Has anyone else lost complete interest now that Black is just another Zamasu?

Has anyone else lost complete interest now that Black is just another Zamasu?

Of all the interesting ways they could have gone... fuck this.

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super was never good to begin with.

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>giving a fuck about shonen

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How are there two Zamasus? Is he from another timeline. I also don 't get how can he switch bodies with Goku if Goku was dead in the future.

It was obvious as fuck from the beginning and they only needed to explain the slight differences in personality (like why one hates Goku, but the other has no problem using his body, why one wants immortality and the other doesn't) that they will be doing next episode. You're an idiot if you expected anything different like fucking Goten or an actual evil Goku or some shit.

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the goku doppleganger story plot is just as bland

I am happy for see this idiot Death
Thanks BILLS-SA,A... Maybe this affect his future inmortality..

2bh super is just a giant disappointment

I thought this arc was going to somewhat redeem the series but it's just poop.

Look at all these morons.

t. triggered weab

>rating super
may as well kill yourself

>Foreshadow Black to be Zamasu since the start
>Idiots wanted a random twist which made no sense, like "it's Goten"
>Turns out to be Zamasu as per the foreshadowing
>Idiots get upset

To be fair, all that was foreshadowed was that Zamasu and Black were linked somehow. Not that Zamasu was literally Black.

wait you took actually took the goten theory seriously?

Well he looks just like him :^)

>Only now
Dragonball Super has been shit from the very start. Newfags got their hopes up because the trailer for the Black Arc looked good, but I already knew it'd turn out to be a disappointment. Seriously, how long will you let Toei trick you? They already fed you three arcs that were shit, why would the fourth one be any better? Because Future Trunks is in it?

>Same energy signature as Zamasu
>Must be Goten
Of course.

Who knows what happened to Goten all that time, a bodyswap is actually more farfetched given the information we had.

The best part of dbsuper is the Gohanfag.

>Who knows what happened to Goten

He wasn't even born

>The fans have been claiming for an evil AU Goku since BoG
>Super get a rating boost with Black
>Even some fans started to warm up with the idea of evil AU Goten, in spite of how retarded it was
>lol, it was Zamasu using Goku's body as a meat suit
Damn Toriyama, I usually defend Super but you really dropped the dragon ball this time.

>Even some fans started to warm up with the idea of evil AU Goten, in spite of how retarded it was
By some "fans", your mean retards. That was a terrible idea and was never going to come true. Anyone who didn't see this coming from a mile away is a dumbass.

No, because I think Zamasu is easily the best Dragon Ball villain since Freeza. He's fun to watch.

I know but the fans wanted evil Goku, not a villain using Goku's body essentially as a puppet.

>I usually defend Super
And THIS is where you get bumflustered? Not the part where Goku has become so retarded he forgot basic math, or forgot the senzu beans that were integral to the success of their plan in the toilet? Or the part where Goku was so retarded he doesn't even realize what kissing is, raising the question of how Gohan and Goten were conceived in the first place?

Thsi shit is a parody of Dragonball Z, on par with Dragonball Pee and Dragonball PeePee. Except the latter two are actually funny.

Who do you mean by "the fans"? What metric are you using to determine that? Some shitposts on Cred Forums?

That's mostly Toei's fault

being this stupid lmao

Better than Black being Goten.

The casuals. Also, you know, real people.

You can't blame everything on Toei, considering it's still Toriyama's project.
>B-But Toriyama doesn't even approve every episode before it airs
Then it's Toriyama's fault for being lazy with his project. The manga is certainly better at executing shit premises, but that doesn't change that the premises are shit.

he hates humans in everyway and everything they do. but still has no problem living in gokus body. i dont get his motives.

Do you think it'd make more sense for him to cooperate with an evil Goku, who's actually 100% Ningen? He's simply using Goku's body as a tool, he remains the same Zamasu.

This guy right here. Everything is ok in DBS (DB has had plotholes and asspulls since forever) but Goku being this retarded is what makes it bad. Not the shitty animation but the dumbass mentally challenged manchild they turned Goku into. Fucking grannie voice doesn't help either, but I guess Japanese kids love their dumbass hero.

Kakarot was always a stupid retard

>Of all the interesting ways they could have gone

Please tell me those interesting ways without mentioning Black being Goten, Bardock, Broly or Ginyu.

>Then it's Toriyama's fault for being lazy with his project.

You say this as if Tori has any pull over what Toei decides to do with the anime.

Here's what I don't get.

Ginyu took goku's body but it proved fruitless because he didn't know how to use his body. Yet Zamasu was able to grasp all of goku's powers straight away? I mean how did he even know the kamehameha if he didn't (presumably) see goku use it ?


>it's still Toriyama's project

If that was the case he wouldn't be disappointed by it. They only say it so to appease the die hard fans.

>Foreshadow Black to be Zamasu since the start
Throw random red herrings to distract the viewers to know the true because that's the only thing that moved the plot for 10 weeks.
Leave all the plotholes untouched in favor of muh Super Saiyan Rose because non Goku needs a cool transformation.

Kill yourself fag. DBS is a disaster.

Goku was given a privilege of having a body in the afterlife due to being a hero and stuff
the better question is, how does the Trunks-future-Zamasu know goku? Since Beerus is dead in trunks timeline, Beerus never got to meet Goku giving Goku no reason to even know that there are other universes thus never meeting Zamasu.

>anyone else suck dick?
nope, just you, OP. As usual.

>We are so progressive, we gave all the characters something to do. They aren't useless, they aren't just filler to fill one minute of the episode.

did you forget the part where Black only after battling trunks, goku and vegeta finally became truly strong? If goku had met Black before Trunks went to the past the first time, he would have annihilated him

I wonder how much crap fanboys have to eat to accept how stupid DBS is.

Zamasu is still a kaishin, he likely used his kai-hood to tap into goku's power and abilities when he took his body. Ginyu is just a mortal retard.

>Yet Zamasu was able to grasp all of goku's powers straight away?

Did you even watch the show? Trunks stated Black grew stronger every time he fought him. Fighting against Goku later enabled him to somehow unlock his true powers.

As for why he knew Kamehameha before, it's obvious he saw Goku fight at some point or he would have never fought of using his body. The hints are all there in the anime, I bet he learned about him watching the U6 vs U7 on Godtube.

AU Goten wouldve been Obito all over again.

I'm assuming this is a property of the zenkai boost? Although you'd need to be battered to really get the full value of it.

>Even some fans started to warm up with the idea of evil AU Goten, in spite of how retarded it was

i have got a question
now, i always thought people didn't like the Goten theory because they thought their own theory was better, which is cool. But lately i see you guys being more and more butthurt about the evil AU Goten theory, and i wonder, why? Why is this one so completely "retarded" from your point of view?
It makes sense time-wise, it makes sense from a writers perspective(as making Trunks fight someone who would otherwise be his best friend), it would be a twist we hadn't had before(because bodyswitch has been done before in dragonball) and it could give Trunks future more characters to work with in a possible redemption of Black/Goten in this arc.

so why are you so against it?

>I'm assuming this is a property of the zenkai boost?
Goku isn't a half Saiyan, SSJ2 Goku got his ass kicked by SSJ2 Vegeta but he didn't get cyan/pink hair.
Black got pink hair after a soft fight with SSJ2 Goku.

Virus Zombie Goku?

>SSJ2 Goku got his ass kicked by SSJ2 Vegeta

In buu saga? I thought goku was just holding back, since he could go super saiyan 3 by then already.

why do people want complex story/plot twists in dragonball
>enemy appears
>peoplem fight the enemy

thats how i always remember dragonball

Kinda, the reveal that Black is yet another Zamasu seems fucking stupid to me.
Evereyone knew it was going to be Zamasu, but then it was revealed that the Zamasu from trunks his timeline is still in his own body and immortal to boot.
when that was revealed it got interesting, because if it isn't Zamasu who else could it be, but then toei/tori were like nope just kidding it is just Zamasu from yet another fucking timeline that literally no one cares about.
Hell I thought it would be fine if it was for example Gowasu from trunks his timeline that agreed with Zamasu's ideals and bodyjacked Goku because he himself was weak and old to help him realize Zamasu's ideals or some shit.
the fact that it is a third Zamasu almost makes it look like that they made immortal Zamasu, because they realized that everyone knew that Black was Zamasu and needed to trick people into not thinking Black was him.

Remainder that Zaumasu being Black is retarded as well.
>Future Zumasu had to met a future version of Goku and Beerus to get triggered by ningens.
>This FGoku and FBeerus had to got there because a future version of FTrunks got back to the past.
>This means there is a future version of Black in FTrunks' world.
>Future Zamasu killed Gomasu, looked for super dragon balls.
>No one, specially Beerus, did a thing to stop him.
>FZumasu had a ring for the past of U7's future.
>Probably stole that's world's future Goku.
>AGAIN no one did a thing to stop him even when FTrunks saved their asses.
>This means the future of the future of U7 is still looking for answer about Black, but this arises the question of how that black got created if Zumasu didn't go there.

