Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

They'll never interact like this.

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Also the boss is pretty weak for being archetype-locked. To be fair Gokou should have been what Crystrons needed.

So next episode is coming this week or are we getting cukced again because of Tennis?

Why are all the doujins for this show fucking yaoi when you have based Ruris

Is this happening or not?

Next episode doesn't look like YGO at all.

This is a semen demon

Serena trying to get a piece of that sweet Ute booty.

That's probably for the better.

looks like gx

Because the boys look like little girls.

>doesn't look like YGO at all
>post a pic with a Yu-Gi-Oh! monster

The anime's largest fanbase are the Fujoshis.

I don't see Shun stalking Ruri and Astral.

have they explained what's up with the evil shit inside yuya yet

How so?

Yuya just needs to kiss Yuzu and the brainwhashing will go away

There's at least like 5 doujins on sadpanda with the ruris in them, including that ludicrously vanilla Yuya/Yuzu one.

That'll never happen. Hand-holding in the YGOverse is equivalent to a creampie.


Next episode

Didn't someone kissed Yuma's sister?

Phantom Knights never go limp.

I can't believe ARC-V is finally fun to watch again. It's a shame i can't say the same about a certain kids show

I could be wrong, but I think the screen panned up and the kiss was only implied.

He's right there user

No, we did see the kiss.

I always expected it to become fun again, but nobody listened to me because they were so busy arguing.

If anyone's going to break the trend, it's this one since the focus of the endgame is looking to be based around the Yuya/Yuzu relationships.

Is it me or does Yuya have an unusually nice butt?

>feeding the fujos

>implying fujos are attracted to Yuya

Yuri + Screentime = Fun Guaranteed

Yoko genes does that to you

I hate all the scenes he's in.

I forgot how competent Yuto is when he actually tries.

I love that doujin. Wish I could read the full version.

I need a link

Based Ebina.

>has no porn in it


Every series since GX hasn't really been YGO if you ask me


Rebecca also kissed Yugi on the cheek.

>tfw I'm never going to be Yugi
Time to die.

>break out to look for a Ruri
>find a gay tomato instead

That wasn't "romantic" in a sense of how Yuya/Yuzu's relationship is. If it was, the show wouldn't make it to air and would get cancelled

They already showed Yuto and Ruri in dates. So anything but a baby will be underwhelming

What is being said here?

No, this is a creampie in the YGOverse.

I'm not sure, but I'm imagining Shun concerned that Yuto won't be good enough for Ruri has demanded that Yuto date him first as a test of his worthiness.

>that post about Yuri carding everyone
At this point, and talking about being a fag of said game and not a tumblrfag or related, somebody should really make an edit of Chara from Undertale to make it look like Yuri.

Shun demands to be included in their dates.

is that Obrien?

Why does the new Op say that Yugo, Yuto, and Yuri's names are Hugo, Ute, and Joeri?
it did that in some of the duels too and i never understood it. which name is the correct one?

yeah but it's not a confirmed relationship (other than what Rebecca says)

What happened here?

Yuya and Yuzu had too many children.

Dispite what fujos say, Tomatoes reproduce asexually

It is pronounced Yuri, Yuto and Yugo, but nips are retarded and don't know how letters work.

Why is the Yuya version so much sexier?

Pendulum Dash is a good song. Reminds me of ES21 openings.

What episode was this?

Cause you're a faggot


>but nips are retarded
More like they write them like that on purpose. They only want Yuya to be the only "Yu" in the series, so the other ones are also Yu, but not by name, so they will be always second to Yuya.

Will Zarc have a dragon dick?

He literally looks like a girl though.

Yusho has the Yuu interval in his name too though.

Kaz is not on painkillers or working on arc-v. So no

Miss me yet?

What GX character do you think owns all these ?


>They only want Yuya to be the only "Yu" in the series, so the other ones are also Yu, but not by name, so they will be always second to Yuya.
...What? Do you realize how dumb that sounds?
"Yu" is a fan expression. The animators and the writers aren't that fucking petty, you dumb shit.

