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Were there any manga that ever gave you a serious hard time? I don't mean your first time but after having read a couple. Sure it was hard at first but now I feel like I could read any manga I want now.

Can't say the same for VNs, LNs, etc.

Stupid question, but how exactly am I supposed to use Anki?

Just try to memorize the card and hit "show answer"? And then again/good/easy? Or is there more to it?

I swear learning foreign languages became too damn complex on its own. I learned English by just playing Diablo 2.


An epiphany (from the ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphaneia, "manifestation, striking appearance") is an experience of sudden and striking realization.

Look at the word or whatever on the front
See if you remember the meaning and reading
Click show
If you remembered them both press the buttons according to how well you remembered
If you don't know or didn't remember then click again


So it's literally just the same old cards, except you don't have to cut them out of paper anymore? But there are some hidden algorithms behind it, which I shouldn't mess with, correct?

I want to play with the one on the left while the bunny in the middle one nibbles on that pink carrot.


I thought 暗記 was knowledge, and 覚える was memorize





Read the anki start up guide.

What you should mess with:
Set max reviews a day to 9999999
Change your daily "new cards shown" to whatever you're comfortable with. 10 is a good start for the first few days, then you can crawl it up and see how it goes

What's that picture from and why am I not reading it


Anki means to memorize something in order to recite it. Like a script or a list or something.


>Miss a word at least 1 day old in anki
>5 pushups
>Miss a mature card
>10 pushups

My retention has fucking soared doing this. It's incredible.

any tricks you do, user?

As opposed to actually useful memorization, aka learning? That's rather fitting, then.

>two hours playing a VN, 82 new cards in Anki
It doesn't bother me as much as when I was a beginner though. New cards are words and expressions you don't see a lot like:

Well there was a 5-10 pages manga an Cred Forumsnon posted earlier full of cursive script, non 常用漢字 and stiff language. I gave up quickly

I suggest you look up the word and how it is used before shitposting.


Reminder that you will be treated like this when you visit japan!.

But I'm half-Jap.

Can't wait for 日本moot to burn Cred Forums to the ground

How is that any different to how most anons would be treated where they live now?


>when you visit japan
But I don't plan to. I just wanna steal their IPs.


>tfw you finish your anki reps for the day

You're all welcome!


You have to tell me if their answers are all SJW shit or actual sensical shit before I even consider exposing myself to that video

>tfw you don't touch anki for a week because you already forgot most of the words and you feel bad when you get reminded of it so you keep pushing it back day by day.

They're trying to stay polite for the most part by trying to be "objective" and "fair" but you can tell they don't want immigrants.

>You're all welcome!
The fuck for?
This shit doesn't belong on Cred Forums.
Go away.

>tfw a giant virus annihilates your hard drives and everything on them but then you realise that includes Anki

Wow, the English teacher guy is handsome as fuck.

>but you can tell they don't want immigrants
A bit like Cred Forums doesn't want outsiders who keep talking about 3DPD shit.

thanks ;)

He's a solid 6/10

Where are you from? Most northwest european twenty something men look like this (Dutch,Danish etc)

I guess you just don't wanna learn japanese

>not downloading all your info back from ankiweb

post your picture

Burgerland. It could be that he just appears particularly handsome when compared to average Japanese people, but I still think he's pretty good-looking.

What the fuck is this shit?
Don't come back.

it was just banter 先輩 don't sweat it

Enjoy your ban.

I didn't get that impression to be honest.


What's the first kanji?





Could someone explain to me what class 基礎学 is? I feel retarded but I really don't get what kind of class that could be.

Oh, right, thanks.

Nobody really wants "immigrants" because "immigrants" usually means uneducated people who come to try to compete for shit jobs

But people don't complain nearly as much if the person can speak the language perfectly and is a functioning member of society.


Something like General Studies (?)

They don't complain as much because you'd be able to understand when and how hard they shittalk about you, you filthy gaijin.

No idea. Someone is asking someone else their 基礎学ノート (if it's been 提出'd yet). They're in 3rd year of HS so perhaps it's that thing about their future? But in this case why "ノート"?


Saying this 5 times fast without fucking up the pronunciation is hard.

But how do I stop being a 汚い外人?

Gleaming over a few different references:
It seems to be used in reference to foundational knowledge or I guess what might be referred to as remedial/101 type class for a subject; the basics.

Is it from 聲の形?

You can't.
And you should be happy about it, it means Japon will keep being Japon long after your death.

Each time a japanese person look you badly, understand that it's the border closing a little more.
When little japanese children point at you and laugh because you're not japanese, it's another generation voting to keep the borders closed.

I can't wait to be a japanese citizen and to be discriminated against.

How long will it take to eloquently shittalk a Nip with superior verbosity? N1 plus a few years?

Could someone help me proofreading this mushiscan.tumblr.com/post/151214044770/shinreijutsu-transcript-and-translation
Thanks in advance.

Do you need to specifically take time to learn vocabulary like you did kanji, or is it easy to infer what words mean once you know all the component kanji?

>like you did kanji
>he fell for the "learning kanji" meme

What, was this a mistake or something? About 3/4 of the way through the joyo kanji now I hope I haven't been wasting my time

Can barely speak without mumbling like a sperg in English, let alone Japanese, but recording was at least an eye opener. Had to re-record it three times just to slow down because all you could hear was a stream of mumbling. Props to anons who can speak properly in any language, let alone a second or third one.

I assume that you would already know the answer to your question if you had been learning vocabulary as well, which means you weren't learning vocabulary too, which means yeah huge mistake.

Won't be useless but you could have been learning japanese instead of making up stories.

>What, was this a mistake or something?
No. Ignore the autists here and don't stop learning. The worst thing you can do is lose momentum.

Each and every day.
Keep those neural connections firing, Anons.

How come if you're not learning Japanese everyone here will always tell you "oh it's so easy, you're just lazy, you can do it if you try" but as soon as you are actually trying they change their tune and tell you you are doing everything wrong and will never accomplish anything and you should just give up?

Yeah, I took a break for 2 months and I kinda regret it, took a while to get fully back into the swing of it.

That's Cred Forums for you.

Got good news for you though. If you keep trying you'll speak the language eventually. I remember the hard task of trying to learn English like it was yesterday. Now my English is more advanced than my native language.

Just keep trying and you'll get there eventually.

It's better if you do, but you can sometimes guess the way it's written from the way it sounds or the way it sounds from the way it's written. You may have heard a word before and then see Kanji which may be read like it. It's like a three way puzzle between meanings, readings and Kanji, sometimes.

