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Barrister in fantasy world?

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>Courtroom Isekai

God I can see it now. We're about to move away from plain old isekai, now we're going to add random occupations to it.

Isekai computer science when?

how many chapters before it's axed?

I give it about a dozen.

translating group will probably drop it before anyway

>Italian elves

I want to read isekai about defecation in different location. There's bound to be a NEET who will make this come true will it? I want to see this trope get squeezed to the end of any ideas ever existed.

why do isekai keep starting out with shit like.
>was doing some normal fags shits
>wow I'm out of no where
is this bad writing?

How about an isekai that takes place in a sci-fi settling.

ok OP

start dumping

Yeah, why do things happen in chronological order? What is this shit?

This just someone start dumping this shit already.

Just read the first 2 chapters.
It's fucking awful.


> it's a "god is a loli" kind of manga

>trashy isekai ripoff webnovel written by hypervirginal neets

Sounds about right.

How to unsell me on a series with the very first page.

Why does it seem like at least half of the isekai writers have a severe victim complex?

>Isekai computer science when?

Knights and Magic is getting an anime.

They might just be pandering to the largest audience.

Why can't we have a series about alchemy? With inhumane experiments to become immortal? Minus Fullmetal Alchemist.

Well, at least he doesn't seem to be a generic beta protagonist.

He is. Also, a loser who repeatedly failed his bar exams. Also, the girl who was nice to him acted like a bitch behind his back right before he died.

>Yuuto Shiba is a 29-year old who, despite his desire to be a barrister, is a complete failure of a man. In a fit of drunkenness, he gets hit by a truck and dies. In the afterlife, he is brought into the world of Luanolde, and is tasked with implementing Japanese law into the country's court systems.
Get fucked he is.

Why japanese law? Its the best legal system in the world?

Maybe the author doesn't know other country' laws in detail?

I don't know but I really want it now.

Damn it

I really like the conception of implementing law system to isekai where the nobel life is still more important then life of folks. It's something new.

A law system where the life of a noble is worth more than that of a commoner is nothing new.

Get ready peasants of 3rd world country of isekai for civilized law.

Souce now or GTFO

Japanese law is a joke.

>Jap law
>not the Napoleonic code

No, it's laughably corrupt and inefficient.

Author must really like his IGIARI

What about Isekai that involved more than just one world? Make the MC travel between different worlds with different kinds of development

Is the extremeness of the person's death correlated with how powerful they are in the other world?

Takes too long. You have to hook people within a volume.

>ch 1 and 2 make 90 pages in total

Yeah no.


>is tasked with implementing Japanese law into the country's court systems.
>Japanese law system
>Even a thing


Posting 90 pages doesn't even take 2 hours. There was a point where I would have done it in the past, but then I decided that posting the first untranslated chapter(81 pages) of a manga is kind of pointless.

And it's still not translated(by an English speaker).

That would just be sci-fi with the multiverse theory being the sci-fi part.


tsubasa chronicle, and look how that turns out.


Pajeet my son

Just read it all, what a nice triangulation between Gate and KonoSuba.

Thank you for putting this on my radar user

Kill it with fire please.
In fact kill yourself as well. Stop posting this shit on Cred Forums.

>I might be a useless shit with no job and no ambitions in Japan!
>(because Japaneseā„¢ society is putting too much pressure on me as a male in the working age)
>also a cherry boi herbivore
>but once I'm teleported to a fantasy world I become a superhuman genius thanks to my Japaneseā„¢ highschool education and the few odd lectures I didn't sleep through before I dropped out of college and some shit I read on 2ch

Every Isekai ever.

I was just looking at one where the protagonist died of old age at 94. He was a spec ops with over 5000 confirmed kills. He seems to have been recruited as the next Demon Lord.

You must realize that isekai series (and most light novels) are Japan's version of our young adult books.

Seriously, look at how many novelists write about a dystopian world where one teenage girl has the power to stop the evil dictatorship and also is in a love triangle with two hot guys she likes. Same wish fulfillment, different implementation.

If it was YA it would be "OK".
The problem is a lot of these LN MCs are in their 20s.

That's not a young adult. That's a fucking man.

Most of them seem to be in their teens. I can only name a handful that are actually in their 20s.

You've not read enough Isekai then.
Most of the MCs are 20 something neets.
In fact it's the other way around the teen harem lead is pretty much non existent in Isekai at this point.

Goddamn these illustrations are crap.

In this case, it's simply a difference in what the audience wants.

For YA novels, aside from the regular wish fulfillment, teenagers are also going through their rebellious phase. They believe that the establishment is actively out for them, that they are a special snowflake who nobody can understand, etc. And these novels reflect that.

For isekai series, the audience has resigned themselves to the fact that their lives suck, and that they just want to remove it all and start over. A bit extreme for sure, but I guess that for Japan, they don't really care about self-improvement. If you're not on the top of the mountain, kill yourself until you reincarnate into someone who is.

Where's the that one super edgy one where the MC gets cucked, then goes for the agility build? Did that go anywhere?

