I'd suck that dick :3


epix Cred Forums troll xD

please leave

Damn, I love those ribbons. Gotta get me some.

Best thread in this normalfag shithole of a board.

Let the triggering begin

Me on the right.


Can't believe they are people who get triggered by loli on Cred Forums.

nice dubs

check em

What? it's just lotte eating what she need.

loli is fine
loli + dick is not

>Can't believe they are people who get triggered by loli on Cred Forums.

I think you need to go look that word up.



lolis with dicks are the best


How can I self insert?

What the fuck is that? He has like a mirror (or is it a window) in the back of his head and inside its 9/11?

Nice trips.

I wish this was a doujin

Enjoy your ban

as the little girl

That's kinda pedo. Dude, be careful.

I presume some other board might have a useful thread about inserting things into yourself.

Time for shitposting

Ok i will.

Loli without the dick is boring and worthless though

I'll kill you. I'll kill you all.

I will never understand their preference for fat, old men.

Try it.

Check my 9.

What about lolis with dicks attached to them?

thats a shota

Perfectly normal, she needs semen to survive. It's about time she goes for the real thing.

Did those lolis rip off dicks with their pussies, and those dicks got attached to them?

Cool thread dude




im unironically voting for hillary


Mods plz kill thread