Are russians really as slutty as japan presents them?

Are russians really as slutty as japan presents them?

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They'll do anything for clay

Russians are filthy disgusting land-stealing pig. They also sleep with their own mother.

Literally all whites are degenerate

what hentai is this? and why isnt she drinking at this moment.

You sure she's Russian? I see no vodka in that image.

No one is as slutty as the japanese portray them.

>Are russians really as slutty as japan presents them?
slavs are subhuman, japan is being nice

it's more like slavs don't give a fuck

basically if you made NEET into an ethnic group

it's not hentai.

mai ball

pic related

It's impossible to be a NEET in Russia though.

> show kurilas
> is zis a problem?

>a girl Dute Serbanov
Oh come the fuck on, why nobody can't google a generic Russian name and add 'a' at the end of last name. Every single time. What is the fuck Dute anyway?


>Be master baltic race
>Have 2/3 russian blood
>iz zis a problem, kurwa?

About 1\3 of rus population is neet says the rosstatistics.

Average parent isn't going to tolerate a grown man not doing anything like Japanese seems to do. You either work or get out of house and starve.

Despite the irony that Russians have been poisoned by (((Lenin))) and (((Marx))) with commie brainwash propaganda who were sent by the eternal Europe destroying true Untermensch - the Kraut, and its entire elite holocausted by (((Stalin))) under socialist disguise for 70+ years, modern Russia has no social safety net.
If you have no job you fucking die


How does this work?

>((( )))
The fuck is this?

Cred Forums told me that you can always go down the gopnik path.

>land-stealing pig
Wait wouldn't that be Japan to China in 1940?

A super dank (((meme))).

Will you chinese cocks ever recover?

Virtue signaling from the (((alt-right)))

I thought it was hooded dudes playing one chord per minute.

No its not, nearly 40% of the country are NEETs.

It's a thing paranoid racists do. It implies that the person they're talking about is jewish.

>But none of those three were jewish!

Like I said, paranoid racists. It's super convenient, though; if you see someone doing the ((())) thing, you know they're lunatics and can safely disregard everything they say.

1/3 polish
1/3 belarus
1/3 master baltic race

literally everything you wrote in your post is wrong.

What's the source on this, reverse isn't giving anything

read the thread.

fuck of fritz, you got your ass kicked once already
don't make me bitchslap you again

How does human reproduction ever result in thirds of ancestry?

those storires about "my wife's son" you hear here all the time? turns out they are not a meme after all.

Excuse my ignorance about the inner working of ancestry, so does this mean I am balt master race after all?

You just have to go back a few generations, it's really confusing. It involves people being half-something in specific combinations that end up making your brain hurt.

Assume that when you go back 4 generations there is one person that appears twice, so that there aren't 16 but 15 people in that generation. Then have 5 of those people be of some ancestry. Now you're 1/3 of that ancestry.

It comes down to looking at every member of a single generation and having them in a 1:1:1 ratio, but I'm pretty sure no matter how far back you go, 2^n is never divisible by 3.


I have, and if there's sauce I'm overlooking it. Not even searching the character names is helping

Also works if have only one grandmother or only one grandfather.

>I have, and if there's sauce I'm overlooking it.
>being blind
The title is literally written itt.

>paranoid racists
this is 4chinz, just call Cred Forums Cred Forums


I was going to say it must be a cogenitor, but I remembered those don't contribute genes.

But yeah, like said it's inherently impossible to be exactly 2/3rds anything, going by 50/50 mom/pop.
All exponentials divided by 3 leave a remainder. All of them. Every power switches from 1/3 to 2/3.
That was useful information while playing markets for money in an MMO I was obsessed with for a while. So yeah.

ignore the idiots that dont understand race or nationality

they're probably just from Cred Forums

Mai ball? This doesn't seem right though

>Not even searching the character names is helping


>this guy

Wrong side of the chair, you can hit much harder with the seat and the backrest.

Yeah, this is all I see when I search


>Russians have been poisoned by (((Lenin))) and (((Marx)))
>modern Russia has no social safety net.

You realize modern Russia isn't the Soviet Union right? Russia is shit right now mostly because of capitalism and the free market.

So aren't we going to discuss the manga at all?

How about using the right name?

holy shit you can't read

>>modern Russia has no social safety net
Well, he's not entirely wrong, really. Our social security is virtually non-existant, if you don't count healthcare in.

This map says yes.

They're at least pretty slutty in all the 3DPD porn I watch. Legalporno ftw.

Jesus Christ, I really should get tested to see if I'm dyslexic or something

Last time I try to spoonfeed saucefags. Fucking idiot.

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty goddamn dumb myself.
I honestly should see someone though about that. Sometimes my brain adds extra letters or switches a letter with another, and I don't realize it until I slow down and analyze it letter by letter. For example, I read "Nidorino" as "Nidordirino" in Pokémon for literal Y E A R S

I make a lot of stupid mistakes when I'm hungry or tired. Sometimes I'm amazed how stupid and unreflexive I get when I haven't eaten for six hours or slept for 24 hours. I've read somewhere that you have a body similar with a high blood alcohol content body when you're that tired.

While I did only have two hours of sleep last night, that still doesn't explain my situation with Pokémon or other mistakes such as replacing vowels with ones not present in a word

>What is the fuck Dute anyway?

Goddamn it

Because feminizing last-names is a weird thing to do, so most people aren't aware that's a thing you should do that with russians.

Marx and Lenin were jewish you fucking idiot. Only Stalin wasn't.

delet this)))

Are you that new? That's just your perfect-in-public-slob-in-private/morning trope.

what the fuck is wrong with you?

who /bright green/ here?

> door goes back to close but then stops and reopnes

>bright green sandwitched between two dark greens


>as japan presents them?
Obviously no. That's like asking Japan to be in charge of speaking english.


post it

Jesus fucking christ this is why asking for sauce should be a bannable offense.

This is how you trick and impregnate a russian girl in Japan.


If you go outside in russia then you run the risk of being eaten alive by bears. I'd say there are a plethora of reasons for russians to become NEET.

Russians in Japan are like Mexicans in Murica