I've read a few, I still can only name a handful.
On the other hand, I can think of at least twice as many with teen MCs like:

Shinka no Mi
Konjiki no moji tsukai
Tsuki ga michibiku isekai douchu
Nidome no yuusha
Return of the former hero
Yuusha party
Slave harem

And this is just of the top of my head.

Axed for caught plagiarism.
He made another one, made the same shit. This time though all the points MC dumped it to his "harem" points.

Dammit sakamoto666 you fucking hack

Some of the most popular ones have mature leads:

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku

Shield Hero

Atelier Tanaka

I'm pretty sure slave harem MC is not in his teens btw. Check your facts.

Awww. I enjoyed reading that stupid shit. Do you know what he plagiarized?

>Do you know what he plagiarized?
some unpopular LN that never got adaptated.

Lets go with the inverse scenario.

A person from the future, or an alien from a high-tech society, gets dumped on Earth, and has to survive our primitive ways.

The main character is a normal person that has to suffer through the advanced human / alien trivially inventing (recreating) complex technology, using common sense to see through the prejudices and hangups of modern day society, and their "exotic" behavior and disregard for cultural norms makes them instantly popular.

Thanks user.

There's been at least 2 anime like that in recent memory.

I gave you 8 series and you gave me 4.
And Slave Harem's MC IS in his teens. 2nd year of high school at the start of the series.

I'd enjoy an isekai set in a post-apocalyptic alien wasteland. Or a vaporwave-inspired neo-90s metropolis.

I gave you 4 with over 150 chapters.
I don't read this crap I just picked the top japanese isekai novels with a mature MC.

Out of the top 20 only 5 were japanese but out of them 4 had an MC not in his teens.

Title? Is it translated?

Based on the description, sounds kinda like Nidoume no Yuusha to me. Dunno about that last part though.

rather have a barista in a fantasy world
alcohol and coffee for the masses or slice of life tavern owner

not all of these needs the mc to be this big deal guy with all this advance knowledge

Don't you have to be a Lawyer before becoming a Barrister?

>I gave you 4 with over 150 chapters.
So? Konjiki has over 400, Tsuki, Arifureta, and Slave has over 200, Former hero has Yuusha party over 150 and Shinka and Nidome are atleast 90. Which is still 3-4 volumes worth of content.
>I don't read this crap I just picked the top japanese isekai novels with a mature MC.
If you don't read it than you don't know shit and it shows.

Tell you what, for every one isekai series you name with a MC in his 20s, I'll name 2 with one in his teens.

Isn't it the trend nowadays for these things to not be played straight?

what does Isekai Tensei Soudouki count as with a old Jewish samurai, a perverted salary man, and a corrupted teen?

not sure if this is translated anywhere just following the manga for now

There is one, isn't there? Some cafe shop ends up in another world on Sundays or some shit like that.

>Isekai Tensei Soudouki
Go with the averages of their ages?

sounds similar to that one isekai reincaration where mc was pretty much golgo.

If you're thinking of Other World Dining Hall, it's a door that appears that sends people from isekai's into a restaurant in out world.

Even so, that's close enough as is.

>hit by a truck
Every time.

>Isekai computer science when?
We're getting that soonish.

Dunno, been reading one where the MC basically became Jeremiah Gotwald in otogeland.

So its already using Japan's law system?

>I was an ordinary overworked Japanese salesman
>but once I teleported to a fantasy world I could finally laze about all I wanted and do absolutely nothing with what I learned in my past life
>for about a million years or so

Nobody is translating it which is sad.
The MC has 3 souls in his body one is a son of a noble(teen), an old general from the sengoku era, a guy in his 20's I think from modern japan. The manga is good tho.

Leigie, pls.

Today's update of erfworld included latrine techonology as part of an international prisioner-echanging deal.

Trinity Wonder (webmanwha) involves reverse-isekaiing a powered martial artist and a magician girl (as in female western mage) into a not-so-distant sci-fi not-really-dystopia.


There's a book, Wizard's Bane, involving a programmer getting isekaid, and structuring magic.

My favourite moment was when he sent an R2D2-shaped daemon to the guardians of the gate to brute-force the password.

Liked it before it was cool to hate it (i.e. before posted on Cred Forums)

>yep, this is me. Ho you want to know how we got there? It's a long story, *music starts playing* well it all started when...

Are there any Japanese stories getting translated where only some of their memories are getting isekai'd into a new body.

Some Chinese ones with kids waking up with bizarre ideas they don't really understand have been pretty fun.

Recently read the isekai mango from prespective not Japanese heroes, but local knight Hans that has to deal with japanese weirdos appearing out of nowhere.

>World of swords and magic
>Quoting Japan's weapon laws to say that armed guards/mercs are illegal.

This is hilarious. Hilariously stupid.

I am positively suprised that the only Ace Attorney reference in the first chapter was the prosecutor imitating Edgeworth's bow.

Because he played a few Ace Attorney games and decided "what if we do this... but in an ISEKAI?"