Gundam ibo

>i think this is one of the better looking masks in gundam so far. The ones from the previous several series were pretty dumb.

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He looks like Garrus.

Luin's mask was baller as fuck
Zeheart's mask was pretty inoffensive
Mr Bushido and Seed masks were dumb indeed

Who are you quoting?

I fucked up and then Cred Forums wouldn't let me delete the thread.

reminder the princess is NOT jewish stop this meme there are no jews is space

Frankly all I care about and wish to see is Shino and Yamagi getting a happy end.

Well the new episode hype is almost over, this could be the last thread for now, at least until the friday preview pictures, those are still a thing, right?

I didn't notice before, but there is some red next to the Vidar. I wonder if this part of the hanger equipment or part of the suit's color scheme.

Mika being a cripple made me hype for some reason.
The contrast of being connected to the virgin ayayay system and not having use if your right arm without it seems a bigger consequence carrying over from last season than the deaths of biscuit and other litterlwhos.

Did Ein die btw? Can't remember.

Stabbed dead center on the cockpit and went silent mid-rant so I'd say yes.

Also based on the new op with Mika struggling on the ground he may be losing the use of his legs next.

I think so too, it's closer to an actual mobile suit head/bug exoskeletton, leaving behind all those cheesy, convoluted masks designs referencing the samurai, hopefully for good.
One could also argue this is the the first mask designed with a clear intent of hiding the wearer's identity, proof being I have no idea who this man could be at this point in the story.

>MS has a similar weapon loadout and design philosophy to Kimaris.
>Is named after norse god of revenge who literally kicked fenrir's ass for eating Odin.
>McGillis's family crest is a wolf.

There is like a 90% chance it's Gaelio.

He was best boy last season but his turning into an edgy masked pilot only makes him better. I'm looking forward to how entertaining it will be to watch him play the part of the badass, powerful, mysterious antagonist with a troubled past.

where's the new OP?

I didn't even know this was airing, well, first episode wasn't terrible so I guess i'm sticking for a while

Its the song at the end of the first episode.

Wait that's him?

Not confirmed, but evidence based on gundam vidar suggests so.

But... no video then? There used to be something called leaks in my time

Or I could bear the wait before

Silly user, Specialist officer Bauduin was killed in action, the man in the mask is the First Lieutenant Galein Barlton.

Ein is uber dead. Gaelio is the one whose up in the air.

mika might also be getting a prosthetic arm judging by the end of the op. Either way i really love this double edged sword plotpoint with the barbatos, it reminds me of fafner how the conflict itself was one sign of danger but the fact that the mechs killed you slowly was another factor. I hope like that series IBO starts playing with the idea that mika can only be in the barbatos for so long at a time.

Of course not, Gaelio Bauduin was killed in action. OP is Ace Pilot Gwenael Bartholi.

half the op is cut for the footage of mika wrecking shit. Very slight spoiler of the episode just in the way of how it shows when mika enters the fight

Its a pretty good op, spyair isnt as good as they used to be but they can sitll put out ctahcy shit. The visuals for the op are making me quite excited to see where this is going since its not only hinting at a more personal driven story for mika but its also foreshadowing an unwilling naze betrayal and additional conflicts in the future.

This. May First Lieutenant Bauduin rest in peace.
Vengeance shall be thorough...

I just hope that if they bring gaelio back that they dont try to turn him into a villain, like in the sense that vengeance drives him to do questionable things. Gaelio was a genuinly good person thrown into a gray conflict but he always was against the corruption inside ghallahorn and always had the best intentions for the people around him, that trust wind up causing him to bite it in the end. Him coming back to get revenge on mcgillis is a cool concept and a good aversion to the garma archtype but i hope they still do it with a sense of honor and goodwill, its part personal revenge but also mainly so he can stop the corruption at its source.

I highly doubt he will team up with mika and crew though.

I'm happy the rumors of changing the animation director for the 2nd half wound up being true. Whilst not a massive improvement there was definitely an art bump with things being way less off model. Theres also some nice small touches here and there like how mika's right eye has a more muted color and lacks any shine in it.

You mean like being disappointed at him but in the end striving to remove him because he knows ChocoChar's methods will only bring more ruin? That'd be lovely but I don't think the writers are up to the task.

So a theory on why he doesn't just come out as alive and expose McGillis.

One, he has been demonized along with Ein as monsters who fiddled with disgusting tech and shamed Gjallarhorn while McGillis is the man who exposed the corruption and the darling working to restore Gjallarhorns image and glory. Its his word against the golden boy's.

Two, he's been physically fucked up and needed cyborg implants and has a fucked up face which is his excuse for the mask. And as we know, being a cyborg is demonized in gjallarhorn and especially in the seven star families. Basically he doesn't want to publicly disgrace his family anymore than he already has.

As for how he survived and got his machine repaired, I think one of the other Seven Stars is secretly supporting him to undermine McGillis.

Those are reasonable points, yeah. Maybe the Issues are backing him up, that'd be pottery.

Same, the mask probably means he's gotten more proficient at handling mobile suits (there's no way the char clone isn't a worthy opponent), which is good, but I don't think they'll ruin his caracterization for the sake of turning him into a villain. He'll probably do some questionable things, like he did before, but he's still a good guy at heart. Right before McGillis gave him the coup de grace, his sadness overcame his anger, if that doesn't make him husbando material, I don't know what does. He's just too pure, hell for all we know he might even pull a Gungrave on us.

>basically he doesn't want to publicly disgrace his family anymore than he already has
Fuck, that's probably it.

>I think one of the other Seven Stars is secretly supporting him to undermine McGillis
I hope it's the leader of Team Meat.

>pull a Gungrave
It shames me to admit my newfagness, but what do you mean?

Is him or one of the other two old dudes, really doubt it they didn’t seem to be all that important but who knows, I really doubt Gaelio father has any idea of what is going on in fact McGillis could also end up killing him feeding the Vidar thing more

And something else I've been thinking about.

At the end of S1, kimaris appears to have been stabbed in one of the twin reactors and immediately shuts down. The twin linked reactors are one of the key defining traits of gundams in ibo and the method to make them was lost. Gundam Vidar is also the first gundam not to use a demon name.

I was thinking that kimaris couldn't have its reactor fully repaired and it affected its ahab wave signature, hence the new non-demon name for what is essentially a new unregistered unit (aside from it obviously being an alias).

