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>tfw they weren't joking about the mod

This is

awww yissss

why i said to stop with all the off topic.
Between valkyria faggots and lovecraft faggots we caught the mods's attenction.

update now!

Sasuga Nigel-sama!


Don't post links.

Don't be FightdapowaAnon.

>made by Urbelt
aww fuck man

Cocytus is couch

So, about those Valkyries




Did he not finish it?

Oh my god Cocytus is the chair now? What the fuck is going on?

>Was Cocytus of a species which allowed the female to mount them during reproduction? Or was he just a sexual masochist?

>“Then. May. I. Know. Whether. You. Prefer. Shalltear. Or. Myself?”
My fucking sides, I cant even anymore, I'm dead.

>My master >Future
It's obvious he's training to be the horse as Uncle.

>this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair this chair

Who will be the next chair. Can't be albedo since she made Ainz her chair.

cocytus a chair now

Chapter 1 IS finished. Tomorrow is chapter 2.

Also there are 5 chapters in this volume so they'll be shorter.

>Ainz thinks Cocytus is a pervert now
Poor guy can't catch a break.

Ainz is blaming himself for this too funny enough.

>Updates every day
Kyaaaaa~ Nigel-sama



This update was perfect.

I'm actually chuckling at that.

Coucyhtus is best chair.

a raging faggot

>A warrior
>Bend over to become a chair
>Gets high

What kind of people were his guildmates.

Perverts, all of them.

Probably a bunch of f/a/ggots.

What do you expect he walks around nude!

be at ease user i'm just a little bit surprised at you

I actually thought that there is now a contender on being the worst deviant in nazarick

her rodeo bull to be exact

i swear to god if the next chapter is a cute dwarves doing cute dwarf things, im going to be displeased.

nigel sama pls

Nigel only translate from a already translated translation.

Tell Maruyama how unhappy you are.

The dwarves we have seen so far didnt seem that cute.

yeah no shit

The Cocytus bullying is only going to intensify, isn't it?


Well user, we have Rape Elf, not so far down the line to have cute Dwarves.




Demiurge next chair?

Damnit! No wonder that pic seems to miss out on something.

>he used the pic i posted yesterday

im flattered.

But this is a fanfic. F A N F I C.

>borderline /h/ threads
>threads about dead mangos
>threads about dead animoes

>but its crossing the line with a light novel that has an upcoming movie and PPP

>tfw you will never have as much fun as frog and his beetle bro

Real talk

Is Cocytus gay?

i hope he can make a very epic comeback

Its not gay if its Ainz.

man do I miss the action in vol. 9

no he is just a pervert
also this >Or was he just a sexual masochist?


>threads about dead mangoes/animoes

so Cred Forumsnons can only talk about current mangoes and animoes

Soon shaltear will wreck a bunch of weasel looking fuckers so there's that.

shut up, volume 10 was awesome and 11 has been fantastic so far too

I want to stick my level 100 max bard human build penis into that robot.

I just noticed. Yuri have no legs!

Both animals in this picture are dead

in previous times overlord threads in /jp/ are deleted; it should be on Cred Forums

She does, you can see her shoes.

I agree. It belongs on Cred Forums.

I want to see Albedo's reactions as everyone else in Nazarick becomes a chair.

>Cocytus is a Chair
>is meme magic real


There can only be one Chair.

Cocytus can be the Couch.

where us translation and link and who is this nigel person do you know his real name?

Can someone post some Shalltear pictures? She's cute but I don't have enough of her.

Betraying Nigel-sama is insolance of the highest order

Vampire loli chair
>gets soggy when you sit on it
>no back support
>really just a stool

Noble insect warrior Chair
>Back support
>refreshingly cool
>cool steam effects

Shalltear is a disappointment even as a chair

Just go on pixiv. Much easier to grab them yourself.

How do you know?


>Shalltear Chair comes with head pats for relaxation

your move?

He's a britfag.
His real name is Paul Farage.
But don't tell that to FBI.

Sure here is the link pastebin.com/iiRkBBFq


>you will never unlock all bard levels and unlock the secret skill, the goal of all life is dance.

>He wouldn't pet Cocytus

Ainz prefers Shalltear, your opinion is void



mhmmm it feels bad to bully cocytus so let's just call this update a win-win situation!

A fine compromise

On a different point, did everyone notice how much better Ainz was at acting as a ruler?

This scene seemed to me to be the best example of how he had grown more confident as a leader.

That is one of clementine's dagger.

He showed considerable growth, in a few years time I think he'll be entirely natural about it.

it feels that suzuki the salesman had suffered and gone to hard times to be that good

She might not have shoes in the PPP animation, but she does have feet. In Vol4 she walks in ahead of Ainz into the throne room and the Guardians all hear her footsteps.

Everyone is gay for Ainz.

Suzuki is a cancer holding back Ainz. The less of him the better.

Suzuki Satoru is the reason why Ainz is as successful as he is.


Suzuki is the reason Ainz is an interesting and fun character. If he only were an evil lich devoid of emotions, he would be a really bland and boring character

pure pure pleiades where?

Vol. 10 was really starting to show traces of that, even if it had a few moments of dumb Ainz luck, his recruitment of the adventurers was handled very well.

Really, Ainz does a pretty good job at what he does, especially given his nigh-total lack of experience with being a ruler. I think it's just easy to get caught up in his self-depreciating monologue. Though his modesty is actually a big part of why he's been handling the NW situation so well.



I've found his evolution the second-biggest draw of the series, other than the worldbuilding. While most of it is played for laughs, its still an interesting change. Even stuff like how he practices the royal wave hundreds of times to get it right, and when jircniv sees it happen a few volumes later it convinces him that Ainz is an experienced leader is hilarious

Do you think quote related is slowly happening?
>Reflecting on it, though, Albedo herself didn’t seem to mind, but what would Ainz’s friend, her creator, Tabula Smaragdina, think if he found out? What if it were me? If my friend had warped an NPC I made… He also didn’t like that he was taking advantage of her condition and assuming she wouldn’t betray him.
>He shook his head to banish those dark thoughts. His undead body suppressed major emotional waves, but little ripples like this still affected him like they had when he was human. If I turn completely undead, will I stop feeling this guilt?

God, I hope Albedo gets raped by the elf King so she shut up's about giving her virginity to Ainz, that would make the LN way better.

Shalltear is truly the most broken NPC
--Blood Frenzy--
--Blood Pool-- Allows Shalltear to store the blood of her fallen enemies and use it for magic in place of MP.

>Blood of 60000
>Not going crazy

Holy shit.
Can Rubedo even beat her?

It is the power of love, user. She would do anything for her beloved Ainz.

I haven't laughed this hard in awhile.

Co-cute-tus a cute.

I think he's slowly becoming more confident about his abilities, and thats translating to him slowly becoming the "character" of Momonga/Ainz Ooal Gown.

He's defiantly slowly becoming more ruthless and undead through, able to ignore any feelings of guilt or empathy

Can you provide clues or anything? I really like to hear it. To me it's seems the opposite; like what Albedo said in v10 prologue.