You didn't study Kanji independently of vocabulary did you?

Reading then Meaning, or Meaning then Reading?

Reading and approximate meaning

I find reading before meaning helps you actually develop associations that don't require you to translate everything in your head so much.

It does not happen with Japanese.
I am still trying to make it more natural without thinking about grammar but I can't seem to be able to

>Now my English is more advanced than my native language
Is this common?

It's a common claim by ESLs but really they just mean vocabulary but not grammar or fluency or anything else.

>that picture
oy vey
Wouldn't ア go where カ is, though? It looks a bit silly as it is.

if youre more advanced at english than you are at your native language i feel sorry for both you and your countrymen 爆笑

Depends on their living context. If they are in an English environment and barely use/encounter/etc. their native language, it's going to get weaker over time.
Ages ago I read an article about a guy who, due to war or something, ended up moving from China to Japan (or maybe the other way around) and spent most of his life in the new country and when it finally returned back to his home country, he couldn't understand any of his family. Kind of a sad story, I guess, but it emphasises the use or or lose it element of memory.

Japan to russia for like 50 years I believe.

I wouldn't be surprised if he had some head problems due to war and all though.

You can do it if you try, and that trying involves an estimated 900 hours.

You should try to learn Japanese from the sounds first then the meaning and grammar, like what they say . Do it even if it sounds like a bunch of gibberish ching chong in your head. It should help you from falling back to thinking in English. Keep at it and as much as you can try thinking in Japanese even if it seems it's going nowhere.

You'll get there.

Does anyone have the LN ざるそば(かわいい)?

50 years entirely outside of your native language would be more than enough to basically forget it, surely.
On a side note, I just had a captcha that made me draw a line around a street sign. What the fuck, Google?


That was pretty good. I fall over myself after the second time.

Learning kanji is ok, but you should really start learning vocab now. Especially since you're almost done with kanji.

Most people recommend here that if you're going to do kanji study then you should do it along side vocab.

はい 活用形です

Enable legacy captcha.


>What the fuck, Google?
They want you to train their driving AI

Anki: Memorize, learn by heart
覚える: Learn, *having learned* (*not* "remembering")

That's worse than the current one.

I'm guessing this is in an image format? I was hoping for an epub or something

>why wouldn't it ___
because it's crackpot nonsense

You're wrong

>覚える: Learn, *having learned* (*not* "remembering")
It is both, with "learn" more strongly associated with 覚える・覚えた and "remember" more strongly associated with 覚えてる

I'm not wrong.

I took a year break.

I have a nice big scar in my anki stats to show it. To remind me, never again

>>>覚える: Learn, *having learned* (*not* "remembering")
>It is both, with "learn" more strongly associated with 覚える・覚えた and "remember" more strongly associated with 覚えてる
覚えている isn't 覚える.

死ぬ doesn't suddenly mean "having died" just because 死んでいる means "having died".

覚えている is translated as "remember" because it means "having learned" in that form. It does *not* mean "remember". 覚えている can and will be used in places like "You've learned our names already?!"


Where did you get that from?
>1 (「憶える」とも書く)見聞きした事柄を心にとどめる。記憶する。「子供のころのことは―・えていない」
>2 学んだり経験したりして、身につける。習得する。「こつを―・える」「技術を―・える」
>3 からだや心に感じる。「疲れを―・える」「愛着を―・える」
>4 (古風な言い方)思われる。「お言葉とも―・えません」
>5 思い出して話す。
That seems pretty clear cut that it certainly does mean to remember/recall something.

>覚えている is translated as "remember" because it means "having learned" in that form. It does *not* mean "remember
You're wrong.

>"You've learned our names already?!"
I don't think you know English either.

Can you guys help me with this? I'm trying to read this gravure models wikipedia page for practice and I understand most of it but this one but confuses me a bit.


(She) mentions she deletes her blog often.

Is that correct? Seems somehow very weird as the previous clause just talks about how she absolutely doesn't do any nudes despite highly revealing costumes.

Here's the article. ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/雨宮留菜


>>5 思い出して話す。
>That seems pretty clear cut that it certainly does mean to remember/recall something.
That doesn't mean what you think it means if you think it literally means "to remember/recall something."
>>"You've learned our names already?!"
>I don't think you know English either.
Considering I'm a native speaker I know I know more english than you.

>覚えている is translated as "remember" because it means "having learned" in that form. It does *not* mean "remember". 覚えている can and will be used in places like "You've learned our names already?!"
You're just playing semantic games with English meanings by being selective about contexts.
Do you actually care about meaning or are you trying to look for a meaningless point of contention to argue over? What is the point of your post?

>You're just playing semantic games with English meanings by being selective about contexts.
That's not semantics. You wouldn't say to someone you literally just met today "You remember our names already?". It is, however, possible to say to them that they've 覚えている'd your names already.

Nice job ignoring this one
>1 (「憶える」とも書く)見聞きした事柄を心にとどめる。記憶する。「子供のころのことは―・えていない」

I'm leaving so don't bother responding. You can keep on exemplifying Dunning Kruger while I'm gone.

I think it means that her blogs often get deleted.

>That doesn't mean what you think it means if you think it literally means "to remember/recall something."
Why did you ignore
>1 (「憶える」とも書く)見聞きした事柄を心にとどめる。記憶する。「子供のころのことは―・えていない」
The example used in the first direction related directly to remembering/recalling a time period.
Seems pretty dishonest to ignore the very first definition and jump straight to the very last one provided. What's your game here, exactly?

Keeping something in your mind is not the same thing as remembering it. I have no idea why you think this corresponds to the english word "remember".


Due to porn addiction I consume a huge volume of japanese hentai especially nukuges and other hentai games.

Frustrated that I don't really understand anything that is happening I decided to learn kana for a week or two so that I can at least read the katakana parts like items in games.

>2 weeks later
Finished kana. Still unsatisfied with my level of comprehension I decide to try and study kana-only vocab for another 2 weeks

>2 weeks later
Still don't understand a lot. Decide to read a grammar guide for a month

>month later
The VN I'm trying to read drops a fuckton of kanji at me in later chapters. Decide to study kanji.

>3 months later
I fucking break down and just resign to the fact that I'll have to genuinely study japanese long term to have a grasp on what actually happens within my porn.

How were you tricked into studying japanese user?

