Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume

>Ping pong girls.
>First Episode less than 30 minutes to go.
Is this CGDCT?

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Yes, but it looks like trash unfortunately.

Looks like an abysmal ripoff of Ping Pong. Further proof that boys > girls.

I have yet to see a bad ping pong related manga/anime before, let's hope this isn't the first one.


Will there be friendship by defeat? This is important, please respond.

Will this fill in the gap left by the death of tanoshii?

In the opener the winner laughed at the loser and the loser cried.

Go back to your general and don't spread your corpse scent here.

I'm not sure I want to live in a world where even the sports anime get malicious and cynical.

It's definitely not malicious and cynical. Probably just to set the girl who won up as a "villain." It wasn't one of the main girls who lost, it was a girl from the supposed best team.

>Further proof that boys > girls.

You're embarrassing yourself, /y/


For a general to be, it needs to be alive in the first place.

This shit is a complete insult to Ping Pong

I am the ghost of times to come.

Will it be tanoshii?
That's literally all I want from this show.
Will the player with the least screentime become my favourite again?

It's more subtle, like a cherry petal on top of a shit cake.

Nonsense user, I'm sure the threads will be great and lively but not too lively that they overextend their welcome. I'm sure of it.

I wouldn't expect too much. You see, unlike Ritz, the creator of this show might not be insane.

No, I'm not gay or a depraved sick fujo. I just meant in the context of artistic merit.

You're gonna get

>I want to bury my face in x's crotch!
>X is actually my wife!
>[one-liner from the show]
>[piss jokes[

and you're gonna like it.


Mahjong posters please go, you have your own anime oh wait, no you don't.

>>I want to bury my face in x's crotch!
>[piss jokes]
I'm 100% okay with these two. One liners are fine too, if they're actually funny or something.

How many people haven't seen Saki and are just watching for cute girls being lewd while playing ping pong?

>How many people haven't seen Saki and are just watching for cute girls being lewd while playing ping pong?

I'm in your care.

feelbad P2-Let's Play Ping Pong hasn't been translated entirely

Tbf it didn't even get a proper manga end so. I wish they didn't write the epilogue chapter, the knowledge that we'll never see what happened inbetween is more depressing than simply having and abrupt cancellation.

I think sweat is going to be the bodily fluid of choice for this anime.



I don't know so many sweat jokes.

She's sweating in weird places. Who doesn't sweat under the arms but atop the breasts instead?


Dat t-shirt tho.

>no nipples or bra mark

What the fuck

Could always expect sweatfags to pop in which would lead to smellfags.

>that triangle

This sort of looks like shit 2bh.

I'm slightly troubled by thinking where/in what condition her neck is in this shot.

I like the designs (remind me of YYS) but as people stated before it seems to have a really tiny budget, so i dont have high expectations animation wise.

Raw seems to be out on nyaa now.

Subs are out

>90 seconds in and the character referred to as "kyaputen", leading the prefectural powerhouse school, unexpectedly loses to a no name school

I've been out of the loop, how does this series relate to Saki?

The ride never ends.

The first episode was pretty fun. The art looks extremely low budget and inconsistent, sort of like a hentai OVA at times, but some of the table tennis movements look good (granted this is the first episode so maybe it will go down even further).

Was surprised there was little to no yuri-content because of the context in which I've heard about this manga before made me think it was "that kind" of series.

>Ping Pong Tanoshii gets an anime
>Shinohayu doesn't

Due to the implications, it will only get an OVA.

>21 IPs


The prospect of a show getting an anime and still having a dead fanbase is both worrying and depressing.

>arrow-up hair clip

And just when I thought I'd seen it all.


Its only been subbed like half an hour, give it a bit. here's another IP, anyway. I don't have a clue what to pick up this season because nothing stood out, but I need some cute shit to heal my heart

Nah, it will better just keep the yuri tone.

>No, I'm not gay or a depraved sick fujo
yes, my dear. you ARE DA MAN!


Oppai bullying

Shut up, you fucking retard.

>low budget
>flimsiest excuse of a plot
>stonking tits

It's perfect.


Post tummies.

>flimsiest excuse of a plot
What kind of plot do you want in a sports series?

If I wanted any I wouldn't have said that it's perfect.