Of course this could just as easily go right out the window and it really is an entirely separate gundam.

Mika isn't getting anything of the sort. Maybe an exo-skeleton to help him move his arm but not a total replacement.

With Purple Char even be an antagonist?

Good to know most of us agree Gaelio is the best boy.


Well the obvious main antagonist did try to murder him and stole his sister.

Anyone with decent enough taste would agree.

I wouldn't want to spoil you if you're ever going to watch Gungrave, but basically he fucks over McGillis and everything he did to achieve his goals, and then when Choco's at his lowest, cornered and alone, defenseless before Gaelio and waiting for him to exact his revenge, Gaelio just smiles and says he'd never kill his best friend.

That'd cement Gaelio as Best Boy Of The Year, All Years.

>he suffer so much
Post happy Gali-gali instead!

>he'd never kill his best friend
And we have Best boy of the year

Purple Char will probably just be a wild card/minor antagonist/rival. He's stage 1 Char, while McGillis is entering his CCA phase so I'd say he's the main antagonist.


>1 second shot of masked man.
>Its all anyone is really talking about this first episode.
>Gaelio is suddenly the most discussed and favorite character.

Hopefully he's smart enough to realize he should stop being pissy at the kids who were just doing their job and focus his energy on the guy who got his friends killed and betrayed him as part of a secret power grab. Then again, Gundam has never been above iffy villain motivations.

He's a big guy.

I kinda want McGillis to win in the end because he's so glorious, but Gaelio really was just trying to be a good person. He's the only character I really empathized with in IBO.
If he becomes a revenge-driven edgelord he'll suck. Hopefully he'll be more driven by justice instead.

>If he becomes a revenge-driven edgelord he'll suck
Depends, I'd love him even more if he spent 99% of his sceentime playing the role of the revenge driven edgelord but there was always that 1% that betrayed his good nature/quirkiness and remineded us he's still the same guy deep down.

>covenant sniper gun

>Gaelio was a genuinly good person

>doesn't consider exploited martian children to be human
>doesn't understand value of human life below aristocracy
>compliant with a violent and exploiting system
>in pursuit of a bloody revenge on an underage child soldier for trivial reasons
>enables Ein's own thrist for underage blood

How can anyone think a person motivated solely by revenge is "good" in any sense of the word?

>he always was against the corruption inside ghallahorn
He as only against corruption after McGillis opened his mind to its existance. Morevover, Gaelio himself participated in a shady ordeal in the Dort incident, where he used his position to further a private agenda. This itself was an act of corruption.

>always had the best intentions for the people around him
He barely cares about anyone outside of his innermost social circle. And his "good intentions" mostly involve soliciting Ein's violent actions on Tekkadan.
Gaelio is literally Kudelia, minus semblance of doing anything for the betterment of the lower social class.

>Introduces a fun and interesting character with personality and an established relationship with multiple characters while representing an organization with relations to the main characters
>kills her off before the start of the second season
Fuck. It's like they just insisted on S1 contribute nothing worthwhile.


It means amber. It's an old Germanic name.

>motivated solely by revenge
Everything you say is true, but are you just going to ignore the loyalty he has for his friends, his subordinate, and his family and how that very loyalty as well as his will to do the right thing fucked him over? Nobody's saying he's the second incarnation of Jesus. He's just an ordinary, selfish, spoiled kid who loves his family and his friends.

I always thought it was Bernstain, weird

>I really doubt Gaelio father has any idea of what is going on in fact McGillis could also end up killing him feeding the Vidar thing more
That's probably another reason why Gaelio is laying low and hiding his identity, so that McGillis doesn't use him as an hostage. Almiria might be safe but Bauduin papa certainly isn't.

Fitting since her character is a stain on the series.

Why did Orga react like that to Naze's call?
Who the fuck eats butterflies?

That's how it's said even if it's not how it's written since "ei" is pronounced "ai" in German.

There are two ways to interpret it:
1) He wish he was part of the harem
2) He was desperate for a way out of paperwork.

I think it's both, personally.

>his subordinate
He didn't give two shits about Ein until he almost died acting as his body shield.
And about his his loyalty. Seriously dude, that doesn't make him special in any way if you consider the kids at Tekkadan who're dying for their friends on a regular basis. Gaelio is softcore as fuck when it comes to "loving your family and friends". He was literally less concerned about his sister getting married to some old prick than he was about McGillis not being able to get any pussy because he's "marrying such a brat".

>Nobody's saying he's the second incarnation of Jesus
Circlejerking gaeliofags blowing mere acts of human kindness out of proportion are literally bread and butter of these threads. Just listen to yourself for a change.

She wasn't that bad this episode.

Why does her head look so tiny now?

Gaelio is merely the product of his education, not everybody can be an enlightened feminist (wooo I said the f word on Cred Forums, come at me (you)s) in the 21st century like me and you user. It's unfair to blame Gaelio for supporting the values of his era/caste.
>He didn't give two shits about Ein until he almost died acting as his body shield
And what's wrong with that? What matters is that he did end up giving them two shits. So much so in fact Gaelio was already dead inside from guilt even before McGillis betrayed him.

>Circlejerking gaeliofags blowing mere acts of human kindness out of proportion are literally bread and butter of these threads
>just listen to yourself for a change
Dude, how is circlejerking real, just close your eyes, don't look at the screen

Her hair

She really hasnt been bad since her character development. being kind of annoying for the first 4th of a show really isnt something really get hung up on.

she'll be back, I know she will. She's just a little tired from working so hard. so very tired...

Kudelia Obaa-san is the best

It's funny how you went from BEST BOY SUCH A GOOD PERSON SUCH A NOBLE to "i-it's not his fault he was raised to be a little prick!"

>And what's wrong with that?
I guess it just says something about him as a person. Look I don't demand you renounce your husbando, just have a bit better sense of proportion when you charafag. I can't see all this BS and not comment on it.

I don't think anybody said that, again you're letting your delusions speak for you, I like him because he's a flawed spoiled kid and because I'm easily moved by vulnerable characters who suffer a lot and get betrayed. There's some gap moe at work too.
>I can't see all this BS and not comment on it.
How can you even be on Cred Forums? Just let people enjoy themselves and ignore the discussions you're not interested in, don't be that contrarian who's intent on ruining everybody's fun because he doesn't share everyone's opinion and wants to flaunt how much of a special snowflake he is. If you don't care about discussing Gaelio nobody' stopping you from talking about Mika, Kudelia or whoever, hell I'll join in.


