WSJD - Boku no Hero Academia

And I'm back.

The chapters from last week are in their pastebins. That includes World Trigger. I will be dumping Love Rush and Red Sprite later. Should I put them in the same or different threads?

Takuan and Batsu is over. I've a link at the ready for the entire series. Even if its axed, though, I'm still wary about making the whole thing available... Well, whatever.

WSJD begins.

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Hoh, this increased post timer...

Just like old times.




decreased, not increased


Looks like there will be two more new series incoming.










It'd be better if we didn't go with the typical WSJ bullshit and just had them start going out.



Do you love rush chapters 4+

Love Rush

>That bottom part
>That stare
>That smile
She did that on purpose to get Deku in more trouble. Fucking mindgames psycho.

ThatĀ“s weird, here it seems that he hates all EndevourĀ“s kids, not just Todoroki.

Thank you.

Shipping has gotten to the point that it has its own sound effect, I see.

Red Sprite

Uraraka better have an epic moment this arc that doesn't involve Deku.


I wonder what she would've said to him.

deku who dat ho.

I really dislike Viz's use of periods at times, it makes the sentence feel very flat as opposed to using an exclamation point.

This felt much better than niggerstreams version, something about how its worded doesn't feel so worrying.

Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary (END)


Did I miss the authors comments? Thanks again.

in the red sprite thread

What's Cousin Itt doing here?

Can I request for last week and this week's Shokugeki Vizanon?


is chapter coming early tomorrow?

I don't think most of us enjoy Viz for their translations user. It's just the gorgeous art.

My mistake I somehow missed checking the Love Rush thread. Thank you very much.

It's daughteru time.

Tsuyu is so pretty looking in these two panels. Her bust is just popping out of the page. Her hair is wavy. her face so gentle. Hiro what are you doing? Please continue what you're doing.

will Hori Noumu a student?

How are they going to noumu without AfO? Even with his power they took time to make. The other noumus were said to be in a sort of pre-alpha stage and weren't ready yet.

AfO could always break out.

pls don't be traitor

If a student died or became a noumuu I feel like there would be huge consequences unlike other manga. Unlike other shonens the parents actually care.

The problem is that Niggastream's wording is actually more accurate. Ochako's monologue is highly contextual, what she is literally thinking is "I admire Deku for how relentless he is in the pursuit of his goals."

Can someone link Red Sprite's pastebin, please?

I want to have sex with the traitor

Forget it, I found it already lol

Nah, but we'll have an arc for that childhood friend that got nomu'd.

we're just going to get teased with this for years and years to come while nothing progresses

Does anyone know if there's a way to bypass zippyshare's anti-noscript/adblock/ublock etc?

what the fuck does mineta mean by "pie stampers"? Was that something from the previous week's Viz translation?

I assume he misheard or didn't understand "bystanders" and they had to come up with something.

I'm guessing the joke was Mineta misheard bystanders as piestampers and is confused.
They apparently forgot vocal jokes don't fucking work in a visual medium.

Battle damaged Uraraka best Uraraka

Stain's community service starts!

So, is this like a poor mans Freaks Squeele?

as much as a good twist that'd be there's no way in hell they'd let someone with a quirk like that out of maximum, even for controlled shit like this with pros all around

>Kaminari doesn't know what "bystander" means
He's not intelligent enough to be the traitor.

Last time I checked, Pikachu was the traitor.
What happened to make her a possibility?

That'd be a big fuck you to the safety they said they' give the kids.

Which girl has the widest hips?


She's been in the spotlight a lot more than other kids recently as well as she has money as a MO

meant for

Only this?
Pikachu is way ahead as possible traitor.

I gave a possible reason, i never said it was a good one.

Thanks for your answer, user.

People seem to be attached to the theory because of the emotional impact it would have. There's not much weight behind it though.

>all these shit reasons why a student is the traitor.

also check'em

The funny thing is, there exists no evidence there even is a traitor, It's entirely possible the league has/had access to their servers, or a way to stealthily get info as it travels

>A game face that's a pure smile
Hori sure can write moe

>"I force myself to smile to hide the immense fear i have."
He's still a fucking Allmight copy

He needs to distinguish himself for sure, but the smile aspect should stay, it fits Deku's character arc

Allmight's teacher also used to smile a lot to inspire courage to people. It's not something to throw away.


I hope we get a heroic Noumu in some capacity eventually.

Unlikely those fuckers are basically shigi's dogs even the one designed to take down Allmight was a docile lamb when the cops got a hold of it with shigi not around

>no marshmallows

missed oppertunity

replace that cow with a noumu

>playing You Say Run while reading BnHA doujinshis
Doesn't get any better than full page spread climax while the song climaxes as well.


Niggastream's translation of made it sound ominous.

>Niggerstream sucks

What else is new?

Kyouka pls.

