Gakuen Handsome TV

First episode is out.
OVA has been out for a couple of days and it's pretty good.
Short of the season?

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Anime VA or game VA?

This episode is too normal compared to the OVA.

>Short of the season?
That's probably "TO BE HERO". Hopefully it will get subs.

It seems CR only has Anime VA voice track unless I missed something.

Haven't played the game.
The VAs are the same as the ones for the OVA.

Agree on the fact that it's too normal, but I hope things heat up as the series advances. I think we'll get OVA vibes from the next ep.

Short of the season has already been decided.

>Short of the season?

Not so fast.

I'd take animated poorly but with heart over ironically bad animation any day.


>short of the season

Reminder TQ8 is this season.

Normally I would drop this with the force of thousand suns, but then imouto appeared.

I like this guy.

I can't believe I'm visiting aarinfantasy for this.



The credits list both anime VA and game VA. Why is that?

Where are the jokes?

it's visual humour

It airs with both anime and game VA tracks in Japan.
Apparently CR didn't get the game VA tracks.

Best anime in the history of ever. People who dislike GakuHan can't appreciate good art.

Getting two voice tracks probably takes longer than animating the episode.

Gakuen Handsome: if you're offput by the yaoi, here's a cute loli for you to enjoy.

But why is the loli not pure?

Because you don't deserve it

My sides might be up for a journey.


I can't believe they put in the effort to draw nipples.

BL of the season.

Oh shit it's a greasy frenchman.

I want them to do one good looking episode at the end. Then we'll be talking.

Do i have to make an account? Isnt the OVA anywhere else?


And he's teaching some useful life knowledge to high school boys.


Probably starting next week. The OVA that is out is a collection of skits and most of them are quite funny. Keep in mind that It's all a yaoi/bl parody.

Now I can't hate yaoi chins, they can give me two cups of coffee.

It feels like I'm on some weird drugs.

This Gintama OP looks better than Gakuen Handsome:

what the fuck did I just watch?

The greatest fujoshit material of all time.

Holy shit what a nice introduction. Look at that fucking chin.
>No doujin where the handsomes fuck the imouto with their chins
Why live?

a deconstruction of the BL genre

>characters don't have massive hands



>anime psa
Damn, its been a while since I last saw this.

Why didn't you tell me about this

lost hard