Anyone hyped?

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PV looks great.
Hope it ends up being good, otherwise I'll have nothing to watch besides Eupho.

This sounds familiar, something about SCIENCE and golden yandere witches.

I'm looking forward to it. I wouldn't be hyped too much about it, though. It could be great or it could be mediocre. I would be sorely disappointed if it were bad.

I was hyped until I learned it's A-1.

Artstyle reminds me of Ever11 or 999.

Hyped? no
Pretty sure it will be shit, but I'll give it a chance without expecting much from it

I'm only watching it for those boobs, they better deliver

You were hyped until you learnt it was a great studio that's made tons of great shows?

A-1 hasn't made an even passable thing in at least a few years before it's parent company wentry full retard with a billion shitty animation projects at the same time based solely around how popular and fanatical a given things install fanbase is at the time. Most of their shits popularity is just build around hype marketing and catering to retards from MAL and Crunchyroll

>I'm better than everyone else

>every show they make is Qualidea Code

Educate yourself.

They're just bad all around in general lately.

So it's going to look like complete shit and have awful pacing isnt it?


Dude a studio has no bearing on how good a series is. Look at the source material, script writer and director. Those names will tell you if a series will be shit or not. For now all we know is that occultic nine will look fucking amazing. Only one thing annoys me and that is

>any misused;semicolon anime

Those breasts kinda bother me.
Especially considering how tame are other designs.

>facebook filename

That fedora boy looks like promising character, I will watch it.

>can recognise a Facebook filename
>calls other people out

Damn right. The trailers look darn good.

You did a good job of proving you're both extreme faggots.

What the hell; my dad uses it and I have to service his computer from time to time.

That will probably kill the series for me. Only way they can go around that is making her seem stupid at first and then reveal her to be a super crazy antagonist or something for shock value, but even then that trope is kinda overused by now.

I never expected them to release the anime before the VN, though there's nothing wrong with that.

>script writer

Nope. The script writer is like the lowest monkey on the totem pole unless you are a big name writer or the complete opposite like what we got for Chaos Head. Most shows aren't seriously effected by script writers since most of the story direction is generated by the production committee.


Some of their shows are like SAO or Gunslinger Stratos.


What about this guy?


Some of them are Magi.

This and trickster look like gewd science shows

At worst it could just be alright.
So I'm excited.

How could the script wirter and series composer be on the lowest of the totem pole? They are what make a series have good writing or not, next to the series director of course. Storyboards depend on a well written scipt and you think script writing is meaningless? I would like you to meet hollywood scriptwriters and tell them how useles they are.

holy shit, thicc


>same creator as steins;gate
Should be trash.

I wished I knew what the song was that was playing in the background in the teaser...

Might as well post the subbed PV.

Thats too much, makes it look silly or straight out of a hentai. Fucking Dropped.

>the guy says "riajuu"
>not even a hint of can be seen in the subs

What the fuck, aniplex?

Steins;gate is considered trash now? Didnt know about that.

No, because Chaos;head and robotics;notes both exist

Because the story and its direction is usually dictated to them by higher ups and what they determine should be the story and character direction. What the writers do is usually just fill in the gaps and transform what the higher ups want into a script.

I'm not saying script writing in general is meaningless. But what we have a lot of times in anime is the writers given no freedom and writing what they are told basically translating various inputs and notes into a script.

lol faggot

>"ero"him essaim

Looked it up, that's kinda interesting.

>"Eloim" is "God" or "Powers", "Essaim" might be "Locusts" or "Swarm".
>I'm thinking that she's offering her soul to the devil/the angels/god in exchange for being able to captivate her audience.

>This isn't Faust; it's not a serious treatment of pacts. The Japanese adore Christian mythology, similar to how the West adores Eastern mythology.



Well s;g is all ages kusoge.

your life is kusoge

Considering I fucked your mom yesterday, then yeah it's kusoge.

Well okay, now i see what you mean. Is this series going to be adapted straight from the source material? Or is it orginal.

Are we in middle school again?

Fuck off to reddit, faggot.

Adapted straight, with some original content.

I really like the linework and the attention to animating things realistically.

I'm looking forward to the titty monster

lmao upboated

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No need for fuckers like you, also take your lol, rofl, lmao's with you.

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>he replied to it four times


Who did Shikura fucked to get this budget

I hope this one includes D-Swords

Why is such beautiful and clean animation wasted on this. Still feels like this is just trolling and a red herring on her part.


>Only 8 characters
9th is main bad guy, calling it.


>Only 8
There's 9 of them, user.

go back to elementary school, retard-kun


Those are literally the biggest tits I've ever seen outside of inflation shit. Like, those are seriously too big to not be a problem. It's literally the size of her head.

