I dont understand, why do you hate her?

I dont understand, why do you hate her?

Sorry I don't watch garbage.

Say what you want about the show, but that scene was fucking to notch.

Only thing I remember from that series. That and blue haired girl.

The president? yeah she was great too.

She is just a normalfag. That scene was great, sure, but her whole speech is basically: "I don't understand why you like the things you like."

She tries to fit in, but fails so she just screams her frustrations to MC, worst girl.


>She is just a normalfag.
Whats wrong with that?
>I don't understand why you like the things you like.
and complaining that he is bad at explaining his little chuuni world.

Only retarded Tomoyofags hate her.

I like her but not because of that scene

Still better than red hair bitch tho.

>Whats wrong with that?

I like her and would give her lots of 'understanding'.

If you hate her, you're part of the problem she was talking about.

She's an annoying normalfag.


>Waaaaah I hate it when people arent normal like me

Worst girl syndrome. Hatoko is worst girl and is used for "at least she isn't as bad as Hatoko comparisons. Cred Forums also hates normalfags too, so there is that.


>at least she isn't as bad as Hatoko comparisons
No one cares enough about this shit for that, stop kidding yourself autist. It's run of the mill harem comedy with one notable scene.

There is nothing noteworthy about her that would make her better than the other girls. You wouldn't be able to list 5 good or interesting things that excludes body and being nice.

Even her power is useless and redundant. She didn't even help in the final battle at all.

>Noto Mamiko
>Liking Noto Mamiko at all

I like her, her design is better than even the main girl, but damn couldn't they pick up a better VA than her? Jeez.

>There is nothing noteworthy about her that would make her better than the other girls.
There is nothing noteworthy about this series except the one scene involving her character.

>This is what Hatokofags wants to believe

Please attest to the contrary, greenmemer.

Did you really watched the show at all? There's a handful of interesting and better than things than the rant scene. Things that matters and isn't just living off a meme.

Literally best girl

Only normalfags like the sperging scene.

>"Did you even??
>There's a handful of interesting and better than things than the rant scene.
And none of them are as noteworthy as the 'meme' scene. It doesn't matter what you believe is much betterer, you people are either hipsters and butthurt waifufags because most people do not care about anything other than that scene.
That lives the nobodies.

I doubt that. You're probably just a secondary who only saw the meme scene and consider everything else irrelevant because it's harem.


Best girl coming through.

Stop posing, kid. If there was more to it to you, you'd actually be discussing the ongoing series rather than be another person in yet another tired waifu shitposting thread.

No, she is the problem and so are people like OP who can't even understand why she's disliked.

You sound like a butthurt Hatokofag. You must be a normalfag too.

>Cred Forums discussing old series that doesn't discussing when the show is self-contained
You're trying too hard.

doesn't need*

OP detected. It's not our fault you're forcing discussions to go only one way.

No denial? Butthurt waifufag, it is.
I'm talking about the LN. Thanks for proving you're another tryhard parroting 'secondary' to feel cool while being one.

Literally worse than Hatoko. At least Hatoko was relevant.

Not OP. If you cared, you'd make good threads. You don't so you flock to bad ones.

Also Marche was literally right. Grow up.

Not translated, so why would you bring that up? You're a secondary because you clearly never saw the show.

>Hating someone who was in the right.
All her points were valid and she's the best girl.

>Marche was literally right. Grow up.
Why are you even here?

>Proof of normalfaggotry


>Not translated
Haughty EOP and a secondary. You're not doing yourself any favors.

Except it was Hayami Saori.

Or is that the joke

At least I watched the show and know more about you. I'm pretty up to date with LN spoilers too.

She is the best girl

>I'd rather die than face my problems.
>I'd rather be an asshole to the one who cares about me than face reality
Wow, Eva must have been painful.

Whatever, hypocritical secondary. Stop waving your dick when you can't even be serious about your YA fiction.

Who are you talking about?

Everyone who thinks Marche isn't a hero.

Poor comeback and a real secondary calling someone else who actually saw the show a secondary and not just some meme scene? You're reaching.

Literally Manami + Kosaki fused together. She's shit.

>engaging interactions
>great chemistry
>hax powers
>has an awesome onii-chan
>fappable design
>best girl
>actually understands the MC

S2 never ever

>defending Marche
Reddit pls.

Can't wait to hear her win of the Andoubowl.

