Miuna Monday

I'll post this every monday til you like it

Nagi no Asukara started airing 3 years ago today.
You Miuna Monday guys are persistent.
There's what, three of you left?

Thank you


This sounds like something my little sister wrote. I thought I was being rused.

user I already love it. Last Monday's thread was pretty long, so don't expect me to grab all possible IPs to MIUNA.
TL Note: MIUNA means bump.

Miuna si cuttteeeee

Protect my smile Miuna.

Thank you for another monday, Miuna.

That's wrong. The three correct options are:
In the name of Kira...





Good morning, Miuna. Thankyou for protecting my smile.

Why is she so fat?

she loves fish sticks

Nobody so far hates it. So you can't post it anymore.

Miuna will experiment with lesbianism and then grow up and marry Uroko-sama, thus becoming the queen of the sea.

Good for her.

Official 3 year Anniv. Hikari Manaka date


fuck off

Who will she experiment with when all the other girls have a boyfriend?

Surprise lesbian slumber party.

These threads used to hit bump limit.

This is a lie.

This isn't.

Goodnight Miuna

It did last week.

Meant for


Good night, Miuna.

I wonder if theyve kissed yet?

No one cares.

Or as we like to say around here, good riddance.

And it was terrible.

I see what you did.

No, my post is gone just like Miuna's happiness.

I think we need an answer on which one is the champion.

On the bright side neither will be missed.

I guess we declare Ash the champ.

How ghastly! And a bunch of other puns I don't want to bother with.

Here would have been a good place to end this.


Needs to mention the despair and wasting of life.

Is OP here?

Everyone likes it. No need to ever post it ever again.

Wow I never knew an animated version existed!

So two good things in this thread.

See The hate only makes the love stronger.

cmon the OP goes without saying.

You can't mean everyone has to like every post in this thread?

I am betting it will take 40 minutes to answer.

40 minutes or however long it takes to get to page 10.

This is what I like.

I think everyone likes honkers.

Half way there!

The suspense is unbelievable!

This is the only thread that keeps me alive. Every time I come back to see what's on Cred Forums on Monday I look for this thread. As long as this gets posted every monday I will stay alive

Get a life.

Sure thing senpai. Where's the exit so I can leave this purgatory?

I am going to make it my goal to these threads eradicated so you scum have an excuse to kill yourselves.

Exit is to the left. Also please silence your phone.

I'll be here waiting for you every Monday, I love you user.

How can I help?

What about that other Monday thread? That one looked fun.

Check out all the people and posts! How nice to be good.

Post "MIUNA" over and over in every Miuna thread, then the mods will delete the thread because of the spam.

I think they will delete those posts and ban me and leave OP alone.

Or you're just trying to get user banned


Admit it. You are OP.

We need a version of this for this thread.

go to the draw thread

Everyone is having fun over here aren't they?

That should be over there, right?

Yea, by the trash can.

Fuck off false flaggers. There's no reason why you can't lurk both, one, or none.

How is this?

Delete that at once, its horrible

No. In the trash can.

What is the true flag?

I mean besides the one true flag.

I hate you shitposter. Your stream of replies are weird and they genuinely get to me at times. Why even target this thread? It had a huge fuck you back at New Years yet it still lives. Go harass some other thread.

I will when OP does.

You think praising the flag of the United States of America is weird? I pledge intelligence to the flag of the United States of America and to the country for which it stands, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Go away 3rd worlder. You going to fail your test to get in here when you can't even remember the pledge correctly

U! S! A! U! S! A!

lol I pledge intelligence.

I have no idea how that happened.



And now, we wait.

Faire avancer le Schmilblick!

Why is it Miuna Monday and not Manaka Monday too?

Good night Miuna, dont let the shitposters get to you.

Let's do that next week instead.

Because Manaka loves Miuna as well.

That would be great.

Definitely. Miuna loves Manaka, too.

We had one already, in June.

Okay. Promise?

Was it nice?

It's a promise.

And that means no one bothers with this thread, right?

What. Why?

Because we would have

That's for next week that should be Miuna and Manaka Monday.

Good evening Miuna.

We don't need both.

Get rid of Megumin. They are parasites.

Megumin is a cute girl, don't bully or Miuna will cry.


But user promised.

We just need the one.

Well, it will be one thread. It's just tell Manaka needs some love too.

>It's just tell

Geez, user. I mean to say it'll signify that people can post Manaka too.


So we don't post anyone else.

Listen to the trips, Miuna

And good night, beautiful sea.

You care about trips?

But do you care about consequitive numbers?


So if I get a full house this will end?

You lost me.jpg

So I need to start from the beginning?

Thank you miuna for the weekly smile protection.

See you next Monday.


The Rock says, we are done here.

Goodnight, my beautiful sea.

Did you not here what The Rock said?

At last, people are listening.





we had one when the thread was alive for the whole week. miuna is exhausted and manaka finally got some chance

Manaka is a slut!



It's been ten days since I watched NagiAsu and came to know the perfection that is Miuna. When will I be able to move on?

Never, just like this thread.


Good morning, beautiful sea.

You have broken the agreement.

You know the first step to doing that?

Steps 1 through 5 are obvious.

Step 1: We send whoever it is that only posts to this thread when it is on page ten back to Mexico.

good one

Goodnight Miuna, I LOVE YOU.

I love dolis.

Pedo cunt.

General cunt

Imagine all the bandwith we would save if we got rid of these threads.

Very, very little.

That'd Chisaki though.

tumor chested slut