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You know how you tie an animals mouth shut and then glue it's feet together so it can't fight back as you slowly torture it to death?

That's what I imagine sex with shizuka would be like, lots of wriggling with no way to actually defend herself.

Don't jump the gun newshit, the other thread is only on page 6

first for user love

Gappy makes me happy

Have you fine gentlemen been keeping up on your Hamon breathing? Repeat after me.


Your attempt to be edgy is so pathetic you don't even deserve a proper (you




My kids are gonna love to try this

Overall, David Production made a good anime.Objectively, a lot of the animation, direction, and music isn't terribly great, but I want to replace it in the context of a minor studio doing this job. It sorta evens out. It could have been better, but it would have been asking too much for DP. I can't say I love the anime though, it's a goodie, it's here to expose more the manga, which everyone should read.

To be frank, if the anime's cancelled, I wouldn't care much. Seeing the derailing that is DiU, I don't really want DP to continue adapting JJBA. JoJolion is scheduled for French publication soon anyway.

I was missing you kinky strawpoll user

I want Aniki to ride my Aniki if you catch the rainbow

>Hamon breathing
Pathetic and useless


T-tell me the truth user, what is going on?
These last 10 minutes have turned my life upsidown



I hope Mikitaka dies

He doesn't

Some english hag trying to take love of life from me

Koichi dies next episode

Fuck you I saw him first

No you didnt


Im sure we can sort this out somehow
please no fighting ;-;

My heart will no longer feel anything

What exactly makes Mista so sexy?

how did this get so out of control so quickly

What did else you can expect from cold hearted woman

>said the gangster, bragging after he drove a poor girl to suicide

All she wanted was some of that good italian dick

Happy makes me Gappy

>Hermès will never throw her panties at you

which one of you even asked to add me on steam?
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>beady eyes
>dresses like a flamboyant slut
>fuckable bellybutton
>nice ass

Did these threads get less comfy around the time SHA/Kira's Quiet Life Part 2 came out? There are more and more low-quality shitting contents and Na*******ag is not even a problem anymore

Stop trying to make your MAL meme a thing

How do I become more like him?

The one who have Giorno attached to every post he make

They get shittier the more DP goes into QUALITY mode

Hopefully Highway Star fixes the threads

Why did Japan's interests go from walls of muscle to androgyny? I get that girls' interests changed by why would that significantly affect a manga shonen?

You can have his dick, but only after I take your ass!

Is this the true invincible stand? not counting of course gold asspullrience requiem.

>Girl's interests change
>Boys wanna be what girls like
>Giant baras are considered gay and guys don't like being considered gay for liking things that look gay
>Kids wanna read more about young men than those that look 30

>Araki wanted to try something fashionable and different
Gappy is actually a return to form, which is funny since the original Josuke was a little more slender after Araki stopped making him look like a shorter Jotaro. Interests just change in general

Bruno pls, you got Abbacchio for this kind of stuff

I cant decide based on so little, i have class in 20 minutes,
if you two have skype or discord or some shit il add you later


Well, you was asking for my steam, Mistaposter, so eh, here we go

I've been working on a few JoJo compilations of the anime and I noticed a little thing on the intermission cards and [To Be Continued] screens. Forgive the low quality of the pics since I had to reduce their filesize to upload them here, but you can see the original size on this album I'm making

If you look at all the intermission cards for Phantom Blood, and the specific color choices and moments they portray, they all seem to portray Phantom Blood in a way that seems almost intentionallly symbolic.

The first 4 stills are focused heavily on Dio and his rise to power, moments where he is specifically plotting something evil (breaking JoJo as a child, planning to kill JoJo with Ogre Street, planning to kill JoJo as a vampire, thinking of ruling the world) and they have a similar blue-ish color scheme.
The intermission stills from episode 5-6 portray Tarkus and Bruford, and then just Tarkus, with the same blood red color scheme, but at episode 7, the still is focused on Jonathan with those same colors, to show his triumph over them.
Then, at episode 9, the final still from Phantom Blood, shows Jonathan getting blasted with Dio's eye beams from that iconic panel, and the color scheme reverts to blue, similar to the first 4 stills that were focused on Dio.

I'm going to be making more of these to see if other parallels show up.

Looks like love CAN bloom on the battlefield.

Now that you faggots added eachother stop shitting up the thread.
Congratulations to the both of you.

Okayasu could beat it, as long as he doesn't act retarded.

What about Episode 8's Green?

>mfw part 4 ends and screen is filled with flower petals
>Golden boy emerges and gives the pose with orchestral BGM
>Time to ride the Vento Aureo

Fuck off.

>Erase a small part of it
>Get eaten by the rest of it
Good job retard, the Hand is way too slow to be taken seriously as an actual 1 on 1 fighting stand.
Cream on the other hand could destroy BIG

break down break down


How shit is my taste boys?

I like what that one user suggested
>End scene on the boat with Jotaro looking fondly at a picture of Jolyne in his wallet
>Slick transition to a picture of Dio in someone's wallet
>Pan up to show Giorno looking up with the sun on his back and JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE WILL CONTINUE

I think it's related to the [To Be Continued] screens.

The green/gray-ish screens (JoJo becomes a viking, Bruford gets hit with Overdrive, Speedwagon announces victory) are related to moments of triumph for the heroes.
Notice how the [TBC] screen from Episode 6 has the same blood red scheme that was used in the intermission screens from Episodes 5 and 6, but with Zeppeli in the focus.
And how the first three screens, focused on Dio and the mask, have a similar color scheme too.
It seems to me like this really was completely intentional. I don't know what to make of the screen focused on Poco's sister since it's utterly devoid of any color besides white/gray.

Still, I'm going to keep doing thse to see if I find anything else.

Catch the rain is overrated shit.

So this is the opposite of the internalized misogyny feminists like to talk about? Women brainwashing men into idealizing the male attributes that women like?

>catch the rain
Have you even read part 7?

Why do people act like the Hand is retardly slow? The only time its shown to be ridiculously slow is against Red Hot Chilli Peppers, who had super speed. Its can still put up a fight against Crazy Diamond who is one of the stronger stands in terms of hand to hand.

not him but rainbow nigger is overrated. leave the mask and rest is a pile of shit.

Its a sham araki never made him justice, it always looked like he would have an interesting fight by the end because of all those times he fucked up, I thought he would be like Polnareff in SC but Araki forgot yet again.

No. It's just fashion changing as per usual.