Goku hold back with Black as well, but Black got pink hair. That's a deus ex machina, because Zumasu never had that ability, nor Goku.

me too

all these anons are just cry babies complaining about everything, tha arc isnt even done yet we there could be some twists but for now I really like Black Goku maybe is just th design but I like him and I want someone to wreak his shit

>watching anything related to DB

I don't know why fanboys complain so hard about a cartoon made for kids. DB has always been the same

>King Piccolo has a hole in his chest
>Spits out a giant egg from his throat somehow that's his reincarnation/offspring that grows into an adult almost evenly matched with Goku in just 3 years
>that "demon" can be sealed with the Mafuba or whatever its called by Kami, who was suposed to be stronger than Piccolo at first but was a really shit guardian

Don't even forget Yajirobe was one of the strongest humans in his initial appearance as well, as well as Mercenary Tao, who killed General Blue with nothing but his tongue.

After defeating the Red Ribbon Army by mostly himself, Dr. Gero managed to create anroids or cyborgs or biofags or whatever much, much stronger than the strongest mortal being in the universe at the time: Frieza.

Humans didn't even go much into space but somehow a few scientists on earth could create technology that even surprised the gods, like time machines... and don't get me started with the clusterfuck that the whole god hierarchy has in DB.

Yes, what the fuck was the point of this build up?

>Mercenary Tao
Man, I really wish he came back. He showed up as a Cyborg in DBZ filler and was never seen again.

Who did like DB for the story? I liked it for the characters, they were funny yet they could be serious without being fucking edgelords.
DBS fails at everything, characterizarion is a mess, the story is retarded childish, the art is bad, the music is meh, the action is boring.
I don't know what someone can like about it.

Isn't Hit kinda like him? Expect less cockier?

did Hit ever fly on a tree trunk he himself threw in the air?

He's from another timeline. Only thing that doesnt make sense is Black's existence in Future Trunk's timeline since Goku was already dead in that timeline. Altering time just creates alternate worlds, which is why there was five time rings Gowasu had. So the time machine is vehicle to a alternate timeline world and not really the future. Only way Black can really exist is if Zamasu stole a time ring before he died and became immortal before Berrus killed him which would lead to Zamasu taking the Super Dragonballs etc.

Dragon ball super is fucking below average how the fuck do people enjoy this shit and wait for it each week?
It's filled with characters that are literal copy pastes of older characters.
The whole black goku thing is interesting but was handled poorly and zamasu is the most underwhelming enemy ever in dragon ball what the fuck happened to villains like cell or buu? These guys were tough as shit and were destroying shit left and right. The current villains are a fucking joke, goku and vegeta probably never even went serious in this one, like they were playing around or something. People should stop praising this shit show and move to on to better things

then why are you even here? You're like 30 years old and fingerfucking loli waifu pillows while shoving Evangelion figurines in your ass, gtfo

But i'm 20 with no waifu and never bought figurines. What gave you that idea? Unless, you actually do these things yourself. Or are you an underegg calling anyone you don't like a 30 year old?

spoiler that shit
not that I care that much about it, but I'm not watching the anime and now the next manga chapters will be less fun. And it's all your fault, OP.

Seriously, Goku was always more easy going than say, Vegeta. But he would always take things seriously when it came to fighting and protecting lives.

He would also generally show respect to higher beings like the Kais even if he knew that he is physically far stronger than them.

The new "Fuck teh Universe I wanna fist fight this god, lul forgot the senzu beans in the bathroom so the future is fucked, I wanna fight every person I meet even if the deities of my universe beg me not to" Goku pisses me off and is overall just a huge con for the series.

There is no place for Goten in this story. There's no Goten in the future. Future Trunks never met Goten, so it's not his best friend. Goten hasn't even appeared this arc.

>Durr Goten isn't even relevant in this arc but I'm sure they'll shoehorn him somewhere in this story

>Durr also Gohan will be relevant again

he probably would've done with the cube?

But yea that fucking form of travel is badass


>No scene of Goten teasing Trunks about how much cooler his future self is
>No scene of Future Trunks meeting Goten
>No scene of Future Trunks being amazed and confused at Gotenks
>No scene of Gotenks wanting to test Future Trunks power
>No scene of Future Mai tearing up from seeing Pilaf and Shu again
>No scene of Future Trunks training Trunks
>No scene of Trunks vowing to knuckle down so that he becomes just like Future Trunks
>No visit from Android 17
>No scene of Future Trunks meeting Buu
>Future Trunks doesn't train to become Super Saiyan 3
The Missed Opportunity Saga

Damn, most of these would've been cool. At least we got ningen, zamasu and gowasu memes so there's that.

Friendly reminder that KamiTube is now canon and will never, ever go away.

I instantly knew Zam was Goku because of Black's vocabulary. Goku is an idiot, and there's no point of him educating himself to sound sophisticated if he's just to be another enforcer to Zam. Black's vocabulary is almost exactly like Zam. I pointed this out to people that either Zam was personally mind controlling Goku word-for-word, or that he swapped minds with him, to explain why Black talks like Zam.

Oh, if you speak Japanese that's actually a pretty clever hint/foreshadowing.

>tfw your only friend is yourself from the future
F... Fucking ningen!

Can anyone explain to me how timelines and the alternative universes work in DB? There are 12 universes, but each universe has its own alternative timelines that branches out for different scenarios, right? So doesn't that mean that each timeline is its own universe as well? Why isn't there more alternative timeline problems going on if there are probably an infinite amount of timelines that can interact with each other?

Zamasu probably sucks his future/past selfs dick and has a big sweaty Zamasu orgy and the entire time they're all fuckin they're all pulling that exact face.

eh gotta do something now that you have no ningens to look after

So who sits on top?

Thanks doc.

There's a flaw in Bulma's time machine that creates alternate timelines, it's not something that is meant to happen. The extra time rings we see are for the extra timelines, there aren't infinite ones.

>Why isn't there more alternative timeline problems
Only a God gone rogue would have the means to cause this type of problem.


trunks not shoving a whole senzu in her throat but being gentle about it.
actually shows what gentle nature trunks is

>waaaah people aren't sucking Toei's dick like me
>better call them morons, that'll show them!

Nope. He looks exactly like Goku. It's his body after all.

Tournament arc wasn't bad IMO.

>muh ship

fucking kek, tumblrtards triggered.

Who did they shipped Trunks with that they are so assblasted about the fact that he and Mai are fucking?
MaiXTrunks is the least of super's problems if yoiu can even call it a problem at all?

That user was a fucking faggot, but yeah, why are you here?

Fuck this oddly satisfying
Got some more?

I want to see those Tumblr being butthurt

I had high hopes for this one too but then again Dragonball never disappoints to disappoint so we never should've expected anything else.

>Watching DB for the ships
Really? There are so many romance animes out there, why the hell did she (I'm assuming she's female, because most guys don't care) choose DB, of all animes, for shipping?

She just have shittaste user, nothing more
I mean she can't even choose a proper ship, like how pathetic can one be

Marron belongs to Goten

>high hopes
tell he how db dropped its standarts after the z saga epic plots with unexpected twists and turns and deep enemies you can identify with

seriously its just fighting anime, no story teller

>Future Trunks doesn't train to become Super Saiyan 3
SS3 is a dumb gimmick transformation, it's the equivalent of strapping a load of rockets to a gundam and saying "oh yeah this is so much cooler now"

>Goku's son and Krillin's daughter

Yeah, it's a solid match.

trunks saw how much stronger ssj3 is compared to 2
pf course hes gonna ascend (mybe when his precious maifu is killed and the anger drives him over the edge)

With Pan for the otomefags (women are way more into lolicon than men)
With Goten for the fujoshits

>Black is just another Zamasu
Wait...what? So there's like 2 Zamasus and one's in a Goku body? What's the answer, another dimension, different universe, Zamasu clones...

So are you and me.

well now there is one pan left
whos gonna get shipped with her later?

Fujoshis are disgusting and should be gassed.


Hhhmmm, that theory could work

I wonder why people have such a hard time grasping how Black was created. It's exactly like what happened in the Cell saga. Actually, it's even more simple.

Every time Trunks travels into the past, he creates a new timeline. The one we're seeing now is already altered. In the original one, Trunks didn't come back and therefore Zamasu was never suspected of being evil. He learned about a saiyan who can use god ki and about the super dragon balls when Gowasu showed him the tournament on GodTube or something. For some reason, he decided it would be a great idea to take over Goku's body so he made that wish.

Then, using the green time rings, he searched for a timeline where the most meddlesome god of destruction, Beerus, was already dead (explained in the manga), and that just so happened to be Trunks' timeline. There, he enlisted the help of his alternate future self to carry out his plan. They then proceeded to kill all the kaoishins of this timeline, meaning the god of destructions died as well.


>Mai dying, and only SSJ3
user, don't be ridiculous
If that scenario actually happend SSJ3 wouldn't be enough. He would rage boost to SSG remembering Gohan, Bulma and now Mai in his memories

I really wanted him to be just evil sayian that never hit his head and went with some mad kaio on rampage.