Are there any Anki decks that make you actually fill out the answer so you can't cheat and go "well I was close enough" and mark it right? I feel like I"m giving myself too much slack

Please never translate.

>Keeping something in your mind is not the same thing as remembering it.
The example provided in the definition refers directly to memory and recollection, or not being able to, talking about the speaker's childhood.

>I'm bad at english so I better meme

22 months into studying and I've pretty much become an unironic weeaboo. I think Japan is the best country in the world, that the Japanese are a masterrace, and that Japanese culture is superior.

Anyone else seen the light?

It's clearly describing the experience of undergoing a recollection, not the act of recalling it. Remembering is the act of recalling.

Look here, you dippy dog. Words on different languages do not have a 1:1 correlation. Just because some dictionary decided to use one word to represent one Japanese word, and a different English word to represent a different Japanese one, doesn't mean those Japanese words literally mean those things. They were just using the English words to try to illustrate the concept. Words can and do overlap in meaning, and they won't necessarily overlap in the same way that analogous English words do.

>It's clearly describing the experience of undergoing a recollection, not the act of recalling it.
>recollection, not the act of recalling it

Aah, so it's more like:

"Her blog gets deleted often she (the person himself) mentions."

That seems to make a lot more sense. Thanks!

Not really, the whole collectivist aspect of Japanese culture never appealed to me much.

They do make some pretty things though, and Japan itself is nice to look at, but I'd never want to be a Japanese person.

>Look here, you dippy dog. Words on different languages do not have a 1:1 correlation.
No shit.

>Just because some dictionary decided to use one word to represent one Japanese word, and a different English word to represent a different Japanese one, doesn't mean those Japanese words literally mean those things.

What? 暗記 versus 覚える isn't even what's going on here.

>They were just using the English words to try to illustrate the concept.

Illustrations can be deceptive.

>Words can and do overlap in meaning, and they won't necessarily overlap in the same way that analogous English words do.

Hello ESL. "Undergoing a recollection" is not "the act of recalling something".

This post was meant to redpill people like you.

I wasn't I just want to read my porn

>"Undergoing a recollection" is not "the act of recalling something".
Yes it is, you dense fuck.

>Yes it is, you dense fuck.
It's not. Try learning english.

>Keeping something in your mind is not the same thing as remembering it. I have no idea why you think this corresponds to the english word "remember".

I'm the exact opposite.

Their collectivist society appeals to me but I don't like their nature,architecture and general aesthetics.

Pretty weird that Japan never went full socialist since their culture would compliment it.

>Anyone else seen the light?
I have, and the glare makes it hard to see my monitor, so I shut the curtains.


>he cites goo as a reasonable dictionary
the other guy is trolling but holy fuck you're stupid


>he cites goo as a reasonable dictionary
What are trying to imply here?

use an authoritative dictionary instead

like, in the west, there are only four things you can cite for what something means:

- webster's dictionary
- oxford dictionary
- wiktionary
- educated, unbiased native speakers

in japan, "goo" isn't on the corresponding list

i know nothing about whether those particular definitions are good or not, but if you cite them coming from goo then whoever you're responding to can keep leading you on

>i know nothing about whether those particular definitions are good or not, but if you cite them coming from goo then whoever you're responding to can keep leading you on
So you're making an appeal to authority based on something you don't even know? Amazing.
There is nothing wrong with goo.

>So you're making an appeal to authority
what the fuck is wrong with you

i'm not arguing against any of your points you fucking cunt

stop trying to read shit between the lines that isn't actually there

>they didn't just say "that definition came from daijirin"

>- wiktionary
Wikitionary is like Wikipedia: user edited.
>- educated, unbiased native speakers
This is pants on head retarded. Naive speakers are not an authoritative source on word definitions.

>stop trying to read shit between the lines that isn't actually there
One doesn't have to read between the lines because from your posts it's clear enough that you're a fucking mong and more than likely this user who is trying to deflect criticism by pretending to be an objective third party.







It makes you come across like someone who found this thread through somewhere like Reddit. We have a quote function you can use for listing points. Anons call it

He does it because reddit requires double line breaks.

>900 hours.

Try 4000

>>- wiktionary
>Wikitionary is like Wikipedia: user edited.
wiktionary isn't controlled by cabals and doesn't have encyclopedic standards so it's fine

>>- educated, unbiased native speakers
>This is pants on head retarded. Naive speakers are not an authoritative source on word definitions.
who are you going to ask about slang?

>you're a fucking mong and more than likely this user
kill yourself

Guys, guys, can't we all just get alone?

>trying to deflect criticism by pretending to be an objective third party.

Holy shit hahaha. Actual redditor 発見 I guess. user irrefutably btfo.

More like OVER 9000 hours lol

>Responding to yourself

There is literally noting wrong with double line breaks.

>oh no, I've been found out

>when you're so mad you start samefagging with the reddit boogeyman on anyone that looks at you

Eh, I'm Russian, I'm treated like this anywhere.


Thanks for looking it up user, I had to go for a while.

Yes it is, haven't read farther than the page in question since I just got back.

russian piggu go hoomu

>tfw your question makes the thread into a giant shitpost


Does adding "dakedo" to the end of a sentence change its nuance, or is it just an annoying habit?

the kedo part means "but" or "though"

>doing core2k
>red and white and just their own kanji
>light brown is a kanji+the kanji for colour

for what purpose japan.

Tea + Colour
How hard was that?

what about 白色 and 赤色

It's not "hard", just funny and inconsistent. Why isn't red "apple+colour" or something? Why isn't white "snow+colour"?

why Japan
why Japan
why Japan
why Japan

fucking deal w/ it

This is why it's important to also know a bit of the history in japan.

Red White, Blue are considered "original colors" which were native to the japanese people.

When Japs started to integrate kanji in their vocabulary they noticed that chinese gave names to colors that Japan didn't differentiate between themselves. These colors were given the chinese kanji for this color plus the color kanji so that japanese people could understand it.

The same is true for western world. We didn't have a distinction between green and blue for a long time (we know this because ancient greeks described the ocean,sky and grass as green in ancient texts). Orange and red are only being considered as different colors for 400 years in the west (the color is named after the fruit and not the other way around).




How many hours does everyone here put in a day?

I'd put in about 2-3 hours on a weekday and 4 on a weekend.


A kind of similar phrase exists in English.
>Take the bull by the horns.

Depends on the day. Usually about the same.

>Red White, Blue are considered "original colors" which were native to the japanese people.