Meant for

Is there a date for when the full great days is getting released? Im fucking loving it

Study biology, it would be weird if women didn't influence the growth and development of a species to fit their preferences.
Women are largely much more picky than men and focus on traits like strength, intelligence, and success when picking a mate.

Soon hopefully. I can't stop autistically singing along with it

I really do love all the JoJo OPs

I agree with you.

I was just turned the topic into a quick jab at the hypocrisy of some feminists. That's what seems popular these days and it would be weird if such trends didn't influence me.

October 19th

Great taste, user. I like the GE appreciation.

I read it too but i agree with the previous user saying its bad. Weak ability, bad design, weird stand user i don't even remember the users name lol

>implying Kenzo wasn't the best minor antagonist of part 6
A stand that acts ''neutral'' towards the contenders was a stroke of genius

>Jailhouse rock
pretty good

I was just talking about the name btw, it's still a good stand though.

How did everyone here miss this?

If High Voltage Diego had the World, does that mean that the Johnny from his world had Star Platinum?

>his stand catches him in the anime

here's a challenge, oversimplify each part to muh ___________

Pretty sure he got bored and moved on.

The few times you see someone pretending to be him nowadays it's just to keep the meme alive

What if he didn't catch himself and Josuke just kind of died there

>part 3 muh mum
>part 4 muh duwang

>muh brother is evil
>muh aztec fitness
>muh stands
>muh town
>muh gangsters
>muh end of the world
>muh rica
>muh 4 balls mystery

Muh dad
Muh speedweed
Muh edge
Muh hands
Muh dream
Muh Heaven
Muh balls
Muh balls

Nothing would change because Rohan is the protagonist anyway.

muh humanity
muh red stone
muhda muhda
muh fetish
muh dream
muh heaven
muh legs
muh memory

too bad rohan is gay

>not muh「HEAVEN」
>not muh dream

This 6 will awaken my stand,


Jojolion: Muh Identity

It seems my luck has run out


So overall, does it feel like pt 4 has a lower budget than the previous 3 parts?

I know they've all had their QUALITY moments, but between the lack of CG openings and seemingly more frequent terrible animation, I feel like pt 4's budget is a lot smaller.

>muh dolphins

>Rohan the protagonist

Naw, he's the actual villain that framed Bowie

>someone in one of the youtube comments said they hated the song because "Jojo is supposed to be manly and this song talks about love"

If 3, gay priest is here now.

For some reason japs only like shonenshit and anything that mixes up the formula just won't do good

It could be that the new art style makes it easier to actually spot QUALITY.

but I have no idea, it could also be the fact that David probably didn't think they would be doing part 4 or 5 anytime soon so they had a higher budget for Parts 1-3, but I don't really know.

>muh vampires
>muh ruses
>muh punchghosts
>muh slice of life
>muh dreams
>muh priest
>muh patriotism
>muh identity

> Completely fails at fighting her nemesis
> Is dead, while Pucci is defeated by a secondary character
Why is Jolyne such a failure? No other JoJo jobbed like this.

>getting triggered by YT


>Johnny vs a fucking rock

It has both had the best and the worst quality of the show so far.
Goddamn Koreans.

>Doesnt have electric powers

>Red Hot Chilli Peppers
>Doesnt have fire powers

somebody needs to make an updated version of this for the anime


Would you rather
>get to have sex and be woth your waifu for three days, but Lobotomykun gets her hands on her forever after time is up
>increase the thread quality of all jojo threads by 300%, but your waifu stays not real

>befriends a fucking plankton that just killed 3 people in front of her
>because muh not human

>Jonathan dies to a fucking head
>Joseph almost died to the same head
>Jotaro dies to the same villain as Jolyne
>Josuke would've died if it weren't for Bites the Dust resetting time

Only JoJo that doesn't get fucked at some point is Giorno. Especially since he can heal himself and got GER

This is a shit choice, if anybody picks the first option they're autistic

kira is a weirdo. him dying is the best thing about diu imo

Why can't I just have my waifu forever? The downside for the first one is a lot worse than the second's.

>increase the thread quality of all jojo threads by 300%, but your waifu stays not real
Yasuho doesn't deserve a fate that terrible.

300% of zero is still zero user

>waaah why couldn't Jolyne asspull a new superpower out of her ass and beat Pucci
>no other JoJo jobbed this hard except for Jonathan who lost to a severed head and Joseph who almost died from a knife to the neck and Jotaro who was killed by the same villain that killed Jolyne despite having a much stronger Stand
>protagonists who don't win all the time are failures Jolyne worst JoJo

but he had to watch all the people he just became friends with die in front of him

So did Joseph and Jotaro

Name a better opening
>you can't

>i hate when threats are real

>has a stand shittier than fucking Hierophant green
>manages to beat OP as fuck stands though the whole part
>dies to a villain that literally can't be beaten
>still manages to make Emporio beat him
Yeah what a failure

Is there anyone here who would consider Part 8 their favourite part?

I don't dislike it or anything, it definitely has its unique charm (as all parts do), but so far, its storytelling has been unfocused, its MC is a meme and most of the stands it's introduced have been very boring. (I invite anyone who disagrees to name a few and prove me wrong, please don't say Killer Queen though)

Honestly, the only part I like less is part 5.

Great days

>OP as fuck stands
Name 2 that aren't Jail House Lock or Jumpin Jack Flash

C-Moon and 1v1 Whitesnake?

So were Joseph and Avdol in a romantic relationship?

>fucking Hierophant green
Since when is Hierophant Green considered a threshhold of shittiness? It has a lot of eclectic abilities.

Agreed that Stone Free is just a shittier version of Hierophant though.

It's just Araki practicing how to write a harem

i though those were a given with the whole
>villain can't be beaten

I'm not the same user though. I sould have wrote that earlier.

>hierophant green

No senpai, it's just restricted by Kakyoin's honour and Araki's fetish for Silver Chariot and Ora Ora Ora Man.

Seriously, Hermit Purple, Heirophant Green and Red Magician would have won most fights just be killing the stand user instantly but the stardust crusaders are retarded.