Johan Yubel.

No. Stick to manga. It's all you're remotely good for.


please tell me you don't actually believe what you say


No he looks like a boy. Yuya actually has a pretty broad chest and thick arms.




too lewd


How would we when the ARC-V manga in still ongoing?


This is now a cutest Yu thread.

>Zexal, everything Arc-V wishes it was

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

If arc-v was written like zexal, I wouldn't have made it through standard arc. I would've just given up there.

>that bgm when raging dragon is summoned

those are some tasty loins


Wew, that's definitely not making it in Arc-V

Arc-V at least got jobber side character friends right. Zexal's were dogshit.

Tfw you realize every arc-v year gets instantly way better at around the halfway point.

Standard: ep 22-24
Synchro: ep 74-75
XYZ/Fusion: Ep 123-125

Arc-V is great for its moments of brilliance.

>tfw you found a video on how to spank tomatoes to encourage pollination

Does this mean Yuya likes spanking and vibrators?


Is this standard or the fused dimensions?


This is Maiami.

Looks like Standard. You can see Reiji's tower and the duel arena from MCS.

I'm kind of sad that Rituals will never have a relevance or duel in here again, but I am happy for the few moments we got in here.
Also, how much broken do you think Zarc and Ray will be? I mean, with the last duel, there may be a reason of why it's a "good" thing Zarc barely appear.

If 2014 has anything to say about it, they'll be chucking universes at each other by the end of the series.

I wonder how much of the current writing was originally intended to be in its current form back in the beginning.

Can't wait for this new episode!

Anything that doesn't have to do with Synchro and Yuri using Ancient Gears.

And the legacy characters.

>tfw they become the entame duo like how the preview for early arc-v implied.

>they'll be chucking universes at each other by the end of the series.

Who will die first?


Could Joeri have been able to take on Sora, Asuka, Reira, Reiji and Yusho at the same time and win?

>aka the legacy series that took characters from previous series to kill them and make their fans salty
I like it.

so if the yus and the citrus fused, they;ll make an omni yu and omni citrus?

>Sora + Asuka
Most likely.

No clue.


Hahahaha, no. Would end in a draw at best.

Yes. Even with the Ancient gear deck.

I'd have said yes if you didn't include Reiji, because there's no way your cute little cabbage can beat Keikakuman, let alone make him lose a single LP.

Barret made him lose a lot of LP although i think Reiji was just trolling him

There's a reason Asuka slammed her tits into Yuri's face and had Sora drop the iron bars.

Then again everyone is a threat to the Jobelisk Queen.

I believed Rituals could have more users, at least until Synchro-Hotel happened.
We got pretty much animations of nostalgic or popular monsters of pretty much every summon (even Warrior Dai Grepher) yet with Rituals we got one, Doriado.... and it was just a frame.
I guess it's better than nothing but still.

Edo doesn't have his end game Ultimate D so he's probably going to get fucked first.


i miss sandah

From what we've seen so far in Arc-V the 5 strongest duelists in the Show are:

1. Yusho
2. Reiji
3. Joeri
4. Yuya
5. Kaito

I think Yuya in Hitotsunii Mode is on par with Joeri

Oops! Who did this?

1. Yusho
2. Reiji
3. Berserk Yuya(might be on par with Reiji now)
4. Yuri
5. Yuya

>strong duelist
>runs away from Dennis

Most probably the one who did this.

>Next series follows Zarc and Ray as lovers in the original dimension
>Zarc discovers the original Dragon and slowly is taken over by its influence, eventually becoming corrupted and evil
>In the finale Ray is forced to split the dimensions into 4 and place 1/4 of Zarc into each in order to prevent him from coming back


I can't wait to see Yuya Vs Joeri.
I wonder if Joeri will get nom

Maybe the person who did this?

Their minds will synchronize like in Yuya and Yugo vs Sawatari and they will fuse as Yuya deals the finishing blow.