America x Nihon OTP

i actually really like 茶色 because tea is brown

i also like 紅茶 because black tea isn't actually black but indeed more brown or crimson red


>We didn't have a distinction between green and blue for a long time
Actually most germanic languages did.

>we know this because ancient greeks described the ocean,sky and grass as green in ancient texts
That's because that word meant "cyan" back then. They still had a word for indigo though. They used perceptual colors, they didn't have the additive and subtractive models we use today as objective references. As far as the greeks in particular were concerned, the seas and skies were a particular objective color, which can be anything from navy to cyan to a bluish green.

I've yet to get into a regular rhythm. I have no shortage of time, but I'm never sure where I should focus my attention when there are so many different things I could be practicing at any one time. Should I work on grammar today? Vocabulary? Stroke order? Kanji? Radicals? Listening practice? Pronunciation?

I've never had to learn something as intensive as a new language entirely on my own before. I never really learned how to study, if that makes sense. It's easy to get overwhelmed.

For fuck's sake man. Why did I even bother to learn radicals? What the fuck am I supposed to see when I look at this?

Like 30 minutes. Tops.

亻丶人 for starters. Are you sure you learned radicals?

>Actually most germanic languages did.
Maybe so, but Germanic languages didn't distinguish between blue and black instead.
Ever heard of Harald Bluetooth? He was named so not because he had a blue tooth, but because his tooth was black.


Explaining blåneger in contemporary Swedish

>Never learned something intensive before
>Learning what is probably the hardest major language with the possible exception of Arabic

the middle thing more like ム or い
i've just looked at fonts and handwriting and examples of both were found

not him but i've studied linguistics, programming, and game design for years, and keep in mind that the last thing is basically the wild west and it's all still easier than japanese as long as you don't get mislead.

Well, what are your priorities?

Would you like to speak Japanese? For business? To make new friends in Japan?

Would you like to read? Manga or classical literature?

Would you like to watch movies/anime raws and understand?

These are all of course linked, but having something to focus on helps you structure your learning.

Dictionary says there's a 丶.

dictionary is wrong

Hi, all. Translating an article for some fun but I dont know how you would translate nerf (as in nerfing an ability in a game) into japanese. Help?

>Been about a month since I started
>Know about 120 Kanji, can introduce myself, hold a basic conversation, and count to a million if I wanted to

Is that considered a decent start to learning a language this hard?

>a month
>120 kanji
>4 kanji a day


unless you have a 9 hour/6 day work week and go to school, no


Just because it originated from ム doesn't mean it still is one though.


Just that? Do they use that term over there? I've not heard it. Would someone go like ナーフやろ or something?

It's written in the same stroke order as ム as well

Probably less than an hour most days, spaced out throughout the day. Biggest block is right after I wake up, then I just do reviews as they come up throughout the day in small blocks. I try to keep the overall time commitment relatively small since a little bit a day, every day, is much better than killing myself with a massive amount of reviews a day and then burning out in a month or two.

Just keep saying お前がだ

t. bane the big guy

>Probably less than an hour

Sorry, but you can't learn Japanese. Not even trolling here, it's my sincere opinion. Even college kiddies put in more than an hour a day. If you can't even manage one, you're wasting your own time.

Don't insult people for going slower than you do. It's more important to keep up a steady effort than to try to cram as much as you can into each individual day.

Yeah, but they add it even when it's not a contraditory sentence dakedo.

I always feels it adds a bit of hesitation/uncertainty, but that might be just my linguistic bias towards our standard use of "but".

Not him, but there's a difference between keeping up a steady effort with decent progression and steadily putting in no effort at all.

Well, why not? If I wake up everyday and say to myself, "I want to learn Japanese, but I can't start until I've already learned x, y , z, α, β, γ..." I'm never going to learn Japanese.

All of the above. I'd say my immediate goal is be be able to read untranslated VNs. Eventually I'd like to achieve full N1 proficiency and work in Japan.

Today I did Anki for 28 minutes and then I read a visual novel for 2 hours and 13 minutes.

There's like three uses of the "contradictoary" mood in japanese, much like english "though".

Well I'm not counting time I'll spend reading native material once I get enough of a foundation to get something out of it, probably in a month or so since I'm finishing up on Core2k at the moment. Also not counting things I don't do every single day, grammar study for example which is more sporadic and done in shorter bursts rather than being a part of my everyday routine. There's no reason to be needlessly discouraging.

Ah, I souka! In that first sentence I wrote if we put a "though" instead of dakedo, it makes perfect sense. I can see the light, arigato, user-sensei-sama.

Around 2 hours a day.
Gonna be less soon though because I decided to stop learning new cards in 2k in favor of mining cards from reading

How do I use a dictionary grammar? I can't seem to find some grammar points that are covered in my text book. For example, に気がつく and のだろうか does not seem to be covered by the book.

I got incredibly buff doing this. It's incredible.

Retention still sucks though.

What exactly are you looking for? に気がつく literally just means what it says when you hover over it with rikai. Some for the other one really, but if you just google it you get instant results: ejje.weblio.jp/content/だろうか

I just wanted to see how it would be in the reference book, and just to see if the reference book is good for self study. I guess if I get stuck on grammar I'll just look it up on the internet then. I haven't installed Rikai yet.

You should already be attempting to read native literature after a month. Forget conversation. you cannot produce anything until you are able to fluently understand input.

These are the sentences from the game of Little Charo.
C: Do you know this area well?
>M: Well, I guess "you" could say it's like my own yard.

Why does the second sentence use "you"?
"I guess I could say ~" is wrong?

I believe by using "you" M-kun is implying that he would like to offer C-kun his anal virginity.

You is used in the place of "one" in casual speech.

I guess you could say = I guess one could say


>one could say ~とも言える
OK! I got it. thanks

No. M-chan is right:)
And I don't give my * for you!

Also, "I guess I could say ~" is not wrong, but the meaning is different.

"I guess you/one could say" = 一般的
"I guess I could say" = 僕から言うと・・・

Hey I remember you. I'm happy it's going smoothly.

Is that Japanese cocaine?

Do both sentences explain "it's my own yard"?
I hope so.


Blow me.

When you have a case of a bunch of similar words with the same reading but different kanji, was it originally one word that they gave different ways of writing after a while to differentiate different uses, or what?

For example 辞典, 事典, 字典

Were "there, they're their" all the same word?

Sure why not.

Giving a about what random Japanese people think is as pointless as giving a shit about what random people in any other country think.