Why can't Purus ever live?

>no masked man showdown between gaelio and mcgillis


I have no doubts she will be back somehow, she seemed too important to be killed off like that. Especially with how weird the
>get btfo
>escape with no explanation
>die half a episode later in the same way
thing was.

Kudelia's new outfit really triggers my OL fetish. I am loving her skirt too. It really blends the stricter OL fashion with a more moderate and feminine one quite splendidly.


I am pretty sure she is dead. Fuck that though, because she was the best.
The only way I could imagine anything else being the case would be if her Gunpla was to sell hotcakes. Then again, they could easily find ways to bring back the Mobile Suit without bringing back Carta.

If you don't know of the extremely confrontational nature of this place then you must be new.

>we will never get a season 2 with big incest vibes


If the fact that the bullshit spouted by flock of sheep makes my stomach churn makes me a contrarian then so be it. I speak out of my conscience. That faggot tried to kill a ship full of children and solicit another faggot to do the same. I'll always call your bunch out whenever I see delusional gealiofag blabber about Gaelio being a good person at the core, "best boys" and other crap.

But its back, as McGillis MS, I can’t confirm it but read somewhere that is also Carta repaired unit, he is piloting it to “honor” her memory.

Still looks radically different. Or at the very least very. It's gotten quite the makeover if it's the same base.

I think it’s the same, its color make it seems different, but not sure about that

>Choco man using a suit with high heels

If the masked man is truly Gali, Will McGillis piloting Carta MS trigger him like Ein with Crank machine?

Will Mika become the second gundam protagonist to literally become a gundam?
I hope so.

I don't think so. IBO doesn't really add any mysticism to its gundams. It's just invasive technology. Possible outcomes for Mika involve becoming entirely paraplegic, catatonic, comatose, and if they go mystical after all, his consciousness might get sucked in.

Because she was barely in it. Less Kudelia = better episodes. Basic math doesn't lie.

no, Setsuna love Mechs, Mika no!



best girl

I’m hopefully that’s the case, from what little we saw of the new OP she didn’t seem to get to much focus in comparison for example with the second one, so she could be more of a support character this time









Will we get beam weaponry ?

I was expecting stuff like "B-BEAM SABER DATTO"

So what’s going on in this thread, image bump now?

That was actually a pretty good first episode, better than S1, at least.

If only they could keep the rest of season as packed as this one.

The first season seemed like purely world building and character development up until episode 16. Hopefully the story will finally be able to progress.

I'm cautiously optimistic since I had the same feeling from this episode that I had from the first 3 or so from the first season.

I remember reading here that the director did said first season was indeed mostly for world building and the second season will have far more meaningful events and MS action, but no idea if that was true or if they will deliver on that idea


I want more SOL of Atra and Mika with the sisters. what the fuck.

The twins are so cute, Atra and her car are also cute, Mika and his usual behavior is cute… I guess

I can tell a lot of old characters will die this season
>Even Mikazuki
Remember in an Interview after Season 1 Okada and the Writers said the story of IBO was about a bunch of Orphans with delusions of grandeur getting their ass kicked pretty badly in the end. Expect suffering from now on

Pls delete this, i want Mika and Atra to be happy.

I actually like the new characters of Season 2. Everyone designs in Season 1 always looked way too serious but this new guys look more animeish, like out of other Anime. Especially pic related. They give a more relaxing feeling

Its going to happen and you know it user. Mikazuki not being the typical good guy MC is already a sign. Everyone is going to die..............except for Kudelia of course

>Remember in an Interview after Season 1 Okada and the Writers said the story of IBO was about a bunch of Orphans with delusions of grandeur getting their ass kicked pretty badly in the end.
Are you talking about that Newtype thing that we never got the actual text of so we don't even know who gave the interview? Because in a more recent interview Okada justified Tekkadan in their actions.

Zack >> Dane >>>>> Hush

More like mika is going to wind up so fucked up he can only be human inside a gundam. The opening makes it look like this cour alone is gonna do some serious damage.

We only saw half of the opening. She could still be prominent enough in the first half of the song.

I think its pretty believable, this episode already set a ton of events into motion using the first season as its momentum. I always kind of got the idea that tekkadan cant really get hit with any real losses until after they established themselves.

I just want to see mikazuki's emotional breakdown. I find the plotpoint of his emotions being buried in his subconscious but we only saw it a few times last season. I want to see more scenes of like when he couldnt stop shaking in episode 13.


That could only happen if Orga died, and Orga dying is not happening until the very end, if at all.

Because Zack is hilarious, Dane is harmless but seems likeable and Hush is a edgy wannabe faggot.

Is Kudelia the worst peace princess in Gundam?

>Pawn for fat old men from start to finish
>Her actions made the world a worse place to live in
>Increase in slavery, child soldiers, terrorism, and battles
>But at least the three billionaire old men who sponsored her are prospering thanks to deregulation and their monopoly on half metals.
>Also Tekkadan because Mars turning into the Middle East gets them more Mercenary jobs.

I guess in a way she could be carrying out her dream to fix Mars. After all the commoners are sold as human debris or killed there won't be any poor people left and the average quality of life on Mars will go up.

Explain to me how someone like Carta has the best IBO doujin currently available.

She was never after peace, she was after Mars independence. And independent Mars apparently is destined to be a shithole.

Nah it will happen without orga dying. People kind of over exaggerate how much mika relies on orga given that mika is more the brains anyway. Mika just puts his trust in orga unconditionally more so than relies on him.

Mika seems to be really bothered by the insinuation that he enjoys killing, that plotpoint will probably come back up soon especially since im convinced mcgillis and him are made to be similar just so it can get to mika later in the show. If someone is to die for mika's development unfortunately its going to be atra. Her and kudelia are probably the 2 people closest to mika on a personal level outside of orga, orga and kudelia are much less expendable given their role in the series but atra is unfortunately ripe for the death picking.

Mars is space Zimbabwe

>Fuck this gay shit, I want to fight
>Oh fuck, we're actually fighting. Oh god I'm going to die
What the fuck was his problem.

Chuuni christmas cake with a body made for breeding

Please that tomose doujin of kudelia is the top tier one.