>possess enemy
>make them kill themselves by restricting airflow

how could Hermit Purple kill people as easily as Avdol's burning someone to bits or Kaykoin's possession



Sky high
Planet waves

Well I would say that part 8 is my favorite. I think the focus on characters and their interaction with each other is better than constant fights (eg part 5, who is still one of my favorites but for other reasons). The fights however are pure wits and tricks as opposed to raw power or "asspulls",for exemple a fight like beetlemania wouldn't have been possible in any other part yet it's done brilliantly in Jojolion.
The stands are also excellent, their designs are some of the best in Jojo I feel but that's personal preference (Soft and Wet, Love Love Deluxe, Vitamin C, King Nothing to name a few).
To get back on the characters we have a much smaller cast of villains and allies but I feel like it works well because everyone has a connection (this is a mystery manga after all) for example we saw Yotsuyu again a few chapters ago even though he died like 15 chapters in.
Also, Kira and Josefumi feels, and their relation to Holly is one of the best in Jojo I feel, the way Josefumi sees her as an angel of sort and shit.
But it all comes down to personal preferences and I can understand why someone would like a part with more traditional fights.

Why couldn't Joseph strangle them from a distance or blast them with harmon attacks?

HE can Spiderman around by can't fight in the same manner?

Rate the worst deaths (tragedy not lame)
>Failing saving her daugther by cruel irony
>When he thought that the he superpased his shitty fate, it strikes again
>failed saving the world
>killed by his best worst brother
>H E A V E N
>Natural causes

Hamon can only damage vampires


Nope. Super Sayain Kars' hamon attack nearly cooks Joseph alive.

I want Jolyne to stick her finger in my urethra and fondle my bladder with her 'Stone Free'.

Is that really Shokotan? Why does she look 7?

I want to dress up as Jotaro and fondle Jolyne's vagina with my 'index finger'.

that's because his hamon was waaaay more powerful than joseph's, they even said normally hamon would just make people's skin tingle or some shit


Nope. Part 2's first half shows Hamon being used on humans several times.

>tfw Hierophant Green NEVER possessed anybody after its first appearance

Are we just supposed to assume that Kakyoin considers this ability dishonorable? Couldn't Araki have addressed that in the dialogue somewhere?

It really seems like he forgot everything from Kakyoin's introductory chapter, right down to Kak's characterization (he never again displays his might makes right philosophy he had while working for DIO). Honestly it's more than can be handwaved away with "he was mind controlled".

I'm sure there are retarded ways of using Hamon that haven't even been considered. Shit, half of it is so vague Joseph could probably use the energy to change the body pressure of someone by overheating them. All he has to do is knock them out.

>Jotaro will never snort coke off your dick

Can someone edit Okuyasu's Dad as the backpack and Okuyasu as the kid?

30 year old series

>they even said normally hamon would just make people's skin tingle or some shit
Let's not forget that hamon was originally a form of therapy and Zeppeli was only interested in it because of its connection to the sun.

Yep, that's her.
Pic related is her too.

>possess Dio 'Meme Machine' Brando'
>walk up to joseph
>get hamon straigh to the dick

>possess any enemy stand user
>make them reveal dio's stand ability

Far more efficient than impersonating pic related

How old was she when these photos were taken? I guess Asian women aging gracefully isn't just a meme after all

Damn those asian genes

You realize those pictures are edited to fuck, right?

>tfw a year or so away from seeing pic realted animated

Spoiler that shit, I have severe acrophobia.

She is only 31. Only pasty white women age like shit at 30.

White women age fine if they take proper care of their skin and don't smoke.

You can't fall into your computer screen, you dip

I have no idea when those photos were taken, but Pic Related was taken October 4th 2015 and she is 30 years old in the picture.

I'm convinced JoJo gives people immortality.

Can someone edit this to make the dancing guy look like Kira and put the music to Crazy Noise Bizarre town?

Japanese women between the ages of 20 and 35 look basically identical to the untrained eye

And most them don't because they go outside and tan. Skin cancer is real

Why did Johnny forget that he could shoot bullets from his toe nails aswell?

Is she insane? Or a master at manipulating the weaboo/otaku?

Yeah and those that do age terribly. Its why you only see young ganguro

Boots are expensive, ya know?

EOH is £50 on psn store

Are white women even trying anymore?

You keep using this term, but I'm not sure you know what the fuck it means

Shokotan is the ultimate being.

>limp bizkit
>marilyn manson
>planet waves
>sky high
>under world
Let's remember that josuke jobbed to an epic paper guy and giorno jobbed to a guy who turns people into condoms

Thanks for the moonrune, maybe you can tell us what that is in english?

Jojo's vs badguys

Who wins

We didn't you super retard. Lurk more.

Eyes over heaven is £50 (fifty pounds) on the PlayStation network store


Has any mortal man created more delicious memes than Araki?

Crikey! thanks mate!


If you think MiH kills people you need to reread my friend.

No bloody problem mate!

Name my new stands /jojo/

Muh dog
Muh heterosexual life partner
Muh mom
Muh jewish dwarf
Muh dad
Muh money

Starless and Bible Black

This better be at least a full minute
really makes you think...

Say the first 5 words that pop into your head when thinking about each part

I'll start:
>part 1 tradition custom jojo sun dio
>part 2 bad shitty horrible worst awful
>part 3 bad pacing boring stands dio
>part 4 kira josuke good creative relaxed
>part 5 artsy fate themes good fights
>part 6 depressing weird jolyne neat reset
>part 7 long boring valentine death edgy
>part 8 gay harem ecchi gappy terrible

No do it yourself

name a better stand than whitesnake.

>AND long range
>can steal your stand
>aesthetically pleasing

Gureato bait user

Name mine.

If Steely Dans beat down was about 25 seconds, this beat down will be about 30 or 35 seconds.

>Sir Mix-a-Lot

Weather report
>can do literally anything

Poker Face and Jessica

but he's right, part 5 is great and has great fights

Weather Report
>can probably do whatever your stand does but better
>Heavy Weather
>Great design
>Doesnt have FAGT written all over it

Heavens Door
>Can literally do anything

this was meant towards

Embrace the Endless Ocean

Look it up

If this was any other anime that would have been rather seductive.

Is Part 1 is considered to be a mere prologue to the series what are your favourite and least favourite parts?

>Hierophant Green NEVER possessed anybody after its first appearance
He used it on Death 13 and that's it. But I agree it was forgotten.

>It really seems like he forgot everything from Kakyoin's introductory chapter, right down to Kak's characterization
>he never again displays his might makes right philosophy he had while working for DIO).

That's not really true. Think about Kakyoin's characterization for a moment. He hates that he fell victim to DIO's charms and let himself be made weak by DIO and he wants to get back at DIO for humiliating him in such a manner, he wants to put the stuff he did as DIO's servant behind.