Apparently not. reddit.com/r/etymology/comments/38ge1e/there_their_theyre/

holy crap it's so accurate

not that i'm gonna stop





I have been studying Japanese for 7 weeks and I only know about 300 words of vocab, ~50 kanji and only have the absolute slightest comprehension of grammar. Am I gonna make it or am I just a born dekinai?

At that pace no but start doing 20 words a day in anki and you have a chance

Forecast your future progress based on your current pace and tell me whether you think you're going to make it.

You talk like learning Japanese is something that's happening to you rather than something you're doing. You weren't born dekinai, you chose it.

You have to be a NEET to learn Japanese.

Nobody knows because nobody here has done it. DJT is a piece of shit. Why am I here then? Well, because I just happened to scroll past this thread. DJT is beating off to Anki stats and no real Japanese. DJT is dekinai.

t. salty dekinai who gave up

I'm perfectly fine with that and in fact think that japs should be more racist toward foreigners.
I don't want gaijins, myself included, ruining their culture and country.

Sorry bro, you wasted your fucking time. Not entirely, but you cannot pick up words from kanji alone. There is no pattern as to which reading to use and the meanings are not always related. There are a few kanji like 竜 with one reading but anything else is a waste of time. Also plenty of kanji outside the joyo meme.

It's not a total waste but if anyone told you, you can just go in to the native text and start understanding, you got memed on.

im neet, get reasonable sleep and im still dekinai
check and mate fella

Not true, I read every day. Enjoy your anki.

>tfw increased new card limit for today
Being an ankidrone is weird.

Oh wait, 竜 has multiple readings. Anyway, point is, you're fucked.

So does every non-retarded person doing Anki. You just lack the discipline to do both.


you non-24? autistic? adhd?

>tfw shit retention but your retention will never be as bad as this guy
feels good

What's this true retention addon?

A placebo.

>you non-24?
no, was tested
possibly, not been tested

im just trying to lose weight, but when you do that your recall on definitions becomes.. murky, like the confidence level drops to a 'only seen it once' level and i hit again

Anki if you do it at all should be a side thing, instead it's all you fucks ever talk about. I would rather even listen to reddit even, I bet they have actual advice from multiple language learners and shit.

Every great success story I hear, never has fucking Anki involved. You know why? Anki is a big fat meme. People don't even use it right, they set it to show them new cards on their core decks, rather than words they personally learned already and just want to make sure they don't forget.

Core doesn't even show all the meanings for each word. Fuck you Anki fucks you will forever be dekinai.


Retention depends a lot on what you're testing yourself on.

>Every great success story I hear, never has fucking Anki involved.

Then you've avoided all success stories that don't involve people living in Japan for years.

You rack disciprin. 20 new cards a day is normie 出来ない tier. If you're a NEET, then nigga, what are you doing? If your retention is that bad, you should start eating protein rich food and always remember to take your ritalin.

I this the same faggot from 2 threads ago complaining about Anki?

Not really, no.
But if you start spending your entire days with nearly no contact with your native language, in a few years things start to feel weird. My vocabulary is definitely greater in english than in my native language but I can't really say if the same applies to grammar rules and such.

ive actually been trying to score some modafinil:

During probe 2, Modafinil mice spent more time in TQ than Saline mice [F(1,18) = 5.33, p

No I only just came in, what did the other guy say?

I know that feel.

>over 80%
>50 cards a day
not even a comparable situation dude

>500+ cards
just fuck my shit up fampai

What, are caffeine pills not enough for you?

If your English is better, than man it must suck to be you since you can't properly express yourself in any language. At least EOPs have one language they can communicate fluently in.

fucking wasps, what the fuck does it mean?

Sucks to be you.


I made it.

it would give me something to alternate between and prevent receptor shutdown, keeping the dose lower

No user, it sucks to be you

based entirely on the kanji I'd say it means
(things such as) danger of bear(s) and being bitten by poisonous snake(s)

>finished deck
You cheating bastard.

熊害 熊による被害
毒蛇の咬害 毒を持った蛇に噛まれる被害

I've yet to have that issue in either language senpai.




I hate this beginner shit. I wanna read but I'm not done Tae Kim. I do three lessons a day, and I feel like I forget at least 2 by the next day.

やっとthe rock has戻ってきたto djt



Keep it up and some day you can hate this intermediate shit


Is this "How often to do watch/see movies?"
or yoku after nanika?


At least intermediate shit I can read and absorb new words that way. Languages are such a frontloaded effort.

Being a beginner is so fun.

An abundance of easy beginner resources. Everything is new and full of wonder. You have an excuse for being terrible. You can still give up without wasting 2 thousand hours. That overconfidence from understanding your first batch of 5-word sentences...



>An abundance of easy beginner resources
Almost all of which are useless and redundant compared to doing 40 new cards a day of anki and occasionally reading some grammar. I'd consider that a pitfall rather than a benefit since there are so many ways to go wrong.



Things are all new and confusing, since there is no exact equal in english, and it comes down to a lot of vague feelings.

I'd rather understand like 80% and learn new things in context, even if that's frustrating and flow breaking for compelling content


That's all nice but it all boils down to are you actually learning something? It feels hardest at the beginning because I'm tripping over every other word.

so i do use yoku before?

It wouldn't be what you want anyway, it would be "do you often watch moves"

か without a question word is always a yes or no question

>tfw it takes you over a month to read a single VN
>tfw school takes up all your time
>tfw dekinai

Omit よくif you telling frequency or not.
Omit 何か if you telling what kind of movie.

Alright, ill figure out what im trying to say. thanks for the help



Get the Kenkyusha EPWING dictionary for Rikaisama. It's in the CoR as "J-E EPWING Dictionary (新和英大辞典 第5版)".

To install it, open your Rikaisama settings, go to the EPWING tab, then click add and find the file called "CATALOGS" in the folder you downloaded. To use the EPWING dictionary, hover over a word with Rikaisama enabled and press "p".

Getting a new dictionary won't help him, he just needs to read more and learn the nuances of these words.



ありがとうございます (たく→とう)
おはようございます (やく→よう)

Anki makes me want to throw up. I hate this so much. I want to kill myself.



why wasnt i born in japan

Let's kill ourselves together.

dont worry its not necessary at all

because youre blessed

I'm trying to read the first few pages of the Silmarillion in Japanese and what the FUCK is this shit? Do I have to study classical Japanese to understand this? The only way I can comprehend anything is by reading side by side with the English text.

the silmarillion is hard to read even in english so uh good luck



And this is to go ever further beyond




What kind of fish oil do you guys take for maximum retention gains?