Ignoring any feelings of guilt or empathy towards non-nazarick denizens? Forgetting his identity?

To me, he's becoming more and more the role of Ainz, as a natural progression. Not so much becoming the skelly lich-lord as he is putting in the effort to become a competent ruler

Yeah, and feeling less guilty about ordering the NPCs about, and becoming less "Sazuki RPing as Ainz" and more "Ainz Ooal Gown"

I have been out of the loop ever since the yenpress bomb dropped.
Is the translation project still alive?

just lurk at the usual place

Yeah. Just google it

IMO, he can effective use fear to other is biggest plus.

Just look how he scare Zenbetsu at crucial moment, sasuga Ainz.


What do you think we are doing?

Also read from the beginning of the thread. Understand our position.

Read thread. And .

Ok, that was a good one. You might wanna add others too.

Leave out KGB-chan since she is busy in Russia trying to get teens to got and meet real ppl.

>Even stuff like how he practices the royal wave hundreds of times to get it right, and when jircniv sees it happen a few volumes later it convinces him that Ainz is an experienced leader is hilarious
Stuff like that is brilliant. It's such a small set-up, but the payoff it had in the next volume was great.

Are there any MMOs that exist with even remotely the kind of freedom represented in Overlord?

I really like the idea of building a fortress in an overworld as a clan, and people attempting raids.

2126 can't come soon enough.

nowhere near. I think some of the big scifi ones have some decent complexity but still nowhere near ygg levels. If there was a planescape fantasy version of a No Mans Sky that actually lived up to the hype, i would play the shit out of that.

First: Sasuga Nigel-sama!

>cocytus is actually a pervert

So nothing is actually happening. It's just a fanfic getting updated?


>Cocytus made a sad sound when Ainz stood up

Next volume all the NPCs line up for Ainz to test which is the best chair.

Or they purposefully make small mistakes in hope of being punished as a chair.

Yes FBI-kun. Just a fanfic.

Also, I'm a pathetic subhuman animeonly that watched this for the first time last night. Should I start the LN from the beginning and cover all my bases, or pick up where the anime leaves off?

I really like the concept, and every time Ainz makes reference to game-mechanics it makes me want to know more about Yggdrasil's lore and systems. Is there much talk about this, or will it all just be more story?

D-does Clementine come back? She is best girl.



Theres a great deal not mentioned, or explicitly pointed out, in the anime. I would seriously suggest reading the whole thing from the start. Volumes 4 and 5 start to drag by the middle but volume six onwards is an even wilder ride than 1-3

Yes, from the beginning.

start from the beginning. volume 1 and 2 had a lot of background info that was cut out, some of which appears later, and volume 3 was massively cut down to fit the season length

start with the blu-ray extra and then read the novel from the beginning

>ainz ooal geeeehhhhhh!?
>bouncing bunny tard
>lazy bug
Cant wait for subs

pshhh nothin personel

Zenberu is so lucky. If Albedo or Demuirge were there, his life from then on would make be very miserable. A lot of torture.

>lay with fair maidens.jpg
That's not real knight.

Yes! Wonderful!

I will do so, kind anons. My thirst for lore is great, and you've been clear that I'm missing out on a lot. Thank you!


I'm still expecting Cocytus to beat the living shit out of him once Ainz isn't around.
I mean, what kind of retard risks getting his whole race genocided just to protect some shitty dwarves?

Or was he just a sexual masochist?

Goddammit, this chapter was too much for me.

The one that was saved by dorfs before.

Is being a sexual deviant the norm in the future? maybe Ainz is the only oddity.

>everyone lusted for Ainz
>this is reflected on the NPCs

They're all NPC's you big silly willy.

Though, really, that doesn't rule out the possibility.

Suzuki's life was wayyyyy too fucked up for him to bother with perversion. The future is a grim, dark place

Well, that side story certainly had everyone being particularly nice to Ainz and wanting to be with him.
It helps that he was such a qt shy lich with low self-esteem.

I still don't think that's enough of a reason to doom your whole race to genocide.

Probably some kind of secret monk cult bullshit.

>tfw it's revealed that the reason for why the guild members left the game was because they were sad and devastated because Momonga was too dense to notice their love for him

Which side story are we talking about here?

Will Elf king and Brightness Dragon Lord team up to try and abduct some lvl. 100 Nazarick females? maybe Albedo.

The one where they form AOG and conquer Nazarick.

>tfw Ulbert went to Touch Me to inform him Suzuki disappeared and they've commited sudoku

>tfw they started fighting to decide who will be Momonga's husbando in the afterlife

>tfw they die and go to shitty cyberpunk heaven and raver St Peter informs them that ainz is now in a different dimension and they'll never ever meet him again

Hell. That bug is too stupid.

>tfw They kiss and Fuck each other there and then


while bawling and wailing about how their husbando is lost to them, maybe

Lizards discussing parenting with Ainz was nice, bug being retarded was not. Although it was funny.

>Ainz has enough Hanzos to destroy NW

What the hell is a Hanzo anyway, were they mentioned before?

Meanwhile Momonga is in a dimension enjoying his afterlife together with Peroroncino, Buku and Yamaiko. Buku and Yamaiko are desperately trying to get off from the friendzone while Peroroncino laughs because it looks like a harem anime.

Vol 10, high level humanoid monster ninja.

like some level 50 lizard could even steal some panties, let alone the level 100 real deal

Type of Ninja. Probably lvl 80~ mercenaries, but I don't think it was mentioned before

“Let’s go.” After commanding the driver, the coach began moving quietly. The driver in question was a creature which Ainz had summoned with what little gold he had left, a monster whose level was over 80, called Hanzo.

A good subordinate who isn't afraid to state what's on his mind.
Albedo and Demiurge are the worse influence on ainz and his plans, they bring nothing but trouble and violence, I hope atleast demiurge is offed permanently.

Sasuga Nigel-sama.

Are you fucking with us again?
I swear this is like the 4th or 5th time in 2 chapters I've read "all smiles".

Being more open and being a total disrespectful retard and completely different things. You can voice your concerns without being such a cunt.
I mean, most of the times I think the FG are too over-the-top with their loyalty to Ainz but this is one of the few times where they would have been justified to beat the shit out of someone.

>Nigel put the Cocytus chair seen in just to fuck with us

Retard gay bug make me cringe

Shit was so painful to read

Lewd cocytus is kinda cute.

So there's no intermissions in this volume or they just don't appear on the index?

It's a running gag. See the passage in the WN where Clementine offers herself as a chair and Ainz laments that everyone seems to think he enjoys sitting on women.

it is fanfiction afterall

He's getting ready for when he carries Bones Jr on his back.

Fuck you, i spilled my vodka ;_;

i thought translations had been cancelled thanks to jewpress, who's translating it now?


Read the thread.