The fucking faces in this show jesus.

Says the one posting reddit memes

All you have to have when doing any cute girls doing X show, is cute girls, the X could be fucking anything. How do you fuck up at such a fundamental level.

I want to pinch their cheeks


It does have a plot though. Even though it's a formula that's been done to death. With the transfer student, the mediocre to bad club (filled with one properly talented player and a number of other gimmicky players), the project to turn it all around to reach the nationals. It may not be new but it's a formula that works.

At least it's not cute girls doing body building or cute girls doing construction.

I don't know what this show is but it looks fun

this ping pong anime is really interesting

That kind of plot is one step from Joshiraku.



wow kagami and akari

And so it begins.

Sorry, you are gay.

Also, best fanservice of the season so far.


Upvote-chan best girl.

>all these Sakkfags

Go back to ruining Saimoe.

Its was pretty meh, but its just the first episode.

Cmon that's like saying Eyeshield 21 is one step from joshiraku.

>tanoshii finite element analysis

Tenka's VA is fucking great.

You can't be still salty!

>dat Kamiya suffering as her position is threatened

It was almost palpable.

>It has cute girls, so it has no plot

I'd actually be really interested in those two. I'm into musclegirls, and construction is pretty cool.

Play ping pong is the way how this girls make love to each other

Looks like she'll get raped on the next episode

>to ward off the impending closure of their club by the tsundere student council president, the Kizukumori Girls' High construction club girls vow to rebuild the Empire State Building on the school grounds

She deserves a little humility.

I thought they do it by backhanded compliments.

the art is bad but not as shitty as that other rotoscoped crap.

I'll humiliate her with my penis

>best fanservice of the season so far
Check again.

that was tanoshii

Isn't 7-0 and automatic win?

Shit I totally forgot this was airing this season.

I enjoyed the first adventure of sweaty ping pong Akarin and friends

No, this is the best.
I don't care for old hags and disgusting borderline hentai kind of ecchi.

I'd watch this

there's still KEIJO though.

However, they'll soon learn that the power of friendship alone does not make up for the lack of a structural engineer.

The transfer student gives you an angle of approach to the team and the underdog status is more touching than a powerhouse crushing all resistance.
You still get enough variety through the team members, sport and the like.

This is already miles better than the ugly shit Ping Pong was.

>They get a structural engineer
>The architect starts making impossible demands
>They have to use THAT

>[sweating intensifies]

Wouldn't that move it into shounen territory?

I wonder who is behind this post.

Transfer student in episode 2 mate job done. Of course they'll have to persuade her to come back to structural engineering after some light trauma made her swear off it but that'll take two episodes max.

Not to forget the wacky idealized foreigner who drives the bulldozer on the right.

>first episode of the anime
>people are already going off on wild tangents

Picked the fuck up

>In the opener the winner laughed
She didn't laugh though


The only thing missing is that she shouts WAIIII.
And her tits are too big disgusting.

Well that was enjoyable.

That butt.

So former shool, teammate and best friend on the same level confirmed?

Non-consensual hardcore petting rape.

ready for the butts

She got two Miyanaga horn. Doggie girl confirmed to be double tanoshii.

Does that mean she drowned two girls?

Can't say it was that great. Too much focus on SPORTS and shit, not enough humor or cute girls doing cute things.

Sweaty butts

that intro bit makes me think of all of the spooky higurashi bits.

I'm kind of expecting violence in the near future now.

Only the evil horn does that.

Other than the retarded intro where everyone looked like someone died and that one girl acting like complete bitch even though she lost 0-11, it was fine.

>braindead ecchi with big breasted girls exclusively
No please.


She has Teru's horns, so no.

I like the twintail Luckystar girl. Just somebody that's fairly content being a big fish in a small pond, and probably gets to step it up a level and face the sport more seriously because of the new competition within school.

I don't know what show you're talking about here because that's not Keijo.

It is.
Please go back to your fapping crap.


Older sister?

>I moved Tokyo then.

And suddenly, we're back at construction club girls.


Oh shit, totally missed that.

hmanga when

my sides



Does this have yuri?

The complete sentence is "The year when I moved Tokyo is 2014". Which is obviously uttered by a performer of some kind that put on a great show in Tokyo 2014 that moved the city populace.

