Cred Forums isn't fun anymore

Cred Forums isn't fun anymore.

Neither are you.

Then fuck off back to r/eddit

It never was, newfag.

Maybe if we all crossdressed and had huge orgies.

what board is raiding us now?

Maybe your friends already left this boat.

I dunno but I sure feel like raiding your boipucci

Fuck off

It's time

I wanna get ecchi with Nenecchi

nice digits by the way

Cred Forums feels so slow now, I swear we must have less than 1000 users

Cred Forums here, you guys are faggots

>If it isn't fun for me then it can't be fun for anyone else surely.

Don't worry, Cred Forums won't exist for much longer, the asian jew finally did it




Time to kill yourself then

>I swear we must have less than 1000 users
do you even know where you are?

>Absolute Truth


>Namefags in April.
What the fuck was that, Was that the Rei shit?

It's the April Fools thing.

Probably the April Fools naming everybody

April's fools.

What happened last month?

Im pretty sure the site went offline or something


we all lost 3 days time and nobody can explain why

>tfw nobody sages anymore
Thanks moot.

I miss my blue Boku no Pico posts.

I've been posting on Cred Forums on and off for ten years, now, and it's been pretty much the same the whole time.

Now look, if anybody else pinches my phrase I'll throw them under a camel.

What happened in 2008?

But I sage a lot. This is how much I enjoy my time here.

Cred Forums had a smaller userbase.

Pretty much this

Oh yeah them generic names.

Grats, you're one of the very few sage users on Cred Forums! See the post below you

Plenty of people still sage, it's probably just impossible for a third party site to detect it.

Yet this thread keeps getting bumped

It only requires one Cred Forumsnon to bump a thread.

Because I want this thread to stay up. Those other threads, though...

I agree 100% and I'm not one of those "it was always shit" people.


that's because sage is not public anymore

There's a reason for that OP. It's because anime is getting worse

Namefags are dead in Cred Forums.
Apparently, no namefag posts in multiple threads these days.
They're a dead breed.
Also apparently, you're the only one left, tripfag.

fun is just a buzzword used by no-taste plebs that fall for obvious pandering.

All the fun things are at /jp/ user

all you get is abuse, so why would anyone want to be a tripfag or namefag?

any thread you post in is instantly derailed by it.

isn't this what Cred Forums wanted?

Unless your name is Bedford, Daiz or Jebus, no one cares who you are.

was this the result of archiving Cred Forums on the old archive

Don't come and stay out!

If they're dead then we must revive them. Starting tomorrow, since I need time to come up with a good name, I'm going to start namefagging. Wish me luck, Cred Forums!

There's that Michlan faggot who keeps making danganronpa and new game threads and ban evading

This. I'm gonna start tripfagging too.

Lets also buy passes while we're at it.

I think Cred Forums is fun and I enjoy many different threads.

this is the cancer thats killing fchan


is that so fucking hard to understand?

lets not go overboard

Are you that thick? Did you really believe them?

I just cant understand it



Those digits must be a holy sign.

You need the Cred Forums pass tramp stamp for maximum irritation


Hey girlfriend. How are ya?


What kinda music ya into (:?


sorry guys
im new
how do i use trip?

I like songs sung by Japanese women pretending to be young girls. You?

Too bad Hiro removed the signatures

Heh, we have pretty close music tastes. I like Japanese women who sing with their normal voices more, though.

Did he completely remove it? I thought it was a tiny green clover now, standing right next to the date.

Just add a # in the namefield and type something random after it! Such as #asgdasd

Sasukay is really cool.

Cred Forums'st still fun when there's fun anime.

Every time someone says they're going to start tripfagging I get all excited thinking we're finally getting some new blood but it turns out they were just ironically shitposting and drop their trip within a week.

But I care

You haven't even been tripfags for 3 minutes and you're already being pesky bumheads. I was actually being serious about namefagging, but now I feel bad for my post.

Awesome. You're an awesome girl.

now what?

I miss the big shitposters like Pork Wrangler, Komeji, Siztra, etc... It gave the community a common enemy that wasn't reddit.

wow what a lewd trip

I might start tripfagging, but I'm worried about upsetting Cred Forums by doing it - as there's not really a reason to do it.

Just that? Add a name or something, user.

If only they get a little more creative.
but nope.

I wish people making a point were funny.

The important part is to keep at it. If you get yelled at and drop it, you're worse than a long time tripfag.

Komeji did nothing wrong.

Cred Forums has been dead since Naruto manga ended. The cancer never left since that day.


hi again
why is there so much pedo stuff on this site??? its digusting


Becaise loli are sexy.