Convince me why i should watch One Piece

Convince me why i should watch One Piece.

>watching One Piece

No one should watch shounen.

don't, just read the mango

If anything, you'd read the manga. The anime is just terrible, at least later where they adapt 0.5 chapters per twenty minute episode.


Zoro has nice collarbones.

it's the best as far as long running battle shonen go.

That's not really saying much, seeing as most of them are painfully mediocre, but still.

Because it's shounenshit for underagefags.


no. dont watch it
read it

Most popular anime now are either made for losers who need an escape from the real world or children.

Personally, I think it's a great manga, fun and action packed with an epic adventure and endearing characters. But I won't try to convince you to watch it.

watch till thriller bark ends.
then read the manga.
or just quit watching after water 7/enies lobby (peak of the series)
because while thriller bark isn't as good as enies lobby, the series goes full on shitfest around sabaody

>Implying watching anything is not in any form escapism.

Watch pre timeskip but do not watch post timeskip

Also dont listen to these fags' opinions who havent seen an ep of this.

>shounenshit for underagefags
Says the underage fag

>Gintama(last season was shit though)
>Hajime no Ippo
>Rurouni Kenshin(anime only garbage after the best arc)
>Slam Dunk
There's good shonen anime out their kid, maybe you should try watching them.

Don't bother, he probably thinks shounen is a genre.

Don't. The pacing is awful.

Read the manga, it's infinitely better.

cause you like shit


well you shouldn't watch it

but if you want to read it it's basically the original Dragon Ball but in the water (at least pre-timeskip)

All underage shit

You shouldn't. You should read the manga. It's the most popular thing ever for a good reason.

Yet still shit

>Hajime no Ippo
>Slam Dunk
>Underage shit
Get! Out! Faggot!

sorry but you must be over 18 years of age to post on Cred Forums.

>I'm too new and stupid to realise shounen is a demographic not a genre.

Fuck off. No one wants you here kid.

It will never end. Never ever.


a demographic consisting of underage males

you're the one treating it like it's something else

I'm so sorry kouhai, I didn't know it was this bad. I'm glad you're trying your best to cope with such an obvious mental handicap. Don't forget to applaud this user for being so courageous everyone.


So by your logic I can't enjoy reading Ashita no Joe or Slam Dunk because they're shonen manga?

I'm just saying that shounen literally means a demographic for underaged males.

I know you guys like to think of it as a genre but it's a demographic and nothing else kid

>Enies Lobby
>Not shit
It was so fucking bad, full of asspulls and CP9 was hyped to hell and back and every single fight was shit and they went out like jobbers.
The only good thing was Sogeking.

Bullshit aside, user are you really that mentally feeble?

>only people in the target demographic are allowed to enjoy it

There's some good audiovisual stuff going on in the anime (voiceacting, music, color palettes, etc), but I'd still say read it instead. Maybe check out One Pace re-edits, though I don't know if they're good re-edits.

Some of the movies are alright, too.

>watching one piece
Don't do it user, it's not worth it. Read the manga if you're curious, but the anime has gotten actually really bad. You can maybe watch the first 200 episodes and then continue on with the manga but you still should try to avoid it.

I'm saying that if you enjoy it you probably are underage

the fact you accuse me of saying something I never said confirms this fact

Don't do this. The episodes and arcs are LONG and drawn out to fit the 23 minute requirement and to not pass the manga in terms of story progression.

Stop user, I can only laugh so much.

Underage fags don't even know Ashita no Joe and Slam Dunk you little shit

give it a try, if you don't like it, stop

do you have around 250 hours to waste then i've got the show for you