Uub, sadly.


nah you need to be a fusion or have trained in the other world to get ssj3

if Mai dies he will probably get a the same boost that vegeta got when beerus bitch slapped bluma, so basically god level

Actually those two makes sense.
They are the next generation after all, and will be gifted with overwhelming powers. Pan already confirmed to become powerful when she grows older, and Uub will get some God training from Goku

can it be that gohan gave his mystic powers to pan and thats why he dropped strength so fast (and because he doesnt train ofcourse)
pan can fly already holding her weight and that of three children

I just want a new ridiculous SSJ transformation already.

Who cares about plot in dragon ball? If anything what pisses me off is how lame most of the fights are, and the inconsistency of the powerlevels (Beerus vs god goku = universe about to be destroyed, meanwhile Black Rosé vs SSB Vegeta / Goku do jack shit, moreover, normal humans are able to survive and fight back Black instead of being completely obliterated like with Buu / Cell).

That bothered me too. Buu was destroying the entire universe at breakneck speed, and mister "Zero Ningen plan" can't even exterminate all life on earth. Hell, Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga was on the verge of destroying planet earth, why can't Zamasu/Black? It's just one planet in a world where Beerus never met Goku. Nobody will know, nor care. Beerus let Frieza do as he pleased, and that nigga casually destroyed/conquered planets as he pleased, exterminating entire species for shits and giggles.

Yeah the fights are lackluster and shit. Goku and Vegeta's combined power should be able to beat Black too, except Vegeta keeps wanting 1v1.

What's going on here?

oh god, how do these girls even live

like i have seen a few neckbeards actually getting decent girls by having a good personality

but i can't imagine how a girl like the one in that pic could ever get someone to like her

Vegeta being a dad after Cell arc

>No scene of Future Trunks training Trunks
>>No scene of Trunks vowing to knuckle down so that he becomes just like Future Trunks
Toriyama is a disgusting senile old man that can't write for shit anymore.

actually beerus´punches destroy the universe
not gokus
goku can fight no problem, but when beerus fights the universe gets destroyed

Zamasu only wants to exterminate ningens, the only mistake of the gods according to him. He's fine with other lifeforms and doesn't want to destroy everything that was made by the gods.

The real plot hole is why he didn't just ask Super Shenron to just exterminate all ningens.

didn't they state that it was the clash between the two of them?

And how comes Goku was able to nullify it by "perfectly aligning" his punches?

Man, Dragon Ball really turned into shit. Couldn't super just be an alternate time line? I want the easy-going serious Goku back just as any of you.
The show turned into a meme.

Still, Buu destroyed all humanity with a homing attack, leaving the rest of Earth unharmed (until kid buu, being the little shit he was, destroyed the whole planet as soon as he come back to life).

didnt toriyama name his successor
i hope he brings new arcs and expands the universe
actually id be ok with that but the a lot of people would say "its not toriyama so its not canon"

To be honest I dislike how lazy Toriyama has became, he only paired Mai and Trunks to justified all the screentime Mai has, in the present and future, it's more disgusting in the present because Trunks does nothing but fanboy over Mai. But as some user said this is just one of the problems, not the main one.

>She just have shittaste user
All shippers has shit taste, user. Specially here in Cred Forums.
Trunks x Vegeta's fist in the gravity room is the only acceptable ship.

DBS is one of the worst anime of all time.

Good point, I forgot about that. I guess it's just not a technique anybody can pull off (and to be honest, that was pretty fucking bullshit back then).

>wah wah no stupid filler
>I can see the future apparently
>wah wah Toriyama isn't following my stupid fanfic
>all these stupid ideas

well, I'd believe some of those girls also have girlfriends

Well Toriyama is a shitty writer, people just watch DB for the fights

Watching DBS is like holding a dying, old, miserable cat that you were really attached to since childhood, and hoping it would die soon.

The King Piccolo saga was great. Back then for are all we knew Shenron was dead forever so the stakes were high.

i think thats why people dont liked the tournament because there was no threat
now black is a threat to his universe
we dont know if the super dragonballs still exist there

That's what you get when you mix timelines+multiuniverses, shit gets confusing and stupid. There was like 5 timelines, probably 7 by now with how much timetravel and changes that happened. So having 3 Zamasu is normal, like it was before with 3 Trunks(present Kid Trunks, Future Trunks that got killed by Cell and this Future Trunks)

Because Zamasu enjoys torture them...? Why the fuck do you think Mai or those few guys are still alive? Or that the planet wasnt turned to space dust? He is just taking his time and then he found out there was another guy like Goku, that was Future Trunks. So he is wasting time to get stronger while fighting him due to the saiyan genes. Then he found out another Goku and a guy named Vegeta that never saw but it was in GokuBlack memories, so he is playing around and getting stronger more.
The funniest thing will be when Black dies because of the heart attack because he doesn't know anything about that and Goku was never cured in whatever timeline Zamasu got that body.
Worse is how Toei wasted everyones time with Trunks "fillers" about cheering him up for no fucking reason with every character possible, be Gohan, the other Trunks, Mai, Vegeta, Goku, Mai again, even fucking Beerus. Once? Fine, more than once? No. Toei is just extending this arc anyway possible when there is barely plot. Fucking last episode just had plot in the last minute just to say "look, I am Zamasu heh, hope you enjoyed the other 18 minutes of Trunks talking with Trunks about shit you already knew and Goku getting travelling sickness and getting more retarded *wus is a kissu?vagita????*"

Quit spewing headcanon you faggot, old Supreme Kai flat-out said that it was the clashes from both Goku's and Beerus's power that was causing the universe to collapse. Beerus was also lowering his strength to match Goku's level during their battle.

SSG = universe-scale power. Deal with it.

Goku died three years before Goten was ever conceived. Future Gohan was an only child

you are not the only one.
It's basically Ginyu 2.0 pretty dissapointing really.

I almost would have preferred the evil goten one.

yet autists a tually got triggered at people believeing this while not being aware that they where just on a bandwaggon of meme and pottery.

It was hilarious while it lasted.

Not that user and I agree with you, but it kinda makes the statement about SSB "surpassing" SSG kinda ridiculous. SSB hasn't replicated any of SSG's feats so far, it doesn't even have that constantly expanding strength attribute that SSG was mentioned to have in Super's BoG arc.

That's not how SSG works

It was the clash of god powers. Beerus nullified the energy so it wasn't a big deal.

>we dont know if the super dragonballs still exist there
I don't think you can destroy a god dragon like that with no punishment
>now black is a threat to his universe
He is not a threat, he never was. Beerus is not giving a shit about the future version for some stupid reason and Whis is just being Whis just observing shit.
Black was running way from gods of destruction, until he finally found some timeline with no Beerus. All those gods are dead in all universes in that timeline? Great job, you can just kill fucking supreme kais that are tied with those destruction gods. He could just use the other Zamasu to bait the Kais into tea and snacks, or fishing or giving them dirty magazines and then kill them while distracted. If they are old ass kai like Gowasu or Old Kai it's just even easier. Kais aren't even that strong, just Zamasu seems to be the only one special until now and even he needs immortality or saiyan body to be actually god-level


I agree. I also felt the same way about Freeza saga and wished it had ended there, with Vegeta staying dead, the Legendary Super Saiyan Goku having his final, most exciting battle with Freeza and both of them dying when Namek explodes. Would've been a nice conclusion for Goku's origin story and revenge.

>nah you need to be a fusion or have trained in the other world to get ssj3

Wat. Citation needed.

I doubt it. I don't think the Mystic power works like that. And that's just normal for beings with Saiyan blood, shitty Dragon Ball kid Goku with a PL of 10 could lift a car when he was like 12.

zamasu understands gokus potential which is why he keeps power gapping when they fight black. There is no way for goku to beat himself except an asspull. I expected from the moment Goku got that zeno-sama button it will be used at this exact moment

Super is objectively bad. It has bland comedy elements that try to mirror dragonball with subpar action and plot.

Dragonball Super was destined to fail when it originally started out as an anime, with the manga being secondary.

The original Dragonball was a manga that Toei just adapted into an anime - Toriyama wrote whatever he fucking wanted to, and Toei had to tweak things to make it acceptable for kids in a Sunday morning slot. Dragonball Super cut out the middleman, so Toriyama was basically supposed to write for the same audience that watches a bastardized anime adaptation of One Piece. Just to keep the timeslot, no less.

As a result, everything is dumbed down even more than usual. Goku is the most popular character with kids, so he does everything now. Kids like to eat, so food scenes are plentiful, with Whis and Beerus always talking about how good it is. Plot lines are written for the lowest common denominator - Frost turns out to be evil because OF COURSE a character who looks and sounds like Frieza has to be evil. You thought Black Goku was seriously Goten? Kids these days just see him as the kid who's always with Trunks. In the world of Dragonball Super, the first guess is always going to be the right answer. Any more complexity and kids wouldn't get it.

