Manga about the Christian persecution in Japan

>manga about the Christian persecution in Japan

This actually exists.

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Manga about Hitler exists

I bought it, it's alright

>Christian persecution in Japan
The what?

Google it

nips were based once.

Good. Abrahamic religion is cancer.

Op is apparently talking about something in modern day Japan?

Nah, they're transported to the time period from modern Japan.

Oh, so nothing new to see here?

They had a pretty bad first impression of Christianity. I don't blame them.

Not really, it was quite popular and spreading

If the shogun and the Dutch didn't fuck it up, Japan could have been a westernized, colonial empire in the 17th century.

Why must Protestants ruin everything?

There is a reason the Dutch were allowed on Dejima. It's unrelated to Religion.

The Dutch encouraged the shogun to ban Christianity and told him spread of Christianity was a Catholic plot to take over Japan. They even helped in suppressing Christianity once the shogun decided to do so. That's why they were allowed to keep trading.

I learned about Christian persecution in Japan from Rurouni Kenshin and Samurai Champloo

and I'm pretty sure you did too OP

That was a long time ago, it's just Japan being Japan.

Japs also killed godless commies and they're current muslim population is under government surveillance.

Meanwhile Japan had 8 Christian prime ministers despite the Christian population in Japan is below 1%

as if they were going to allow you Catholic subhumans to ruin Japan.


Because Christianity (especially Catholicism) has great compatibility with Japanese mentality.

I see nothing wrong with this.

Catholicism to be specific.

Thanks a lot Protties.

Of those 8 only 3 are Catholics, the rest are protestants.

I never knew that Protestants were also involved.

No colony owned by catholics turned out good

at least under the protestant influence of Netherlands and Britain they became one of the most powerful countries of the 19th and early 20th century

Probably talking about the backlash against the missionaries undermining Hideyoshis/shoguns power by doing backdeals with minor warlords.

Hey stop actually being interesting Cred Forums

British colonies turned out better?

>Why must Protestants ruin everything?
Protestants are far better than Catholics and dislike them to some extent as well, everything bad christians have done was because of the catholics.

For you.

Is Hitler the protagonist? Ol' samurai Hitler.

I believe he's talking about Mein Kampf, i liked it not for Cred Forums reasons.

surprisingly yes

besides the African ones (with the exception of South Africa) they all are doing pretty well for themselves nowadays

You realize that still includes shitholes like Myanmar or iraq?
And india isn't that great either, depending on where you are.

to be fair Iraq had more to do with America blowing it up

also Ottomans

It's not that Protestant colonies turned out good, it's that the colonies that were settled and where the natives were pushed back that turned out good. There's a lot of failed former Protestant colonies in Africa and Asia, no one would call those good.

Yeah because a fat german monk who slept with a nun is the pinicale of christian theology.

I wouldn't call that "turned out good" from the natives point of view.


No. 1472: Christ Reproached as Adulterer Between April 7 and May 1, 1532
[Martin Luther said,] “Christ was an adulterer for the first time with the woman at the well, for it was said, ‘Nobody knows what he’s doing with her’ [John 4:27]. Again [he was an adulterer] with Magdalene, and still again with the adulterous woman in John 8 [:2–11], whom he let off so easily. So the good Christ had to become an adulterer before he died.”

Not him
>I wouldn't call that "turned out good" from the natives point of view.
And so? Why would I give a shit about abbos who live in mudhuts and sniff petrol all day?

Trying to guilt us? Not effective.

>banned on Batoto


I wonder if there's a manga where a nun ends up finding some dude, nurses him back to health, falls in love in the process (sinful nun), and spends her life with him.

Because this shit discussion started with Japan not wanting to be colonized, not some settlers wanting to move to the other side of the world.

Most of the things stereotypically associated with crazy Christian fundamentalists, e.g. Creationism, Biblical literalism (and idolization of the Bible in general), gay camps, etc. are all Protestant inventions.

Protestants have always been crazy as hell, dude. Go look up Munster rebellion. Dan Carlin had a podcast on it, titled Prophets of Doom.

At most you can blame Catholics for protecting pedophiles and the inquisition, but those two things are greatly exaggerated in our pop culture consciousness.

It's kind of a controvertial theme i guess, but that sucks.

You can always ask here

>the inquisition