Hes naive and doesn't understand the weight of conflict. His character basically exists to get blown the fuck out.

>So these are the famous mercenaries
>I'ma sign up with them and hit it big with my superior intelligence and skill
>T-they're only decent on their first try because they have the alaya vagina
>Time to live out my fantasy of dominating the battlefield
>O-oh shit

Will she ever be this happy again?

If Shino dies the world will have lost a good man, a really good man.

post the good one next time

Considering she will probably die this cour to push mika over the edge, probably not.

Not even the best Kudelia doujin, my man. The best Kudelia one is where she gets fucked by Mika and Atra (male)

Get ready

Because as a certain villain once said, admiration is the feeling furthest away from understanding someone. That's what happens when he realise reality of the situation is very different from what he envisioned it to be.


She's as crazy as Mikazuki. She'll have her pure smile and eerily normal face while holding a bloody knife this season.

Bushido was great, but christ did he look like a retard.

>Orga what the fuck do you want me to do

That's so hot for some reason.

What if it's Carta?

>Mika seems to be really bothered by the insinuation that he enjoys killing
Doesn't he basically admit that he's into it the episode after the shaky hands?

Atra is NOT allowed to die!

We all know who is the slave in this relationship

You can his arc is going to be

>Being a child soldier is awesome!

>Well shit, no it isn't.

I can accept that if Orga and Mikazuki die together as they lived together.

At first i wanted Mikazuki to kill this blonde bastard but since Gali Gali seems to be alive now i want him to kill him. He better have received a Char power up

The cast really didn't need this edgy guy.

I like shino alot but they really should of had him dying here in a final hit on ein to weaken him. Then having yamagi(i think thats his name, the blonde potentially gay one) carry on in shino's place.

No your thinking of mika's response to the insinuation itself, he just didnt understand what the space pirate dude was getting at and basically said fuck it, killing him is fine. It was afterwords that it kept getting to him possibly awoken by the gloomy atmosphere on the ship seeing shino and akihiro mourning.

this is what i meant by people tend to misinterpret their relationship. Mika is basically the shadow leader.

It was actually me, Atra Mixta!

But he is a funny edgy guy who shits his pants in the battlefield.

McGillis did nothing wrong. And since Gaelio lived, he's also not guilty of manslaughter. You want to kill an innocent man.

I think his development will be interesting. Everyone else is already hardened, a newbie like him gives more flavor.

>the blonde potentially gay one
>potentially gay one
user he is gay as fuck

I still want to see mikazuki and mcgillis go at it more than anything. I think if you look at the way mcgillis acts its eerily similar to mikazuki and im fully expecting that to be used as a plotpoint later on. Like mcgillis is a worst case scenario for what could happen to mika.

I'm still partially worried they are going to find a way to not make mcgillis the main antagonist. It's not unheard of for gundam to just pull a main villain out of their ass halfway through.

But that was already Eugene. I guess they needed somebody to fill the part after Eugene manned up, but he's still basically a stand in. Except worse.

>You want to kill an innocent man.
He is fucking his SISTER. It was ok before but now that he is a fucking weasel it is not

That depends entirely on whether or not Gaelio was supposed to survive. Conspiracy to commit murder is a thing, even if the intended victim managed to survive.

But in IBO it's perfectly legal.

Reminder that there is no mask cool enough to give you a power up sufficient to slay McGillis.

I actually thought they were going to murder Lafter, Azee and Shino. But this is a major problem with this show, it's somehow meant to be realistic but the only major death until now was caused by some shady circumstances that shouldn't have happened at all. I could barely care about the guy because he died in such a stupid manner. I would've cared a lot more if they killed off those three people in the battlefield.

They didn't need a guy that looked exactly like the Astaroth pilot. What even is this?

>he just didnt understand what the space pirate dude was getting at and basically said fuck it, killing him is fine.
He understood. He was questioning it himself too.

>I'm still partially worried they are going to find a way to not make mcgillis the main antagonist. It's not unheard of for gundam to just pull a main villain out of their ass halfway through.
Honestly Mcgillis doesn't give me the final villain vibe. I think the big bad guy will be pic related. He looks more evil and smart

>Expect suffering from now on
I'm here for this

Its just a matter of time. This season will have 25 episodes again so we are in for a ride. And since there is no season 3 nobody is safe anymore...excpet maybe the new edgy character

It's cool.
I'm sustained by the tears and suffering of animated characters anyway.

Attempted murder.
Outright treason
Sending the pure chuuni Carta to her death

I can already tell he is not smart, he's overconfident and rash. He'll get wrecked my Macky.

The rumor about this is okada did want to kill more people off but executives fucked with it. We just assume its shino lafter and azee since they had fake out deaths.

Theres probably alot of truth to that, cause they can still use those 3 to sell kits with for the rest of the show while the member of tekkadan they did kill in way of biscuit wasn't bogged down by any merchandise sales.

Its not like gundam really kills people till the last 10 or so episodes anyway. If you count up all the named character deaths in IBO so far and compare it to say zeta's halfway point they probably wouldnt be too far off. I could be forgetting alot but the only deaths i recall in the first half of zeta were kammile's parents, jerids girlfriends, and a fake out death for four.


Apparently it got confirmed for 26 episodes, so 51 overall. Could be a recap though

So Mikazuki is now the new Commander of Tekkadan isn't he?

>Yfw Carta is behind the mask

Nah this guy is so gonna get wrecked by mcgillis. At most he will be the token 3rd party in the final fight.

He pretty much always was.

It's pretty funny how probably everyone in the Galaxy fears a Manlet now

>Takes off her padded suit and mask as she gets revenge for Gaelio

Mika is brute force, the entire planning and tactics come from Orga. Mika fights the fights Orga tells him to fight.

I doubt it.

>McGillis literally saving the universe
>people want him to fail becouse he offed some brain dead chuuni and fascist friend.
Don't be that guy user, join McGillis.

Orga tells him where to fight because Mika is pressuring Orga to lead them forward.

>evil and smart
Really? He seems like the hot-blooded bro type.

Your forgetting how orga always goes to mika for verification on his plans and when orga strays off course mika is the one who smacks sense into him.

We don't even know his goals. Other than muh darkness.

McGillis a shit

So guys lets do a baseless prediction on orga's fate. He basically saw his death flags wither away and die last season but will he be that lucky this time?