I'm okay with this.

Oh boy

Sorry I missed one.

Are the novels done already? Usually when an adaptation airs a new release is right around the corner but I can't find anything.

are all the girls in this show fucking stacked?
that lack of ass is criminal though

Are you kidding me? They made some of my favourite anime in recent years. Nanatsu , Aldnoa Zero, Ao no exorcist, Working!! and Erased just to name a few excellent ones.

I see somebody is still living in that candy land where they think a series composer has some sort of say in matters

Only one of those is good.

Its funny and predictable too see how much Cred Forums absolutely cock sucks A-1 the worse they get . Things just keep degrading more in more in this community

A-1 shit looks good if they put effort into it, and it looks like they did with this

Well who else in the prodcution committee other than the director has the most input? Of course we are talking about the original titles. If its an adaption then the publisher and original creator or an substitute have a lot of control and other companies too according to the contracts. But as far as i know most of the time they just leave everything to the director and only check up on things.


Production-wise, Boku Dake and Asterisk looked solid. The only reason Cred Forums thinks A1 is always bad is because they cherrypick their worst shows.

>he doesn't know
A-1 looks always promising in trailers and in the first 3-4 episodes. Then they realize they blew their whole budget and the rest looks like shit.


How big do you like it user?

Youre wrong, but whatever suck my cock or fuck off

>>Dude a studio has no bearing on how good a series is.

I know I'll be judged for it but I liked the first season of Aldnoah Zero.

So is this related to Stein;Gates, Robotic;Notes and all those other science VN games?

Judging the title, possibly.

The studio handles the budget and the scheduling which are a pretty fucking big part

In how many days does this air?

>though there's nothing wrong with that.
did you forget robotics;note?

You didnt like any of the ones i named? Soranowoto, Magi, Persona, Jesus and buddha, Space brothers are all really decent to really good shows. What do you have against them?

and all of them are shit

no they didn't

get your eyes checked

Not related, they only shared the same creator.
Though there'll be few science VN easter egg at some point.

>still no Noah translation
>still no LCC translation
>still no Elite translation
>still no C;C translation
>C;C anime will have a different VA for Kunosato Mio

Just end it, please.
Make it stop.

I could say the same for just about anything but A-1 tends to prefer that sort of name brand value thing that they can sell regardless of quality with event tickets kind of thing. The only reason they're doing this is cause Steins;Gate was a hit.

>What do you have against them?
they are shit. low production values, bad pacing, retarded original endings etc

>I didn't actually watch the shows


Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes and Chaos;Child are fictional works in the world of Occultic;Nine and Anonymous;Code.


True but i think they are mostly important for the technincal parts of a show, writing and storyboarding are things that will get done first, so i think they will not get influcned by the budget too much. Could be wrong though, please correct if i am wrong. Either way we already know Occultic9 will look good for the first few episodes, now its up to the plot and characters.

I don't remember, did they released it before the VN?

>A-1 tends to prefer that sort of name brand value thing
Yeah thats why i said they put in effort for this

I did watch them. it seems a-1's shitty technigues used to fool people into thinking what they are watching is better animated than it actually is acutally works on some people

>MC is An unkempt 17-year-old self-proclaimed NEET God and paranormal science blogger.
>voiced by Yuki Kaji
>already screaming like a retard in PV
God, why?

I can't hear you!

Then explain why they're shitty.

>>Yeah thats why i said they put in effort for this
A-1 never puts in effort

Somehow I'm doubting that. Its all casted up for the inevitable event ticket so I think it's reasonably clear what route they'll be takin again

You know that linking to sakuga doesn't prove anything? You can prove that any show has god-tier animation if you cherrypick his highlights.

First 4 episodes of Boku dake looked amazing. It sadly took a nosedive ever since. Magi s2 had nice prodcution values too and dont get me started on shinsekai.

low frame rate
they use a bunch of flashing lights, shaky cam and motion blur to hide the lack of frames

I picked the highlights while he didn't post anything about the supposed weaknesses. Better proof than nothing.

>Magi s2

Second half of it looked shitty. Seriously, it paled in comparison with the first season.

When is it coming out?


the first season already looked like ass


Fuark, this is cozy as hell.

I actually picked s2 cause i remebered it being better, have to check up on it. You might be right.

Try picking a specific webm, because I don't see it.


A-1 haven't made a good show in 5 years

They are one of the few who still make good shows tbqh

>fictional works
Hopefully they'll handle it like pic related, instead of making it too relevant to the plot, like Gunvarrel and such.

