Dr. Pepper

I just bought one and it tastes worse than kool-aids shit.
Why did Okabe lie to us?

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Grow some good taste.

It tastes like cherry cola, if you dont like it your parents failed.

>cherry cola
dafuq is that

>your parents failed
that I already know

>worse than kool-aids

Who doesn't like kool-aid? Did you lose your tongue in 'Nam and now you can't taste?

It tastes nothing like Cherry coke.

>cherry cola
No it tastes like shit

Tastes better with vodka but still pretty bad.

>drinking soft drinks

>pass user since 2012
Cred Forums is legitimately going to shit now huh

Wait, wait, did you get GENUINE Dr. Pepper made with actual sugar, or a local bottler's version with HFCS?

Also, what temperature did you consume it, and did you have an appertif?

Because surprisingly, Doctor Pepper does not go with every flavor. Try getting a roast beef sandwich, then drinking one.

It's not Okabe's fault your tastebuds are defective.

Guess you're not intellectual enough.

Maybe being an atheist makes dr pepper taste better? I sure love its taste.

>tfw just bought a pack from Costco a few days ago
Kidney stones and diabeetus ahoy.

Kidney stones come from vitamins and minerals, sodas avoid putting those in their drinks.

It's the best soft drink ever made (energy drinks not included)

No it doesn't. Cherry and vanilla are two best cokes ever created.

HFCS is superior to cane sugar in every single way.

This is some intense autism.

I don't get Dr. Please Pepper either. Ever since childhood i got to know this shit. I tried to taste it as a kid and it was disgustingly confusing as fuck. Since then I give it another try every 5 or so years and always get to wonder why people like this shit.

I have a friend which is obsessed with this mutant beverage and buy boxes of the stuff. Guess some people just have weird tastes. Is it cool to pretend you like this or something?


>cherry cola
>dafuq is that
Do you live in a 3rd world country? how cant you know what cherry coke is?

I think these people get kidney stones from lack of proper hydration. Meaning actual fucking water.

Ye but sodas alleviate kidney stones more than they cause em. Sodas are mostly water after all.

>Ye but sodas alleviate kidney stones more than they cause em
>Sodas are mostly water after all.

t. waterfag

To be fair if you dont drink 90% water you're probably unhealthy fatass.

Cold Dr Pepper + those spicy doritos in the purple bag is one of the best tastes in the entire word. God damn its unhealthy as fuck, but Jesus it tastes so good.

I want to cum inside Kurisu while drinking DP.

>being proud of cherry cola to the point of thinking it is necessary for a developed country, when other countries have much finer drinks and foods in general that you will never enjoy
kek amerifat

>it tastes like cherry cola
No it doesn't.

I cut fresh green coconuts and drink FRESH COCONUT WATER straight out of said coconut. I bet you've only ever drank bottled and packaged shits.

I don't know, it seems like those two activities are best enjoyed separately.

Kool-aid was a mistake. Dr Pepper at least had a sweet advertising campaign set around multiverse theory and traps.

It's the best Cola around.
Dr Pepper > Coca Cola > Pepsi

Coca cola is shit what are you smoking
Pepsi>Dr Pepper>>>Coca cola

Youre just too dumb to realise the intellectual experience which is, Dr Pepper.

Okabe pls

You haven't drank a glass bottle coca cola. That shit is tight.

That said, my country doesn't have Dr. Pepper, vanilla or cherry coke or any of that stuff, which is a damn shame.

I want to DP Kurisu while drinking cum.


Use it to chase your whiskey, then. Don't let it go to waste.

I drink it with the smoked brisket we have at work. It's pretty excellent.

Why is Dr Pepper so love it or hate it anyway?
I fucking love it and everyone I ask is either the same or things it's the worst thing ever.

you stupid nigger its a cheap america soda not a classy wine

It's taste is too unique so there's no middle ground. You either love it or puke the damn thing.

>Because surprisingly, Doctor Pepper does not go with every flavor.
This shouldn't be surprising. White sodas for eating light fish or chicken. Red sodas for dark meat.

this is entirely false


It's literally Coke + grenadine.

Why can't I find cherry coke in Canada? Do I have to shop at Costco?

How many times has Makise Kurisu screwed herself with a Dr Pepper bottle?

show some fucking respect

Zero. That's disgusting, user. It would cause a yeast infection and feel way too rough. Makise is a pure girl who only uses her hands.

Really? Some doujins I've read suggest otherwise.

I mostly meant drinking soda is better than not drinking anything. I didnt know drinking large amounts in a day increases formation risk although its not suprising.
In the end the articles just says "water is better"

dr. pepper is ubiquitous here in texas. a few of my high school friends were obsessed with the stuff in a semi-ironic fashion.

it's not bad but i haven't had a soft drink in years.

Dr. Pepper was in the stores in my country in 2013, so I did get to finally try it, but the fucks decided to stop shipping it all of a sudden.

I got a taste of heaven, damn it. It felt like my kind of soda.

Except the ones that matter.

Wines aren't classy, they're just rotting grapes.

Get fucked.
Pepsi is trash.