>McGillis literally saving the universe
Isn't the universe in a worse state currently?

He won't go before Yamagi confesses to him, right? ...Right?

The story is about Orga and Mikazuki according to Okada and Nagai. Kudelia dying is more likely.

Mika is probably the only gundam protagonist where it feels unlikely that he will survive his own series. The way they are building up barbatos slowly taking away his body really makes me think hes going to spend the finale of the series only being able to survive in the gundam.

He's either going to die outright or get a shit ton of prosthetics.

Orga's always wanted to go forward, but he doubts his strength to. Mika reinforces Orga's faith in himself. Mika has no aspirations beyond being wherever Orga wants to go, because he wants to see it for himself, but he's aware that Orga has a load limit on how much he can tackle himself. Orga's still the eyes and brain, but Mika's the heart and blood; people can call it codependent, but for all intents and purposes they're basically symbiotic psychologies.

>Mika reinforces Orga's faith in himself.
Did you miss all of Season 1?

Yeah and Season 1 put a bit more focus on orga's story while season 2 is shaping up to put much more focus on mika. The story can be about someone 50/50 in plot relevance and still kill them off. I know the comparisons to it are baseless and were only made cause mika's a midget but gurren lagann was a story split between kamina and simon and that didnt stop the story from offing kamina.

That would be pretty cheap considering we've already seen an "Even in death I still serve" Gundam character.

Orga was literally afraid of Mika and stopping before he got to the happy future he promised Mika.

Montero is that you?

do not forget this scene user

mika genuinly does care for orga as a person, but mika is not a man without aspirations.

He looks like Bakugou from BnHA except he isn't constantly angry.

Ein having his way would send a terrible message. I prefer him to stay a loser since according to Okada/Nagai, he basically failed Crank's hopes he'd become somebody different from a child slaughterer. He is a failure of a human being.
>On Ein's direction from Nagai: someone who received advice to "not become someone who kills children" but failed to understand in the end
>so much righteousness that it almost seems like a lie - wanted to go far but came in too short and bit more than he could chew in the end, in summary....ignorance is righteousness's greatest enemy

I knew Ein wasn't going to kill anyone significant even before his rampage, seeing how Biscuit's death played out. I was only pissed the "they're okay" scene was so QUALITY, they coud've made it a bit more dramatic and not so cheap.

Did you miss basic psych class? People in positions of power require reinforcement that only others can provide when the stress begins to encroach on their perception of their own leadership capabilities. Orga has Naze to fall back on when dealing with Tekkadan's relationship with Teiwaz, but it's Mika that provides the reinforcement for Orga when it comes to Orga's relationship with Tekkadan, because Tekkadan looks up to Mika as their hero and Orga as their leader.

Shino will live and he'll give Yamagi a house full of kids just like his seiyuu had promised.

Things need to get worse before they get better.

Which doesn't disparage anything I've already said: Orga gets cold feet, Mika reinforces, Orga continues on like it never happened. That's what Mika provides. In exchange, Orga drives on and Mika travels along with him to the same desired future.

I think ein having his way would of been interesting since it shows the damages done by someone who becomes so hell bent on revenge rather than the intentions of the person they are trying to avenge. Personally i think azee and lafter could get their fake out but i think shino should of died as much as i like him. Ein was always gonna be the mid boss but they could of had him at least leave a permanently bad memory for tekkadan and crew.

>It was me, Klim.

>I'ma say a whole lot of nothing please let me off
No you stupid faggot

Mika does not reinforce Orga's faith in himself. Mika pressures Orga into moving forward at any cost because Orga is afraid of him. Biscuit was the breaks and the voice of reason.



I bet that's just some ploy so they can cash in on the audience's emotional pain when they kill off Shino.

Would you?

>Fumitan did right about when she started to get a real character
>Carta died more or less right after she was introduced
This show is terrible with characters.

>it shows the damages done by someone who becomes so hell bent on revenge
The point they tried to illustrate was that revenge for the sake of revenge backfires BADLY. It's a cautionary tale. You may have other ideas you wanted them to convey, but to be frank I think yours is stupid.

No. There's something wrong with those proportions. I don't like sluts, also.

Kudelia should have died instead of Fumitan

You can never rule that out especially with gundam. But it's so blatant, almost too obvious.

Yeah killing the cute waifu can either completely destroy or fix a character moral compass all depends in the direction they want to take, so far with Mika its likeable going full demon, he also has that little bracelet to make sure he never forgets

He'll be the Odelo of this season

Maybe he is here to take Eugene place as the Tekkadan traitor plot line they dropped

I've thought atra was going to die to send mika overboard ever since i realized that mika genuinly cares for her and cherishes the bracelet she made him.

Thats the thing i always found funny about the mika is a sociopath comments, they really do go out of their way to show mika cares for the people around him just in a very weird way of handling it. We've only seen him really emote on a few occasions and they were almost all when he was expressing concern for those around him.

Nah, his character arc will definitely have something to do with Mika. I guess Mika needed another cast member on his dick.

It's definitely an improvement over last seasons mask. Those eyes flaps were fucking stupid. On the subject of masks how come no one ever talks about how sick Neo's is?

I believe he'll live and he and Yamagi will adopt five kids or something. They had their chance to kill him off with Ein and didn't, no one else hates him and his pink mech enough for it to matter.

Indeed the guy is emotional repressed but he does care for those close to him and has shown great concert for them, but also easily goes nuclear when something bad happens to those he care and has no trouble getting rid of people that threat his friends like poor Gali getting strangled

For the first time in mankind's history a cute homo ship has a chance to work out in a Gundam franchise. If they fuck it up, I'm losing all hopes for anything of the sort in the future.

Nice headcanon, user of the edge.

did we get a timeskip?

Atra's plate reads ATR-016, so I guess we got one year time skip, since she's 16 now.

Considering how much they have talked about shino sexuality, trolling would be the only reason for then not to do it

>He is fucking his SISTER

This is fucked up. Just finished s1 and it came full circle that gali got such a shit hand.

Like half a year tops. It was basically done just to set up the political climate and ramifications of S1's actions and get right into the plot. I normally have an issue with these types of info drops but ill forgive IBO on this one cause it would of just dragged down the pacing from alot of the interesting things they are setting up.

He'd still be fucking his sister even without betrayal.