Isn't that a bit basic for chuunis?

ping pong club

I fucking hate the American language.

>he doesn't know about the state of the education system

Inachuu is fucking great though.

Spats > bloomers

It was well balanced and you may be gay

>Older sister?
Nah. They would still move together and shoe would be 3rd year. I don't know how does that best 4 go but I assume Pink changed shools just before finals.

yeah I was thinking this was like Yryr but with ping pong. But too many big floppy oppai, not so good. And I think I heard Toshino Kyoko in there somewhere

Wish it was more lighthearted, I feel like there'll be a lot of generic drama

Holy SHIT nice catch there

What is better, the front or the back?

I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would.

The girls are soft and cute, and though it's nothing spectacular, the animation has a sufficient amount of weight to it during the rallies.
Plot seems very generic but it will be interesting to see how Agari deals with losing her ace spot.
As it stands, this was my favorite first episode so far. I will remain cautiously optimistic that they can continue with this level of quality if not improve. Looking forward to more sweaty spats and groping.

i want to stick my flaccid dick in that mouth

Whats the point of these?

I want to sniff all the musume's spats after an intense afternoon of training

Webm pls.

Comment from the sidelines.


>What are supporting characters?
First week watching anime?

>picked up the show expecting cute girls and great butts
not dissapointed

What's the point of you?

They serve as Agari's current motivation for playing ping pong.
She will learn that she shouldn't play simply for the praise and approval of her kouhai
and will come to love the sport because it's fun, like Koyori.

No thanks.


It was great.

>ping pong Akari getting panned.jpg



>posting butts in unity


Wait what? Bad memories are returning.


I want to see Hana-chans butt

They turned out slightly successful, so they sing OPs and EDs now.

I want her to keep me cool on a hot day


The amount of breasts is the most disappointing thing about the show. They should have just given them all to Oppai-senpai and made everyone else flat, especially the twintails characters.

That's the stuff.

Want them to sit on my face


What a great first episode. That was some fun stuff.

Calling it now, she's best girl

Koyori's small breasts are pretty nice, they look fitting for a 13-14 year old. And Hana's is perfect.
Agari's is too big though.

>your future wife starts as your rival
I know it's not new, but it's been a few seasons since I saw it.

Hope they solve the drama between the 2 next ep.

I need a webm of this.

I completely agree. Kinema Citrus dropped the ball with not hiring a breast sizes monitoring officer.

The head ornament and hair on all character just feels extremely lazily designed.

There was that other ping pong yuri manga, but it had a S&M dynamic with the main characters. Hopefully that gets an anime sometime too.

I agree that the MC should be way flatter, but small tit twintails is best twintails. It looks great

These threads are gonna be horrible

Is that you, Pico?


So what's the point of this anime?

Watching something about Ping Pong always brings me back to a dark time in High School.
sorry for the blog post
>playing doubles ping pong in gym class
>friend and I are the best team out of everyone in the school
>always doing something crazy and having a blast
>decide to enter a ping pong tournament to see how we do
>single elimination
>get destroyed first round
>team that destroyed us the first round proceed to get destroyed the next round

We both lost our will to play and I never picked up another ping pong again.


This is fucking rad.

Not much this season which looked particularly interesting to me, might as well pick this one up.
Really? What a name, can't say it's not appropriate in a way.

Yes yes.

They're part of a secret society of takkyuus dedicated to breathing new life into the world of competitive takkyuu after Bitch Tears-chan and her team's constant victories left it stagnant and caused other teams to give up without even trying. The sweating dog on their clothes is how they identify themselves to other members.

Why can't they romanize properly? It's either Syakunetu or Shakunetsu.

butts and cute girls

Sports anime that you can actually watch because it has cute girls instead of men.

No, user, because you're here with us.

ed is good


Enjoying the girls getting closer and closer.

Slow it down a notch and it's perfect.


But I'm watching Tiger Mask too.
As long as it focuses on wrestling.

My dick is happy.

You can't attention whore without easily influenced kouhais.

But Ping Pong is all about men and it's one of the best sports anime ever created?

I want to grop her butt

Ignorant Japanese think everyone still uses nihon-shiki when in fact we've long adopted hepburn as de-facto method.

Fuck off

The problem is that they're combining the two instead of using either.