Imagine Ainz asking the maids if they wanna be chairs.


im feeling stupid, i gave up a long time ago so i thoughtit would be some user that passed underthe radar uploading here, thanks


I think he was being rude, but at the same time, I think how Ainz dealt with him kind of went as far as going that Ainz is mostly benevolent. It actually benefited Ainz more that Zenburu was kind of hostile.

I think Ainz would do better interacting with NWs more than his FGs. His FGs vision of world domination is completely different from his own. Most of them also lack noble qualities.

holy shit Maruyama stop bullying bugs you piece of shit

Well, they probably have a formation prepared just for this day!

>Pleiades! Formation Throne!

being a chair is the privilege of the strong

Cocytus is confirmed gay

pastebin.com/btqc3ShM new translated part

I love spoonfeeding

It should be the other way around.
The Maids hear about Shelltear and Cocytus and pressure Ainz into letting them be chairs for him by making him feel guilty about not taking them on his trips.

Well he did say so.

That would be a cute sight to see.

>It made him think of his adventures in YGGDRASIL, and Ainz was all smiles.
>“...Is this information useful to you, Your Majesty?”
>“Of course. I welcome expeditions in the dark with only a feeble lantern to light the way. That is what they call excitement, no?”
Ainz is so cute, also
>Cocytus chair

No, Cocytus is still thinking about training Ainz's Heir, so he's learning how to train Lizardmen into warriors and how to give horsie rides. :D

Don'tBullyCocytus user, add this to your greentext.

>Cocytus is an even worse chair then Shalltear
>He can't even serve his master as a chair
>He can't even train his subordinates not to be disrespectful
>He is a pervert/masochist who likes to be sat on
>Too cold to be a horse, useless

All illegal Overlord™ translations can be found at Overlordvolume10.blogspot.com

Maruyama already heartlessly murdered some anons, weapon: sides


but I want them to come

Report and hide, don't (You), retard.

What the fuck is it with Chairs and Lizardmen?

They're pretty versatile, and can be specialized in different areas/weapons. I'm pretty sure he has a few stealth countering ones.

The hanzo are the stealth countering ones.


You could also say, the subordinates actually speaking their mind is what Ainz REALLY wants and needs. So Cocytus is doing really good!

I thought they COULD be. Some were adept at different weapons and some could be adept at countering stealth? OR are they ALL great at countering it?

He must have been speaking in his capacity as a parent. This was little different from how Ainz wanted the NPCs to live in happiness. As he mused on that, Ainz began feeling a certain kinship with Zaryusu.
Zaryusu new bro

>After commanding the driver, the coach began moving quietly. The driver in question was a creature which Ainz had summoned with what little gold he had left, a monster whose level was over 80, called Hanzo.

>Hanzo was a humanoid ninja-type monster, and was skilled in countering stealth. There were others of roughly the same level, such as Kashin Koji, which was skilled in illusion. Fuuma, which was skilled in hand-to-hand combat and special techniques, Tobi Kato, which was skilled with weapons, and so on.

Wasn't saying they were disrespectful for speaking their minds, they were almost mocking him and threatening to disobey. In what world is that respectful?


Ah thanks. I was looking for that part. I thought it was race kind of thing.

Shalltear confirmed best Chair!

That was so odd too, to speak that way with the guy who not only crushed them, but then ress'ed their leaders and let them live peacefully.

Fuck you to that one dude who said Cocytus would be in charge when he fucked Entoma, I told you he was a submissive little slut. I bet he gets off so hard when people call him a useless worm.

Zenberu aint no bitch and Zaryusu just wants to look after his kid.

That was me, and yep I got meme magic'd into being wrong. You win this one.

Ainz chair rankings

WCI > SPLAT > Shalltear > Cocytus

livin the life

You forgot Gargantua.

While spying on Jircniv, he noticed that the man went out escorted by several carriages, and some of them contained well-dressed ladies. They must be the people who waited on him. If he had stayed in Nazarick back then, he would have observed him more carefully, but regrettably he had not, which was a bit of a shame.
No, the fact was that Jircniv had come a long way to visit Ainz, and Ainz had been terribly rude to Jircniv by not insisting that he stay the night. Granted, the man had firmly refused every offer of lodging Ainz had made, but perhaps the right thing to do was to make him change his mind. Perhaps if they had established good relations from that point onwards, the matter of vassalage might not have come up at the arena.

sausages heinz sama

>passage in the WN where Clementine offers herself as a chair
How or when does this happen?

Actually I'm more curious how Clementine even makes it into the WN since neither she nor Ainz were in the graveyard for the bone dragon fight.

She is Ainz s maid. Someone translated that bit but dont have link.

>She is Ainz s maid.
What, is the an NPC in the WN?

>Someone translated that bit but dont have link.
I need this more than anything right now.

>There was no need to understand the expressions of other races. After all, he was merely an undead being with the memories and experiences of the human being called Suzuki Satoru.
This is the second time he's said something like this this volume, is Ainz finally losing his humanity?

He didn't have a huge amount of it to begin with.

>but perhaps the right thing to do was to make him change his mind.
>Perhaps if they had established good relations from that point onwards, the matter of vassalage might not have come up at the arena.

Do you really think that a godly powerful skeleton who is practically the avatar of Death at this point telling you to stay in his Evil Tomb of Doom isn't going to come as anything but an invitation to die?
>"No, you must stay here for the night."
It's like every single horror movie in which the typical group of teenagers who stay at the obviously haunted castle and get picked off one by one by the monster living there.
Jircniv did the smart thing and got out of there as soon as he could.

Yeah but before now, he was still "Suzuki Satoru" underneath his Ainz persona, now he's referring to himself as the opposite, as "a skeleton that used to be human" instead of "a human that's now a skeleton"

Nah, she was just scared shitless and threw herself to the floor to serve Ainz in hopes she lives.

>He thinks Japanese salary-men are human beings and not soulless robots already.

Well shit, I want it even more now. Is it far into the WN? The translations for it are only up to the Lizardmen part right now and it seems the updates aren't too frequent/conistent.

In his point of view, I can see Nazarick being super friendly towards JUST and his entourage due to Ainz's orders, plus with multiple NPCs actually having positive karma.

>Not Shalltear
>Implying she wouldn't enjoy it because she has all the fetishes in the world
>Although she would probably murder everyone at the end

thought it was funny the sacrifice girls were mistaken as attendants and aniz thinks bringing them is normal

Well the WN goes up to LN vol9, but I can't recall where did the Clem pant shitting occur at, your best hope is waiting for Frost to get to it sooner or later.
With appropriate amount of Yuri, Sebas and other positive karma NPCs regularly pomfing human eating NPCs to keep them in check.

>>Although she would probably murder everyone at the end

She definitely would.

>Implying that she would enjoy it
Chair's fetishes aside, the idea of doing anything that might be seen a failure probably scares her undead to death.

>Implying she wouldn't murderfuck everyone at the start to get her nerco fetish going

>"Where's the bathroom?"
>"Seventeen doors down to the right, make sure you count correctly or you may fall in the pit of a billion cockroaches."
I can understand his apprehension.