Understand that this show airs right after Precure, a series that outright portrays it's magical artifacts as 3D models of plastic toys, and before One Piece, a walking manga advertisement that can't deviate even slightly from the manga or kids wouldn't get it. Its primary goal is to sell toys and merchandise. Nothing more.


Goku hasn't fought a God of Destruction again since becoming SSB.


These are all better ideas than the actual plot of the show, you Toei-sucking Superfaggot.

Ms Briefs?



Heart disease will happen. What I want to see is if Black dies in a heart beat, or if he gets killed by Trunks or Vegeta(yes! I finally defeated kakakakarot!!!) when that happens or if the other Zamasu will just potara fusion with Black and save Black with immortality bullshit.

>Toei Plis in the credits
Wow, I didn't even notice that the first time around. Gave me a chuckle.


>These are all better ideas than the actual plot of the show
No, not really.


>This level of autism.

>S-someone called out this stupid post
>a-aautism, anime reaction pic that will show him
top kek


goku was dead for 3 or 7 years at one point and in the other world, energy is near limitless(like how in naruto the Edo Tensai gives limitless chakra) this allowed him to train non-stop without getting tired and is the only way ssj3 was possible.

You prefer shittily-animated rehashes of BoG and RoF, followed by an okay tournament segment and a fucking multiverse time-travel asspull segment that revolves around Goku like he has his own gravitational pull?

You truly are a fucking faggot.

I understand why he was able to get it in Other World, but that in no way means it's entirely impossible to achieve unless you're dead. You're just pulling that out of your ass.

>Goku getting travelling sickness and getting more retarded *wu
This just prove that Chi Chi fucked forcing Goku to marry her, and the only reason Gohan and Goten exist is because Chi Chi raped Goku. Goku is only obeying her without a fucking clue of what a marriage and a family is.

Thanks user, I love you


>top kek
You are just proving my point, you know?

>You prefer shittily-animated rehashes of BoG and RoF,
We are talking about the Future Trunks saga you fool
>The Missed Opportunity Saga

Stop using words you don't the know the meaning of dumbass

>Vegeta finally admits he doesn't want to defeat Black for himself, but for his son's future
>"How un-Saiyan-like"
>Black is actually Goku's body

Is this the moment that Vegeta finally gets his day? He established that his goal is noble, and it would let him finally defeat "Goku" without it actually being Goku... could it be,,,?

I know, you know, everybody knows Vegeta is going to job

>These are all better ideas than the actual plot of the show
If you bore even a smidge of reading comprehension you would have been able to grasp that I was referring to the overall show, you stupid cunt.

>Future Zamasu
>Zamasu dies
>Goku Black is a third random Zamasu from some random timeline
>hurr no asspulls here

You fucking Superfags would defend this goddamn show to the death if Goku Black had turned out to be Mr. Satan from an alternate reality where humans had Saiyan-qualities and vice versa, I swear.

>and it would let him finally defeat "Goku"
I thought this when Black was revealed, too. But still I'd be surprised if it actually happened, I don't quite believe it yet.

I don't know who I want to kill Black more, Trunks or Vegeta.

>If you bore even a smidge of reading comprehension
Irony the post
>The Missed Opportunity Saga
Learn to read dumbass

>retard still doesn't know what asspull means

They showed 5 alternate-time rings for a reason.

There are still 3 more possible Zamasu's in alternate timelines waiting for a chance to kill ningen.

Writing the original Dragon Ball manga was a fucking hell for Toriyama. He felt exploited by Shueisha and at many moments not being able to work anymore but his manga was a huge money-making machine. Arguably things got pretty dark on Frieza and Cell as a consequence of Toriyama's mindset. Toriyama had to use all his influences to end the manga because Shueisha didn't want to, and with good reasons because after Dragon Ball ended, WSJ sales collapsed. I guess Toriyama didn't want the pressure of having to make a weekly manga again but that hurt the product, especially considering Toei went full retarded many years ago

>Vegeta beats the piss out of Frieza, effortlessly
>Goes to kill him, albeit slowly but still faster than Goku would
>Frieza fucks the earth
>"Let's rewind time so you can finish the deed, Son Goku."
>re-appear at that exact moment Frieza was about to "bust" in the planet
>Calls out Frieza's name and fires a Kamehameha, getting there AFTER Vegeta's blast would have hit Frieza and the only thing that kept Frieza from destroying the planet was the plot and Goku's annoying voice.

Even if he did win, the plot and story would rob it from him and give it to Goku somehow.

This was how it was suposed to end, but the jap jews wanted more shekels so they made the whole androids asspull after Toriyama got high and watched The Terminator one day.


Sure, ChiChi rapes Goku, Bulma rapes Vegeta to a point Vegeta is a tsundere pussy but
>Goku knows Old Kai is a pervert like Roshi
>Goku wants Bulma to go on a date with Old Kai and not his wife
>this in Z or Dragon Ball manga
>later in Suppaa

As much as we love talking about it, Weekly Shonen Jump is a monster of a publication that chews up new authors and spits out whatever's left. If you're not popular you're getting cancelled and if you are popular, you're going to be pushed to become the next best-seller. It's a fucking miracle that Oda loves writing One Piece, because Sheishua is going to have him write it for the rest of his life. When that pillar crumbles, I don't know what they're gonna do.

But every db couple has been lazily put together, why change now?

Even though this plays out like a pasta, and I agree with what you say:

Whis and Beerus are the real reason to watch Super, and I like their foodgasms. If it wasn't for them I probably would not be interested in DB again.


Nah, that wasn't a pasta. I just get really mad when dealing with Toei. Like, they have the reverse Midas Touch - everything they adapt turns to shit.

Whis and Beerus are fun, but the main problem is that their power means they are an instant win button. For any conflict to occur, they have to be out of the picture.

>3 Trunks in DB
>3 Zamasu in Super
Toei is just reashing here and there, taking ideas out of things that already were things in the net like Evil Goku or even older movies(Turles was as cocky as Black with same voice tone of superiority)
Toyo is doing the same in the manga in some fighting panels that are copy pastes of the original DB manga

so they censor kisses but not this?

Kissing is too lewd, user

Black and Zamasu will potara-ring-fuse at some point, right?

I don't think anyone could come up with a better filename for that pic

Their instant win button is fueled by their love of food mainly.

They won't let earth die because of their need for earthling cuisine.

They're mainly portrayed as friendly but neutral, but your point is still valid. Xeno on the other hand, lets hope he stays uninvolved because the Xeno-button is second only to this button.

Or should his jacket read Toei now?

Fanmade, user.

Oh dear god.

>The funniest thing will be when Black dies because of the heart attack because he doesn't know anything about that and Goku was never cured in whatever timeline Zamasu got that body.
Yes, i thought of that as well but black is immortal now, isn't he?

Can someone post the pic of zamasu and black looking down with smug fingers edited in?

The same goes for Re Zero right?



Do you think Goku's body even the best choice if you wanted the strongest body in the universe for dominating it?

Yes, Goku is the strongest non-god in the universe, but he got to that point through sheer hardwork and determination.

If you wanted to become the strongest being in the universe with minimal effort, you'd take Freeza's, Cell's, Buu's, or Broly's body. They are all naturally insanely powerful.

IMO whatever universe Zamasu did the body switch, it was after he met and fought Goku, so he was still alive. Frieza was dead, Cell was dead (and he may not have even known about Cell. Frieza was a galactic tyrant, but Cell was alive for a very, very short time period and didn't leave earth). Also, he probably sensed that Goku's current power and future potential was higher than Buu.

I've literally never watched Super
Goten was conceived shortly before the cell games, but Goku was dead in the Future Trunks timeline.

So if Edgy Goku came from that timeline, how would Goten exist?

I really have no clue how people thought this.

Even more obvious was that from the very beginning, Black kept making weird references "this body" in reference to himself. Anyone should've been able to tell that he was obviously someone who had done some sort of body switch or form change, morphing etc.

if Black's Zamasu then who's Zamasu.

Vegeta is Goku's bitch, so no.

Here we go again.




Holy fuck, is this my day or some shit?

Please fuse with me user

1 out of 5 good job.

Beerus is in the point of what happened to Vegeta and Piccolo in the past until they are best buddies. Whis can be a wild card at any point
I thought Black said he doesn't need immortality like the other Zamasu.
Zamasu doesn't know about Cell for sure. He probably doesn't even know Freeza or Buu, he didn't knew about Trunks. Zamasu didn't even knew about Super DB, he doesn't know about earth dbs or namekian ones. He was probably too busy making tea to know some shit or Gowasu just didnt told him because elders are dicks sometimes
Kais really seem to be in their little world closed from everywhere while watching stuff from a magic ball or kaitube, while gods of destruction just travel around and meet people. The only kais that know stuff are elders, and Zamasu was dumb enough to kill Gowasu so soon instead of waiting and get more knowledge from him.
If Zamasu knew shit, sure, Cell could be a better option, hell even getting both Goku and Vegeta get a potara fusion and then steal Vegetto's body.