Literally the only thing people remember about this show is Saori Hayamis textbook bitch out of some schlubby dude

>S2 gets animated
>Fate/stay night will only be considered a mediocre grail war by comparison after the season is over

>the redhead tsundere is the main heroine/winner
this is a 100% sure way to tell the show is shit

Inou Battle, Maou-sama, and Steins;Gate proves you wrong.


It is reddish brown. It alludes to Dr. Pepper.

and yet she doesn't have a scene as good as Hatoko's

Hatoko > Mirei > Kuki > Sayumi >>> the rest > Tomoyo

>the shitty boring and annoying doormat who doesn't understand
Better question is why do you like her at all?

She has the best body, the most gentle personality and the sweetest voice. She'd make a 10/10 wife, better than that annoying chuuni retard.


Put on your shit taste trip, Lelouch.




Because she isn't Tomoyo, or Chifuyu, or Kuki, or even Sayumi.

>terrible childhood friend who grew up around MC for years and can't understand a single thing nor has any common interest with him
>objectively worse girl with boring interactions and cringe drama
>even has the most useless powers
It's like the author hated Hatoko.

>cringe drama
You mean excellent drama that saved the show. Andou is a faggot and she did right.

The only good scene in that entire godforsaken show.

If I wanted to hang out with a woman who acted like everything was fine right up until she started screaming at me I'd move back in with my mother.

It was great

For the same reasons why Kosaki and Manami are hated.

Great taste.

>/redditors/ on normie boards triggered by the truth: the webm

But everyone with taste loves Kosaki and Manami

>translation: a minority with shit taste like me




>I don't understand your chuuni bullshit
This part was fine.
This part was not. She only had herself to blame.

Stupid cunt. Not even Hayamin's voice could save her from shittiness.


a shit.



> a tsundere

Absolutely not and you should be ashamed user for suggesting such a thing.

Best girl is clearly the loli if you don't understand the Hatako's rant. She actually has a life outside of the group and is ridiculously mature for her age. She was transmuted from the purest of daughteru material.

Perfect housewife material.

>belonging to a loosely defined archetype prevents a girl from being best
This is why you are a robot and not a real boy,

Fuck man, I love her. Best waifu ever

I concur.

I want Hatoko to kill Tomoyo.

>generic deredere normalfag is the best waifu he knows

Tomoyo was great. The show was mediocre even with a decent MC, but she made it a hell lot more entertaining and fun. I would watch episodes of nothing but MC and her on a chuuni trip if they exist.


A childhood friend who couldn't and still can't understand a single thing about her own childhood friend despite the years they spent growing up together is a terrible childhood friend.

Nobody cared about Hatoko until episode 7 for a reason. People hyping and waifuing her since are merely shallow normalfags riding the cringeworthy normalfag sperging at anonymous/otaku/etc meme, which they think is cool for sticking it them.

Because she was a gut-check to the pseudo-intellectual special snowflake bullshit logic that 90% of Cred Forums users live by. Prentending to be cultured but never engaging with ideas in any detail, making you out of place among normal people and intellectuals alike. Then, after doing this to themselves with their own poor choices, they have the audacity to blame the world for not understanding them.

Bless this sweet girl, and if you don't like her I hope every nice person you ever meet calls you out on your bullshit the same way she did to him.

>hatoko anti-posts
>hurr normalfag, boring, deredere
>hatoko supporting posts
>well thought-out analysis and appreciation

You're interpreting her words too literally. Think about what she said during her rant. She knew what he had been saying, she makes that perfectly clear.

When she says "I don't understand anything you say" she means that everything he says is either false, half-baked or deliberately difficult to interpret. If you can't even understand that much I doubt you'd ever be able to like a character like her.

>praising your "thought-out analysis and appreciation" after you just came in here
>said analysis isn't actually thought-out at all, but is just pretentious defensive normalfag bullshit

>"The Happening" will never happen

Don't kid yourself, we're all animals. Most Hatako supporters do it out of misplaced shame.

Uh no. She literally doesn't understand.

>She knew what he had been saying, she makes that perfectly clear.
What drugs are you on? The entire point of the anger and guilt she directed at the MC was literally because she doesn't understand. That point was reinforced by the chat she had with Hajime and the reason why Tomoyo helped her by giving an easy LN so she could learn and try to understand.

Good argument

Now this is an actual good argument. I can see where you're coming from. I interpreted these moments as the group trying to introduce Hatako to the Chuuni world through something other than MCs terrible explanations and tangential nonsense.

Girls like Hatoko are precious. More so in generic haremshit like this.