet by the end of it

That box that had jin's corpse in it.

This only encourages the marriage end

I wouldn't say SDR2 affected DR1 as badly as DR3 did with SDR2 but honestly Hope's Peak story could have ended with DR1 just fine and moved onto V3 we have now.

>Sayakafags utterly getting BTFO
>Chiakifags getting screwed over

Guess we all know who is Kodaka's third waifu (after Aoi and Akane)

Brand new black lingerie, Koffee Luwack, Bulberi Perfume and In Vitro Rose.

God has spoken. I believe. Happy birthday btw.


they drew kirigiri weird in the 1st anime, made her look alot younger than she was.

>Both Asahina and her VA ship naegiri
Does art imitate reality?

Considering DR1 cast are all supposed to be 18 with Weedman being 21, I'd say they all look younger than they're supposed to.

Move whenever

>Sayakafags utterly getting BTFO
Wasnt this always the case, hence why she died first? I always found it funny that the only reason her and leon died was cause they got sick of drawing them.

>making a new thread
Just stop.

Yeah but they were a delusional bunch who claimed Naegi would never get over Sayaka because muh 11037


I mean he never did get over sayaka, but thats cause he never got over any of DR1's deaths save mukuro and junko who he seems to resent. Sayaka holds such a large impact not cause he had a naive little crush on her but also cause it was the first time he saw a body and also experienced first hand how despair could manipulate someone to doing something like what maizano tried to do to naegi.

One thing alot of people tend to forget was naegi was conflicted between sad over her death and resentful over her. It was kirigiri that said her dying message was a way of her trying to atone for what she did and showcased her regret of trying to harm naegi.

I meant romantically

Naegi has a big case of survivor guilt