>present timeline Zamasu that was killed by Beerus had already gone to the future and made his immortality and body-switch wishes, by the time Beerus and gang encountered him
>his exact wish was to switch bodies with Goku right before he was about to die
>Dragon makes a comment saying this is only possible if the two of them were basically right next to each other, asks why Zamasu thinks this would happen
>"Oh, I have a feeling..."
>He plans and over-exaggerates the plot of killing Gowasu once Beerus and gang leave, because he knows they'd be watching
>he and Goku switch right as he's being destroyed
>now back to the fight that's about to happen, Goku reveals himself to be another, THIRD Zamasu, who doesn't have much control at all over his new body yet
>Vegeta and Trunks have to fight a strong Black, weak Black, and Zamasu together

Rate this plot twist idea.

>swap bodies with Son Goku
>heart attack Goku
>Androids were stronger
>Cell was stronger


Why would a kai know about filthy ningen in a different universe?





do you have the edit with pepe fingers?

Present timeline Zamasu can't use the time rings since he isn't a Supreme Kai yet.

>Galatic Tyrant
>pink alien that is manipulated by good or evil
>saiyans that love fighting, get stronger each fight, colored hairs
Yes, they should know about their shit, not just 1000 year timetravel into a planet
Too much shit. Vegeta and Trunks would be so fucked



U7 kais had no idea hit and co

Featuring Black Goku from Devil May Cry

To be fair U10 is not a parallel universe, saiyans and frost demons likely don't even exist there.

Sure thing. We keep my cock though, it's bigger.

Also pretty sure fusion works with me behind you.

>flat top Vegeta with Pedo stache
>Good idea

Boy the people who did GT sure were retards

T-Thanks doc

>Beerus is dead in trunks timeline

w-w-why does it look like there's lines in the purple towards the middle, but when you enlarge it they're nowhere to be seen?

Whoa you used the word objective! Great argument you really proved your point and convinced all of us to stop watching this show! Toei's days are numbered now that you've brought the truth to light! Amazing how just one user could cost an entire company billions of dollars of revenue!

Meme magic

I stopped giving a fuck about this the moment goku black showed up and Future Trunks earth wasn't made into a smoking fucking ruin.

This entire goddamned saga is fucking stupid.

The fuck is Mai and some humans with guns and fucking Yajirobe going to motherfucking do against Black and Zamasu?

Future Trunks should have been getting his ass kicked by a race of aliens from another world and the earth was in danger of being taken over by one of Zamasu's armies.

He goes back to the past to get help and when everyone gets there they realize that they have to fight an evil goku.

Then Zamasu begins to send his fighters out to gake over other universes and timelines. They they then realize that dimesion 7 and all of the timelines associated with it are in danger of being wiped out by Zeno.

But why Goku?
He's not even the most powerful mortal in that universe. It's like... frieza, gohan, and uub.
Hell Vegeta's body has more potential then Gokus.

What makes goku a beast is his personality and history not his body.




Because he chose the main character.

Thanks, doc.
> but when you enlarge it they're nowhere to be seen
I still see three very thin lines there, and even three more to the left side.

>Bulma acting with Future Mai like bbf
>She doesn't recognize her now that Mai has the age she had in early DB

I gave up when the enemy was an evil Goku clone following an evil jelly Vegeta clone, clones don't even make good fighting material after the first time.

>he only paired Mai and Trunks to justified all the screentime Mai has

>He only paired Chichi and Goku for a self-punishment diligence.

>He only paired Vegeta and Bulma for shock value and to justify Trunks existence

I would say the trend is going well.

Surprisingly Gohan and Videl was decently developed.


>>he only paired Mai and Trunks to justified all the screentime Mai has

>>He only paired Chichi and Goku for a self-punishment diligence.

>>He only paired Vegeta and Bulma for shock value and to justify Trunks existence

And all of them along with Krillin x 18 and Videl x Gohan are loved pairings.

I think the real surprise here is that Toriyama still manages to write better romance than contemporaneans Kubo and Kishimoto.

I'm still interested cause I want to know how a Zamasu became Black and what happened to the timeline where he killed Goku in Zamasu's body.

I tried to warn you people.

I told you people there won't be any huge twists and turns. It isn't a renegade timeline Goku, it isn't Goten, it isn't Zamasu's "Darkness". Its just plain ol Zamasu in Goku's body. Toriyama is gonna lay it neatly in your lap in the simplest way possible. Yet you had morons posting all over telling me I was wrong.

Once again I was proven right. I won't even reply to any responses to this post, because I already have been vindicated.

Is anybody interested in a drawing of this

you are a great prognosticator!

I think it's the post-hook up dynamics which seals it. Someone people can write about people getting together but can't write about after they together.

Anyone knows how the timeline thingy is working? I saw one of Cell saga in the wikia, I'm led to believe there are 3 timelines in Super.

Also, just like that Homestuck thing of one universe's time being independent of another, I'm led to believe the Zamasu that attacked Trunks' timeline is from a 10th universe that met current Goku but branched off once arriving in Trunks' timeline.

But I still have trouble making sense of this

We don't have enough information to reliably say yet.

Just use this and go forward with user explanation

Nono, Cell saga was quite complex, yet done in a good way (surprised me it was from the same guy that forgot every character and a super sayian form).
So, Cell thing I already understand well.

Thing is, it is Super's time travel that is confusing me.

Well Toryiama did say this arc would get confusing, user.

>devolving into an egg form to pilot a mere Time Machine
Was Cell truly was a retard.

Didn't he present the coordinates on where to go before devolving? He couldn't fit in the machine.

This is confusing even by Toriyama's standards, man!

Like, hell, Zamasu and Black attacks Trunks' earth, but he does that because he already knew of Goku, but he knew Goku and fought the guy, but Goku is already dead to begin with! Then we know it's like Zamasu came from normal timeline, but it's as if there was a crossing over, but there were 2 fucking Zamasus in addition to a Black. SURE! Black is from a slightly different and further future, but even so, there are 2 Zamasus, 1 from Goku's timeline and 1 from Trunks' and both seem to have branched off at the same point, but the timeline is ALREADY branched off since the androids saga!


>Didn't he present the coordinates on where to go before devolving?
he did>He couldn't fit in the machine.
this wasn't mentioned and he climbed into the machine just fine. It's never really explained why he devolved.
It did set the tone though and it was nice to see him go through multiple metamorphosises but in hindsight it was illogical to devolve.

It'll probably be much clearer after next episode. We are getting Zamasu's big villain rant about his plans.

>but Goku is already dead to begin with!
this shouldn't concern anything regarding Zamasu.
Black clearly states in the manga that he "finally found a timeline where there's no meddlesome U7 God of Destruction" confirming that he attained Goku's body prior to occupying Trunks' rogue timeline.

By time traveling, doesn't the machine create split timelines? Would that mean the time traveling back and forth that Goku and friends have been doing created more timelines?

they bypassed this plot element by simply creating a home coordinates like feature to the time machine where he can travel back to his own world.

If Trunks travelled back a day and crushed a bug that he didn't crush the day before, that might create a new timeline. But the way they've been doing it, the coordinates are set so that doesn't happen.

I see, thanks anons.

Veggie is the best dad.


My boy Vegeta got the moves

Apparently toei and Akira can only recycle old ideas. Hit's secret ability=guldo's shit. Zamasu changing bodies-ginyu's movie. It's stuff we have seen before.

There still could be a twist because apparently there is one more Zamasu from the other timeline we haven't seen yet. Where is he at?

Hes faded into bolivian

I'll forgive the whole "everyone is Zamasu!" thing if they pull this - an army of Zamasu from different timelines.

This is gonna be Chaos Rings all over again, but instead of a good end, we are getting the dead end

There can't be an army retard. Future Trunks created 4 timelines from fucking shit up by using his time machine. The goku in his timeline is dead. The Goku Zamasu switched with was in the unseen timeline where Cell killed future trunks and stole his time machine.

>The Goku Zamasu switched with was in the unseen timeline where Cell killed future trunks and stole his time machine.
wasn't Goku dead in that timeline also? as far as black is concerned we have no clue where he snatched Goku's body in regards to what timeline.

i feel bad for some dellusional anons, dbs was a bad idea since the very begining

lost my sides when black flips the bird at the end

The time rings only let you go to that timeline. It's the reason why black goku couldn't stay in goku and vegeta's timeline. I assume reason they choose Future Trunks timeline for 0 mortal extinction plan is because it was only one they could find beerus/supreme kai dead in.

>but how did he get gokus body when he is dead
Maybe he wished Goku back to life and then wished to switch bodies? The real question is how Zamasu even knows about Goku. And why does he care?

Why not just wish for Beerus to not exist?

You feel bad people can enjoy something you can't? Only one losing out is you

>The time rings only let you go to that timeline
yes but I want to discuss where Black attained his body. Until we see next week's explanation we have no evidence of him taking the body from any specific timering-linked timeline.