In the second episode, Kakyoin says, regardless of the who the person is or what they do, whoever is victorious is just. And he relates this to himself. Despite knowing about DIO’s charisma and heavy powers of persuasion, despite him having a flesh bud implanted that made him unable to refuse DIO’s whims, rather than blaming DIO or even considering him as the one at fault, Kakyoin hates and blames himself for falling into it. He lost, so it’s his cross to bear, how it was done was meaningless because he lost. He is the evil one.

When he was talking to Jotaro about the loser being the evil, he was expressing this philosophy that he had that made him, personally, evil. And this is the reason for Kakyoin's entire character and why he joins the journey in the first place.

He could have gone home, he could have put DIO behind him, he was free. While he did say he wanted to help Jotaro, he barely knew Holly and Jotaro at this point. But he still decided, at that moment, to risk his life.

Kakyoin felt humiliated, pathetic and perhaps even ‘evil’, for what he’d become during those months of control. If he ran away now that feeling would never going away, it’d haunt him. The only way Kakyoin was ever going to truly be free from it all was if he faced DIO.

Kakyoin's entire character is dictated by that philosophy

>doesn't work on angry autists
How am I supposed to beat shonen MCs

Yeah part 5 is great but
>Part 2 and 3
>Part 7
>Edgy and boring
>Part 8
>Harem, gay (?) and terrible

I like that name, I think I'll pick this one for my Stand.


I mean, none of it's wrong.

okay but they aren't hot, like whitesnake

To be fair it is strong only because Rohan has it and he just happens to be able to draw a perfect 2D image mid-air in 0.00005 seconds

Yeah but neither are you


Why are you even here if you think jojo is 2/3 terrible and only good in the middle?


shut up

neither is whitesnake.
honestly all of pucci's stands look terrible.what went wrong?

>mountain tim
Good taste.

How does Pucci's hair work?

>he will never invade russia with you
why live

I think C-Moon actually has a pretty cool design

what the fuck? MIH is kinda weird but they're all good


>Not liking the horse cock

It looks hilarious.
Whitesnake is pretty menacing.
The only one that looks terrible is C-Moon.

best boy

4, 5, and 6 are pretty godtier parts. 1, 2, and 3 are just the set up - 7 and 8 completely destroy what made the middle parts great and it really is a shame. Instead of having weird, surrealist stories about odd people and things, SBR was way too gritty and 'muh realistic' made it too depressing and unfun to read. JJL tries way too hard to be weird and just ends up being Alt-Josuke collecting his harem while a bunch of plot threads build themselves up but ultimately are probably not going to lead anywhere.

Why does Whitesnake wear the BDSM gear?

If he developed a Stand what would it have been called? [Broken Heroes]?

Pucci read erotic novels in secret, it's probably his fetish

It makes sense bar the hair that connects to his eyebrows

It stops making sense completely when he gets the star on his forehead

More like Homon breathing amirite guise.

>part 5 is godtier
Ty based user, finally someone agrees

>not liking Pucci's Stands
All three are some of the best Stand designs in the series, especially horsecock

I really like the new OP

Prussian Blue

>muhda muhda


Don't open the spoiler.

Hitler Heir

>GER would still revert everything to 0.
goddamnit Giorno

Good for you

I'm glad to see Jonathan learned table manners in EOH

i agree

[Metal Heart]

Why wouldn't I want to open the truth?

Giorno you classy motherfucker

Not according to EoH

What are you doing right now /jojo/?

George would be proud ;_;

Not 「The Worlds Greatest」

Debating whether to continue to shitpost or go play vidya

Re-reading Part 7.

Re-reading JJL stoned.

Not much, just bought EOH hoping I don't regret it.

Oh, you will

Depends on the game? What ya thinking about playing

>It's not Giorno, the son of DIO, in someone elses arms

At least he got the revival part right

Trying to draw my characters but getting distracted. It sucks having no drive

Eating chili rellenos.

is it bad? I still have time to cancel it off amazon, I just want a fun JoJo game

I really liked EoH, it's worth it imo

dusting nerfed cards
heading to bed


still the best Jojo

Okay, after talking to some anons here I decided to start reading Part 5.
And why is this part so unpopular? I'm on the part where they're on the boat, and it's really damn good so far. I love the characters, and the fights are pretty fun.

It's unpopular because people skip it and excuse themselves for doing it by calling it shit.

I still can't believe Someone made this, shitpost or not

It has the same flaws as part 3 while not having the epic memes and nostalgia factor

Given how much free time I have, either 3 matches of Overwatch, or 1 match of League of Legends. I'd like to play Skyrim, but I loose time management if I play it.

Why is Josuke the only JoJo whos best friend doesn't die

>Is there anyone here who would consider Part 8 their favourite part?

That was when Part 5 honestly started to fall apart for me. It certainly started strong, especially Black Sabbath, but when Giorno joined the gang it became a lot more dull for whatever reason

It stayed relatively quality through out the rest of the manga up until Chariot Requiem where everything got kind of shitty

It's because it had Duwang-Tier translations (without the humour) in the past and people disliked it but didn't realize that shit translations took away a lot of the characterization and themes, people say GioGio is morally ambiguous, when in reality he's not, he just does what need to be done, a lot of people just go on Giorno's wikia and yell "DAMAGED XDD" then just skip it, I personally fucking love it

Mista didn't die.

Play bastion then jerk off to mei and widow maker. It's a perfect afternoon plan

It's mostly a lot of fighting which turns people off, especially when coming from part 4. Giorno and the villain are also kind of bland to some people.

But really, the main reason is translations and bandwagoning. If part 7 or part 4 still had shitty translations to this day I guarantee you they would be called bad by a lot of people, and a lot of others would parrot off of that. Not saying you can't like P5 even with good translations, just saying that's one of the main reasons why there seems to be a universal dislike.

Meant for

giorno's personality goes to shit after drinking abakio's piss
I started not liking it at around grateful dead and final battle was a mess.
part 5 as a whole had a lot of potential.Ideas are awesome but they dont deliver

>has very limited time
>wastes it on endless games that won't create any meaningful 「memories」

It's fun if you only want pure fanservice or you like the CC2 Naruto games. Other than that there's nothing to it. Bad story, online is awful, no splitscreen, not even a real fighting game, etc. I'd just say wait til it goes down in price.

climb with reaper.nigga carried me from gold to diamond in one sitting

My man. I'm going to do just that now.