>those character designs
>highschool kids
>source material is a LN so you already know it's low effort cheaply written garbage

This will not be anything but a 5/10

Dude you cant use frame rate as a complaint in TV animation. Anime are animated on 4s and only in high sakuga moments does it go up to 2s and sometimes 1s max. Frame rate shouldnt be point of critique otherwise you have to agree that western cartoons are the best. Your other complaints i can agree with. I dont like the heavy use of digital effects either.

Who knows?
But I think this means no Phantasm ED song.

>They are one of the few who still make good shows tbqh

Name 1 single watchable not even good but watchable show they adapted in the whole 2016

>still running 32bit

So its average unlike 90% of the other anime of the season that are below average?

birdy decode was 7 years ago, user


Boku dake ga Inai Machi

All good looking shows



>ask for a webm
>get a link to an e-celeb

Get out.

>posts a movie

why would I make a webm to prove something has bad animation when people with bad eyes can't tell good animation from bad animation anyway?

First you name something that you consider good, cause i dont think we have the same understanding of anime being good and what constitutes as such. Is Moe good? Slice of life, comedy or only action and serious stuff.


You literally got a link to more than a dozen of them to make your point you dumbass.

You're pathetic, you have no ideas what you're talking about.

Who cares if they look good when everything else about the show sucks?

Doesnt matter, are you accepting that you were wrong?


Because the studio isn't in charge of the writing.

>Name 1 single watchable not even good but watchable show

They are good looking shows

I thought we were talking about looks here? Its only about the prodcution values. First name things you consider good this year, so we can compare them otherwise this has no purpose.

Fine by me.
I'm not a fan of her songs anyway

Just kill me, being fan Sci;Adv that aren't S;G is suffering


It's pure suffering.
At least neither of us is Takuru.


So? That mean the shows the studio picks just suck ass and aren't worth watchig when they see their name.

When i said watchable i meant in the sense the show wasn't so terrible that it put you off actually watching it at all, nothing to do with it looking visually. Can you honestly watch a show week and week out when you don't even like the plot, dialogue, characters and the premise itself but because it looks just a bit above average visually it stops you from dropping it? Not me at all.

>When i said watchable i meant in the sense the show wasn't so terrible that it put you off actually watching it at all

That depends on your tastes and if the show panders to you or not
Just because you dont like them doesnt mean they are unwatchable or bad looking

I guess thats ok, I won't feel bad about watching the anime without experiencing the source first.

Holy shit I want this song already.

I dont watch much per season i am quite selective. So if i dont like something plotwise i will just drop it. But i am able to appreciate the artistry and keep watching even if the characters and plot seem to be subpar, i assume that will be the case for flipflappers. Occulticnine doesnt seem to have that kind of artistry i like, so i will drop it if it cant entertain me.

I'm ready for HUGE stonking tits, you guys better not let me down and webm any kind of fanservice.

>Cred Forums still exists

Wait, what?

Look at what the fuck I found. There is a forum full of Titor enthuasists.

weird noses

I prefer the pink girl over ditzy oppai.

That guy is a literal demon.

I hope that they don't remain covered the entire season.

This will be amazing as long as I get to have another OP by Ito Kanako.


Thank you user, hope is not yet lost

>favorite anime

Love you user

It's Man of Steel of anime.

A/Z is the best mecha anime in recent years. The moment people look back without any bias, they will notice it too. Cant wait to call all you guys out on it.

Is this a show sponsored by Aniplex, which is why there's so much shitposting about studios and animation instead of talking about the show itself?

Its pretty hype famurai

The threads are gonna to be horrible
>S;G comparation shitposting

Still to this date the only good thing to come out of this series and now that it might be yet another thing sold out to Aniplex it'll probably stay that way.

Its A-1 pictures, people hate the studio for no reason like they always do. You will have to deal with it.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

>S;G is the only good thing to come out of Sci;Adv
Let me guess, you didnt read the C;H VN but watched the anime and compared it to the S;G anime.

What are you even talking about? This doesn't even make sense in response to the post you're quoting. You might as well have just done a typical Cred Forums "kill yourself" and it'd work about the same contextually.

More like S;G is so far the only one with good let alone tolerable characters. And yes I'm talking about the anime adaptations here.

I hope this is popular solely so we can get pics of the huge tits. Like her tits are majestic tier

Yeah right. Where's the religious symbolism?

>watching the C;H anime

>watching C;H
One does not even joke about that abomination.

OP was good.

It's one thing if she doesn't sing in O;9.
I'm going to get mad if she doesn't get a song a in C;C 2nd cour anime.

Stop posting and read the VNs already

Yokoyama Masaru specifically composed that track for the teaser a few years ago.

>2nd cour

Ehi, if it doesn't have it is going to be surely shit.

They are literally making it right now.

I wasn't impressed with the first episode. It wasn't bad necessarily but I had higher hopes than how it turned out.

Either way the last season of Working was last year.