Shuumatsu no Izetta

Tomboy princesses, gay red headed witches, and (not)Nazis.


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How would you hail the princesses butt?




Running into her Hime's arms.

Why is Saber wrestling female Shirou?

Dropped because of this.
Fuck fanservice, especially about these "perfect hot blonde mature" ones.

Give in to the Yuri.

It's tasteful nudity, not fanservice.

I might do that as long as it doesn't become a trainwreck.

Eh it's fine, just enjoy the gay magical adventures of a redheaded lesbo witch and her princess.

There is some fanservice, but to be fair, it was used to show Fine's scar.

no pants witch.

Her sexy scar

Fine is cute.

She's fine.

She has two sexy scars now.

Especially when she forgets to check the safety.

kinda ticks me off.
all these made-up names and stuff.
Then the uniforms/weapons/maps which obviously show that it's about WW2.
Just fucking call it what it is, man.

Looks pretty cool.
Wonder how batshit the show will get.
I am hoping for Nazi Witches.

Cmon, it's obviously an excuse so that people won't start shit like 'BUT THERE WEREN'T ANY EXPEDITIONARY FORCES IN THAT REGION' and other stuff.

It has Opera and Blitzkrieg.

I just hope princess will be fine.
Don't really care what happens to the witch.

Those around her are the ones who tend to die.


How do you even cope with watching anime? I can't remember the last show I saw with zero fanservice.

Most shows with lolis avoid it though.
I can just watch them.

They were too young to die.
R.I.P. Tobias the Bodyguard and The Other Guy Also Bodyguard.

I hope we get an scene with Hime talking to the families of her dead bodyguards.

Redheaded lesbo to rescue her waifu!

Hermann if I remember right.

It's so they can do whatever they want with the historical setting, they don't have to follow the events of the real world.

Fine is fine.


If they call it ww2 and mess up one minute detail, the milifag otakus will flip their shit. This way they can make changes to the world to help the storytelling without worrying about autists rioting

I bet the hime will get raped at some point during this show and the magical witch will die or disappear.
As much of a yurifag as I am. I can't see any happy ending from this show.


Nice knockoff Yuki Kajiura music at the end though. Could do with more of that.

Given that Izetta is billed as die Letzte Hexe, I would not get your hopes up.

I can count more times that "The Last" was a lie than it actually being the truth.
So there is still hope. If no Nazi Witches, then please some Volkszauberer.

On the one hand, if the Notzis had their own witches, they would not have needed to capture Izetta.

On the other, maybe they did get a sample of her magic or whatever before or during her transport.

Maybe they capture all the witches and brainwash them so they serve the Reich.
Or they use their magic to power up some Wunderwaffe.
Why else would they need to capture her and not just kill her?

Fine really looks like yuyuyu's sonoko and wakaba.

Why do people worship this bitch and her generic as fuck same in every show movie trailer music?

Kubikiri Cycle PV2 has very different music, none of that samey stuff.

1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?

BUNBUN kind of phoned it in on these character designs.

At least Kirito's nowhere to be seen.


Why the fuck did she replace her dead male bodyguards with all females?

Looks like shaftshit, am I right?



It serves to plot thought, showing her scar.

>especially about these "perfect hot blonde mature"

Blondes are perfection.

yfw your last thought is i should have banged that fine royal ass

>Anime in WW2 setting
>it's yuri
God fucking damn it shit fuck faggot


It's better that way.

I know it's unrelated but BF1 should have done the same instead of shoehorning shit that didn't happen for PC reasons and marketing it ass an authentic WW1 experience.

2 > 1 > 3 > 5 > 4

Princesses are for protecting and caring, not giving in to your primal instincts.

>knowing you're going to die
>not raping Fine-sama

Are middle and right even her allies? Meido is obviously her topmeido.

They going wrong way to attack Livonia

I don't get why some people always have to make such a big stink whenever a girl dares to love another girl.

To bad they all Austrian Germans.

Only a lowlife would do that.

Believe it or not, there were actually lesbians even in the 20th century.

4, I like fancy uniforms.

3, 5, 2, 1, 4
Tomboys with tits are the shit


>long hair

not really a tomboy at that point.

You don't know what a tomboy is.

So what character type is she fulfilling then?

Actually tits are a necessary condition for someone to be a tomboy.

I do. It's YOU who doesn't know what a tomboy is.

Liking a big tited longhaired girl who happens to sometimes acts like a boy is just liking a normal girl you dolt.

A tomboy is a girl who is, for all intents and purposes, a boy.


You're thinking of a reverse trap.


>You're thinking of a reverse trap.
you're thinking of a counter tranny

>Anime in WW2 setting
>it's yuri
Everything is right in the world

Big tits and long hair styled chicks can be tomboys if they engage in acts more suitable to boys or act more masculine, user.
They're not gay. They are just CLOSE.

You're thinking of my dick.

>counter tranny
Fuck off to whatever shithole you came from.

>implying her dyke super weapon/bodyguard wouldn't vaporize you for even thinking about it

>She is a tomboy!

That was really amusing, the way she jumps from bridges and steal weapons and all the praise she gets for it its "what a tomboy!"