Ainz is already a full stalker for Jercniv. If Ainz was a girl i imagine her to go full yandere on Bloody Emperors Fluffy head, Albedo would be innocent in comparison.
Doujinsi write themeselfs

>Fear of Jihad
>All smiles
I want to have your babies, Nigel-sama!

>no doujin of Papa bones giving pretty-boy Jircniv a butt-full of bone magic.

I remember someone translated the ending of the WN, don't suppose anyone has it? Used to be in the mega folder, but that's nowhere to be found anymore.

I find one paragraph of it about Shalltear giving Arche a tail, but I vaguely remember it being longer than that.

Something about Shalltear turning Arche into a buttslut.

Honestly, the WN is kind of mediocre.

wait wat

Arche survives in the WN and becomes Shalltear's plaything. She gets a tail.

I would prefer if Ainz was female in this case, also
>forbidden and onesided love between cute skeleton yandere girl and the bloody scared Emperor
Someone, write this please

I knew about the pet part, I thought pic related was just a joke.

No, that exact scene is in the novels

This is about all I found from the WN ending, but I vaguely remember more being translated. There was definitely a PDF somewhere.

>“Now then, how is that woman? I did promise to hurt her as little as possible after all.”
>“That woman… You mean Arche-chan, yes? Right now I’m in the middle of giving her a tail.”
>“Tail…? Did you turn her into a lycanthrope or the like?”
>Did there exist some method to turn people into the beastmen, lycanthropes? Wondering this, Ainz had asked Shalltear about it.
>“No, ana-…”
>Ainz immediately cut off Shalltear’s reply.
>“However, Ainz-sama. Please allow me to ask this much.”
>“What is it?”
>Although Ainz was getting a terribly bad feeling about this, it would not do to refuse her. Listening to one’s subordinates was the duty of a good ruler.
>“You ordered us to hurt her as little as possible. However, …just taking her virginity would be fine, yes?”

>Where's the bathroom?
>Oh, most of our residents lack human body functions, but a slime chamberpot has been prepared under your bed
>Slime chamberpot?
>Oh, it's just a magical chamberpot with integrated bidet functions. I hear that feeling when it reaches up to lick you clean is incredible

Well shit. All I read is up to chapter 41

In the Web Novel, Ainz promises that Arche will be spared because of her friends loyalty, which is different to the LN in which he promises her death will be painless.

She becomes Shalltear's mindbroken lesbo plaything.
Eventually Ainz discovers and abducts her sister, which causes Arche to go full Onee-chan Mode and futilely try to kill Ainz to protect her.

Ainz likes this and decides she can be free from Shalltear. They can't leave Nazarick, but they now both live happily in a cottage near the lake of the Amphitheatrum Floor, in exchange for information about The Empire.

>This is your chamberpot for tonight

Someone translated the ending, but not the whole thing so the actual translations are still only up to 41 chapters and they don't seem to be coming along too fast.

I'm happy someone's doing them at all, but I think the LN will end before the WN is fully translated at this rate.

I hate it that Arche got off so easily.

All her Buddie's suffered horribly, and she? she was just Insta-killed.

Arche should have become Shalltear's Toy for Life. She should been Trained and Disciplined, till there was only the desire to obey and please Shalltear, that even the sight of her Sister's wouldn't have changed anything.

THAT was what she deserved.

She has two sisters, twins.

Oh, right. Guess My memory isn't that good.

Is this just a giant ruse or does clem really get revived and next time she meets Ainz she prostrates herself?

Please don't be fucking with me I need this.

I imagine there would already be a lot of art of it if it were true.

Clementine doesnt die in WN.

>Straight from the Wiki

>In the Web Novel, she watches Ainz use an over rank magic, making people regain their youth. She then instantly understands that there is no way to harm Ainz, and runs away.
>Also in the Web Novel, she has a brother who is the 5th Seat in the Black Scripture.

Pssst. pixiv.net/search.php?s_mode=s_tag_full&word=アルシェ・イーブ・リイル・フルト

She is truly undeserving of the skeleton squish, and I do hope her body is found and made useful by Ainz. I just want her to be something more than a murderous psychopath, but staying that way is fine too. She's great.


Subs never.


>Dat Yuri

Someday we will have them, never lose your hope!




this gives me a BONER

Plate armor cool.

Ainz is for skeletal

>disliking the EEEEEEEEEEEEEEH

cocytus family photo

Suzuki is the hero Nazarick needs

i would like to sit down with him and ask him about life in ygg, and his old clan members.

and then maybe ask him for build strategies and tips on leveling

>Suzuki is a cancer holding back Ainz.
This isn't really an issue in the LN, but in the Anime having Suzuki with a different voice allowed them to do Ainz internal monologue which is really what makes Overlord what it is.

>No Overlad to ride on his back

Why have I got the feeling that the dude who always posts "Don't bully Cocytus, he's trying really hard" is going to have a field day with this?

>Disliking the internal monologues and having some emotions

Suzuki is what makes Ainz so great.

Is Sebas the only person in Nazarick thats not a virgin?

Even the slutty ones are all just mimidoshima.

To be fair you're supposed to hear a different voice in the LN too, he speaks very differently.

Shalltear has kept her hymen but she's no virgin, just a lez.

Shalltear has regular sex with her Vampire brides.
She's only straight for Ainz.

I don't think slimes can actually lose their virginity.

I know, and I wasn't counting that.

Lets rephrase it to who has fucked a member of the opposite sex.

I think all the girls are holding out for a harem ending

Out of the major characters? Yes.

Otherwise probably not, considering there were experiments at the funny farm to see if humans could breed with non-humanoid races.

PA and Narb prolly fucked

>Word gets around that PA can turn into Ainz too
>all the Guardians start asking ainz to let them fuck PA as a reward

Solution has had many dicks inside her
Neuronist has handled a lot of penises
Entoma is a cock-gobbler
Kyoufukou has mostly likely sired half of his subjects.

You're missing the point. I'm saying Overlord would have been incredibly boring without Suzuki's internal monologue and instead taking the Spooky Skeleton act at face value like the NPCs do.

Having a different VA is just a convenient way to illustrate when he's doing his internal monologue in the anime and when he isn't since a lot of LN adaptations skip narrations & internal dialog.

Remember this fucking guy? After the anime ended everyone assumed he was a master ruseman pretending to be retarded to keep his harem intact over the course of the series, but if you actually read the novel with his internal monologue then you realize he really was just a plain idiot all along.

>Guardian Status
Chair: Gets Vol 11
Aura: Gets Vol 11
Demiurge: Important in most volumes, was in 8 and 6
Albedo: Large presence in most volumes.
Pleiades battle maids: Get their own spinoff.
Mare: Muted presence in most volumes, but manages to get decent screentime and cute moments
Cocyutus: Frosted couch. Not much presence anywhere, but gets some time to himself in Vol 11
Victim: A literal foetus
Sebas: Missing since Jan 2014. Kidnapped by known child molester. Please help us find him!