>disliking the only thing Super has done good so far

I literally don't get these people.

>People wishing for deaths
>In dragon ball

U serious?

I doubt even the super dragon could kill a god of destruction.

just find the super duper dragon then, idiot

Theyre supposed to be able to grant anything. Beerus is way over hyped desu

So wish for U7 Supreme Kai to vanish. You also don't directly need them dead. Just not existing/present.

Wish for Beerus to be trapped in a prison he cannot break
Wish he was never born or created


relatable, geez

I feel like xeno would interfere if anythign like this happened.

also, since he is the omega supreme god of everything and all univereses it makes me think. Is he also the omega god of all the timelines too. as in. There is only one xeno. or is there a separate xeno in trunks timeline.

what if they met each other and fought

it would be like beerus fighting champa except instead of planets being destroyed it would be universes

why dusnt lord benis kill blak??

Don't blame Toriyama for DBS. Toei slapped Toriyama around with a bag full of cash so he had no choice but to sell out. He most like had minimal input on the series and is only putting his name on it because of the aforementioned bag of cash. The script for Battle of the Gods was probably mostly done by Toriyama, but DBS is mostly Toei's idea. DBS screams of fanfiction.

Man, if only I was smart enough to keep jerking off to Toei. I should be like you and just ignore all of Super's problems and act like everything's fine. You're absolutely right we are big fucking morons for not liking complete and utter dog shit.

Super still hasn't deliver a consistent arc. Battle of the gods was shit, the tourney was meh, Black and Zamasu started strong but now it's complete shit after the retarded plot twist. GT has the dragon arc.

Ergo GT>Super

Stay mad.

0/10 because black specifically states that he killed goku with his own two hands

DBS is still outlined by him, and hes very approving of Toyotaro

Does anyone think they have any plans to defeat Black and Zamasu? Pretty sure all of them should know that nothing changed. I feel like Goku is believing in F. Trunks like he trusted in Gohan during Cell saga. Goku saw how Trunks was able to keep up decently with SS2 against Zamasu. On top of that F. Trunks is going to get a new power right?


But is Goku strong enough to beat Hit now?


What I was expecting was that he was an AU Goku that actually conquered earth as intended.

Goku has no reason yo trust Trunks like he did with Gohan.

>Episode is titled "Black's True Identity"
>His identity is explained in under 3 minutes at the very end of the episode

What is with Japan and these pitiful titles? This episode should've been something like "Trunks' renewed hope" or something. "By the way, I'm actually Zamasu" is a terrible way to do the reveal.

it's a classic clickbait title, and having the reveal at the end of the episode is supposed to increase total viewership of the whole episode

At least Super has Beerus. If only they could tone down the stale food jokes and make him intimidating again.

go watch animes for little girls to look for more waifus you fucking faggot


I swear I get triggered every time I enter a Super thread. Super is OBJECTIVELY A BAD SHOW

it's the Halo 5, the Episode 7, of anime; it's just something to be milked not keeping faithful of what made the franchise good in the first place. you're supposed to accept that and not expect anything promising, the only entertainment value being for nostalgia's sake or to actively point out how horrible things have gotten which can garner entertainment in its own way.

to be fair you don't need to kiss
to make kids

What's all this discussion about Vegeta going SSJ White going around?

Toei has ruined many One Piece minor characters by running their designated gag to the ground, so DUDE FOOD LMAO doesn't surprise me

it was revealed once they said he had the same Ki as Zamasu, so that was the episode Black fought goku after chasing trunks with time ring

What? That's just SSJ. Which Goku had. It's pink because of zamasu's god ki

bro what are you doing

I kinda figured how this is gonna end: Zamasu and Black will have switched bodies to someone that can actually die, and them they'll kill them. How, I don't know.

Wasn't ginyu in Resurrection F? Lol it'd be retarded to end things with him but I wouldn't doubt it.

Is this your first anime or something?

In DB/DBZ alone there are tons of examples for this.

Jeice´s "The Crusher Ball" episode anyone?

>Deliberately goes into threads for shows that trigger him, just to bitch
>Fucking Halo out of all things is something I should care about and get as an analogy
>Episode 7 worse than 1 and 2

Wew Lad


>People keep shitting on the reveal
>Even though not only it was only pointing to this direction the only other major theories are absolutely retarded

Dammit Cred Forums.

Ztards and GT Apoligists tears are so fuckin delicious.

>"Fuck teh Universe I wanna fist fight this god, lul forgot the senzu beans in the bathroom so the future is fucked, I wanna fight every person I meet even if the deities of my universe beg me not to"

That IS the REAL Goku Toriyama wanted to show, a selfish antihero-esque anti-rolemodel for kids. Takao Koyama turned him in Z into a more righteous and serious character bc of "m-muh 9 years old self inserters". Even Toriyama was disappointed at the 90s adaptation of the post 23th TB adaptation.

Goku was never serious in the 1st DB (he stripped down Ten Shin Han's pants in the middle of a fight IIRC, asked Piccolo if he had a facelifting) or heroic. He fought more for selfish reasons or very ill emotions (vengeance). Even in early chapters of the Z part of the manga, Goku was still the selfish asshole who fought for vengeance or for the thrill of a good fight. Shit, he even disobeyed Kaiosama when hew went to fight Freeza. At most, he was pissed, but never serious.

This kind of discussion happens when you entered into DB with DeeBeeZee animation. Amerifats have it worse because they started with a Superman-esque rewriting.

I think this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more interesting than "lol it's just goten from the future"

Because black=Universe 10 Main timeline Zanmasu proposes alot of ideas for the second Zanmasu being from Trunks timelime where He never met Goku etc.

They shouldn't have pulled a fake out if they were just going to go back to it. No one would have complained about this if it had been revealed during the last travel.

The problem with Super's Goku compared to Toriyama's is that they want to mask some of his negative traits behind stupidity - it's not that he's selfish, he's just too stupid to know better! That seems to be what the anime is trying to say.

I kinda enjoy the food moments. It's kinda understandable the way they handle Beerus' character with food and we already have Vegeta as a serious character so it's nice to have Beerus character like this.

And don't forget his SSJ2= Goku in SSJ3

good thing half-human saiyans lack the same drive to train.

This is all true, but it's a sequel. He was much different at the end of the Buu saga than he was at the start.

Wow, Gohan looks like he's balding there. Such an oddly badly drawn panel.

Damn, good post. I like Super, but I can admit every single one of these would have improved this Saga considerably.

How many timelines are there?
There are 4 green rings and one white, so 5?
How did black travel to another timeline even tough his time ring is clearly white?

why kais are so lewd?

the green ones are created through altering timelines while the silver one is maybe different like the original but since like someone made a change in the timeline it makes a copy of it's self in a green color.

Giving ginyu an immortal body doesnt sound like a good idea

kai is dead cuz buu pls pay attention retard or don't cuz the show sucks

>Chosing a panel of the chapter where Goku was being just a selfish asshole that wanted to please Vegeta and himself. if he was a bit serious or heroic, he would've go with Gohan and Kaioshin.

IIRC, the only times Goku was serious or semi-righteous was after him fucking up too hard (after being chewed out by Piccolo because of sending Gohan to a safe death, after being chewed out by Vegeta because of his "initially bad" choice of people to save before Buu destroys the earth, and after being called out by Beerus because his arrogant overconfidence caused earth's destruction at the hands of Freeza). Generally he was/is an asshole who gives zero fucks about the earth/namek-sei/universe safety.

Authors first implied the possibility, then shot it down, then used it after all to play with audience expectations.

Retarded subhumans like you are just mad their precious DURRHURR BLACK IZ GOTEN XDDDD shit theories got shot down. Fucking kill yourselves retard theoryfags. Everywhere I go I see you dumb fucks trying to predict plot twists and always being dead wrong because you're fucking retarded. How the fuck do so many people find guessing games aka "make up retarded theory and hope for it to be right" fun?

Do you want a medal or something?

You are acting as if anyone but a couple of retards ever took this seriously or that it even was seriously discussed and people didn't call it out as delusional bullshit from the start, if anything even half of those retards were just assholes meming it up.

Oy fuckers, black isn't from trunks future, its from the original timeline (the one from super without future trunks appearing). Zamasu is from trunks future and the zamasu from super new timeline got rekt. Black realised he couldn't do shit in his timeline so he went to another one and recruited zamasu, as it was another timeline he could use the super dragon balls again to giver zamasu immortality.

Also explains why Zamasu knew about kamehameha and teleportation, he watched Goku's match on kamitube when he still was zamasu

Your problem was being invested in this overrated kids show to begin with. Super is garbage.

Stay mad Ztard.

GT was great, Super is even better. Clearly the best thing to ever happen to this franchise. I don't get why you people are so mad. It's objectively good. It has nice plot twists, good choregraphy, stunning animation, etc.

You people have no taste whatsoever regarding anime. Keep circle-jerking to Re:Zero while smart adults enjoy their weekly DBS masterpiece.

What the fuck did you want him to be, their personalities are identical.

