ITT: Characters with personalities you can relate to

ITT: Characters with personalities you can relate to.
pic related

I'm more of a Ritsu type myself.


genki, quirky, sociable and with a wicked sense of humor?

So you are unrealistically stupid and helpless with out a full time carer?

Mio is the one and only for me.

Literally me

Helplessly socially retarded and depressed, my life was animated in the form of Tomoko Kuroki.


Lucky Star is autistic as fuck

Yui is not stupid. She just has a short attention span to things she's not interested in, and excels on things she likes to do.

Why is there no anime or manga about being a wageslave alcoholic?

Someone with the attention span of a goldfish is certainly classifiable as stupid.

I think the word for her is "adhd", user.

Because that would make people in Japan want to be NEET's more.

Everyone excels at what they are interested in, its not a rare occurance.

Oh, so a fake disorder that everyone feels but only dumb people can't control?

and with a wicked sense of humor of course.

Yui is a musically talented person though.


So am I, because I am interested in music.


>fake disorder
Sure buddy, I bet you think autism and homosexuality is a fake disorder too.

There are legitimate cases of adhd out there.

I'm interested in music too but I can't compose for shit

Being unfocused is not a mental illness, it's just being bad at something. Everyone is bad at things. Homosexuality is a degenerate fetish, sexuality as a concept is a myth. Autism is real.

>intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humour
Literally me.

Nihilistic and so on.



You is retarded just like namefags

Right on a good day

my interest is slowly dying, but i've been playing better than i have in years. what do i do? i don't want to meet new people and play with them after forming a band. do i just do it recreationally after i force myself to like it now?

It's hard to make it work, but I mostly just play with friends I've made from my job at a guitar center. We've written a few songs together despite agreeing that we won't perform stuff, but now we are seriously considering making it a career.

It really depends on your passion for music. I used to think it was a hobby but now its a major part of who I am.

So she got ADD and autism?

I got more in common with her than I thought.

I can relate to allowing your pride rip your life apart.

Literally me

He is the closest I can relate with even in appearance.

I wish that acknowledging music as the most important thing in my life actually translated into feeling confident and motivated to pursue it.

Are you from eastern europe?


Most of my motivation doesn't come from the music itself, but the relationships I have made with the people I play with.

I'm a sand digger

That makes sense. I used to have a friend who I'd discuss composition and music theory with every day, but ever since I fell out of contact with him, I haven't been able to find back the will I had back then.

It's tough to find people who play who are compatible, but you can't give up, search online on craigslist, go to local jam sessions, hell if you aren't employed get a job at a music store. Its hard to get the ball rolling but if you really try you can meet some great musicians and friends through music.

What do you play? If you play a lead instrument, try picking up a backup instrument as well to broaden your horizon.

You seem upset about it.

I am a baka.

Used to play piano, but don't even have one available right now. And since I got no one to play with, I'm only interested in instruments that can carry themselves solo, which kinda limits me to keyboard instruments.

Me too senpai

Fuck, man, if you put yourself out there I'm sure someone would love to have a keyboard/piano player with them. Everyone plays guitar, bass, and drums nowadays so pianists are great to have. My group is looking for one in fact.

I never can't find a character that resembles me personally. I'm not really a connoisseur. A bunch of nerds tend to call me tsundere and I think it's funny so I don't really mind. I have boring brown eyes and light brown hair. White.
I guess this is the closest I can think at the moment, though I'm not really that small and I don't use my hair like that.

Having this discussion about music is making me notice how K-On is actually realistic with it's character relations.

Im still pissed that we never got to see Ryu and Taiga's relationship after they finally got together.

Even if I did manage to find someone, I got nowhere to practice anymore, my apartment is too small for a piano.

Yeeeeeah, but the ride was enjoyable at least. The episode of christmas was very beautiful to watch I can't forget it. One of my favorite anime with also one of my favorites couple ever.

You're a fucking mess on a good day and a badass on your bad days?

Buy a keyboard

I relate to him in lots of ways.


>stray r9k.

I'm sure that's how other people perceive me
except for the badass part

Yuuko isn't even that stupid though
like she's not very good in school but I'm at university and I'm still a fucking idiot

Im upset about that the quality of that image

For me it’s Naofumi – intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.