This. I'd prefer to be hated by racist Japs in comfy Japan to being hated by virtually everyone in a frozen hellhole of corruption and pollution.

I don't think its the kind that matters as much as how you consume the pills. Just eating them doesn't give many gains. You need to consume them by enema for maximum gains


so ka



一子 best 子


Fuck off immigrant scum.

>tfw even the nhk presenter asks the guest for an easy explanation of オートファジー and you tap out

How long do you think I will need to study before I can move to Japan and join a doujin game circle? For some reason I always thought that life would be fun as fuck, just creating doujin games all day with my homies and kicking back.

Yeah I know it's not particularly profitable but money is not really a concern for me, I just want to make games.

about 1111 years

As long as it takes to find doujin devs ready to become friends with a weird gaijin and let you in their circle.
>money is not really a concern for me
I hope by this you mean "I have rich parents that will support me being an eternal tourist in Japan" because Japanese government don't just give work visas to people making doujin games.

Depends on what you want to do. Being a writer obviously will require a native level understanding, really beyond your average native level honestly, since the "average" person who speaks a language doesn't necessarily know it with the kind of intimacy required to be a truly great writer in it, even if they have been speaking it from birth. If you want to be an artist or programmer or something you could probably get away with just knowing enough to make yourself understood and understand the gist of the requirements from your group, or if they know English you might not even need that much.

if youre a nobody with no friends the odds are 0 gaijin trash good luck at comic market idiot

Yeah I have a fair bit of money stashed away due to a game I created in the past being moderately successful, so I doubt I'll have to worry about money or work any time soon.
Well as mentioned above I do have some track record as a successful solo game developer. I've never really worked on a team, but I've always been fascinated by the whole doujin culture. Not sure if too many people in Japan will have heard of my work, but surely if I bring it up it might go some way towards getting my foot in the door?

if you have money then you can start your own circle easily if you dont have connections

Keep DJing, phil, don't expect people to not know you're an asshole just because they speak a different language.

Yeah but would a circle started by a foreigner be a true doujin circle? Even if I tried to hire Japanese people to fill it it would be hard to find qualified people with the right kind of experience without those same connections.

theres a lot of foreign peeps who sell shit at comiket

also dont look at it as hiring

come up with a project and have the money to actually see it through and have people come tryout and if they are in line with your vision then become doujin nakamas or w.e

0b101111 = 47 years. It has been foretold.

>tfw just realized that SoL VNs are the best material for mining, reading and listening practices

But that's wrong.

I find plot focused VNs better for that. Can't really appreciate dialogue and humor when I fumble every other sentence, while a good plot is fun no matter how much time you spent piecing it together.
Also plotge give you a much more focused vocab range to mine while in SoL works you get a zillion words from random bullshit trivia barely related to anything and can't remember it for shit.
Like I had to mine 弘法 thanks to To Heart 2 and just failed that bullshit today again, it's been a fucking year.

DJT, what are your thoughts on Genki?


> I had to mine

You didn't "have" to do anything dumbass. If you yourself admit it's a useless trivia word, why bother memorizing it?


It's probably the best introductory textbook on the market. Make sure to do it properly though, i.e., at about the same pace as a college course (this means you should spend approximately two years completing Genki 1 & 2)

Now that I know what 草 means, I feel really stupid.

It have to itselves own

I was born and raised in America. I can handle a few Japanese people calling me a white pig. The worst I've seen from gaijin hate videos hasn't even approached a FRACTION of some of the shit I've gone through in my life, in my own home country.

America is a shithole unless you're rich, dude.

Slow, but good, yes?

I really need something to serve as the backbone of my studies. I thrive under a pre-established structure. When I'm left to piece everything together on my own it just doesn't work. I learn nothing, I get lost in my head. If I can't attend a formal class I need to be able to follow a set lesson plan.

Would you say Genki would be good for me? I'm fine taking it slowly, as long as it really is the best.

In my opinion it's way too slow and boring. I think it is more effective to quickly read through tyler kim (or any guide) and get into reading where you can pick up and solidify everything rather than doing exercises in a textbook

Remember to subscribe to WaniKani while you're at it.

The last thing these threads could use is an user arguing over accepted and understood definitions. It may get the blow flowing in your e-peen but please try to remember the point of answering a question of a beginner or anyone is to provide clarity. For whatever reason mods don't remove these pointless and detrimental chains of bickering so it relies on us not creating them. Please keep this in mind before you flip out next time. Try to think of the reason why someone asks a question and whether or not you are responding for their sake or for your sake. It it's the latter, keep it to yourself.

why are you responding to a nine hour old argument

are you retarded

I used Genki at first and I would not recommend it, it's shit.
Surely Anki works well for you, since it forces you to study for a certain amount of time in each day? Then just read Tae Kim and move on to reading lots.

I'm studying in Japan and I caught a cold

rating/10 will I die?

Is position 8 even possible for humans to do?

Well, how comprehensive is Anki? Can I really learn it all with the right decks and some of Tae Kim's books?

That sounds suspiciously simple.

Just tried and can confirm that it is possible

Semantic-wise, what's the difference between:

a: この子は今年7つになります。
b: 今年この子は7つになります。


Japanese is just vocab and grammar, right?
So you learn vocab through Anki, you get the basics of grammar through Tae Kim and then you learn the rest from reading actual Japanese texts. It is easy, it just takes a while.

Another one. What's the difference among these?

a: 彼には子供が六人います
b: 彼は子供が六人います
c: 彼の子供は六人です

Also, note that the usage of 「には」above doesn't match with the one in Mokuji. bunpou.neocities.org/中級編intermediate.html# には

"A conjunction/compound particle to indicate a purpose for doing something."

As for him, he has six children.
He has six children.
The number of his children is six.

>want to binge variety shows to get better listening
>they're all shit

mostly shit
this ones okayish

What the fuck should I watch?

Thanks for answering user! That's very helpful.
I was weirded out with the example sentence that was used in that card. If it were me, I would have said it as b, but I wasn't sure if it was correct.

Its all the same shit

Watch anime instead

Anyone got that classical poem that talks about kuso and ass and shit? You know which one I'm talking about.

I really want to learn Japanese, but I don't think I have the patience for it. I've gotten started a number of times, but tend to give up before I really have Hiragana memorized.