Black being Zamasu from a different timeline is better and more interesting than just some Goku slave clone Zamasu wished for.

I just want a father-son Final flash
Will prob look weird but i want it.

Pretty sure the rings can take you to different timelines.

You mean "those faggots who liked the original series"?
Are we so fucking desperate to make excuses for Super that we're going to actually go THIS IS TORIYAMA'S TRUE VISION YOU FAGGOTS?

Even when Toriyama was writing him in his LITERAL heyday?
Fuck you. Fuck off with this dogshit.

>The fans have been claiming for an evil AU Goku since BoG
No, I haven't. What I wanted out of Super was to be betterer than GT, and all I'm getting is something that's just as bad or even worse in some regards.

been in that scenario once

can confirm

>that's a female

I remember how people would bitch and bitch about GT's slice of life episodes.
Then they come in Super, and they're the best, most awesome thing ever, and totally "giving the characters something to do"

Actually, Goku OUTRIGHT refused to fight Vegeta until Vegeta started killing people. Once Vegeta (pretended) to regain his senses, Goku wanted to go and stop Buu. If anything, it was therapy for Vegeta

Goku was pretty responsible for, and had none of that "MUH SAIYAN PRIDE" shit going on. He was pretty keen on the whole "you guys need to be strong enough to defend the planet" thing. Even though the series ended up with Goku and Vegeta fighting Kid Buu, it felt more like they'd been chased down to that point rather than GOKU AND VEGETA GOTTA DO IT, BECAUSE THEY'RE THE SUPER SAIYAN GOD BATTLE BUDDIES, and even with all that and the lack of fusion, they didn't do it completely alone.

What is the deal with those two chinese kids with Mai?

I posted that panel because it's a good example of Goku's character later in the manga. Gohan's all sad but Goku's obviously pumped to be fighting again, but he's also mature enough to just stay quiet about it.

This too.

DBS Goku is like ch1 Goku in adult Goku's body. It's like watching a grown man with learning difficulties.

Am i too late to join the Gohanfags?
I had a dream yesterday of him competing in the tournament, so I want to believe what I saw

No clue. Maybe it is just to show that Mai and Trunks could be pretty caring parents or something?

They did bother to even give them names. Haru and Maki (a pun on springrolls)

Oh, not even. Goku in Chapter 1 showed some responsibilities by doing some chores around the house.
And at least he could COUNT TO FUCKING TEN
From one "Gohanfag" to another.
Give up.
The sooner you give up, the least it will hurt. Gohan's had a semi-decent run, but they've shelved him, and I'm certainly he'll only appear for the jobbing beating that all DBZ characters that aren't Goku must go through.

>Could be good parents
user, you know they will adobt them, and make some other kids after this arc.

Did Goku just admit to never having kissed Chi Chi before?

What the fuck is wrong with these writers and why do they hate Chi Chi, marriage and women in general?

Actually he was just confused of why he used his mouth to give her the ''senzu''.
The guy is retarded, no doubt. However he too would react to sex like any guy by his instincts, which implies kissing

>user, you know they will adopt them,
That does seem the most likely if their real parents aren't around

>and make some other kids after this arc.
Still. We might not even get to see their kids if they get them unless they do a time skip

Pretty sure there's that one scene where Goku wakes up after nearly dying from that heart virus. Chichi was there taking care of him and he seems to hug/kiss her before he goes off to greet Cell. Doesn't actually show you the kiss, it's done at a weird angle to keep the autist watching the series from sperging out over seeing their MC kiss a girl.

Also, Chichi is a fucking saint. Having to put up with marrying a literal retard and raising his kids, making due with almost no income. She pretty underrated as far as waifu's are concerned. Even if she can be a shrill annoying cunt at times.

That's bullsh*t Trunks in oiginal db also only has 1 coordinate yet he automatially create numerous timelines in the process.

>That does seem the most likely if their real parents aren't around
Well my first view when I saw them was of them being orphans, so I have a good feelings of that being the case

>We might not even get to see their kids if they get them unless they do a time skip
Actually I think we will. You see Trunks will probably get a rage boost that will transform to a different level next episode, and we know that the tournament will come at some point in DBS. That could actually be a pretty sweet spot for Trunks to compete in the tournament, with Mai and the kids being spectators

>goku never kissed her
>probably have to be the lead to bear two children from that monkey

Being Chi Chi is suffering.

Super kinda sucks but at least we got the most A E S T H E T I C transformation


>Being Chi Chi is suffering.

She deserves better. Goku failed to protect her smile.

Serious question through.
The color that Black has in his SSJR form
is that god ki with Zamasu's ki or just normal super saiyan ki with Zamasu's ki?

Why are fighting over what sucks in Super? Why not all of it?

>Animation fucking blows 99% of the time
>Art style is hot garbage
>Goku is a fucking retard and even other characters have shown signs of being more stupid
>Zamasu in Goku's body with Zamasu in an immortal body is a shit twist, and people have right to disappointed

I can even go further and say there's way too much slice of life bullshit at Bulma's, that isn't even funny anymore and is just a big waste of time that's boring.

Yes, the Superfaggots defending the series are pathetic, but it's not so bad that it's unwatchable. I still skim it over in 15 or so minutes and have some cheap fun with it.

It will obviously never top Z. DBS Manga is better anyway.

>there's way too much slice of life bullshit at Bulma's,

But user, that's the best part. Japan doesn't need another edgy Shonen. They don't want one either. It's all about slice-of-life light hearted action/comedies nowadays. DBS is absolutely fine. If you expected DBZ and want DBZ you aren't going to get it and might as well fuck off.

>Well my first view when I saw them was of them being orphans,
Yeah. I think so too.

>That could actually be a pretty sweet spot for Trunks to compete in the tournament, with Mai and the kids being spectators

It could happen but...
The way they talk in this episode and bulma joining them to bring them back... It really kind of seems like they are slowly saying goodbye to Future Trunks now. He's not even in the ending anymore.
He might return later for the tournament but I can't help but have doubts about that

You guys are what is ruining this fandom
Super as a show is good for what it is, a slice of life, martial arts shounen attended for japanese ''childreen''. If it was something like DBZ that you wanted then you should watch some of those shitty youtube flash animations.

>Being Chi Chi is suffering.

Chichi's life in a nutshell:

"Hey mom, I wanna go into space to resurrect the devil. You know, the guy who almost killed you, beat the shit out of dad, proceeded to kill him, then kidnapped me and beat me for several months?"

"What? No."


You are stupid. Fighting still takes the majority of screen time, so it absolutely is not a light-hearted comedy like you say. Especially since the latest arc is edgy as fuck.

DBS is not Dragon Ball, no matter how hard you want it to be. Move on already, you pathetic dweeb.

>this much hatred for Z

Christ how can one fanbase have so much shit taste? The slice of life is fucking garbage-tier. It's the same every time, Beerus and Whis tasting food and commenting on it, Goku being a goofy idiot, and some comments from Bulma/the rest.

You have rewatched this 20 times by now. Your brains are fried.

That scene in the Cell saga was filler

>He might return later for the tournament but I can't help but have doubts about that

Yeah, your probably right. It's just I have gotten this attachment to those to over these two months, so it sucks that we have to see them leave.
I swear people can say what they want about Toriyama, but his ideas for the characters are incredible

That's the only defense that Superfriends have

He definitely needs some alone time with Mai after this arc ends, maybe he'll show up again later in the next arc or even the one after that.

> so it absolutely is not a light-hearted comedy like you say.

You really should drop it.

>user being this big of a faggot
Just stop, seriously just stop. Just let go of DBS ever becoming like DBZ again. It's just sad user. It's like your trying to ride on a horse that has died years ago. Really if DBS is so bad then just leave.

Shit, well that confirms it then. Goku is 100% retarded.

Thanks this is it people.

>next minute the guy is brutally deleted by Beerus

You should stop being in denial and desperately trying to make Super your original DB adventure.

>waaah stop I can't take it anymore, leave my hugbox now!!


Do you think Zamasu transferring himself into Goku's body caused him to change his personality some? I'd imagine so. I'm sure the Saiyan blood and Goku having brain damage as a kid probably helped contribute to the change as well.

> OMFG, DBZ is the shit!! Fuck did you see that Spirit Bomb, wow it was so worth waiting weeks for this!!

>It's just I have gotten this attachment to those to over these two months, so it sucks that we have to see them leave.

It really does suck if we won't see them again but it seems that is the way it will go for now.

>He definitely needs some alone time with Mai after this arc ends
He really does. Some peace time will do them good

>maybe he'll show up again later in the next arc or even the one after that.
I guess there is a chance. Also depends on how long Super will go on

Nobody is forcing you to watch DBS. It is an undeniable fact that DB has always been heavy on gags. Something DBZ lost focus of between Freeza-Cell arcs.

>waaah stop I can't take it anymore, leave my hugbox now!!

kek, the only one wanting a hugbox are you actionfags.