>all the praise she gets for it its "what a tomboy!"
thats like saying "all I got was the medal of honor"

>Perfect hot blonde mature

>Anything other than being hot

>lesbian love story amidst a ww2 nazi backdrop


Literally nothing wrong.

With monarchy.

Why not?

How many memes will this anime produce?

none people will drop it after 2-3 episodes



>fat tumblerina btfo by unrealistic beauty standards once again

blame patriarchy

>implying the furher himself wouldn't be aroused by this

Maximum pleb. Only real natsocs know the true power of lesbian love.

Heil Hintern

What about killing fags and all that shit?

Hitler's dream saves anime once again

I really don't understand what's up with the extremely lazy renaming of everything. I mean even Valkyria Chronicles put a little more effort into making an alternate universe.
But in this case everything is basically the same as actual WWII just with weirder names. Seems pointless.

Or does somebody hold the copyright for Nazi Germany?

>Or does somebody hold the copyright for Nazi Germany?
It just to avoid legal issues and the whole "banned in deutschland" thing

It's so they can fudge historical details without autists getting triggered.

>takes place in 1940
>this plane wasn't in service until 1942
>ptrd-41 wasn't in service until 1941
>ss officer gun had a saftey
>ss officer's gun had english on it
>ss officer's rank matched that of all other members in the plan

this show is dumb.

see proving >148090712 correct

They failed then.

But princess Wakaba a cute.

if you want to be a lazy faggot invent another fantasy world
But muh nazis demand to be taken seriously


>ww2 nazi backdrop
always a good set up
>lesbian love story
Literally perfect

The Ju-52 had been in service for almost a decade by that point.

The PTRD-41s could very well be seized prototypes, considering that by being on board the aircraft at all they were state secrets

P-08s had safeties

The English is actually the SAS's motto, so that foreshadows that he is likely actually a Britannian agent.

As for the rank, I can't remember, so you might very well be right, but even if that were the case, it wouldn't actually mean much of anything.

>be secret agent
>infiltrate enemy's elite special forces
>carry around a gaudy custom gun emblazoned with your real organization's motto
That is either some pretty sloppy fieldcraft or some giant fucking balls.

I want to hug fine

>That is either some pretty sloppy fieldcraft or some giant fucking balls.

He's not German.

That plane and everyone on it were British special forces.

The whole point of that was Britbongers setting up Fine-sama with her lesbian magical girl and tricking them into fighting the Germans.

Britbong is the real enemy in this show. Hence the alternate history.

Thats like in these russian Stierlitz jokes

Is this why he was so smug and fabulous right at the end?

He realizes that everything worked and he's like "awesome."

I mean, it's also the unofficial slogan of Alexander, so it's not the worst thing in the world.

>The whole point of that was Britbongers setting up Fine-sama with her lesbian magical girl and tricking them into fighting the Germans

Why on earth would they do this when himesama already was trying to get their help to fight Germania. There's literally no need to trick her into anything. They could have just said "That's cool you changed your mind about marrying the Prince of Wales and all, but let's be real. Our own army is kind of getting btfo right now and we all know how gay you are anyway, so how about we give you this witch we found and call it good?"

I honestly think Fine would do her best to try and please her husband. It seems like she tackles everything wholeheartedly.

>Britbong is the real enemy in this show. Hence the alternate history.

Yeah... hehe,
alternate history.


Fuck off.

>can fly/hover in any direction and speed
>be a dick and make injured hime-sama reach out for your hand instead of hovering 3 feet closer


>Italians arent even armed
damn thats accurate

Maybe he was low tier royalty? europoor armies had a number of those no?
Yeah, they made that one look fucking stupid for the sake of cliches.

Maybe it's hard to maneuver with only one hand on your broom.

>Not !Stroheim call hime What a tomboy.

Finé-sama kawaii or kakkoii?

Best worst ally.

Definitely kakkoii.

Deathshead will use Izetta in name of Nazi Science!

Its amazing how spurdo can save even uninspired anti-wop propoganda

Picked the fuck up.

Holy shit, the first ep was boring af

Sidelining the witch until the very of the episode wasn't a smart move. Fine is cool and all but she can't carry the show on her own.

Really? I thought she was a joy to watch, and her bodyguards weren't bad either.
It's nice seeing a competent MC, and the action segments on the train and plane were a joy to watch.

>It's nice seeing a competent MC

No. It isn't.

I want a moe blob princess. Not a tomboy dyke.

>It's nice seeing a competent MC
Is she even the MC? The site and the episode have Akaneya credited first.

>I don't want a tomboy dyke.
Wasn't her being in yuri with the cute redhead witch one of the selling points of the show?
She might not be the MC of the show, but she was definitely the MC of the episode, and I think she pulled it off pretty well.

>magical yuri action with WW2 setting
How can anyone compete with this?

>How can anyone compete with this?

>How can anyone compete with this?
Maybe if it was age-gap yuri

Maybe if the witch wasn't a hime-samaaa drone.

age-gap yuri is fucking disgusting.

and i think most of Cred Forums agrees.

>Saber x Kohaku

That's kind of an interesting pairing, I guess.


If they will use wolfstein cancer with super nazi "science" I will drop it.

Unless all sides will start using it.

>If they will use wolfstein cancer with super nazi "science" I will drop it.
Was ist los?