My life is meaningless so I think it's fitting lol.

I don't see it. I'm only at the beginning, though.
That's a shame.
I'm reading the newer translation, which might explain why I like it more.

it still doesn't have complete new scans, they stop about 3/4ths of the way, thanks JJCA

>Implying games and and manga like Jojo aren't just time wasters to fill the villain life

I can't see this picture as a Jojo reference. It can pay lead to a terrible cock gore scene

>derailing that is DiU

Always the same bullshit.

Alright we get it, you guys have been saying it's a bad anime since season 1. We don't care.

Can't wait for the Vento Aureo anime to make that part bearable, finally.

Play leag, pick Jhin, listen to Sex Pistols.

You just replied to somebody posting a MAL review for (You)s in every thread

From Phantom Blood

Oh yeah, I forgot who Dire was.

Well, whats hurts man, really really bad

Why not glue its mouth and tie its feet, instead?

Cant blame you

Is there a worse character than dire in the entire franchise?

>He must be someone who is not interested in political power, fame, wealth, or sexual desire, and who chooses the will of God before the law of humans.


Doing Stroheim's specials.

delet this

Paisely Park and Vitamin C are beyond god tier designs and abilities.

>he even gets a 4

>shigechi dies
lmao who tf cares about the fat shit to even include him in the spoilers

When can we expect to see King Crimson animated? SC ended in the summer of 2015 and DiU started airing in the spring of 2016 so does that mean that GW should start airing summer or fall 2017? I just want to know how it works once and for all.


ive just watched the entire battle tendency and holy shit it was so good. why did people tell me to start with stardust crusaders instead??


>Precision & Range: C

You'd just end up zero summing.


vitamin c is just nu-spice girl - the fight was very good but the ability not so much. and paisley park has so many abilities that it's kind of ridiculous that yasuho gets such a powerful stand

and that's not mentioning all the shitty stands in JJL, like fun fun fun (weirdly specific, weird design not in a good way), both schott keys (boring as shit), i am a rock (ugly as sin), california king bed (uncreative ability, bland design), king nothing (super cool design but is really fucking useless), paper moon king, and more. Nut king call, soft and wet, and obviously killer queen are the only stands that are pretty good, but not godtier as so many people sperg out over.

Fuck off ukrainian boy.

leave this place and never touch anything jojo-related ever again

Might as well point out that SC should be written in Egyptian while you're at it.

"Hello!" says Fatwagon, in his booming voice. Your eardrums almost popped from his voice, it's like Fatwagon became a literal sound wave and sat right on top of your ear drum to crush it with his fat, stinky butthole.

How do you respond?

We are mean people here. leave and watch the rest of the series.

No one cares.

Not really, Dire was poorly handled. Straizo on the other hand has to be one of the funniest characters in the series

>Comes up out of nowhere near the end of Phantom Blood
>Only any relevant because he didn't job as hard as his bro Dire
>Suddenly buddy pals with Joestar's gang when Jon marries Erina
>Adopts Lisa Lisa and makes her a Hamon User to justify Joseph knowing Hamon and that poorly written backstory involving George II being killed by a Dio zombie
>Suddenly face-heel turns and becomes the arc 1 baddy at the beginning of Battle Tendency
>"im jealous of dio. i dun wanna be old. i miss zeppeli. fuk you speed week. my feet hurt"

My only grip with later parts is just how the good guys seem to walk out fine after getting shot nearly everywhere.

Catch up then wryyyyd the manga my dude, this isn't the nicest place for newcomers

>How do you respond?


I wish he stuck around a little longer.

>Zombie Horse

haha it's le >posting controversial images to shit up the thread meme!
haha this is hilarious and totally not reddit and/or Cred Forums!


>What are you doing right now /jojo/?
>Im making this.
>Lol no one cares.


How are they supposed to fuck in those outfits?

Wait, I take that back.

>spend the rest of your life reading medical texts
>learn how to make yourself immortal with newfound knowledge + powers
>rinse and repeat with other subjects i.e. engineering for kickass tv, physics for hammer space, etc.

And then afterwards I guess just take over the earth once you get bored of being an immortal wizard living in your pimp castle.

If the next jojo is jordan joestar how would you react?

This looks like a job for SEX PISTOLS REQUIEM OVAH HEAVEN

Stop replying

Matured Kosaku-Kira will have this hair color....




Yes, I'm the same guy from last week

>what is dry humping

is that a rare shiny Kosaku

I'm so tired of JoJo fans
on one hand you have the autistic teenagers who feel the need to make everything into a JoJo reference, and on the other hand you have the autistic teenagers who spoil people because they're not caught up

I honestly wonder if this was what Araki intended

Though the gray looks more like he could pass it off

are these any good? where can i buy that Bowie kira?

please no

learn basic japanese before you make retarded posts like this
fuck, the least you could do is learn to listen to the fucking voice actors

Is there any good Vitamin C art?

the first one
don't go on JoJo threads like these if you don't want spoilers!! the first kind of fan you mentioned is cancer though



Have you guys heard? Apparently in the next episode they will finally change the ED, and it's Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve.


>what is food coloring
>what is oil
>what is shoe polish
>what is literally any black liquid

Why was that even an issue?


Fucking disgusting. Keep your tumblr trash out of Jojo please.

How do you pronounce Ghiacchio?And why are the italian pronounciations are so weird?how does Giorno become Jorno?

this is as bad as that one time some user posted that abdl jojo fan fic.




Most characters in part 5 have their names based off of real life foods/fashion brands, you can look it up on youtube if you really want to know.


watching Gurren Lagann and then taking a shit

I don't speak italian but my guess is Gee-ah-chee-oh or something




Diaper fetish.

Adult Baby/ Diaper Lover

Diaper fetishists. It's really disgusting.

italian here. it's pretty easy actually. English pronunciation is the weird one.

anyway it's Ghee-ah-chee-o



Ok thanks!

Not him but is that a soft G or a hard G

why tho?


hard G. like "ghost"




>tfw you're in an autistic crossover


I-I can't stop reading it.

I kind of want to see how it ends.




How badly is it going to fuck up the things that make Jojo Jojo, like the creative powers and fights, the tension, the actually odd characters, and how much will it replace with tumblr tier garbage....?

"Ghi" like in Git gud

Sadly it's not done.