わ ね れ 

These three fuckers right here just keep confusing me until I give up. I think there might be one or two more that are shaped almost the same, and I think I have trouble with some of the ones that start with "n" or "m" sounds.



Wait, you can't use remember like that?

I think he means it's more natural in English to say something like
>You've already learnt our names?!

Yes, because that's what that word means.

remember is not just unnatural there it's wrong



Anyone who still watches English subs himself has no place translating or criticising other people's Japanese knowledge.

Anyone who still watches English subs himself has no place translating or criticising other people's Japanese knowledge.

he's an editor

also i'm pretty sure you can't justify using "remember" in such a place no matter how much japanese you know

anyone who still watches english subs himself has no place translating or criticizing other peoples japanese knowledge

If you think that's bad, wait till you see the katakana.
I still think the best way to learn the kana is with namasensei. Sure he's sloppy as fuck, but if he can't motivate you to just write that shit properly 50 times then no one will.

Game Center CX man
The only Japanese TV show that doesn't make me want to kill myself.

This was more about english knowledge desu

Shit's demoralizing. I tried watching Namasensei, but I just can't take drunk people seriously. I deal with enough drunk retards in my everyday life that his drunken stupor ends up more distracting than whatever the lesson was.

Couldn't even make it through the て-form video, which as I understand it is his best one.

the 雌s love my ちんぽs 雄臭い

While the sentence he gave as an example is grammatically incorrect, his statement was clearly "it is always wrong to translate 覚える to remember". Which is false, as there are times and scenarios where it is correct. Again, anyone who still watches English subs himself has no place translating or criticising other people's Japanese knowledge.

>his statement was clearly "it is always wrong to translate 覚える to remember"
did he say that

He didn't say that, user is just flipping out

djt says the darndest things

its cool you decided to further back your previous awful post as you remain tunnel visioned on the wrong thing lmao maybe before you assert your strong opinions consider it is you who has no place other than in the nearest benjo ばくしょう

wtf i hate user now


>why are you responding to a nine hour old argument
Cred Forums isn't a chatroom, user. Part of the reason why sage exists is to allow people to have conversations over longer periods of time without bumping the thread to the front page.

It's one of those walkover things done really fast, without your hands. So basically thrusting yourself backwards after lowering your centre of gravity, putting as much pressure of your feet as possible. I wouldn't advise doing it unless you have experience with banging your head on the ground.
I've seen break dancers and circus performers do similar things but they have massive control over their body and are essentially shifting all their weight to their feet and lowering themselves backwards and resting the top of their head on the ground, forming the bridge.
These fags did it with padding, though.

uh you just responded to a 2 hour old post bud

>Cred Forums isn't a chatroom, user.
no, I mean

responding to a nine hour old argument on Cred Forums is basically nothing but destructive

nobody cares about nine hour old arguments in a place like this

all it does is dig up dead strife, and your response wasn't even some kind of point, it was just a moral lecture or something

Stop treating Cred Forums like a chatroom and stop spacing your pargraphs out like that.
Learn to sage off topic posts.

Have you tried realkana? Managed to memorize hiragana/katakana within a week with that. Afterwards I drilled for a really long time with Obenkyo to make sure I didn't forget them.

Hiragana/katakana writing exercise sheets are great help too, actually remembering the order/direction of each stroke will help you tell them apart more.

>Stop treating Cred Forums like a chatroom
I'm not treating Cred Forums like a chatroom, I'm treating Cred Forums like Cred Forums

>stop spacing your pargraphs out like that.
I think I remember this obsession from when I was lurking this morning

wow you really do seem upset

Can you stop shitposting now

Here are some examples of perfectly normal posts that "space out their paragraphs" (which is the normal english writing standard, by the way)

stopping there because I don't want to (You) too many unrelated people

Oh yeah.

>Learn to sage off topic posts.

What a cancerous little faggot. Probably has no friends in real life that's why he has to try to get teenagers on Cred Forums to worship him.

I see. Although these guys doing it with padding and without maintaining a dance rhythm, instead just doing the moves, isn't really that impressive. I'd rather see someone, like an idol, actually dancing properly like this.

Can you stop posting?

It's a neck bridge bro.

I thought everyone on Cred Forums read that Inoue Kiyoshirou h-manga

You can try and stop me. The only people who worship twitter Cred Forums e-celebs are manchildren and underage retards.

Xythar isn't an e-celeb. He's literally just a random fansubber. If you think Xythar is an e-celeb then you have a very warped view of reality.

>Did 8 hours straight of listening
>Forgot to do reps and dont want to do them right before I go to sleep, just keep listening

Look at his self-important posts man. Nobody would give a shit about anything he has to say if he made them anonymously. That's why he has to resort to twitter. Fucking pathetic to be honest.

He resorts to twitter because he has a circle of friends and circles of friends only work when each person has an identity. This may surprise you but anonymous forums alone do not make a balanced social experience.

>I thought everyone on Cred Forums read that Inoue Kiyoshirou h-manga
You thought wrong. I exclusively masturbate to eroge and nothing but eroge.

>Here are some examples of perfectly normal posts that "space out their paragraphs" (which is the normal english writing standard, by the way)
Actually the normal english standard is indented paragraphs and same spacing between paragraph breaks and line breaks. But when paragraphs must be unindented (like here) then having wider paragraph breaks is the norm.

>tfw making actual Nip friends who'll also help you with words that have a more common variation etc


No excuse, do your reps.

Keep listening. The most important thing in language learning is to like what you're doing and have low stress. Flashcards are just to make it easier to consume content. Getting behind on flashcards because you're consuming content isn't a problem.

yah its cool to learn real people japanese from real people instead of living in anime japanese land forever

Yeah, casual Japanese is a lot different from what I initially thought, also a lot easier because most particles are just dropped.













Is there an IRC where we can ask questions we come across during our study? If there aren't, even a Skype friend would be a lot of help.


#learn_japanese channel

Are you me I was going to post that

I didnt stop learning japanese because of kanji. I quit because the grammar is way too hard.

Bye djt.

the only people that would go into it are trolls and or bottomfeeder trash boys sorry you should just post any and all questions here instead ill be your friend


>too hard
It's not, it just takes time. Were you scared off by the people who shove text-hooking and exposure down your throat after cramming TK over the course of a week? Yeah, that doesn't work out in most cases.

holy shit it really is the same guy over and over again

to learn Japanese you'll have to pay with small sacrifices along the way, it's inevitable

Yeah. Im just lazy

Japanese has a lot of language rules that are mostly easy. Tae Kim is just a frustratingly shitty guide.

such as your first child

Tae kim could be 1/10th the length it is right now. In fact I'm currently cutting a lot of shit out of it, but the copy I'm modifying is hella outdated.

