>approached by a qt
>she's clearly into him and is an easy grab
>doesn't have sex with her

Why is this allowed?

It was painful to watch this retard acting like a 12 year old all the time, he's a complete disgrace to people with social anxiety, fuck him.

>>she's clearly into him
Is she really, or does she just need trash she can look down on to feel better about herself?

>obviously didn't watch the show

hes paranoid and thinks shes with thae NHK[/spoilers]

>obviously didn't watch the show

He's already fucked his senpai

I watched it till the end you cunt, it doesn't make any different, he was a pussy throughout the entire show and didn't do shit to disapprove that, he was neglecting the fact that someone might be interested in him and that is the reason why he's retarded

Most if not all NEETs act like children

you think people with social anxiety would just have sex at any given moment?
what the fuck

I'd think the girl has an ulterior motive or an STD desu.

>people with social anxiety
>why don't try act social?
You're the problem here

You couldn't have missed the point harder.

they could have moved their relationship forward past this point but Tatsuki himself said fuck it and pussied out

When the fuck did I say at any given moment? He could at least acted like a normal guy and doing anything he wanted with her would have been a piece of cake

no shit, doesn't change the fact that any sane NEET would try not acting like one when having a chance like this

Choose one and kill yourself subhuman normie.


If a girl would approach me I'd immediately think she wants to make fun of me, so in order to avoid being made fun of I'd avoid showing interest.

That's really all there is to it. Of course a normalfag retard wouldn't understand.


How to spot a normalfag poser pretending to be one of us. Why don't you just fuck off back to ridddit ironic weeb?

Pro-tip: in the past people said the equivalent thing about people who used the -fag suffix, e.g. in "newfag". Not that a newfag like yourself would know about it.

>implying understands the meaning of entire anime
>doesn't point it out

just kys

it doesn't even matter what the whole fucking point was, this anime portrayed NEET life in extremely exaggerated and unrealistic way

>start using the ironic meme version of the word normalfags that only actual normalfags start using
>try to imply he's a oldfag

Who are you trying to fool?

I hate that NHK threads always devolve into /r9k/ tomfoolery.

Can we talk about how great the OP is?


Oh look another cancerous newfag straight out of facebook. Why is modern Cred Forums absolute trash?

The meaning of words changes. As I told you, people were identically opposed to the word newfag when it came up on Cred Forums. Nowadays everyone uses it.

You sound like a normalfag so I don't know why you're pretending you know what NEET life is like.

>this anime portrayed NEET life in extremely exaggerated and unrealistic way
Does it? There are hikkikomori in Japan (don't think about Western NEETs here, it doesn't help) who live like that, and the question what happens to them when their parent generation dies off is knows as "the 2030 problem."

You sound like a dumb normalfag. What's wrong with characters that don't act like you would?

My computer died last week. I'm waiting for new parts. In the meantime, I'm listening to pururin daily when I cook, sleep, walk around with my Bluetooth earphone and tablet.

13 episodes too long

And what would you have removed? The last 13?

>why doesn't this hikkimori act more like a normal person

What the fuck do you think a hikkimori is?

Fucking kill yourself norm.

NHK was a mistake.

And the award for worst thread of the day goes to...


Sex is overrated, getting continually blue-balled is better.

>he's a complete disgrace to people with social anxiety
Kek. You are talking as if people with social anxiety are not already disgraceful enough to themselves.

>any sane NEET would act like a chad to get laid
Jesus fucking christ. You are just another normalfag who fakes mental issues to get sympathy from others.
obligatory: kill yourself

Read the manga.

In the manga it's implied they fucked
Besides, Misaki has a screw loose, cute or not that shit never works

>no more Round Table ft. Nino

>It was painful to watch this retard acting like a 12 year old all the time, he's a complete disgrace to people with social anxiety, fuck him.

Nice job on completely failing to understand any of the points that the show was trying to make

For starters Hikikomori is not the same as NEET

>they removed the trumpets

The first time I watched the ED I got pretty bamboozled, in a good way