Ever wonder what it's like having sex on anti-gravity? 'Cause I sure don't.

Which quirks when combined would create excellent Noumu?

Hyper-Speed and any "I Win" button on-touch skill.

Uraraka's quirk, or Shiggy's, or something that turns you to stone, or anything that just fucks your shit up on touch.

combine it with blinding super-human speed and it's pretty unstoppable.

Very uncomfortable


Is there any doujin featuring zero g sex? There'd better be.

Zero G would mean there'd be very little friction which is basically all sex is , on top of that jello tits

Femdeku is bestest

>more of a dork compared to femkugou

>>more of a dork
>not fem-DORK-u
One fucking job nigger. One fucking job. Besides, Baku is an ugly spergy cunt.

Does this mean she is going to hide her feelings forever?

No, only until the whole thing with toga happens.

Ty for this man. The translation seems to be way better than others, especially on the final pages. Ochaco's lines are pretty different from the ones on the previous version that i've read...

Where's the pastebin at again?

It's probably just for the exam.

C'mon, think of all the explosive fucking. Have a bang throughout the whole night!

why does femdeku work

Someone please do this

No, she simply realised that this is simply not the time and place to schlick her lady boner.

But seriously this is probably Horikoshi giving us a heads-up that he intends to shelf the romance subplot and won't revisit it for a while.

I personally wouldn't mind as I'm pretty pessimistic about shounen mangaka handling romance - as much as I love Dekuraraka.

He's shy, subservient, but competent. All fairly desirable traits in a girl.



Don't be silly user. I love Bakugirl too

Doing a thing.

Is that Teru?

I knew it you son of a bitch.

But Stain's quirk is weak as shit.

Femu is best Deku

Spoilers when?

It begins


That's not how it works, you little sprout

what the actual fuck do they mean with this

Check the last thread

You mean the contest? But those looks too damn shitty

What would Tsuyu look like if her quirk didn't change her appearance?

>tfw actually creating an oc for the contest
Sometimes i dunno if i should go full autism with it, i have some faith in it but


>tfw filthy gaijin with no japanese knowledge
Fuck, how am i gonna explain my oc quirk?

Eh, I've seen worse when it comes to bnha ocs

> Artemis
This fag's using a girl's name

Usually there's autistically edgy creations, but bnha OCs tend to not be bad for some reason.

can any user post the last WSJs since No.39 from viz on Nyaa pls?

Who's that?

It's a joke about similar-sounding words in Japanese. In English he just looks like an idiot.


Ochako would be fucking unstoppable if she learnt Slimegirl's stealth technique.

He's not particularly masculine, apart from the shredded bod.

>yfw the "Terrorist" is Aizawa

Exactly the same, but with regular proportions and less tongue. Her posture still eats ass and she's still absolutely tiny.

Honestly seems like he'd be in BnHA but nobody takes him seriously and give him shit for being an edgelord all the time
>God, Artemis, I know a crow with a literal shadow monster for a quirk who's less emo than you.

ffs someone do this

There's an official OC contest on.

>it's Aizawa in a shitty fake beard and a leather jacket
>inset panel of Joke fucking dying in the stands

I guess because all the edge in-series is made fun of.

What will Mr. Stainy do?

Who says it's not okay to just write it in English?




I'd really pay to see the girls get bloody and angry

mad ochaco is hot

There's not enough non-ryona scenes of girls just getting courageously beaten up in shonen.



femdeku and canon deku's faces are literally the same what the hell

more eyelashes on femdeku

It'd be better if Uravity had her quirk.



alright but four more lines isn't much difference


good content.

Surprisingly, you're right.

In art it's enough to help distinguish between male and female.

As if nips bother to read english
They focus on moon runes first

i'm not complaining i just hadn't realised before how androgynous he looks. most shonen mcs are pretty manly-looking

what is she thinking

They're not unless they're extremely buff. Although I guess another thing is that deku's eye design is similar to the general female design.

That you should stop your retarded image dump and fuck off.

That's not a particularly Momo expression. What did the artist mean?

I'm sure you know what they mean

Why are you angry, user? Well-drawn fanart is better than no posts at all.


The same shit that was posted in the last thread isn't better than nothing and you can find that shit on pixiv in 20 seconds. Plus there is a board for image dumps.



>even overjoyed at the birth of his child todoroki's face doesn't move a fucking inch

go to bed

Go back to tumblr, faggot.

I hope Izuki learns how to transform relatively soon, if would make whatever he does far more interesting visually.

>channer trying to use tumblr as an insult

woo boy

well, yeah, i meant they're usually "handsome" rather than "cute".

>doesn't even deny being a tumblrina
I knew these threads were filled with cancer, but this is a new low.

Spoilers within the hour, right? One piece and shokugeki have already got theirs.

Not even the same guy but you need to fucking leave.