So, since Vol 12 is probably going to be a Demiurge, Ainz and humies focused volume, think we'll get some precious Sebas and Couchytus screentime in Vol 13?

>Pick an NPC
>think up a short plot arc, not involving any other NPC or Ainz

Every NPC should get their "the Daily Life of X" spinoff

When did Sebas plant his dragon seed?

Shalltear would just regenerate too.

Why hasn't anyone uploaded the new OVA yet?

No as in
You can literally stick your hand in their face and claim you've fisted them.

>Marrying me.


I'd be more interested in cumming inside, then watching my jizz float around like a lava lamp.

The best part of this gif is Lupis healing her in between her thrashing. So in character.

Wait what?

Arche return when?

That would be great
>Albedo working admin, getting frusrated as she reads Shalltears report of Vol 11
>Demi doing his rounds of the happy Farm
>Cocytus commanding Lizardmen from the rear as they battle through the forest of Torb
>Chair bored on the first floor, orgy with brides
>Aura and Mare bantz
>PA chapter is him morphing into Ainz and complementing himself on his organization of the treasury.
>Solution stealthing through a Holy Kingdom outpost and replacing orders to send more troops to the frontline with the ST
>CZ going full operator and sniping some ST scripture from a mile away
>Yuri teaching kids at the orphanage, giving them PTSD when she takes her head off
>Entoma tea party with Kyoufukou
>Narb gets sent by Ainz to take a message to someone in the Adventurers guild, spends the entire chapter desperately trying to remember which one was Moknach.
>Lupu stalking Enri and Nferia, scaring the shit out of gobos
>Maid chapter follows sixth as she spends the whole day in the corner watching Ainz and getting soggy panties every 5 seconds

What do you mean, what? Read the novels.

Mare dozes off somewhere after expending his MP for some task and is kidnapped by elf smugglers. When he wakes up he tries to find his way back while timidly fighting his pursuers and leaving a wake of destruction.


Nabe is out in E-rantel doing adventurer things when suddenly you see a big guy's shadow and her head is chopped off.
Her head is put on a stake on the outskirts of nazarick as a sign that they mean war meanwhile her body is being used as cock sleeve by the beastman player that killed her.

What novels? Overlord is an anime.

>Noooo! Don't take off my p-panties, they were a g-gift from Teapot-sama...
>Who's that, your boyfriend? If I removed your panties would you die?
>I-it would be extremely painful...
>You're a big boy.
>F-for you...


Looks like Valkyrie user is up to his old tricks again. Remember to ignore obvious shitposts.


I think Mare or Aura already pulled the "for you" routine at least once, maybe in the Men in the Kingdom arc?

Quads speak the truth!

Vol 12 roble kingdom, what is next?
My guess is vol 13 rapist elves being raped , 14 is the katze plains(in WN there should be an undead city) 15 is the dragon queen kingdom where he kidnaps the former slane theocracy members and learns about the WCI.

Women molesting Mare infront of Ainz when?

>wrong eyes

>cock gobbler entoma


Pic related look at this degenerate spider.

ainz thinks demiurge is overworked and stressed out. he orders demi to go fishing for a few days. you know cause fishing is fun and relaxing. demi has no idea what fishing is. just that he has to do it cause aniz said so or else he will remain exiled forever. shenanigans ensue

It must surely mean put a bait for Ainz's sama foolish enemies so that we can get rid of them!Sasuga Ainz sama!

Is Sebas x Tsuare considered /ss/?

>ends up enslaving an human city to build a fleet of trawlers, brings back a thousand tons of fish and sea monsters to Nazarick
>Unexpectedly ended up having fun anyway

Hence the "Tsuara is a pedo" meme its not a meme

>fucking Mare


I just noticed but there are no artificial ways to replenish mana in Yggdrasil outside of meditating, right? What about in the NW?
It seems really odd because you can even remove cooldown timers with cash items or bypass daily limits but mana is strictly rationed (Shalltear's Blood Pool ability may be the only counter-example)

Cash mana would be gamebreaking

There's a difference between Cash items being really fucking op and becoming a total P2W game

HP is ridiculously easy to recover though, and stuff like removing cooldown limits or reducing casting time is already gamebreaking
>total P2W game
That's the point of cash items, yeah.

But she's a grown woman.

And Sebas was created about 8 years ago

In all honesty, she probably uses toys, so i doubt she does still have it for what its worth

She's a dom, and slutty lez are usually clit-focused, otherwise they would be cockhounds. At least that's what my eroge wisdom tells me.

>Between valkyria faggots

What's this about? I know about the latter but not this.

He's still an adult of his species...

People were arguing about gender locked classes and ruined a whole thread.

Some faggot in last thread was forcing his headcanon, again.
This time it was about male Valkyries.

What is there to even argue about?

Will ainz and co just travel in the next part, or they are going to meet some dvarves?

Please don't, it will start again.

Too much P2W cancer drives out the cheapfags and the game goes bankrupt.

>That's the point of cash items, yeah.

They give you an edge but there is still skill involved.
Take out Touch Me's cash items and he's still a top tier player but add mana potions and he goes down to a middle tier player if he doesn't have any.

From d&d , PDL should be about 600 years old.
Dragon Age Categories
Category Age (Years)
1 Wyrmling 0–5
2 Very young 6–15
3 Young 16–25
4 Juvenile 26–50
5 Young adult 51–100
6 Adult 101–200
7 Mature adult 201–400
8 Old 401–600
9 Very old 601–800
10 Ancient 801–1,000
11 Wyrm 1,001–1,200
12 Great wyrm 1,201 or more

Doesn't PDL have like 1 level in Ancient?


We don't know PDL's levels.
WDL has 1 level in Old.

Cash items removed cast times, not cooldown.

What's the recommended level for fighting a very old holy dragon in DnD? Let's convert that to Overlord levels and that's probably PDL's level.

pdl level 51 confirmed

What are the odds that the city the alligator lizardman went to is now the fallen city of the dwarves?.


when you think about it, it's not like he's adamantium dragon lord, he's just platinum dragon lord. so among dragon lords he's like barely above climb level on the human scale.

Well, yeah. All the big bad Dragon Lords were killed off years ago. iirc he barely qualifies for the "Lord" title.

>"I proclaim myself the Lord of Dragons, all those against me speak up now!"

So Ainz is going to show up right as the messenger dorf is leaving to request his help and scare the shit out of him, right?

>iirc he barely qualifies for the "Lord" title
Where was this stated?

Impressive collection, user.

Who is Rape Elf?

The Elven King of Forced Sex and Eugenics.

Except in volume 9 the action only started in chapter 3 and 4. We just finished chapter 1.

Actually I don't know any chapter 1 that has a lot of action in Overlord.

>t. Shadow the Edgehog

So, now that this is a thing, when is Albedo going to get THE CHAIR?

>Too much P2W cancer drives out the cheapfags and the game goes bankrupt.