>African Union

Europe BTFO

I'd argue one year. It took time to get back to mars, conflict to start up everywhere, Kudelia to establish her company, and tekkadan to start getting new members and teiwaz to develop a MP Hyakuren model.

>China not overtaking Africa
We all know IRL that Africa would've been pink.

Gaelio, he was a good friend.

>not pink

Haha gays

Well getting back to mars probably took no more than a week, the only reason season 1 took so long was cause they essentially were wanted terrorists and needed to take detours to get out of watching eyes. They were protected after S1.

It takes them two months to travel from Earth to Mars. Gaelio was bitching about it in first ep of S1.

Holy shit really? I actually quite love how shitty the tech in IBO's world is.

Kudelia's office interior is from Mad Men TV series.


>another masked character
I want this meme to die. At least just for one series.

>Gaelio unmasks in front of his sister and chocoman
>she runs behind chocoman completely mindbreaking Gali

We better get a scene of her drinking scotch while smoking a cigarette.


What we need is a Kudelia version of that reaction image.

he keeps a biscuit joke ready at all times for when they go too far

How do we even know he's fucking gali's sister

I guess unpopular opinion, Moments like this are the reason i really like IBO. I enjoy seeing the characters talking about things completely unrelated to the conflict at hand so it has a nice contrast to when things get more serious. That scene in particular i really liked with how it went from cheery to the girls begging mika not to go fight.

Well indeed it is, also Atra car is a RX-3, right?

He doesn't. Cred Forums is just thristy for loli porn.

He is definitely touching her underdevelop breasts everyday thats for sure

So how badly is their world tumbling down once Mika and Atra kick the bucket and they get booted from school

God i hope she at least gets to do something to harm mcgillis when she finds out how much of a bastard he is.

It's not really low tech, it's that somebody probably realized Mars is much farther away than anything in the traditional earth sphere most Gundams play in. It also seems like they use specific routes to get around.

Theres already going to be a sad scene coming of them not wanting atra or mika to leave them in fear of never seeing them again like biscuit. Having that worry come true would be the most tragic shit.

>Miku's body is still trashed

Way to ruin a protag

did they just build a room that's half a mile of stained glass?

come on man, don't leave me hangin'.

Gimme that delicious sauce.

Someone will draw one, im sure. Along with all the claw edits.

>kudelia smoking a big fat cigar
>penis reactor surpasses 100% output

Well IBO still is a really low tech entry in this series, i really dig that they decided to omit beam weapons or the sort for actual blunt weaponry. It feels to me more like an early armored core world than a gundam one.

What was the deal with Miku having big hands?

He never really grabbed anything huge figuratively as she was implying since he's still just a grunt

Thats so they can just introduce it later

Those two are well known bullies

That scene reminded me of national lampoon's vacation.


What about tiny flying maces?

Pretty sure when the series was announced they outright said no beam weaponry of any kind cause they wanted a more medieval weapon set. So far nothing is pointing to any massive tech upgrades with lupis' main weapons already being revealed as a greatsword and dual maces

He recovers his MC powers uses Barbatos don't worry. At least Ein do something right before dying tho

For a moment they all looked like a family. If Atra and Mika survive and have kids they will probably look like that.

>raising your deathflag already
What the hell

Miku was fighting out of Barbatos like half the fucking show. Now he's useless unless he's in the gundam

I cant wait for that school to get blown up or something

Mika can probably still wreck some people even without his arm.

Hes fine for now. The entire cast has been raising their death flags since the start. Shino is fucked though.

They're clearly gonna go the one twin dies route while the other suffers

Death flags have no effect on Shino. Only relationship flags might still do something.

The more death flags he has, the stronger he gets.

He obviously wants you to only look at HIM.

Isn't Shino/Yamagi like director's idea? Maybe he'll protect it from Okada.


Only known director for telling Okada to fuck off with her shit is Nagai.
Maybe we'll live to see the rise of a second one.

Everyone seems to be fond of this idea, but I'll still be surprised if it actually happens despite it seeming like the most obvious thing in the world that at least a couple of guys in an all-male environment would formally get together.

Nah i dont see either of the twins dying, but i can see their school being blown up and mika freaking out over thinking their dead.

Something of harm will come there way just to break mika.

I wonder if Nagai's awareness goes that far or if he just wanted to ship bait.

>Earth dust

Nagai is a mastermind, don't question him.

This episode is counted as 26th. So there's really no S2, it's more like a split season. Speculations about actual S2 starting at 51st already started.

Nah really doubt they will touch the twins, Atra is the only one whose death is expected like Fumitan or Biscuit, almost sure her end will be in an episode named with flowers or something angelic, considering in Japan they like to call her Angel

she will probably die sometime this cour if they are going to kill her.

She was the narrator this episode, doesn’t that help her odds of surviving or something?

it means either or, it could mean shes safe or it could mean shes more screwed and that this cour might just be her recounting everything leading up to her dying moments

That way they can kill her and have somebody else start narrating next episode, making it sting more.

I think that's too much, something bad will happen to them cause mika clearly feels responsible for their well being in biscuit's place but killing them off would just be a bit too far over the edge for this series.

Can confirm. I was the one of the programmers they hired to maintain Kamachi's heuristics and he somehow snuck in code to convince it that the railgun fillers were the way to go.

Gundam occasionally gives us happy endings for side characters. I was pretty sure Patrick or Kati were going to get killed off for drama fodder at some point and they ended up happily married. Even the original series had Frau and Hayato married and adopting war orphans. Unfortunately one of those orphans was Katz, but no family is perfect.

That was the way to go, my friend. You should've helped him out.

>Frau and Hayato
That's no happy ending, that's more like licking each others' wounds.

Atra is a cute dog

Its really a 50/50 chance of getting a happy ending in gundam. sometimes even the unlikely ones like fa and kammile got a happy ending (after going through alot of bullshit even in ZZ to get there)

also frau and hayato did not get a happy ending, they lost their child and then frau was widowed.

Meat > chocolate

True, and there are also a lot of open endings as well where they intentionally leave it up to the viewer to imagine.

>also frau and hayato did not get a happy ending, they lost their child and then frau was widowed.
I seriously doubt IBO is going to be popular enough to span a sprawling decades long multi series timeline like UC that will leave enough time to ruin the lives of any couples/happy endings that come out of this. AGE was sort of the weird outlier because of how it was setup.