May I ask why


stop fucking posting this shit, faggot

Good. I probably would have given myself an aneurysm if this fucker was autistic enough to give a bunch of undertale characters stands and create something almost as long as SDC

Nothing else is going on here so I don't see why not.

>nothing wrong with posting Deviant x Tumblr grade shit

I would applaud them for sticking with it for so long, because it shows they aren't just trying to cash in on the fame of both series for the sake of money (assuming they're doing the patreon thing) or to make a name for themselves.

It's ongoing still though, so only time will tell.



shut the fuck up, we're reading

I often wonder what Jhin vs. Mista would be like Too bad I'd never see it

>stands are undertale songs
Expected that.


Jesus Christ I don't know whether to be appauled or impressed


I was expecting memes.

fuck off you fucking samefagging bitch


>a cop just letting a criminal go because some king said so
no dignity

So I'm pretty new to Jojo's and I'm watching the anime of SDC. When exactly do they get to Egypt and this gets good? Because so far it's just been a bunch of uninteresting fights with episodic villains who do stupid shit the entire episode only for them to get beaten in less than a second.

>he's my son so he is the prince and therefore my diplomatic immunity extends to him

Of course I doubt that much thought was put into that line.

me and the user posting the comic posted literal 4 seconds apart, spergmaster

>read the manga

Would you fight a Barra goajt man over it? I wouldn't

It picks up the pace at egypt.

What is his stand?

The halfway point, and it's the same thing every Stand user

If you don't like it now you probably won't like it by the end

You should know, if you're watching the anime. SC was split into two arcs, so once you've finished the first one you should go onto the Egypt arc.

If I'm not mistaken that's the green fire schoolgirl.

That's gren fire girl I think

I think budget is the same but it's just very uneven

Tease, I was expecting the whole sdc painstakingly recreated in ms paint.

SDC is pretty boring until the Egypt arc, then it gets fairly entertaining, but you probably shouldn't come here unless you're caught up, this really isn't the friendliest place for newcomers


>mod nuked the whole thing just as the last page was posted



R.I.P. surprisingly intriguing autistic crossover

Another one.

Not possible, he's probably still monitoring the thread for shitposts.

thank god.
if we don't want these generals to be deleted we better keep them clean.

What uses does this stand have?

it powers up the spin, read the manga

Hurting people

Energy Manipulation and rapid aging

Accelerates energy, which has huge potential

I just got here, what the hell happened

niche fetish

Does it work with cars?

I wonder if a stand could have powered up Hamon

I solved it. Gappy is Jesus incarnated


someone was posting Undertale x Jojo comics so the mod nuked 'em
that's about it

Got it.

>It got deleted

Made an edit to react to the shitposting but I was too late.

Thank you based mods.

Stop posting your jojosonas here.

Fucking aspie posting that shit in the first place. I bet the mod was reading it though

Hermit Purple was good at transferring Hamon

Thank fucking god, keep those faggots at bay.

No but I mean actually, actively powers it up.

Hundred percent think they wanted it to finish first. It's like an eclipse or two homeless people fucking. You just can't look away until its done


For some reason I really ship her and Araki...that interview between them made my heart soar, especially when he got flustered when she asked him what his type of girl was like and he was like.

Tusk but Jonathan has it

If instead of diego with THE WORLD Funny pulled out jonathan with this stand. how would you react?

Are those your dollies user? They're very pretty.

>For some reason I really ship her and Araki

Whipping Post and Sister Golden Hair

fuck, marry, kill


Why didn't he just pull out Giorno with GER?

so what do y'all think of Purple Haze Feedback

I like it, the writing is a bit amateurish but not bad for what they're trying to do

Marry Dio
Kill Pucci
Fuck Kars

Marry a gunstore owner and steal his guns, fuck him when I get caught, kill the both of us with said guns because I just married and fucked a man all for the sake of getting a free gun.

Giorno was not born yet. read the manga.

Fuck Kars
Marry Valentine
Kill Diavolo


>not marrying Kars

He needs someone to replace that Esidisi shaped hole in his heart.

Great Days > CNBT > Chase

I got something Horrid. can this thread handle it?


why would you kill such an innocent, pure and pious man

Where are we user?
Post it

>Posting Pepe on Cred Forums
I laughed, good edit.

fuck off

He tried to get inbetween me and Dio and being gay is a sin in the eyes of god, so I'm just doing gods work


Thank you!

Kill Kira and marry Valentine since he seems to run an open marriage and won't care about me fucking everybody else

He looked at me funny.

Pucci has no sexual desires.

Pucci is so good.


priests aren't asexuals dude. no way a man with those hips is asexual.

expected worse

>Pucci has no sexual desires.
do you really believe that he and Dio didn't have something going on?

>that filename
I ain't clicking on that shit, nigga.

>I want him, therefore he can't be asexual

Asexuality is just a meme, no one is actually asexual.
The difference is Pucci took a vow of celibacy to become pure in mind and body.

>he never sat around naked with his bros

The only pervert here is you.

I am finally going to make love to him.

>Asexuality is just a meme, no one is actually asexual.
don't start this autism again

you have a higher res of this?

well, according to tumblr some asexuals are okay with having sex, so that's not really a problem.

Celibate is what I meant, not asexual

DIO described discipline in his diary, not a lack of desires to be tempted by.

That's not asexual though, that's just autism

Asexuality is real af. Dont be rude to anyone that isn't cis

You can be asexual and cis, cis just means you believe you're the type of gender you were born with

Tumblrites ruined the word


i agree but don't say those words on Cred Forums

at least it could be worse.

Cis can mean cisexual which is basically just heteronormative and cisgender identifying lol


The term you are looking for is straight.

>No other JoJo jobbed like this.
Jobtaro, there is no one here that can disagree with me.

Straight is probably the most offensive term still used

No it's not.

Cunt still holds that honor.

>asexual=not cis

how? and stop avatarfagging

>Tfw This is your fetish.
kill me now.



Dont need to go into detail b/c Cred Forums wont agree with me. lets just go back to talking about how rohan is the bestest boy of all time

>Straight is probably the most offensive term still used
I never got why anyone would find that offensive. Cis is just as inherently bad since it originates from clever wordplway with "Trans" vs "Cis" fats, but trans fats are literally the worst thing you can eat vs cis fats which are all the good fats.

How do you guys find Valentine?


Rohan fujoshits are worse than Naranciafags, cause at least Narancia has some likeable qualities to him

look for the blond guy in the pink/white suit, probably has an american flag and some napkins

Like this.