Do you really think that the 20 people who'll buy the blu ray of this gives a shit?

>We finally have a good anime about ping pong
This season is off to an amazing start. I hope it keeps up right to the end.


tfw buchou forgets to get planning permission

Rabbit > Dog > Genki > Upvote > Oppai

They're actually cuter than the main girls

Why did you get so mad user, I was just stating facts?

Please don't use Ping Pong to shitpost

>they're actually playing table tennis


What happened to tanoshii?

How do you call this feature on the back?

Dog best, also voiced by boar desu desu.

>takkyuu and teekyuu on the same season


This show making me want to get better at super smash bros melee

I prefer Nihon-siki actually. Hepburn is too focused on American pronunciation and often inconsistent.

It's a long story starting with "Ritz is a hack" and ending with "live action adaptation".

Fuck, I forgot to catch up on Teekyu. The overarching plot will be completely lost on me.

The retarded MC should have been the side character, twintails girl is much better

I mean the part where the butt begins. The corresponding bone seems to be called sacrum.

Every single thread is going to be bodily fluid/ass fetish wankfest. Can't wait.

I want her

>real thick and sweaty girls on tight shorts
I'm sold.

Actually, it starts and ends with "Ritz is a hack".

I really hate changing speed with ffmpeg.

>hear mc voice
>wait that reminds me of someone
>some time passes
>it finally hits me
I'm glad she's getting more roles, love her voice.

Considering both of the MCs have twintails, I have no idea what you're talking about.

>name tag so her retarded ass doesn't get lost in the subway

Really makes you think.

>he doesn't wear a nametag when he leaves the house

You're gonna get spoilered.

Retards make the best girlfriends

>that growing crease as she pulls them up

Thats really sad. I always thought of Saki as soul of Cred Forums

>leaving the house


That's why Cred Forums is dying. Hiro doesn't have the heart to say it how it is.

A bit faster.

I said the retarded one, it's obvious I meant red one

>blue pops her collar
Fucking chad.

Dropped it right here. Nothing worse than a bunch of sore losers.

>Cue Cromartie OP

Attention whores are retarded by default. I can't wait for her to be put in her place next episode.


All their heads look pasted on.

It's seriously distracting.

Yeah, bunch of faggots. Fortunately they aren't the main cast. I think.

>bunch of sore losers
But that's Cred Forums

That's not true, we don't even try enough to be losers.

She's just trying to hide her face because she's shy. I'm more concerned about ponytail's shirt sliding down the shoulder.

That whole intro was really dumb,
Hope it's not the level of drama we're going to get.

Take that back! I may be sore, and a loser, but I'm not a sore loser.

My wife Aoba is so cute.

Her name is 天下ハナビ.
It looks more like a protection charm (御守).

Yeah, the beginning was rough, brown hair was retarded by talking shit but i can see why pinky cried

>Champions nine years straight
>It's the first match
>of the fucking group stage
>you are the captain
>it all depends on you
>can't even score one single point
This is some sudoku material right here man.

They aren't

Cant be losers if you dont even try sempai.

She's sure less retarded than the girl that got stuck on the school gates

Yumiri is awesome.
She signed my Etotama OST CD for me.

Ping Pong Aoba.

Shut up, Hanako.

I think it's time to add Aoba to that character chart

Fuck, she did Etotama didnt she, who was she, uri-tan?

But Aoba is just game maker Kagari.

Protection from getting lost in the subway?

Yeah, Uri-tan.
She was lucky that despite the show being hardly known of, the fandom really was all over her performance.

Whose idea was it to put Aoba and Akari in the same anime

Easy childbirth

>arrow-up symbol

Deepest lore

Someone who wanted them as a couple.

>Literally means rise

how do her bows stay like that?

The MC is such a hungry for praise slut. Reminds me of this song

>mangakas just take their weird anime crack OTPs and make them into new shows.
At last, i truly see.

I liked it. I'm not too big on the artstyle but it will probably grow on me, and the girls are pretty cute. Agari best girl, I want to shower her with praise.

Also nice to see that WUG is still alive. I still need to watch those movies.

What the fuck is up with her bows, they are not in place, they arent holding anything, why is no one MAD ABOUT THIS GODDAMMIT!