Uh, yeah. That's why Ainz was one of the last players, and the game was shutting down.

after she revolts

I wonder what would be the reaction of demiurge if he hears about cocytus being a couch

Do we know that as a fact? It seemed all inferred and could possibly be something different.

The game was still popular, they were probably shutting down cause their system is outdated.
Yggdrasil 2 will happen.

> lv cap is now 200 and all classes got a buff

fucking WAT?

>he didn't get the latest spoilers

>Ainz is dead
>Renner is now a lvl 70 arch devil
>PDL activates his 30 lvl 100 Golems
>Lupus is in denial
>PA runs the show
>Demi fucks a valkyrie
>Tsuare births a hybrid
>Albedo kills Shalltear because it was her fault

Pick your spoilers

If Nigel uses the phrase "___ was all smiles" one more fucking time I swear...

what if Nigel was never translating and we've only been reading his fan fiction this whole time?

Shalltear is red
She hits like a truck
Do you really think
I give a fuck?

10+ years is still a good run.

Join his editing team so you can yell at him, user

What valkyries?

How did we even come to this conclusion again? Was there a discussion I missed?

Always thought Zesshi was a baby taken from her mother, but that was about it.

>>he didn't get the latest spoilers
I just Fucking Slept for 4 hours and this happen?! Fucking twerps
>Ainz is dead
>Renner is now a lvl 70 arch devil
>PDL activates his 30 lvl 100 Golems
>Lupus is in denial
>PA runs the show
>Demi fucks a valkyrie
>Tsuare births a hybrid
>Albedo kills Shalltear because it was her fault

so does this happen all of this in volume 11?

Pls don't be trolling


I am going to repeat myself again
So does this happen all of this in volume 11?

And the Hanzo that got a red cloth was ultra happy even though it was nothing special.

Even mercenary NPCs want to be useful to Ainz.

Nazarick is going to shit.

Well SHIT but it is according to keikaku right? right?

No, it isn't.
NWfags fucked Ainz pretty hard, mainly due to that faggot PDL.


It's always according to keikaiku
Even if it isn't

He got to look like Hotsuma from the Shinobi games, he was excited about becoming a badass.

>NWfags fucked Ainz pretty hard, mainly due to that faggot PDL.

so how did they rape Ainz?

pls stop. I almost feel bad for him

Renner betrayed Nazarick the moment she turned into an arch-devil and manipulated Alfredo and Demiurge into a civil war while Ainz was away.
Then PDL showed up with a fucking golem army and attacked Ainz while Shalltear was busy somewhere else. Ainz fought back and fucked the whole army and even managed to harm PDL, but in the end he got kill.
Things will be looking pretty dark next volume, specially since Demiurge decided to go "fuck it" after hearing Ainz is dead and started a mass genocide campaign.

Dude,she ain't never gonna come back.Stop hoping that those weak pathetic side characters that died coming back to life.

Are you talking about Shalltear hymen?

Nah,my fault. wrong reply. Was kinda distracted when i was typing

Of course it's going to keikaku, it runs so deep not even Demi or Aldebo can figure out where it ends. They only know that all the steps are in place or will soon fall into place when Ainz wills it for the great game.

i want to put my dick in the mouth of that fish

Is demiurge gay?

Only for Ainz

Is Shalltear gay? why make a waifu and not make her attracted to you?

I doubt she particularly cares about gender so long as the person in question lines up with her weird fetishes.

And Cockytus

Shaltear is omni-sexual

More like she doesn't care as long as her lapdog can lick and woof well enough.

>If that’s all, let’s split up. I have a lot of things to discuss with Pandora’s Actor

What did he mean by this?

Probabaly has to give him a stern talking to. Not to ham it up too much in his absence.

There is no answer other than that one.

He has to give him instructions to carry out while he is away.
Like "Don't teleport while waving your robe and yelling 'SARABADA' majestically".

No replenishment, but it seems like there are ways to bloat your pool before fighting. Accessories that increase MP by fixed amounts (either directly or by percentages) would likely be common, and I'd wager Shalltear's blood magic can only be used to lessen costs of certain spells.

MP-theft/drain and cost reduction are also things if I remember. But overall, it seems like you have your MP regen (probably something along the lines of hourly ticks, even if it's a huge amount per tick) and that's all you get.

So is is this update supposed to be c1p4 or c1p5.

>weird fetishes
Unless she has a thing for feathers Pero screwed up.

They definitely mentioned meditating though, which may either speed up MP regen or be the only form of natural MP regen. It's also a lot shorter than hours but yeah, it takes several minutes at the very least.

You pull this shit out of your ass when you smoke crack and believe you can shit out rainbow?


the whole doujin was uploaded on sadpanda like a year ago, man


P4 is already out I thought. We're waiting on P5 now.

I figured that if you knew the whole doujin was available you wouldn't be saving panels from pixiv?

Unless... Ah, I see now, of course! To think user-sama had thought this far ahead... Just as expected.

Pretty sure Ch2P1 comes next.

Well... okay, so there's only one platinum dragon in 3.5 (which I think anons tend to look at for Yggdrasil) and that dragon is Bahamut, who is a god. His challenge rating (effective level) is 107. I don't know how that would translate into Yggdrasil, you'll need a bigger /tg/ than I do to the work and math. Caster level is probably the easiest touchstone.

Since Platinum Dragon Lord is... you know, not a god, or anywhere near level 107, we can look at some of the lesser metallic dragons, and use that handy chart provided earlier to work some things out.

So firstly, PDL was a Lord back when the Greed Kings were still around, so we'll say he's in the Very Old category. We don't know his breath weapon so we can't do a 1-1 relation, but this would put his CR between 19 and 22.

You also have stuff like Prismatic Dragons from the Epic Levels Handbook. Their oldest are godlike, with CR 70.

Ainz is really equivalent to some lvl 30-40 player in D&D, he is tame compared to some of the more outrageous things. Bahamut would be some World Eater threat capable of destroying Nazarick alone, if we consider his relative power.

>"No statues."
>"No banners of the guild symbol in public places."

>>"No banners of the guild symbol in public places."
Man, I'm not even a Naziboo but all I want to see is the AOG banner hanging on every wall.

>Afw he realizes he forgot to ban uniforms , salutes and the Nazarickjugend

So how has PA been dealing with all of Momon's suitresses? And suitors?

Do they still try to take him out to brothels or did the SK outlaw them?

He has taken on himself the burden of pumping and dumping them all. It's a tough job but it's necessary for the stability of the Kingdom.

Thanks, I wasn't sure if this was just the thread for part 4.

So having all this sasuga reminded me of my WoW days. What's the closest thing you can get to the overlord experience today?

>freak spate of eggheaded babies sparks dark rumors about the Sorcerous Kingdom


Well, in another 14 hours and 20 minutes the next part drops.

Star Wars Galaxies pirate servers.

This better be bait. But it was somewhat entertaining here's your (YOU)

This, so much this.

No crack, just a little imagination, way too much free time and hearing humiefag's bullshit theories over and over.