Funny Vorelintine

Is this the best fan stand?

because Cis people aren't oppressed, stupid . anywho enough about this lets just discuss JoJo

i just dig a bit into the ground

Shouldn't this be the part were you realize he is baiting?

Neck yourself.

>Rohan fujoshit spouting Tumblrite terms

Stop giving them (You)'s. (You) know who I'm talking about.

I wish this were the case. RohanChan is a completely new shitposter that showed up a couple days ago, she's a self proclaimed Fujoshi that is married to Rohan.

>responding to fujoshi tumblrtards


So either don't bring it up, or straight up don't post here. Why the fuck would you even come to this website if you disagree with nearly every person here?

Thats RohanChan, just ignore her shitposting and maybe she'll fuck off for good.

I just watched all seasons of jojo, from phantom blood to the newest diamond i unbreakable, what chapter should i start reading from?

the start of I am an Alien

New JoJo game when?

I don't know what the chapter number is, but search "Diamond is Unbreakable" on Ctrl + F "I Am An Alien" and you should find where the latest episode left off, though I'd recommend reading from the beginning of the episode since the episode cut some stuff out.

Stone Ocean

Do not read part 5, not worth the time.

fuck off

>beginning of the episode
I meant beginning of the arc, but I wasn't that far off.

What the fuck, user?

Naranciafag save us from the Fujoshit Rohan tumblrfags and I'll post my entire Narancia album

>you will never have a harem like this.

It's the truth let's be honest here, part 5 has shit scans and translations, and he won't miss much if he watches the anime.

>Do not read part 5, not worth the time.

"part 5 sux xDD am i cool yet"
fuck off

I didn't bring it up lmao. People were already talking about asexuals when i joined the topic
i'd rather just stick to discussing jojo but no one is really doing it in the thread
nope, I'm Anna
but I'm literally not shitposting everything I post is discussion related. also im not going anywhere so you better keep crying

The new translation is 4 volumes from being finished. Just because you skipped Part 5 doesn't mean he has to.

Avatarfagging is when they use the same image.

Lurk more.

redirect to
You mean the shitty b&w scans?

Thanks guys!
Is there a real reason to skip part 5 or is user just memeing?

>but no one is really doing it in the thread
Because you put a fucking damper on everything. I wouldn't mind your retarded ramblings if you weren't constantly avatarfagging.

This is my last response, but you should really consider the fact that you're a detriment to the quality of these threads and sometimes make them unbearable to be in.

It wasn't asexuality, it was Pucci's celibacy in regards to his devotion to God/DIO.

He's not memeing, he just has brain damage, or is assblasted that people have called him out on his shit taste.

Memeing, but a lot of people don't really like Part 5 for whatever reason. I personally love it, but I'd recommend you reading it for yourself to find out what side you're on, so to speak.

it's just memes
part 5 isn't the best, but there's no reason to skip it

Part 5 is fuckin' gureato, don't skip it

He's not meming. P5 is horrible, it ruins people's lives its so bad

I already have a 400+ Narancia album but I'm always done for post more of him.
What do I need to do?



Part 5 is my favorite so I'll just say he has shit taste.

I am telling you to skip because it will be a bad experience, and everyone here knows how bad part 5 scans and translations are.
Why deny that?

The lighting is really off for that gay blowjob in retrospect


i just really like rohan so i post him all the time but I also post tons of other jojo characters. you probably just don't realize that it's me. im not going to stop posting rohan because you guys have bad taste, he is literally the best boy in the series so i'll post him anytime i want and keep being salty


Because there are now better scans and translations available.

really? how long should it take to be finished?

I never read the english scans so I wouldn't know.
I'd still say don't skip it. Most people don't and a lot of people like it just fine.
I'm saying this to him, of course, you're just memeing.

>instead of just enjoying myself and these characters I'm going to intentionally antagonize anons who have nothing against me or fujos, therefore making it impossible for me to post in peace

Or you could just, you know, stop shitposting and being a passive aggressive asshole.

JJCA isn't being lazy(for once) so probably a few weeks to a month


Well considering it's been over 15 fucking years I'd say another year and a half or so.

By the end of the year, according to one of the guys who's doing the new translation. Daxing Dan said he was a bit of a hothead, though, so that might be wrong.

They've been updating it really fast, on the other hand, so I'm pretty sure they'd be able to finish it in that amount of time.

can we get some English scans on that translation user-kun?

Josuke is cutest JoJo and I'll fight whoever denies it irl

How old are all of the translations? I know SBRs was being done when it was still being released (albeit nowhere near as fast as JJL's), and Duwang is about ten years old. SO's is also pretty old, too, isn't it?

Giorno best boy

honestly? part 5 is actually really boring, i didn't finish reading it but its just your average monster of the week crap and the characters suck. The only good part of 5 is giorno because hes the only one that actually gets anything done and he isnt some weirdo
Passive aggressive asshole? this is Cred Forums you fuck, im from tumblr but even I know you're being stupid if you care about hurt feelings this much on an anonymous website. discussion is the most important thing

The won't do sleeping slaves until after VA or Gw I guess gets animated to keep the meme alive

Jesus Christ RohanChan is the fucking worst

>im from tumblr
Fuckit, i'll take the bait
that's explains a whole lot ya shit

>this is Cred Forums
>all of Cred Forums is Cred Forums

Also, you're being a dick and then turning around and getting butthurt when people are pissed off at you.

You're the only one with hurt feelings here, and now you're desperately trying to save face because you unintentionally (or let's face it, intentionally) made a name for yourself with your constant shitposting.

you know you can be banned for avatarfagging, right?
t. someone who occasionally goes to /feg/

I think the SO translation is the oldest one that people still read, if the old yellow scans for Crusaders' translation has not been replaced.

Sleeping Slaves already has a good translation if you read the VA guide on Pastebin

Not that it matters because it's the worst part of VA

So you're the fucker I'm supposed to stop.
Thankfully your idiotic shitposts standout a lot.
So please fuck off.

narancia fag vs. rohan-chan when???

If you stupid fucks learned to stop replying to shitposters and autists long ago we would never have a naranciafag, gappy is happy poster, teruposter, etc.

All he wants is (You)s because he's a giggling underage autist who thinks he's so funny baiting kids like him on the 4chinz. Hell I could start spamming Rohan images if I wanted replies.