Ping pong magic.

autistic moe girls play ping pong
i'm okay with this


>Kamiya loves being praised
>has an Upvote hairclip

It reminds me of a half price out of date Nichijou style.

me on the front green haired

I want hana to sit on my lap, and I'll give her head pats

me to the right of you

Corn starch

villain from the beginning was cute, I hope we get more of her

I moved to Tokyo back in 2014.


Back dimple, a quick google search shows that apparently they help girls orgasm and it means they are healthy.

Sounds like feel-good bullshit.

>literally a harem of faceless girls willing to rape Agari
Doujin when? I could use some faceless yuri gangbang.

Tag is dimples_of_venus on Gelbooru.
Have fun, because I surely will have too.

>Her weakness is that her breasts are too large
Good show

Sorry but these girls wear panties

That's actually a thing in tennis, not sure it holds for ping-pong

Pretty sure it's a thing in every kind of physical activity (barring keijo). Those things serve no purpose and just get in the way.

There really is no purpose for useless fat.

You seem disproportionally upset about this.

I'm into younger girls.


Spats for sweaty butt
Bloomers for sweaty crotch.

I want to sniff them both!

I want munemune to sit on my face


Do you know how long it took me to learn Mahjong? Now I have to start playing table tennis. Fucking anime, always making me do stuff.

>name is literally tits
>has an even better butt

>weakness is cross-ups because her boobs hinder her movement
Expertly written and very true to life.

Are Sakifags going to post in Shakutesu threads all season?
Don't you have your own containment thread?

They sure were shakunetsu.

Seriously. There ought to be a law.

Well we wanted the manga to be scanlated years ago, that's why some of us are familiar with this series and will shitpost tanoshii~ constantly.


Too bad it's monthly and around only around 18 chapters or so

I mean we're gonna be here anyway since we're already watching the show. I imagine it'll slow down later on when these threads pick up momentum and their own posters.


I watched it without really paying attention.



Will this have delicious SUFFERING

Stupid sexy tomboys

The first episode showed devastated losing teams, maybe they will keep this up?


>I'm more excited about ponytail's shirt sliding down the shoulder.

I like the "new girl is better than the jealous ace" shtick that will definitely lead to more suffering

It's just like that one nobody Awai made quit Mahjong. Don't worry about it and the smug bitch who did it will get her comeuppance from a girl in sportswear.

It will have a lot of tears

I hoped she was a main character.

Are you the kind of faggot who feed on cute girls' tears?


Without suffering there can be no joy. If nothing has risk or consequences it's just dull.

I never really bought into the whole "Japanese are prideful" thing, but just a single episode of this anime has made me question that.

Good for you, sunshine.

ping pong done right.

Why do I love these fucking sports tropes so much.

Go back to /pc/ Erika

Beacuse they're 楽しい

This show is crazy good
What the actual fuck


/pc/ is dead, user.

Goddamn these girls sweat a lot.

Ping pong is serious business.

Indoor sports are a bitch when it comes to sweat.

I know. Great, isn't it?

If I squint it almost feels like I'm watching Ai Mai Mi or Somera-chan

Its a small room filled with hot girls, and ping pong can be fairly active if you take it seriously.

If this anime bankrupts Kinema Citrus, I'm holding you guys directly responsible.

So they can sell X-chan Sweat energy drinks.

I could swear Shakunetsu was from Ai Mai Mi's artist the moment I put my eyes on the poster.

It's their fault for fucking up Kumamiko.

Who cares? They'll never make S2 anyway.

Choose your next words carefully.

How I missed twin-tailed tsunderes in my CGDCT and sports shows.
There is a GOD.

Is it taboo to even mention Kumamiko now?

The manga is super interesting.

What's her secret? Futa? Trap?

It doesn't seem like she's hiding much.

What's her special technique? Dipping balls in her vagoo to give them a slippery effect?

Holy shit that art actually looks good. Why did the anime give them all horrible deformed faces?


Its ping pong the animation all over again except with girls.

I'll be blasting my hero theme when agari gets blown the fuck out

Some official art, for ants.

I'm so fucked up.


Waste of potential with these shitty characters. Dropped now so I don't get more disappointed later.

I want to show my carrot to bunny-chan.

so where was the potential, just "a ping pong anime"?