I only came in to see if people would need help, Dont really need guidance but this is making me feel dirty friend...

Well, that's nice thanks, but questions that are posted here aren't always answered. That is why I would prefer a direct conversation like in chat or skype.

Thanks... I have tried to join. Please be gentle..


How would you improve my あ ?

Does this trigger you?

My post was code speak for "if anyone has a one-page copy of the current version of the guide it would be very helpful"

Awesome pls post when done.

Seeing the chat, I am quickly reminded of that... Oh god help me. I just want someone to help me with my Japanese.

Too long, didn't watch


fat white and has pubes on his face while wearing unfunny joke shirt seems par for the course

can you do this?

no you god damn idiot go read tae kim

why can't i do this

name in channel


Haven't been here in months, but I can see you're as obnoxious and hostile as ever. Why haven't you killed yourself yet, poor grammar-kun?

>Haven't been here in months
is that why you didn't post with a new IP
>Why haven't you killed yourself yet, poor grammar-kun?





finger slipped sorry

Flawless logic as always, poor grammar-kun. Are you implying that this particular thread has been up for months?

oh sorry for some reason I assumed you were some random guy and not that same guy who's been shitting up the thread all day

お風呂にいながら 一緒にエッチなことをしよう

I'm starting to feel for socrates. So many people literally tie anchors to themselves and jump in the middle of the harbor then wonder why they're drowning.

You know maybe if people call you the "same guy" or something whenever you come to the thread, maybe you have a problem with how you communicate? Just an idea.

Not really. It's just that one shitposter spazzing out like usual and bumping the thread with his hostile and unhelpful comments. He may as well start using a tripcode at this point, because you can instantly recognize him and his shitposting ways. At least then you could filter him.

you might want to see a psychiatrist, you're showing signs of schizphrenia



You can use 「熱いです、火が」

You can just say あっっちぇぇぇぇー!

Should I take N1 although I'm sure I'll pass it and it'll be a bother to get to an examination spot or will DJT respect me anyway

take it for fun

I wont respect you till you do user!

I have to get on a flight and get a hotel room and
I won't either

Fuck it I'll take so I can win discussions by posting a picture of the certificate

Thats what I would do too, Good luck user

Thank you for the help

>I'm sure I'll pass it
Yeah, right.
I'm sure I'll never hear from you ever again.

believe in me



Hello DJT. A couple questions.

I just started with Japanese at the start of September. I have been taking it fairly slowly to spend enough time on my coursework, but I want to start investing more time into it. (~30min a day presently)

Currently studying pic related. I feel like I could certainly up my new cards/day for the vocab. Or I could start ambling my way through some Japanese texts. Any thoughts as to which might be better?

Also, the way I have been using the flashcards is to try to associate both the Japanese pronunciation(s) and the English meaning with new words. I've seen people saying I should focus on just getting the pronunciations solid before associating meaning.

Well, any suggestions are much appreciated. Pardon the intrusion.

>pic related

I'll take back my statement and will trust you user, just this time.
Don't you go and disappoint me now.

Touch your settings and you'll want to KILL YOURSELF later.
I must admit the thought of your death doesn't displeases me, so do as you wish.


Okay which one of you kuso faggots is responsible for this.

Personally, I can read in english as fast as in my first language (italian), and I can shitpost on Cred Forums as easily (with a few mistake here and there), but spoken english is hard as fuck, I keep forgetting the easiest words.

You, obviously.

got me



Is there a way to flip all cards in a deck and move them into a new deck?

What's your carrot on a stick?


I have no carrot on a stick. I study Japanese for the sole purpose of studying Japanese.

The Umaru manga.

What's the point?

I enjoy doing it is all.
Who needs a point?

>Touch your settings and you'll want to KILL YOURSELF later.
You are probably right. Thanks for the input.

Escaping the collapse of western civilisation.

>tfw Anki is so useful that I've been using it for other subjects
I'll never be able to get away at this rate

Why's it ordered like this instead of

If you want to shoot your brain out, it means it works.

Look up the differences between に and を

It's reverse breh.






No. 殺伐 is a kind of atmosphere.
I think that you wanted to mean 殺害.

What meaning this phrase 性格お絵描きや歌
Full sentence 無邪気で人懐っこい性格お絵描きや歌が好き

Shilling the ankidrone method once I become fluent enough.



Lol, really.
As you understood?

That innocent oldman has friendry personality.He like picture and songs for each meals.

Hello, Im willing to be able to read a light novel in japanese Pic is the first page.

Im reading Pomax's Introduction to Japanese and I've seen than there are few writing styles and alphabets, do I need to learn them all for it? or which ones aren't needed?


Learn it all obviously. Isn't this in the guide?

新しい友達を作って、新しい家族をつくるんだ。こんなCred Forumsなんかに居るよりずっと楽しいぞ

All hiragana and katakana.
All 2100 regular kanji.
All the 900 name kanji.
Plus any other kanji you might come across frequently, but those will usually have pronunciation notes to help you out.

That's about it. Read the guide. Good luck.

Honestly if you have that much trouble with those, give up. You'll die at kanji

I'm done my anki! I'm going to read 2 lessons of Tae Kim, and listen to 2 episodes of some anime.

What are you doing today, user?

Use mnemonics, I know the first one is "wa" because it is different from the other two (doesn't have any tail).

So I'm only left with RE an NE. The one with the loop is NE, because it has a NEKO tail.
And that also helps me remembering め is ME, but ぬ is NU, since it shares the loop of the NE.

Of course I don't do this every time I read, it gets faster and faster, nowadays it's automatic.

Where do you find extra words to mine when your daily reading no longer meets the quota?

I haven't started mining yet, but I have already thought about it: I'll mine and fill the missing spots with words from a list of jinmeiyou I haven't learned yet, like important places names.

(But that's of course because I'll have finished all joyo kanji by the time I start mining.)

Stop reading moege.

Are there any good PAID japanese learning tools?

I already use wanikani and I notice that I have a lot more motivation to work on my japanese if I paid money for it.

For example I never skipped a single day of wanikani in 3 months time since I joined. But I didn't to a lot of grammar because of 0 motivation..