Do your parents know that you watch moe anime?

Do your parents know that you watch moe anime?

I don't anymore.

My parents are dead, so probably not


Why anyone would ever tell anyone they watch anime unless they are a close friend is beyond me. Autism must be contained for the greater good.

I dont expect them to know what's moe anime.

My screen faces out towards the window, so everyone can see.

Do your parent know you masturbate to drawing?

Yeah and my dad watches with me because he is huge weeb

>dad would ask why I don't watch (insert harem) instead of (insert moe)
>mom wouldn't care but also wouldn't watch because she's that way. Probaly ask why I haven't watches Slayers yet

Well, they see me watching shit every so often and I own some figurines.

Heck, I played the love live rhythm game in class.
Why I'd give a fuck about the opinion of others?

They think I don't anymore

They watch it with me.


Your dad has best taste, too bad you don't have his best taste gene.

i'm a gook and my mom was like, "hey, the lady who works in the office thinks you ARE terry."
>literally who
>tells me it's from an old cartoon she used to watch
>look him up
>he's from "candy candy"
>confused because he does look like me with the hair and everything
she still thinks it's a korean manhwa because it used to air in korea when she as a child, and literally everyone watched it back then. i might even start watching it. anyone know anything about it?


>man this anime channel doesn't have any good anime
>but dad there's this anime
>no I mean good MANLY anime

talking to dad is like talking to Cred Forums (except Naruto is one of dad's favorite anime).

Your dad has shit taste, you should kill him

I'd rather kill you

come get me faggot. I'm behind 7000 proxies, so good luck.

Lucky. I wish my fat disgusting whore of a mother would drop dead. She's had enough time soiling the earth with her presence, it's time to retire to hell.

Hey that's not very nice


did you get grounded again user?

itt: blogshit

Not even memeing

thinking of getting him into Jojo but at the same time

dunno if he can take the FABULOUSNESS of it all

K-on is a mature seinen show for mature people like myself. My parents would be happy that I watched something this serious.


I watched Hyouka with my dad during a 14-hour flight back to the US.

We wouldn't have been able to sit through the entire trip without a proper sedative, you feel me?

If he really likes it, then at least you know the reason why he's growing distant from your mom.

nah mom and dad are pretty close

mom's favorite series is inuyasha and Tenchi weirdly enough

>What's this racket up here, son? You watching your cartoons again?

My father is dead so he probably wouldn't know unless he's stalking me from the great beyond and watches me masturbate.

Haven't talked to my mother in decades.

>I played the love live rhythm game in class.

Please pay attention to your studies, user, for the sake of your future.

Why not, user?

Yes, but I'm a cute little girl, so they don't think it's weird.

I deliberately hide most things from my dad because reasons, but the rest of my family knows I'm learning jpn and what some jpn stuff so my dad probably has overheard it anyway.

My parents are busy on his jobs for care about my tastes

>parents know I'm a weeb
I feel sorry for them


No, and no one in my social circle knows either. Honestly my life is like Umaru's to a lesser extent. Go out into the world composed and normal, go to class, do relatively well in my studies (junior in uni, electrical engineering), girls in my major are attracted to me, etc.

Go home: play vidya, sleep constantly, eat shitty foods, watch moe shit endlessly, vegetate

Sometimes I wish i had people irl to talk about K-On and NNB with, without tarnishing my normie reputation

So is this what they mean when they say idolshit ruins your life?

Please be in los angeles

Fuck off and kill yourself normalfag.

Not even in the same continent, user-kun

Epic just epic.

Please tell me more.


As you wish, user.

So at first I didn't want my parents to know about my anime addiction. But when I joined my highschool anime club in my junior year, I had to invite the weeaboos of said club to my home, because we organized hangouts every week to stream some Naruto together. One of the members of the club was a waifufag that carried a daki of a blonde witch of that bootleg danmaku game everywhere, and always finished his sentences using desu (I bet he's lurking r/anime right now). Another one was a cute girl, only that she wasn't a girl. And the last one, a fujoshi that ended up being my gf and whom I wrote some lewd fanfics with (based in real facts, mind you). The first day they came to my house we watched a bunch of episodes in the living room, and when my mum came to give us some tea and cookies, she looked at me like she looked at my imouto, and since that day she's more affective than ever with me (there's no incest yet, sadly). My dad arrived home from work and my clubmates greeted him with "OKAERIIII". He lol'd at first, but he was bored so he watched some episodes with us. He ended up liking it, and now he buys me plastic butts in exchange I don't tell my mother that he faps to Hinata.
Man, I wish I told them earlier!

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The actually did and scolded me for my hentai tastes.
But my dad, granny, auntie and my cousins have watched anime before, so it is no biggie.

i've gone beyond autism, i use k-on reaction images in our family facebook chat

at some point you just stop caring

Do they know you're homosexsual too?

All they know is that I watch anime in general. My sister jokingly refers to it as "weird anime porn." When my dad walked in on me watching Initial D, he did an impression of a stereotypical Chinaman and walked away.

fuck off blogshit

My mom would watch Inuyasha and "Nuruto" with me, and watched DBZ with my brothers when they were younger

It's ok, I've graduated and I have already a boring job.

Nah, not really I can stand idolshit but that game is simply awesome.

They are nice and have no problem with me being a lesbian (male).

School idols are not shit, retard-kun.

They might hear it. I don't wear headphones and the walls are quite thin.

But maybe not, 'cause they're both pretty deaf.

He thinks i watch show with japanese girls with big boobs because he sees anime on 9gag.
I say i watch shows with giant robots for japanese nerds.

bait: the post

Are you me? Well, except for the moeshit, change it for some shounen, mecha or 3edgey5me anime and you practically described my everyday life.

I watched Moe when I was kid. Guess I grew out of it, can only laugh at most Moe series nowadays, its too childish. At least kyoani is trying to do something new with the formula, still dont like it though. So cause of that, i have no problems telling friends or family what i watch. Recently I watched JoJo with my older sister and she liked it. It had a lot of style she said and the colours were beautiful.

I wouldnt tell strangers that i watch anime from the start. But if you dont want to straight up lie just say you like animation as a whole and start with ghibli movies.

K-ON's target audience is japanese virgin otakus with a lot of money to spend for merch. Do you qualify?

Didn't know anons could be that old, if that was meant literally. Hope things still work out though.

>hey, son, what are you watching
>oh, hey dad, it's One Punch Man. I just got done lifting, so I figured I'd sit down with some real MANime before I go out with some friends tonight to celebrate getting my master's degree.
>i'm so proud of you, son
Why would I ever lower myself to watching moeshit?

My dad loves Azumanga Daioh and School Rumble, though lately he only watch stuff like OPM and DBS.

Epic simply eric.

Your dad sounds like a massive faggot with shit taste.

Just like every other anime, then?

Back when I was younger my parents never cared. My dad was bothered that I would spend over $100 on Blu-ray box set and collectors edition stuff. that was pretty much it though.

Well some chose to sell manga and toys to kids and teenagers or they target the Fujo demoghrapic.

That's literally a majority of anime now-a-days.

Well, he's mostly into mecha actually, and I will never understand the appeal of mecha, so yeah, he's pretty cool though.

Sadly, i would be fine with otaku making up a thrid of the target market.

Probably. They don't know the extent to which I like it though

I don't think my father really knows or does and just secretly doesn't care, I mean he already knows I'm not gonna grow up to be the Chad he was but if I ever told him I have a "waifu" he'd probably grow even more disappointed

My mom loves Azumanga Daioh