Worst OP of the season.

The rest of the music seems pretty good. At least the ping pong battle scenes.

I thought it was ok but took to long to get to the catchy part

>He don't like WUG


I was expecting some mindless ecchi shit but suddenly I enjoyed this episode much more.
Liked the focus on sports and can't wait to see more girls in action and how they'll carry the drama

The designs remind me of muromi san.

They remind me of Lucky Star.


Where do they keep the balls?

>you will never be strong enough to move tokyo

Why live

>I remember the day on which I first visited America
nips teaching their children to be cunts

Do not speak of "that" anime ever again.

>I moved Tokyo is 2014.

I fucking knew I recognized it from somewhere.

>I moved tokyo then
nips confirmed super strength

Glad I'm not the only one. S2 when? ;_;

Ping pong is serious business.

It was here that I realized something was wrong.

This is Saki with Ping Pong isn't it?

You are missing like 3 words there m8.

I miss that show, it's a shame it seems not a ton of people watched it.

Oh I love camel toes.

Looks like Gin.

Post more manga.

Pig tail bullying.

>only 1 chapter translated
Damn, can't wait for the next episode.

Is this the spiritual successor to Ping Pong: The Animation?

Nah, it's the better version because it has cute girls.

No Ping Pong was absolute dogshit.


Nothing compares to its god tier OST, and fuck what anyone else says about it, the story of competitiveness and its morals were on point not even a cute girls doing ping pong things can compete.

I've had it in my backlog for three years now, maybe it is time.

No one seems to have pointed it out but agari also means "win" I think.

What does the arrow represent?

So soft.

Well, it's certainly as ugly.

She has a better vocabulary than a lot of native English speakers.

>Agari has some nice boobs
>Doggy has some nice mounds
>Boobboob-senpai is stacked to the heavens themselves

It's weird to have the two MCs at least b busty.

Doesn't she know that pig tails are the most sensitive part of a girl's body?

My thing going up every time I see her.

All this time I never knew what the actual title of Ping Pong Tanoshii was, so this took me by surprise.

No, it doesn't.

>three years


>Do you know how long it took me to learn Mahjong?
Are you implying that it took you more than a day?

>Wake Up, Girls!


Your thing?

They went a bit too far with the moetrash in this one. Dropped after one PV in.

WUG is the rival ping pong team.

It means "to rise", which also explains her up-arrow hairpin.

Why is Cygames sponsoring this anime? Seems kinda random.

Dem ost mang


When does this QT show up, she looks fun.

Agari means "rising," also her family name Kamiya is written with the kanji for "up" and "arrow" hence her hair clip.

Only in gays

Loved this part of the OP

Maybe mid season. Her special technique is the opposite of tezuka zone from prince of tennis, where the ball returns but doesn't make it to the table iirc.

wait whos legs are those is green a fucking giant or something

When they go to the tournament.

Are JCs always so stacked?

I don't know about you, but in my school they were.

Imagine all the boob sweat they must generate. Especially Mune-senpai.

>Ping Pong was absolute dogshit

The OP isn't WUG tho.

And it is better than the ED.

I absolutely love these designs.

What middle school did you go to?

Woah wait, what the fuck? I was undecided but that's just instantly changed.

I had the same thought.

They're JCs? I thought they were JKs.


Nope, middle school ping-pong right in the description.
So the MCs are second year JCs age 13-14.

I fucking hate worlds. Increases the number of morons in my games by like 1000%. The fucking crawl out of the woodworks for this shit. Fucking esports.

Except tittytitty, she's a 3rd year so she's 14-15.

excuse me

Now all we need are subs of Stella no Mahou.


Too bad fansubbing is dead.

This show just got much better.


I would drink their sweat!


God this show needs to fuck off and not give me another fetish.

That butt.

This is sex

Dekomori is the middle


Takkyuu is tanoshii!

C'mon user spoiler your shit

Is kimochii going to be the new tanoshii?

I can't wait to see this very poorly animated.

MC wins, whoopdifuckingdoo. Who could have seen it coming?

So, this show is ping-pong lolis?
I'm in!

Tanoshii sounds cute, kimochii sounds lewd


Wakaba invented pinpon when it wasn't even cool

I don't see anything wrong with that.
We called Yama no Susume Mountain lolis and they were mostly high schoolers.
We called Pan de Peace bread lolis and they were JKs too.