In all honesty what are the chances Ainz & Co will have to face an actual challenge? He has grown as a leader but I haven't seen him really be tested as such.

After this chapter Ainz Guardian rankings should be: Mare=Aura>Demiurge>Victim>Albedo>Shalltear>Gargantua>PA>Cocytus

ST might put up something of a challenge and sooner or later he will have to face against PDL who is probably the one with the highest chance of giving Ainz a tough fight of all the NW inhabitants introduced so far.
And that's not taking into account any players that might show up or some raid bosses from YGGDRASIL. I mean, I still believe that that World Eater thingy will be Overlord's final boss.

World Eater Thingy?PDL? Not sure if I have to start rereading or I just don't spend enough time in Overlord threads.

He's already facing the challenge of leadership.

What, the Lizard Man thing? It's barely a challenge if you consider he can single handedly wipe down the tribe if he fucks up. I mean a challenge where failure could actually have some consequence.

So when will Jircniv try to 'free' Mare from the evil grip of Ainz and Nazarick, and how would they even respond once they found out?

PDL = Platinum Dragon Lord, a (allegedly) powerful and ancient dragon who knows about YGGDRASIL players and thinks they are a threat to the world. He is searchig for a way to fuck AOG up.

World Eater = I don't really know too much about this one, it was a raid boss in YGGDRASIL (I don't remember if it was the strongest raid boss but it was one of the thougest) and according to the lore surrounding it, it's an evil monster that seeks to devour all the world born from the Yggdrasil tree or some shit (basically a Nidhogg expy).
I think it'll be the final boss of the series because a monster whose purpose is to devour worlds in a series that involves people being sent to a parallel world seem just too suspcious to me.

No user, it's called "having fun" with that other gullible user.

Just checked, the boss name was "Devourer of the Nine Worlds" and it was a World Class Enemy that was hard as shit to defeat even with a big group of players.
Also, YGGDRASIL's lore refers to it as "Navagraha the World Eater".

The whole project utopia thing and the peaceful conquest of the NW, as well as managing all his subjects' expectations of him.

Ah that gives me comfort that the plot can't be tied in the near future. They either have to collect players from all over the world to make a raid group or they have to train the NPC's. Either we have a strong supply of sasuga or we'll get a shitty ending. I'm hoping for the former.

I don't like the beginning of this volume. I hope it will better further.


New ppp when?

I remember Maruyama mentioning that he plans to end the series at 30 volumes so we are not even halfway there.

>three times more sasugas and climb

same it's garbage so far
>boring literal who dwarf intro
>more of Ainz repeating the same shit from every volume
>Aura and Chair taking 10 hours to understand 1 sentence from Ainz
>Some dumb shit with Cocytus being a homo masochist that felt really cringey and out of place in the novel
not looking good, might end up being worse than Volume 7 and that would be an achievement

>> Not appreciating Cocytus' chair abilities
Why are you even here. I literally burst in laughter like the good Cred Forumsutist that I am in a public place and everything.

I just thought of something terrible that may actually happen.

What if Ainz-sama gets Zenberu gay for him with his overwhelming manliness and power on their journey to the dorf mountain?
The Brokeback Mountain.

Does Maruyama like to write cringe moments? The Cocytus chair thing was as bad as the whole Albedo wanting to sit in Ainz's lap in the beginning of volume 10.

To each his own, this is shaping up to be my favorite volume by far.
Helps that I fucking love dwarfs, and usual Narazick shenanigans.

So Demiurge decides to take Ainz's lack of a heir into his own hands. What does he do? How does he get Ainz to breed? Clearly Albedo and Shalltear have no problem with his condition. What is the obvious solution?

I myself didn't like it since I didn't like characterizing Cocytus as THAT retarded (I figured he was certainly not "smart" considering he was a muscleheaded warrior, but I at least felt him empathic enough to know Ainz may or may not be rather uncomfortable with using Guardians as chairs). I laughed like a bitch though.
Cocytus making a sad noise after Ainz stood up made the scene, but it was cringe as hell as Ainz desperately tried to explain that he didn't want to sit on him and Cocytus insisting.

A part of me feels that Cocytus is the love-starved middle child in the Nazarick family, much like PA. He's sent off to go take care of his pet lizards when really Papa Bones doesn't reaaaaally give three shits about what he does so long as he's alive.

Cocytus is quite literally love starved. He's internalized any contact from Ainz as praise (since that's better than a "that's nice, thanks for the report" every month), so he wants what Shalltear got, since that's OBVIOUSLY SO MUCH BETTER, right?

>What is the obvious solution?
We get Solution to be his penis using her slime shapeshifting powers. The final Solution.

>Does Maruyama like to write cringe moments?
Spanish Shame is the bread and butter of anime humor, alongside MISUNDERSTANDINGS. You should be fairly inured to it now.

Thats when Solu uses her body chemistry, assassin levels and poison maker classes to make Zyklon B pheromones.

Name one of the Nazarick NPCs as an heir. Use Solution. Posses a body to make an heir. Temporary change to a workable body.

What the hell was going through the lizards' heads when they saw this scene of this giant ultrapowerful icy bug warrior man begging their spooky god figure to sit on him?
There comes a part where even if you see a miracle in front of you and you still have to question the logic of it despite any piety you may have.
It'd be like people watching Jesus spawn fish and bread out of nowhere and wondering where the fuck is he getting this fish and bread?

I think it's a lot simpler than that. Cocytus inferred from the Shalltear incident that Ainz enjoys the whole sitting on floor guardians thing. It's obious to the reader that Ainz doesn't enjoy it but given that he is an emotionless skeleton on the outside it would be much harder for a them to tell he actually hates it. Now that his has done it twice I can't help but think all guardians will have their turn. Plus who wouldn't want some of that Supreme Being Ass?

Polymorph Any Object a la DnD 3.5, make him into a flesh and blood dude with a wild-ass chin for 20 minutes, enough for him to fuck himself an heir.

>What is the obvious solution
Crown PA Prince
>What does he do?
Start hinting towards Ainz that Albedo was made to love him. After hearing that he kissed her, she was in the lead and became the most likely candidate.

>inb4 Mare/Aura are in the lead for the Ainz bowl

Of course he would secure backup wives and husbands and research reproductive methods for undead on his farm, but that would be the quickest and easiest way.

>What the hell was going through the lizards' heads when they saw this scene of this giant ultra powerful icy bug warrior man begging their spooky god figure to sit on him?
That is one alpha as fuck skelly.

You're right there should be a drawing of how Momonga's bone structure would look like on a real human being. They blow that chin way out of proportion sometimes.

Mare is in the lead because he got the wedding ring of Ainz Ooal Gown FIRST and Ainz doesn't fear him. Plus they've seen each other naked.

They already did that. It floats around in Overlord threads sometimes. It's a pic of some stern as fuck looking dude with a chin that could cut diamonds.

>Ainz clearly stated that he is heterosexual
>b-b-but m-muh Mahray!

You guys are almost as bad as the Entoma fags.

It's the shy ones you always have to watch out for...

