Go and Check to see if Natsume Yuujinchou is getting crunchyroll simulcast

>Go and Check to see if Natsume Yuujinchou is getting crunchyroll simulcast
>It's not
>"Crunchyroll to Simulcast "Gakuen Handsome" Anime"
Kill me.

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>No simulcast because of some dumb fucking short
>We'll have to wait forever for subs
>Threads are filled with shitposters and samefags
>Or just plain dead

When did things go so wrong?

Less than an hour!

Why are you so cruel?

You kidding?

Holy shit please no

Maybe Funi will pick it up?

That's even worse.

I doubt it, crunchy still has the older seasons up so they still have the license.

30 minutes

So who's gonna sub it?

If anyone's going to do it officially it will probably be crunchyroll, if not probably commie, I think i remember them doing san as it was coming out though i'm not sure how fast they were, they also seem to have done shi but who cared at that point.
Maybe we will ahve to wait for blurays like how we only get manga releases when a new volume comes out now.

great, herkz don't even know japanese

Commie just takes Crunchy's subs, touches it up a bit, and times it to a proper raw.

Well then, what sub groups are even still around?
I think i saw FFF recently but that might have been when i was looking into a slightly older anime.

Come on, it's Natsume.
It can't just stay unsubbed.

>proper raw
A broadcast raw that nearly invariably ends up worse than Crunchy's 1080.

I wanted Asenshi to do it, but they are busy with Not Madoka. And I don't think commie will do this either, since they'll probably do HQ and some other meme show.

FFF is trash

Big Surprise. No one cares abotu Natsugay

The longer a series is the more interest dwindles usually.
Some change pisses off a viewer or just through indifference the rate of viewers leaving a series this old is usually higher than viewers who will go through the established material to catch up.
I'm surprised we even got a 5th season

why are you so mean >.

S-someone will sub it, right?

Probably, it's mostly just a matter of when.


CR has a bunch of unannounced titles still, and the episode hasn't even aired yet. It's a little early for doomsaying.

2 minutes

>it's that time of the week that I look desperately for a stream and can't find any broadcasting it

>2 minutes
What? Natsume is tomorrow.

Plus one day.

Stop overreacting. The series you all whined about never getting another season is just beginning and it's rare for anything to stay unsubbed today.

I told you yesterday it airs on Tuesday, baka user.

gg will save us.


God why did I even trust Anichart and not other sources.

I got fooled too user. ;_;

Who wants me to link archives of huge threads hating CR/Funi's business model and translations but desperately wants it right now?

Come on, tickle me.

Why would I want that?

you mean, like, the official twitter?!
who does that?

I blame the Japanese for having beyond 24 hours clock system.

>Natsume airs at 25:35 on Tuesday.

Tuesday 25:35 means Wednesday 1:35.

I thought they were ded

what the fuck? a day have only 24 hours

If they use numbers over 24 then it's super easy to understand. It's when they just say "10/4 at 1:35 at night" like it does on Natsume's site that it gets confusing.

so hibike will air only Wednesday? damn

They just do that for shows because it's easier to understand somehow which day they're supposed to stay up.

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Same thing happened in Rakugo threads earlier this year. Everyone was worried shitless because no one announced they were picking it up and no fansubber groups would probably touch it, an hour before it aired crunchy decided to announce that they subbed it.