Well, i love you user!

Well, i love you user!

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why did you kill me then

Because you stinks from some witch stuff.

I love Emilia


if you really loved me you would accept myself AND my smell. kill yourself whore, i'll stick with someone whom i know that would never kill me.

You'll regret your words and deeds.

Please don't kill me.

And that is the first time I've heard someone say it with a straight face

Im gonna kill emilia and rape her corpse right in front off her dad.

fuck off beetlejuice

How.. How did you know? You looking to get clowned?

Rem is the only character that I've gone from legitimately hating to falling in love with hard

>would never kill me.
nor love you

You...said that already. Like a dozen times.

I love you too Rem!



at first i was really creeped out by her, but holy shit i fell hard.

Emshittia is garbage.

No you don't.

It was the opposite for me. She went from intimidating and kind of cool to generic soft-spoken submissive girl #3928.


Just like my ex.

Dude, you were not just going to kill me, but torture me..

But, I still love you...let's be together. I am yours ....

Good grief, be silent already

Emilia is so much cuter than Rem

I am serious. Rem went from hate to love.

That might be the anime's fault. I mean I hate to do that but they really did leave a lot of the more interesting character moments out. Some of it due to pacing though. From what's been translated of the web novel she clearly has some deep seated dependency issues that even Subaru is unsettled by. Or goes way to far to get praise. He likes mayonnaise? Make him a mayonnaise bath. She pretends she's dying to fuck with him, kind of getting back at him for doing something similar (that scene ends with Subaru thinking she's not right in the head for falling for his ruse and Rem thinking he's not right in the head for thinking she fell for it.) and tried to slip him a roofie at some point.

Okay, that definitely sounds more interesting

I love Rei.

Re:zero would have been better if it didn't waste so much time on a secondary romance sidequest, or romance in general.
It came on way too heavy and ruined the main plot.

The main plot was retarded. The enjoyable stuff was the crazy character drama.

>not being able to tell Rem has a screw loose
Niggas be slow.

God damn, I wish that was all animated.


Dont worry user you alway got someone to play twister with


gotta sell the waifu body pillows somehow

also the main plot point is romance related (witch loves subaru)

yall some plebs beako was best girl

quick question
how accurate is the manga to the web novels?

its not


it's not accurate at all, now gtfo

Okay, is this anime actually worth watching.
Its been a while since the season ended and you guys are still talking about it.

So is it worth watching or is it just a meme-tier anime?

>From what's been translated of the web novel

Web novel i some draft tier shit, the anime was only ever adapting the LN

>wake up
>see this on your penis
What do?

I should like Rem, I really should, but my dick compels me to the harufu erufu

>make the main love interest be a bland girl who gets no screen time and whose only motive is that she wants everyone to be equal

I hate Isekai but it seems like Re:Zero was DESIGNED to make the reader care more about Rem than Emilia

>end up finishing
>put her back on her wheelchair

I'd fuck her. Fuck her right in the pussy.

It's both.

I loved it.
Once I started it I was hooked.
Best 2016 anime so far in my opinion.


I love Saber

I'm pretty sure most of those scenes were also in the LN.

I'm not even joking, but Betelgeuse was her father figure before Puck.

>I'm pretty sure most of those scenes were also in the LN.

If it's from the extra (mostly filler, but do contain some running gags that were easy to retcon) chapters between the 2nd and 3rd arc probably not. But I don't see why they would cut the prank scene from the LN for instance.

>"Sorry, I'm into someone else" spawned more than 40 threads and a sea of rage
I was expecting more from this episode, the way you all freaked out about it.

Imagine if Rem had been kidnapped by the Witch's Cult as a kid and indoctrinated into their ranks

Fuck off, stalker.

At least include the picture.
>But I don't see why they would cut the prank scene from the LN for instance.
There's already been confirmation that the prank scene is there. I'd have to see the chapter lists to know if the extra chapters were still there or not.

That's nice, but I don't.

fucking saved

Guess who doesnt loves you

Almost everyone.

>tfw blush every time i read this

Wht cant she be real.......

At least half of it has to do with the novel version revealing that he returned her feelings. Which has led to speculation that she's mostly in a coma so the author could avoid having to do love triangle shit at the time.

can hafu elfu be slut

Somebody shop Emilia into the scene with Rem so even Rem could love Emilia.

That's called Crusch in Re:Zero, get with the times user.

Wtf ever happened with Felt?

I want a Gluttony plush pillow now

i think i finally understand waifufags because of rem