ITT: Shows Cred Forums would crucify you for enjoying

ITT: Shows Cred Forums would crucify you for enjoying.

My resoning is that it already reminds me of Deadman's Wonderland a show I also enjoyed which has always triggered Cred Forums and turns you all into a pack of wild niggers.

Death Note.

I've enjoyed the first episode but announcement of the next almost made me drop it.

Hey fuck you I liked it.

>thinly veiled rec thread
Saged, reported, called the cops.

I'm really worried that it's gonna pull a Rokka no Yuusha and turn into a mystery that takes up the whole season.

DW was entertaining, I'll never understand the hate it receives. on Cred Forums.

Who wouldn't fuck Shiro.

This is going to be a cringy edgefest right?

What's that show called where they go to Mars and there's a bunch of Big Cockroaches?
I assume Cred Forums hates that but I love it.


Buy some taste in your nearest supermarket.


We need to create a board for gook and chink shit.

No we don't.

It's still adapted and improved by the nips.


dropped that one at 'Adolf and Eva the Germans'

Then you guys need to move to Cred Forums.

Well, it is a normie show and you probably only like it out of nostalgia. But that is fine as long as you don't try to argue that it is not shit.

> Cred Forums is a bunch of autistic speed

I never got why this site hates TTGL for that matter

A year ago I would be just like you, saying Elfen Lied was fucking rad and that Cred Forums just hates it because it's "le edgy".

But the thing is, I actually went back to rewatch it. After having spent some years on Cred Forums and watching actually good fucking anime, I went back to see how this thing had aged.

It was not good. All it has going for it is the shock value. Once that wears off, you realize the characters are fucking terrible and the whole thing is a fucking terribly written mess.

The Intro still kicks ass tho.

Great example of SoL adventure.

Same, ignoring the "ntr" I can't understand the immense amount of hate it had for the drama in the middle or the ending.