Stay angry
Rohan isnt the only character I post, he's just a favorite

lets get back on topic. its getting boring replying to someone that isnt talking about jojo

But it still isn't his body.

I guess now.
Also thank you for making me Jotaro.
Can you please leave now?
Or will we drag this out?

Can't believe it, but he is completely right.


They've been replaced for years, I'm pretty sure. I still miss the retarded name spellings the old scans had.

You need to be at least 18 to post on this site.

Narancia is a generic character. all he is is some walking trope of a street punk with a sad past with a lame stand too. If he wasnt even in the part nothing would change he's just stupid comedy relief at most like the jarjar binks of jojo

No that's Fatty, Aerosmith at least actively took part in hunting for the villain, ironically enough they both fulfilled similar roles.

How is aerosmith a lame stand fucker?
Just leave now so that guy can dump his narancia album.

*within the story

I've got a dropbox link for all the photos

Not even the Naranciafag but Little Feet and Talking Heads/Clash were really good fights, unlike Cheap Trick or RPS Kid which are up there in the worst battles in the series

To be fair that's everybody in Part 5

>Giorno meets a bunch of fruit loops
>Afterwards, we develop them with a flashback
>They all leave the group or die anyway except the one non-gang member and Mista
>By the way let's have our epilogue be ANOTHER flashback indicating everyone was doomed from the start and justify the whole 'le fate' theme

I don't know, I feel like people like the idea of Part 5 more than the execution. It's like it took a nosedive as soon as Giorno joined the Gang and Araki focused more on developing the enemy Stand users more than the protagonist

Jostar's a good one.

it's literally just a fighter plane that can shoot things and we already had bad company so why couldn't it be something more original like a bird?

jolyne's design would be so much better without those retarded hair eggs

How the fuck would changing the design help you like it anymore?

I told you not to give them (You)'s. If you cut off their food supply they look for food elsewhere.


but then it wouldn't be Bizarre

Sorry mane I'm trying to kill this Rohanfucker.
He insulted narancia so now I can't give up.

I like you. Here's an image for your cause.

They completely fucked Joseph's name, which is the easiest one in the crew to not fuck up. I think they even called him Josef, but I'm not entirely sure.

I don't think Joestar is a real name, but it's been romanized that way since the dawn of time.

It's because she's in Florida and she thought doing that would give her a chance to meet mickey the mouse and fulfill her dream of bouncing on his hot rat dick.

She nearly creamed herself when her cellmate put her inside of that dead mouse.

because its really lame and forgettable in design and ability and other stands like it already exist so no one with good taste would care about some boring stand like Areosmith
i'm well over the age of 18, don't worry

>general has been here for years
>still one of the most hated
>always avatarfagging and pretending to be *fag
>not even following the culture of the website
>still hasn't been banned

For some reason after Josuke, Araki thought it was a good idea to give Giorno and Jolyne incredibly stupid hair despite it not being important to their characters like it was for Josuke. Like, both of their hair are even worse than Josuke's pompadour and yet they walk around like it's nothing

And no-one ever comments on it, either.

There's always one person or group of people that shit these threads up at a time. RohanChan came, and now suddenly Naranciafag is pretty tame.

These threads will never have a happy ending. I think the problem is more the people that JoJo attracts than these threads constantly being up, at this point.

I like Giorno's donut hair

Because there's always at least one character in the part with a hairstyle more ridiculous.

Don't call me rohan fucker that just makes me seem like some slut that only wants to fuck rohan. even rohan chan is a better name if you really need to call me something insulting

Now it's clear you're just trying to piss me off.
But you're just hitting the wrong notes.
Why are you even here it's clear based on the reactions of others that no one cares about your shitty shitposts.
Just leave so something good can be posted.

I don't. It honestly ruins a perfectly acceptable design for me

I call everyone fucker you dumb fucker if you don't like it just move to some other site with more dumb fuckers like yourself fucker.

A hairstyle like that would probably cause confusion between Giorno and Bruno's appearances, unless it was blonde.

They forgot that Gyro dies

Rohanfucker getting angry? I would've never seen it coming

Do you think I want people to reply to me? this attention is annoying me and I came here to post rohan and talk about jojo

You're ignoing the pros and cons of different stands.

Bad company can shoot but it lacks the mobility of aerosmith (another shooting stand) and harvest (another swarm stand) calling it "X-stand 2.0" only shows that you haven't really thought about this stand in-depth before brushing it off as useless.

Wasn't Joseph romanized as Josef in his gravestone?

New Thread.
Reminder to not reply to any Rohanfags.

You can post him without being a shitty fucker who adds nothing to the thread.
Take a lesson from Carnefag and just leave alone and forgotten.

>this attention is annoying me and I came here to post rohan and talk about jojo
>this attention is annoying me
>post Rohan
there's your problem Rohanfucker

I know, I just posted it because it was the design without the stupid doughnuts. I'd honestly say he would look the best with blonde, almost saiyan like hair. Kind of similar to High DIO or Koichi

I don't understand why Araki made the next 'protagonist' after the character whose very self-conscious about his hair have even more ridiculous hair

I really wish Giorno just looked like that through part 5.

I actually discuss jojo, your imagedumps are literally just spamming
Stay angry


>Stay Angry

>I actually discuss jojo

I guess these past few days have just your time of the month then.

Why do you keep saying Stay angry?
It's such a retarded thing to say.
Also I am able to hold an actual discussion about jojo, which you probably can't.

Giorno having a floppy blonde bowl cut that goes up when he's pissed off or something similar to High DIO would be a nice design choice that adds a bit more to Giorno being his son.

Not that I think about it, that sounds a bit Donut Steel OC-ish, so maybe it's a good reason why Araki never did that.

Didn't Josuke do that?

He already did that with Koichi so it might've been a bit redundant. I honestly think it would've been just fine to have his hair be blonde and spikey when he got his Stand like he already did. The doughnuts were unnecessary

Not that Giorno already doesn't get, sometimes rightfully earned, complaints about being pretty OC-ish

Is there is art of Pepe as The World?

can you speak like a normal human being and not spout out buzzwords and memes

It happened once in the Angelo fight.

Yeah, I understand you. I like Giorno, but Araki really could've played up the "Dio but good" thing.

I suppose it wouldn't exactly fit in with VA's theme of overcoming your past and tackling fate if Giorno acted like his dad all the time, though.

I don't know make it yourself it's a fucking pepe shouldn't be hard.