One For All doesn't make you transform. All Might's current form is because he's dying slowly, his muscle state is literally just him flexing every muscle in his body. He used to look like that all the time but he ain't got the stamina now.

>being the only one that cares

i think we know where the cancer is coming from. You should also stay on the bnha topic

Only OP got confirmed spoilers. Souma's are most likely fake.

Yeah, you.

Seems like it.

Remember when Gran Torino said something about Izuki "being close to transforming" or something like that when he was training him?

>do I fit in yet guys?

That is just a metaphor user.

I don't remember that at all. Not calling you a liar user but I'll need screencaps

I think that was just nigger angels with their shit translation.

>Yeah, you.

ayy lmao

Maybe user kun got confused while reading BnHA wiki 'coz there are 2 imgs of All Might. One in his Hero form and the other in his "True" form.

Holy fucking shit, it's like a deja vu. Fuck off with this shit please.


dont you cry, bae

Jirou doesnt get enough love



With sufficient hand holds or a surface to cling to I figure it would be doable.

Femdoroki does weird things to me


Literally female Zuko.

It's so weird how he's like "yeah Sorry I hate you cause of your dad. I know it's unfair but it's just how it is"
I like when an antagonist knows he's being a dick but is one anyway


AND moon princess in the same package

So user, would you rather watch a genderrswap BnHA or the regular one?

>Same cast
>Same focus
>Same plot
>Still a shonen

>99% of the cast becomes girls
>Still a shonen

Just turn the boys into girl, the quirk mutation is on double X chromosomes, sciency mumbo jumbo, I don't want any Mount Lord or Boychako.

>not wanting Mount Lord ass close-ups

Just turn deku

What if...
What if mineta had the invisibility quirk
What if all for one traded mineta's and what's-her-names quirks.

I'd like to see an uraraka team vs current deku team fight. Like a 3v3 heroes vs villains but idk who would be on their teams for a good fight.

I'll guess

Uraraka, momo, todoroki/bakugou


Deku, jirou, tokoyami/sero?

I'd like to fuck Deku in the ass.

>Feeling those silky smooth abs of fem-Kirishima
>She flexes and hardens her abs at the same time
>Cum instantly.

>What is Aria?


Thank you for shouting out to Sero, that dude is underrated. However, that team is pretty stacked on the other side from having both Momo and either boy. Uraraka, Shouji, Tokoyami vs Deku, Tsuyu, Jirou. Nobody specifically over powered, all with pretty good heads on their shoulders. It would give Uraraka a chance to shine.


I think to also challenge her it would have to be a disaster relief/rescue test so that she'd have a chance to show more than a combat test.

>What is Amanchu?


Meme face of the last season.

Isn't it more like some hot shit?

Mah nigga

I'd think older deku would look more like Archvermin's vision of him

but not ALL MIGHT big

Not enough scars and he still has his original right arm. Adult Deku has to look like he went through a war.

I cant really tell how old it is honestly

Since we all know Hori is a capefag. What official teams would you be interested into?

Bakubros a best

Team Bakubro is a solid ten.

If you had the choice to make either deku or bakugou a chick which would you choose.

Alternatively, if you could make one character (male or female) genderbent, who would it be.

This image is disorienting.

I want Sero to shine bright.
Let him have his time
Sero is secret best boy

either Shouji or Grapes

Fem deku is too cute so him

Monoma aswell. Perfect condescending female.




Would she steal virginity of the poor guys in her class?

I want to see Bakugou fight more girls with strong quirks.

pic related

Oh now that's perfect

tsundere femkugo

Deku because he's 2cute and because we already have Bakumom although it's hot doubleteaming a hot mom and daughter

Kaminari because cute baka

>he thinks it'll be about the ass

I like built-like-a-linebacker Deku, but I don't think he'd actually get that thicc. He's more ripped than swole, if you get me.

Nope. She's creepy, nobody wants to stick their dick in that.

Genderbent Kirishima would be pretty good. I don't know how the whole manliness thing would work though.

Bakugou's quirk has no known upper limit, right? The only problem is the blowback on his arm.

Fuck she's perfect

Does she have extremely explosive pussy juice?

That's both useless and scary.

Is Illegals monthly or weekly?

I find the lack of Froppy in this thread unsettling.

Need more of honest and pure waifu.

>Froppy with irises and highlights in her eyes
Something's wrong here. Also, I have a large monitor, and it feels like she's trying to get me.

Monthly I believe

Sort of looked like a monthly.


Nice pencil work

The links for digital raws for BBF in world trigger pastebin aren't working.

>chunks of chocolate

More Froppy soon with the Jump Fiesta OVA.


I want those grenades

>quints for bracers
They look like they'd make good pillows.



Holy shit.

>STILL no deku's shoes
They need a collaboration with a shoe company.

Glad so many peeps like world trigger as much as i do.