Correction. He saw Cocytus naked first.

Like Aura said Cocytus is always naked.

Ah What if a female overlord pops out of nowhere and carves a hole in Papa Bone's rib cage?

They're exceedingly comfortable with each other. And it's not gay if Mare wears a skirt.


It's not gay if it's an elf, didn't you learn this in Cred Forums?

He DID bid like 15 years of his salary to sleep with Ainz.

True. Still, Ainz wanted to look under Mare's skirt first...

That female overlord will explore the limits of her vulnerability to bludgeoning damage.

"It's okay, when I wear girl's clothes, I'm a girl!"


>Carves a hole in Papa bones rib cage
>Carving a hole

>Female overlord
This intrigues me though.

You also have to consider that Albedo is reaching her expiration date.

What's her race?

Yuri clearly wants to do some naughty things with this shota.

This is truth

>This intrigues me though.
It should not. This is what would happen.

Overlord, dur.

>implying Mare wouldn't turn the tables on sensei

How would it feel if Ainz lent Yuri Yamaiko's gauntlet and jacked Mare off?

Probably terrible, because that would make Mare a eunuch.

What are you guys expecting?

This volume is looking to be one of my favorites
>sassy lizards
>Gaurdians wanting attention from Ainz
>Misunderstanding simple orders
>Trying to grasp the grand keikaku when there is no keikaku

And you know it's just going to get better once they meet the first dwarf.

>Why is this Overlord of death trying to be my friend?

Yuri would still like to be dominated by a cute shota.

>sassy lizards
Do you really think so? They seem a lot like limp fish compared to the spirit and character they were showing in their own volume.
Zaryusu is essentially a stoic slave figure, and Zenberu is sort of a curmudgeonly ass (albeit they have good reason to be).

Mare is pure and he's saving himself for a beautiful woman in the future who can handle his full power thrust.

He is saving himself for the bone.

I never thought of this pairing before but my interest is piqued, please post more of this.

I personally think it would be humorous.

>Rumors of a powerful overlord fucking shit up in a nearby city/village/what have you
>Said to be a sadistic evil bitch that bathes in children's blood yadda yadda yadda
>Background forgettable probably gonna die character number 11321331241412313 exploring woods/cave/what have you
>Comes across what he believes to be the overlord
>But what's this, the hips are smaller than I imagined
>Holy fuck she's powerful
>Runs back
>Tells everyone
>Get attacked
>Huh, she wasn't as strong as she seemed before... why are her hips wider...
>Everybody, female overlord's army included, turns
>There is 2 of them
>Cue all the living things in the vicinity having a collective heart attack
>Cue Skelly Bitch getting subjugated
>Cue living creatures shipping them as the couple of death
>Cue Albedo having a tantrum
>Cue the evil bitch acting like a schoolgirl

Zenberu still has his attitude, he flat out tells Ainz that he will rebel against him if he tries to massacre the Dwarves. And Zaryusu is understandably scared that Ainz will try to steal his son and his wife.

I wonder if he knows that Crusch offered her body to Ainz to rez him?

>implying Mare's Beast Mode can be defeated by a weapon that does damage as an afterthought

Clearly Yuri will teach Mare about his body in a gentle and motherly manner until Mare can't take it any more and creampies Yuri until her head pops off from all the semen filling her body.

>rigrit turns herself undead to gain more power to help PDL in his futile attempt to stop AOG
>turns into a level 71 equivalent Overlord-species
>learns a super-tier spell
>ermagerd such overwhelming power we can remove the world of this evil
>Ainz no-sells it without even noticing while Jircniv watches on in disbelief
>demiurge drags her off to be re-educated at the happy farm

After Mare goes crazy on Yuri will they send in another Pleiades to teach him the more rougher acts?

No fuck you, Gondo is a bro with ambition.

Without Suzuki Overlord would be an immensely boring powerwank.

>there will never be a /ss/ doujin with Yuri and Mare
Why live?

>There will never be a /ss/ doujin with all the Pleiades and Mare
Why even live?

Solution for when he wants to go all out without having to worry about breaking her
CZ for quickies (Piston Powered Handjobs at high rpm)
Yuri for portable blowjobs
Lupus for teaching him positons
Narbaral for... Okay help me out with this one
Entoma for ________

Why is this one different from the others?

>Narbaral for...
Shapeshifting into Ainz-sama to give him the bone in his boipucci.

Narbaral for magic using sexy times?

Narberal for retarded sex. Entoma for ignoring while fucking the other meidos.

Narb uses mild electricity while fingering Mare's prostate and blowing him for a tingly experience

Remove Kebab.

But will they do group sessions on Mare?

I never quite understood this. Can CZ "eat" normal foods made of, like, meat and vegetables? She was drinking some sort of ultrahigh-calorie strawberry oil thing in the drama CD, wasn't she?

What kind of shitty roboticist wouldn't allow his cybernetic children to enjoy food?

The one that made a robot that could eat food instead of making something like a haemonculus instead, which is both biological and far more sensible if you were planning on feeding it rather than putting a USB-C port in its ass for recharging.

But he's not a bioengineer, he's a roboticist. How the fuck would he make homunculi? They're not robots.

I need this as a Doujin, i need it!

I'd plug my USB-D into CZ's ass if you know what I mean.

>PPP still not uploaded anywhere
>no ch 19 of the mango
>1st chapter is just blue balling before we get to the good stuff in like 2 weeks
>special announcement was a recap movie
at least we got more Shalltear

That's specifically because Evileye doesn't sleep and daily spells in D&D are usually reset after 8 hours rest. Characters/npcs that don't sleep have to meditate for a few hours instead so she probably just cheesed in the time to mediate at a convenient time.
It's entirely within expected gameplay mechanics from what it's all based off of.

I'm surprised it never occurred to Ainz that the endgame boss of ygg is eventually going to show up and om nom nom everything since lower level event bosses were able to show up.

If he's not a bioengineer why is he making robots that can eat?
Science: 0
Religion: 0
Jabba: 1

>since lower level event bosses were able to show up

No, they didn't.

Christmas tree

Ainz says it wasn't from Ygg. There were no tree monsters in Ygg. Christmas Tree was a NW native.

The first chapter was fun though.

Some Valkyries have dicks.

Don't you dare trigger the autists. They've had enough.

man skeletons are fuckin cool dudes

and they can be both girls and boys

i love sleletons

Because sentient AI deserves to feel the pleasure of food.

And he never got flustered from seeing Mare naked, because he sees the elf twins as the children they are. Maybe in another 50 years.
Meanwhile he does see Albedo and Chair #1 in a lewd way, even if they're not necessarily his type.

The lore autists were hilarious last thread.

>user: I don't really see a problem with having male Valkyries. It's not a big deal. Games don't have to strictly follow mythology.

>Lore Autist: TRIGGERED.jpg

>Lore Autist: Games have to be as autistic about lore as I am! It's not a Valkyrie unless I say it is! Games should conform to my standards or else!

They have the mentality of children.