What are your thoughts about Amagi Brilliant park?

What are your thoughts about Amagi Brilliant park?

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That she was easily the best.

Water > Air >>> Fire >>>>> Dirt

No season 2

Dropped then ask "any doujins yet?"

Pretty mediocre, but it has plenty of breeding material


it has TONS of breeding material

It was kind of wasted potential. The premise was unique but it tried too hard to be comedy, drama, lewd, etc, the filler episodes sucked and the only good thing about the show ended up being KaniexSento chemistry. Last episode was an unsatisfying non-ending too.



I've never actually seen it. All the girls are 10/10 cute or sexy though.

definitely aoty that year

I gotta watch it again sometime

Okay, Was a little funny.
Garbage ending.

Bottom 3 of the Kyoani list.

used goods

Tested and approved.

Doujin bait

Too muscular. Too blond.

that's nothing call too blonde

Kobori is best girl

The girls in Amagi were drawn really well.

Another cookie cutter Kyoanus production for mouth breathing retards.

I want to give her my cum!

I want to take Kobori out on a romantic date and treat her like a princess!


It's unironically one of my favorite anime of all time

Every girl in Amagi had the best armpits.

One of the best shows of 2014 and one of my favourite comedy shows of all time. Season 2 never :(.

those vagina bones sure are something

LN translations when?
Fumo translations when?
Elementario spinoff when?

Nothing spectacular, but I love it and it's much more entertaining than any Kyoani shows lately.
S2 never and I'm fine with it.

I want to breed with her.

I think it's a pretty good healthy anime.

S2 never
It was fun, the Rollercoaster Tycoon anime that we deserved. It helps that every single one of the female cast members was delectable.

Always good to remember

>S2 never
I doubt it

but she can't have kids yet


>too muscular

What are you, some kind of loli lover?

pirate sento gave my biggest boner of the season

This thread needs more Steam.

You lost me

>24 years old

Just made KyoAni reach their peak at TV. (Haruhi did this for them in the movies).

It's an amazing waifu catalogue, I was a bit disappointed thinking that the fairies played a more major role but I was fine with the dedicated episode and their occasional screentime.

The visuals were stunning compared to most other stuff I watched.

Muse is best, Sylphster a close second.

Salama is so lewd! LEWD!

My wife Kobori is so cute.

I'm not really seeing Kyoani doing the same deal that make Amagi happen again.
Maybe S2 will happen under different studios, who knows.

Isn't the Amaburi novel published by Kyoani?

No, its Kadokawa's.

you don't want a season two. it turns edgy just like FMP does.

Genuinely one of KyoAni's best works. Easily top 5.


I'm a lolicon but would fug the princess along with the elementarios except for fireshit. and sento is shit too.

I'll be honest: I only cared for the visuals in this show.

Any other studio than KyoAni will just ruin this, so I'd rather never a second season.

Not enough porn of it.

is she a Shiina wannabe?

It was really fun
S2 never

>Good comedy with well-executed visual gags
>Charming cast of characters
>Needed more jiggle physics

Even the visuals weren't up to par compared to most of their shows.
Quite a shame since a series about amusement park with top-tier visuals would've been amazing.

Salami's outfit was unbelievable lewd

>I'm not really seeing Kyoani doing the same deal that make Amagi happen again.
What do you mean by "same deal"?

Post Muse Midriff

There is no fucking way Kyoani adapts this. Not only is it Season 2 which they avoid but it's lewd as shit.

They're not going to animate a sex scene between Sento and Kanie

>They're not going to animate a sex scene
Of course they won't, it's becasue there isn't any.

>Sento locks her legs against Kanie
>They kiss passionately while they're naked in a love hotel bed
>Sento dreams about her daughter afterwards

Really nigga?

I want to pull down the front in front of a crowd of people.

Made for cumming on

>interrupted by a phonecall before they get even further
Too bad, better try next time Sento.


the best

I want to give Airhead the Pig-chan special!


Way ahead of you.

I just want S2

Why isn't the opening on youtube? I want to re watch that

>Cumming on
>Not cumming inside

It's the second best thing but please let's focus on the real prize here.

Koreanon, where are you?


>following the source material

who is that?

The guy who did the summary of the latest novel when Sento and Kanye fucked (sort of)

Deal? What are you talking about?

>We will never know when Based KoreaAnon appears to make Amagi great again

I want to fuck Kobori out in the office and leave her pregnant


If kumin-senpai didnt exist... Sento it would have been my waifu for sure


The 'literally who' character



She may be lewd but that's one of her charm points

>Reminder that this is canon

I want to cum between Sento's sentos.

don't you mean push down her back part and stick it in her pooper?

>Implying Kanie hasn't already done that

We know he's going to fuck Sento in the future and create a cute daughter. I wonder how their daughter would act like though, having a narcissistic father and a straight-laced mother.

Some of the best laughs I've ever had.

But more than that, it's one of the few OPs I would watch in every episode, and even clap at the right times and everything. Something about the lyrics is so bittersweet, full of longing and wonder.

I had a lot of bad shit going on in my life and then this aired and it was like an intense love affair. It couldn't last forever, but I'm glad I experienced it and it healed my heart. Easily one of my top five.

Sento is for ______

ending was mediocre, not to mention the random final episode

breast insemination

She might be narcissistic hot girl