Orga in a suit is an absolute dish.

Off topic but I just started watching Gundam and decided to start with Mobile Suit Gundam. Currently on episode 9 and already in love with it, although the animation is bad but its okay since it was made in the 80's. Going to watch Zeta next, I expect it to be just as good with better animation hopefully.

Just remember to skip Turn-A and 00, no matter what the misleading anons try to tell you about them. They're not worth your time.

Yeah, watch G-Savior instead. It's the pinnacle of the Gundam series.


I always hear anons say 00 is great. Will take your suggestion in consideration though.

You had best watch 00 it's great.

I'm like half way season 2 of 00, but so far I can safely tell you that it's really good, not at the same level of the original or zeta, but good

have they ever done a bait and switch in gundam where the child that has never piloted a gundam and you assume is the main character just immediately get blown to pieces?

Considering that their target audience for gunpla aren't edgy old basement dwellers, they don't.

Sounds good. I'd recommend just powering through the UC series and films before venturing into other Gundam series. G, X, Wing, Greco, IBO, SEED, AGE, 00, and Turn A are all essentially their own separate worlds. Despite what the other user said, 00 first series was all right if not great, series 2 was a comedy of a train wreck which was at least better than SEED Destiny, as that was just painful to watch a lot of the time. Despite Japan's massive boner for SEED I didn't find either to be particularly good.

A lot of Gundam fans don't like Turn A because it's not really about cool robot fights and the pacing is much, much slower and less combat focused. Up to you if that sounds like something you'd enjoy.

It's definitely one of the blandest Gundam mask ever.

First season is nice, second is dull and retarded. Movie is a 2 hours long beamspamfest ending in yet another stupid manner.

I'd disagree. Second season was comedy gold. Watching that and playing the drinking games were the most fun I've ever had on /m/.

I suppose my recommendation on 00 would hinge on how shit faced user is prepared to get.

You have a piss poor sense of humor.

>playing the drinking games
Tells you how bad a show is when you need that to have fun with it.

Every gundam prior to IBO was dogshit.

The fact that you had to use drinking games proves his point, idiot.

My predictions
>McGillis succeeds in whatever his final goal is
>Atra lives
>Mika dies
>Orga lives
>Shino dies
>Tekkadan survives
>Kudelia dosen't accomplish anything significant.

you're calling me dumb?

mikazuki will become a gundam.
see the end credits.

I don't think you understand. I didn't say it wasn't shit, I just didn't think it was dull. It was magnificently terrible. Identical twins, skittles squad, the least practical plan imaginable for a guided missile system, Mister Bushido, TRANSAM, etc. It was the very fact that it was so reliably shit that enabled /m/ to make a quality drinking game out of it.

>I just didn't think it was dull
You played a fucking drinking game with an anonymous imageboard.

And against all odds IBO managed to be even worse. Sasuga CloverfieldXOkada.

Dumb cuck with an awesome mask. Headshots don't even count as flesh wounds.

You're not helping your case. Last I checked, even Cred Forums didn't have to pretend to use drinking games for other retarded shows like Valvrape.

I do all kinds of things with this particular anonymous image board. Real time discussions of actually decent series as they air has never been one of them.

It did with Gundam X.

You could have just enjoyed a decent show with others for real. Instead, you choose to pretend that you enjoy a shit show. Wew. Sasuga /m/.

I'm think it's just an alias. I mean they were able to turn Ein into part of the MS. I'm assuming they used mechanical parts to fix Gaelio up and gave him a new identity so McGillis won't find out right away.

I don't remember one in Turn A but it's been a long time since I watched that. Harry Ord did have some very silly glasses, but I think that was about it and I chalky that up more to goofy moon fashion than anything else.

You mean Gwenale Bartholi is a fake identity? That's preposterous. Please go back to Arlong Park.

They probably brainwashed him and made him Choco's puppet too.
He will snap out of after autist will mortally wound him and he will shoot Makky in the back in the critical moment.
That's pretty Okada if I say so myself.

I really hope Gali ends up hiring Tekkadan and it doesn't become some stupid three way battle where Gali and chocoman both get murdered by Mika.

>They probably brainwashed him and made him Choco's puppet too.
I want this, but at the same time I don't

Another Sirocco/Haman/AEUG climax battle? God I hope not. But then again I don't trust Chargelio to be mature enough to ally with Tekkadan. I hope I'm wrong though.

>hating mask for the sake of hating mask
You should only hate retarded mask characters for being retarded characters.

oh wow

>Expect suffering from now
Cookie and Cracker will die

Ahahah ho shit that's awesome

Dont listen to Watch 00 for fights and animation at least.

>Gaeli/Garma is the masked man of IBO

Holy shit that is actually amazing.

Does this mean Kudelia is an alcoholic now? Or is she Peggy?

Because he's easily the most sympathetic character with the most development in general.

He fucking lost everything at the end of the first season and was cruelly betrayed by McGillis. Now he can get his fucking revenge and it might be glorious to see the Chocolate man pretty frustrated over his failing plans.

>tfw McGillis will probably keep killing off all your favorite characters

Start, maybe.

I still maintain that Shino deserved better than a stupid jobber death for the sole purpose of buffing up Ein, with little time for any emotional payoff. He's like the heart of the team, Eugene loves him, Yamagi loves him, Akihiro loves him. Hell, I bet by the end of first cour Dante, Derma or the new guys will love him too. So executive meddling or not I'm quite happy with the outcome.

Your mobile armor was designed to have the pilot sit in a exposed glass canopy in the dead center of the machine for anyone to shoot and your master plan was to attack the earth with flying buzz saws which you decided to use on your own colonies first as a test.

The only series with a villain with a dumber master plan I can think of is AGE.

I agree that he deserved to live, but maybe with some sort of injury that prevents him from piloting which leads to him being the instructor this season instead.

You know I dropped out of AGE before the end, but I'm now really curious about a villain with a worse long term plan.