Yeah. I think being in a saiyan body is slowly having a effect on him.

you are a fucking faggot

He suddenly does have the pride of a saiyan in Black's body.

Those are all so boring

Please tone down the samefagging

I have a feeling Zamasu is going down the same path as Babidi. Probably finds a way to fuse with him and gains complete control over the fusion.

maybe he will eventually clash with future Zamasu again because of that pride

Funny thing I never said I hated DBZ. I just find you actionfags that want nothing but DBZ all over again, retarded. This is an infinitely better direction than Toei took with GT. I like that Super is it's own thing, similar to DBZ in some ways similar to DB in others. Yet still different from both. My largest complaint with the series thus far is how shitty the animation is and the slim down character designs.

I'm absolutley fine with all the slice of life episodes. I enjoyed the hell out of the SoL stuff in DBZ (Goku driving test). This latest arc has been really great and much better than the previous two. As long as they keep dishing out a couple of "serious" arcs between the gags and SoL episodes I'm perfectly happy. I'll even forgive the shit tier pinoy animation as long as the series is fun to watch. Which for me, at least, it is.

If this ever goes in the direction of the last two DBGT arcs. With it's edgelord end of the world, everyone must die bullshit I'll quit. I doubt that will happen since 90s is long over and that kind of shit doesn't get good ratings anymore. Not to mention DBS is clearly aimed at a younger audience.

the Goku black arc sucked
is it finally over?

Oh this is good!
Maybe the pride in him will grow to such a rate that he will battle himself in his head, you know like Black vs Zamasu

I hope we get something that isn't a god of any sort as a bad guy. Something like the androids would be nice.

buu was never released thanks to trunks, pay attention

I really doubt we will ever get another Android arc, but I would love the idea. Android arc, before Cell arrived, was my favorite DBZ arc. Toriyama really does a good job with Androids, his character designs where pretty awesome.

I suspect the next arc will be something related to demons (like Xenoverse). Unless it goes straight to another tournament arc. I can't think of any villains from Universe 7 that would bring much of a fight at this point. They already fought a god and a D'jinn (Majin Buu). So a demon would make sense.

his mind slowly losing control of his stolen body.
Clashing with the other Zamasu and destroying their team work. Which seems like one of their greatest strenghts.

>Dr. Gero had another super computer hidden away for the longest time ever.
>All of the android data ever created is stored on there.
>The computer's AI is actually a replica of Dr. Gero's personality.
>Somehow the super computer turns into some kind of Dr. Wheelo/Hatchiyack ripoff based on the androids/Cell data that was worked on over the years.

Where's my Bra

Just how good would DBS be if Pierrot Studio animated it? After giving us last week the 2016 Anime Fight of the Year in Naruto vs Sasuke II

I haven't watched any anime since 2007.
I decided to try DBS yesterday and I can understand the criticism, but it's not a borefest like anime were in in the past decade. It's quite fun, desu senpai.

she's playing SNES

>Fight of the Year in Naruto vs Sasuke II

Fucking kek.

And then as they find out how to beat the immortal Zamasu, Black looks Trunks in the eye and apologies for what Zamasu made him do to his word, and asks him to make the final kill

NvsS II Looked literally worse than Beerus vs SSJ 3 Goku

Which is sad, when that is the climax of the story

dealing with Zamasu's immortality will be the main problem.

If this saga doesn't have/end with Goku giving Chi-Chi as kissu out of nowhere to calm her down in front of everyone leading to Chi-Chi being all flustered I'm going to go Rambo on Japan.

next time gohan shows up in dbs. his hair will be like this

because they can live for millions of years.


I guess Goku might pull a Roshi, however for BS reasons the god ki will let him live through it


I know Goku loves Chi-Chi, the end of the Buu saga when he tells her he loves her was qt as fuck.

>Chi-Chi come here for a sec


Off screen character that we will never learn who is

I like this idea.

his hair line is higher than Vegetas in super

Nah I was thinking something along the lines of:
>End of the future threat
>Chi-Chi learns what Goku was away doing "almost died"
>She gets pissed
>Starts mouthing off at them all, Goku, Vegeta, F.Trunks, Beerus, Zeno
>Goku is just standing there scared
>Suddenly a lightbulb goes off in his head
>"Oh yeah!"
>Turns Chi-Chi around
Zeno decides not to delete this universe

No fucking zenkai boost works like that. And don't even bring up zenkai boost since it hasn't been referenced in any way since Dbz.
Black's power rises more and more every time he fights, even just for a little.
That's like some Broly shit or something like the Hulk.

even broly had a limit in movie 8.
when he reached it he had to release large amounts of energy through ki blasts and his aura.
goku's ki infused punch probaly messed up broly's ki flow and caused it to overload.

he seemed to lack the limit problem in movie 10, but then again he did spend most of the time as a super saiyan instead of his lssj form

But what if All-chan becomes jealous?

Simple, he'll just take Goku Black for himself.

didn't she used to get shipped with uub?

but ssj god and ssj blue aren't achieved with rage.

he either takes black with him
or he just creates his own goku to play with

what episode? the last one? Ireally don't remember that


>inb4 dub

>watching dub

>I can even go further and say there's way too much slice of life bullshit at Bulma's, that isn't even funny anymore and is just a big waste of time that's boring.

i actually think the slice of life stuff is the better part of the show, the fights are boring and hot garbage

I see no kiss there.


i only stated that pan used to get shipped with uub.
how does that relate to the funi dub?

although i grew up with the ocean and funi dubs. don't realy like the jap voices or music

Can Pan transform into super saiyan?
>Goku is a saiyan
>non of her other three grandparents are
Is that enough?

one drop rule

>Marron belongs to Goten
I would not mind that. Gives Marron at least some reason to appear

Jesus...forgot how fucking cringy and monotone the dub was.

>Implying Krillin would let anyone else, but his bestfriends breed touch his princess.

>implying the eternal manlet could do anything about it.

Marron is going to get impregnated by dirty old men for money. Krillin will find out and neckhimself.

yet that goku jr and vegeta jr who apear at the end of gt could go ssj (and they didn't even know what it was) and they had even less saiyan blood.

either female saiyans can't go super saiyan or toriyama never intended for them to do it. (he himself said he didn't know how to draw one. with the muscles and stuff)

>implying he isn't banging her himself

>either female saiyans can't go super saiyan or toriyama never intended for them to do it. (he himself said he didn't know how to draw one. with the muscles and stuff)

he basically already drew one with android 18. i don't see why muscles are the issue, there are other skinny characters


we already have non-canon girl super saiyans too

I swear to fucking god I can't fucking take it anymore, don't cannonize GT for all I care I just want a continuation to Z. I don't give a fuck about this Goku black shit this is toying with my fucking heart

i'd ride that carpet


but user
gt was never canon

I know ;_;

Who else could it have been. Goten was a joke, no one wants an evil goku, Gowasu would have never become evil. He's so impressed with himself and his abilities it makes since to take the abilities of his enemy but remain in control of those abilities by switching like he did.

but did toriyama design her or approve her?

>If this saga doesn't have/end with Goku giving Chi-Chi as kissu out of nowhere to calm her down in front of everyone leading to Chi-Chi being all flustered
would be funny to see. Maybe seeing Trunks and Mai lock lips would finally inspire him to try it.


I mean, he's not wrong

And Super has been nothing but exciting, riveting, gripping, etc. right?

Shut the fucking fuck up.

Super is shit though.

Those complaining about Super will still watch it.

Super isn't interesting.

We all know Goku will fix it all. Why the Japs love MC WINS LOL characters like Goku, Kira, and Kirito, I'll never know

I'm watching a hero's legacy in the background crying like a fucking bitch
this is fucking excellent

why are you on Cred Forums if you don't like animoo

So Cred Forums where do we stand about Black
Should he die, or become his own being?


Goten was concieved during the cell saga, a time that never happened in Adult-Trunk's universe because Goku was dead then.

Nah. Let Black go out fighting unless they can restore Alt goku's soul to him or something.

>unless they can restore Alt goku's soul to him or something.
Please, no.

Goku will bring the Goku into Black, and make him good once more. However Black will still keep his personality without the whole kill all ningens project

Honestly I just need someone to share this moment with, if you're reading this please reply
I'm this guy

Zamasu is my favorite dbz villain. He is like hitler.

Cute user, I'll share the moment with you
Through I am afraid that I will cry like last time

>Implying that Zamasu was not disguised as Hitler

Fuck off

when did it happen?

>is there a connection to that?
i was laughing like a retard when i saw this

When Toriyama was taking a shit

>Black isnt Ginyu

One fucking job Toriyama, you had one fucking job

>Ginyu is still alive in future
>he changes bodied with Black
>get's killed
>end of the ark

New thread


guess i'll fill up the last few posts


based Vegeta fixing this

>when you realise how lewd things have become

What the fuck was Vegeta doing there

I am an OG gohan fag.
My favorite character since the fuckin' android saga.
I knew it was all over after he jobbed to Buu. Fuck this series, give up on gohan. He's become the biggest bitch of all time.