At least these girls are middle schoolers.
I think ping-pong lolis is a good observation.

The difference is that these girls don't actually look like lolis, loli is a body type, unrelated to age.

Yeah, no.


Please leave.


Is Aoba a loli?

>We called Pan de Peace bread lolis and they were JKs too.

I just called them bread buddies.

No bully!

Don't know but what goes up has to go down, its going to be suffering watching this show, I can just tell.

>I don't see anything wrong with blatantly misusing words

>pink-haired fatty ball of soft tits
>her name is Munemune
Looks like I'm going to love this show. Not to mention all the sweaty unwashed tits, spats, burumas, twintail sluts, flat brats, deadpans and cute art style.

I don't know man, this looks sure like loli-butt to me.

That's not very hygienic. I think it would be better if they all took a nice, long bath together after every match.

Shinji please.

Is that a fucking CG hand? Dropped.

He's right.

>super powers
Is this gonna be saki: ping pong?
I'm okay with this.

All I want is more Softenni.
Will this disappoint me, anons?

>forgetting about the Takyuu episode

God Dayum!

Holy shit
We're old user




YsS girls didn't look younger than these girls, aside from Kokona.

But pigtails, Kagami and Oppaioppai-senpai all have decently-sized to huge tits. In Yama no Susume everyone but Kaede looked mostly flat and childish, and in Pan de Peace only the baguette girl was a loli.
If you keep going this way, eventually you'll start writing reviews for gaming magazines saying that women with breasts larger than their head contribute to a lolicon fantasy.

This was actually good, not even accounting the butts.

I bet our technology allows for a webm of the entire episode as well. I only posted the gif because I couldn't remember if it's been made yet.

Not him, but what about oppai lolis?

Most of these girls look like high schoolers, everyone in YnS besides Kaede looked like actual lolis, even if Kokona was the only true loli.

She has two mouths though, she's clearly a freak that needs to be bullied!

That's not how it works, opai lolis need to look like children who happen to have huge tits. Even Noise follows that rule to a degree.

Sorimura Youji is a gift from god.

Shouldn't she have four mouths?


Still a mystery.

I had high hopes for this show and so far I'm satisfied.

Noise as in noizi ito? She draws h?

No, the Noise who's in almost every issue of LO and has a terrible case of same face. I'm pretty sure Noizi Ito used to do art for h games though.

No, this Noise.


>everyone in YnS besides Kaede looked like actual lolis
Nope. Not once you get the hang of the artsyle they don't.

Agree! Yet they get to be called mountain lolis and some user can't call actual JCs ping pong lolis?


That too, it's kinda weird because the proud tsundere is paired with the scaredy doggy girl, so it's like KagamixTsukasa incest.

That's the thing, that art style made everyone look a lot younger so calling them lolis made sense to some degree, just like calling everyone from Lucky Star a loli also made some sense. In this case however, nearly nobody looks like a loli.

Jesus Christ I didn't mean to start a blood feud!

Maybe it works like that to you, but it doesn't to me. I can't see them out of context, and in-context to their world, Yama no Susume girls looked older than Takkyuu girls look.
And it's always satisfying for every lolicon to know they are actually child aged.

There's a Rei clone and a slut, I'd say it's about the same.

Welcome to Cred Forums

Actually user, this "debate" has been raging for years.
Pay it no mind.

I think you're the only one that it works like that to. I mean, them being younger is satisfying to me too, but if we're going by their age in context to their world, they're still not lolis. Where as out of context, YnS girls look younger than the Takkyu girls, even if the YnS girls are actually older.

So is this show set in 2014?

Believe me I'm not the only one.
For me these girls are more loli than YnS girls that's for sure.

They look like lolis to me pal, and I don't give a damn about "context".
Besides, 14 is my personal cutoff between budding loli and old hag.

it was a joke user, because you know, tekyuu

Despite twintails having such a large rack, Munemune literally being breastsbreasts and pigtails having a noticeable chest? You're weird.

Oppai loli is a thing.

it's from same person that did anime with the licky licky girl and the aliens, also the short series on youtube

But that's not how it works.
Hestia shitposter please get out.