>Be butthurt that the EF abandons you and a bunch of other colonist in experimental mars colonies because the project is a bust after it turns out mars gives off some sort of reflective rays that cause anime bloody cough cancer.
>Instead of just moving the colony away from mars like you were shown to be able to have done the whole fucking time you park yourself in the rays and soak them in for the next hundred years while grumbling about the EF who abandoned you.
>But oh, you definitely aren't butthurt and thinking of revenge.
>No, you have this brilliant plan to end wars forever.
>You are going to create a long, drawn out, and incredably violent war so that all the violent and war mongering people wipe themselves out.
>This way all the peacefull people who have somehow survived this war will inherit the Earth and build a peacefull society.
>You start this plan by inciting your own people into a bloodthirsty fanatical frenzy.
>And kick it off by stirring up internal conflict and attacking the EF, whos society has been enjoying an unprecedented century of overall peace to the point they had literally thrown away their best weapons and the only real conflicts were some negligible pirate and small time mafia activity on a couple colonies.
>Claim you're going to be giving them a chance to fight back.
>While your own ms are completely immune to everything the EF throws at them until the gundam due to using super advanced tech that the ef threw away and whenever they do start to effectively resist you bring in a super nuke and blow the whole colony up.
>At the end of the series you die peacefully in your comfy bed happy.

Note though, this is not Treize's "Make a war so horrifying and costly people won't want to go to war again" plan from wing.

This is "All the people who like fighting will kill each other but not the non-violent people".

By the end he's gonna be stuck in Barbatos like Galigali.

>Instead of just moving the colony away from mars like you were shown to be able to have done the whole fucking time you park yourself in the rays and soak them in for the next hundred years while grumbling about the EF who abandoned you.

This is the worst part. If he was that mad at the federation why didnt he just move the colonies away from Mars and then actually started the war?

The 100 years was even before the war. During the war second moon sat in them for another 60-70 years and the other mars colonies even longer. All the while somehow pumping out enough soldiers to fight a war spanning decades despite a supposed large number of people getting sick and dying of illness.

...I am simultaneously happy and sad that I dropped AGE.

Jesus Christ, those are both terrible plans but AGE sounds like something a very angry twelve year old planned out. Wing at least had the mild benefit of being vaguely based in reality. WWI was called the 'war to end all wars' until WWII broke out. The trouble is wars aren't waged for the sake of just having a good war. Japan especially should know that given how prone they've been historically to starting hostilities due to a lack of resources. No population would go along with a nut job like that. I don't demand my magic space robot cartoons are super realistic, but if you aren't going to commit to super robot tier comic villainy and then attempt to make a series where you try to play them off as a serious dramatic threat don't be surprised when people call you out on it. Japan, please.

Did none of the soldiers think "Hey maybe instead of making gigantic ships we could just move the colonies?" or "Why dont we use our mobile suits and go to the nearest colony and tell the people living there what happened so we can gain public support?"

Why did HS reupload the episode?

What's even dumber is that they weren't even capturing colonies or Earth territory to bring in civilians and use the land for their own. They were just burning and sinking everything in their path.

Ezelcant lied to the people and claimed that the purpose of the war was to kill everyone on Earth and take it for their own. And he spun this tale about how Earth was this amazing paradise called Eden being hoarded by the EF.

A lot of people thought that AGE should have just fully commited to being a cartoony giant robot show instead of the half assed compomise of kids show with attempted serious plot that we got. Build fighters did the whole "Target both younger and older fans" thing a lot better.

>Mother fucking Patrick Colasour

I totally forgot about this amazing character.

The Team Rocket of Gundam.

glad I wasnt the only one.

Shino's VA sounds based. I hope he's right, I want a happy homo couple for once.

things I like about IBO S2
>Tekkadan gets frogs
>Mika uses DUAL MACES

I thought at first OP said "this is one of the better looking Gundam shows from the previous series" and I was gonna get irrationally or rather logically made at that utter shit taste.

Carta was confirmed dead pretty explicitly.

Gaelio faked it!



Are they fucking?

>there's a bed right next to the cage but the guy sleeps on the floor for some reason

He can't find a mat that fits in the cage so until he does he will be a gentleman and sleep on the floor.

>implying Masked Man isn't Biscuit

>implying it isn't Crank-nii

Oooh, a true gentleman indeed.


One day she will return.

Es ist Ein Hund.

>Es ist Ein Hund.
Sorry freunde, Moi pas parler le patate chaude, Spanish Second Language.

I'm a dude. She's a dude. We're all dudes.

Aww, murder manlet gives you some flowers.

I like him and his team so they're probably all going to die.

I'll wait as long as it takes

I want to give her meat if you know what I mean

Those two should have never befriend the little bastard, it really ended up badly for them

At least he's not OOC, unlike Orga being all smug behind him despite his unability to score with the cake who's attracted to him

You're confusing inability with lack of interest.

Cartafags actually exist? I hope she stays dead. What a stupid cunt she was.

She's past her expiration date. All gundam MCs need at least 1 autist love interest so he'll get the tomboy unless Mika counts

>He wasn't here for S1

way to out yourself

Eh, I don't buy it. I think he's just at a loss on how to deal with a woman. His one track mind doesn't help too.

>unless Mika counts
Exactly. Orga has two love interests: Mika and Merrybit.

i hope everyone in tekkadan loses and dies easily the worst organization in gundam history completely unlikeable and full of dickheads

The sister wants it.


Soon, it will be the one year anniversary of Carta's death.

It's high time you let it go.


Nah, IBO needs his pink robot, that's just how it goes. Besides, being a MS pilot who can't get in the robot equals to being demoted to extra.

This reminds me. Flavour text on one of his cards from that card game thingy is a comment from that prostitute he bought on Saisei. She sounds super love-struck and all giddy, she talks about "such large, cheerful boy who was almost glowing" and how "his glow filled the entire place and made it seem brighter and happier", and finishes with a "fufu, what am I saying~". She sounds like an older lady of you ask me.

Get your hetero goggles off your face once in a while. He's not interested, and I dounbt she is either. She's acting more motherly toward him.

I know that feel
> she swallows

>he's not interested
I'll give you Orga, but
>I dounbt she is either. She's acting more motherly toward him
If tripping on your feet just to land on your target's chest in the elevator counts as being motherly, then okay.

Why did she eat the butterfly
Does she have the mental intellect of a dog?


Gjallarhorn's standards have really dropped.

Maybe he adopted his own insane martian child mercenary and she never saw a butterfly before?

is she autistic?

The first thing you do with something you've never seen before is try to eat it?

Why not? Isn't that what Tarzan used to do?

I don't want to break it to you but Tarzan is factional