So will Yuya ever lose a duel again? Or will he become Yusei 2.0 until the show its over. I doubt Joeri will beat him mainly because the plot is moving fast and theres no time for rematches anymore

Honestly, though, that play was good even if it was 800% Hikokubo trolling everyone as hard as Yusho was trolling Dennis.


Poor Yuto!

>Or will he become Yusei 2.0
He's not Yusei 2.0 though. Stop falling for Cred Forumsrc-v memes.

Say your prayers Yugo

Oh god. I really, really want Yugo to win now. The amount of salt would be gigantic.

Even in his last moments Sora can't stop eating candy.

It's almost certain that Yuri will fuse somehow with Yuya

I mean, Yuto Overlayed onto him, Yugo Synchs up with him, so there's going to be something fusion-related going on with Yuri

lmfao Arc-V is all about sucking fusion's cock while putting synchros down.

The protagonists usually doesn't lose during the home stretch, that's true for any ygo series. And he'll never be Yusei mk. II because Reiji and Jack already ripped him new ones.

He'll grow up to be a fat fuck.

We've literally spent 50 episodes glorifying synchros. Stop shitposting.

Yugo's chances of winning are as slim as Yuya not dueling Joeri. It's over for the banana


That's some head

He's not to the level of Yusei just because he hasn't lost a duel in over 50 episodes. He's Yusei 2.0 if he's won every duel in the series, including the duels of other people.

Basically, when we have Yuya picking up duels after somebody else, even when that somebody else should've easily and reasonably won, and then winning, THAT is when he's Yusei 2.0.

Did Yuri grow giant or did Asuka shrink?

The only one getting glorified was Jack. The rest were all portrayed as shitters.

Go to your cardbasement Dennis

Glorifying scarlight.

Everything else was trash.

>Yuya's Synchros
>Crystal Wing and Speedroids

1) Zarc
2) Ray/Reiji
3) Berserk Yuya/Yuri/Kaito
4) Yuya/Yuto/Yugo/Brainwashed Ruri's
5) Shun

We always have at least 2 week yearly breaks in a Ygo show.
We're have you been?

All that ninja shit keep him in shape

He's EGAO Jesus not Jesus

The Assault Blackwings are nice but weren't all that great. Raikiri is pretty good in the anime, but his IRL effect is garbage since it relies on you KEEPING tons of blackwings on board, which just doesn't work.

Speedroids are shit and only serve as an engine for R3s and Clear/Crystal Wing, to the point that even Yugo will only go into Clear/Crystal Wing when shit gets real.

EnPal is hard as fuck to summon and even harder to actually accomplish anything with since the only card that can summon it in Yuya's deck is fucking Tuning Magician. Nirvana is better but just about any situation where you could summon him it'd be better to summon Crystal Wing. His Pendulum effect is also trash in the anime since it REQUIRES the Pendulum Straight combo.

The truth is that Yuya isn't THAT op unlike other MC's.
>Almost lost against Kaito if it wasn't for Shun interrupting the duel
>Tied with Edo in their first duel
>Would have lost against BB if it wasn't for Gon and Jack saving his sweet ass.
Plus he always needs Action Cards and Yuto helping him with his own cards plus Hitotsunii is kind of cheating. I think he currently is the weakest MC

Kaito is too high. Brainwashed Ruris should be below Shun.

By that logic Yusei's a weak MC, because the Crimson Dragon had to magic in just about every one of his topdecks since Savior Star Dragon premiered.

How is Yusho anywhere near the top? He hasn't had a single on screen duel

1. Kaito
2. Reiji
3. Yuri
4. Jack
5. Yuya

Why do Zarc and Ray have lines in 126? Are the counterparts going to fuse right now? I mean the episode is called 'The day the Devil is born', as well as the doctor taking the Ruri's to Leo.

since when the names were confirmed?

Post more Rin!

They're going to talk in flashbacks as the Yuus and Ruris are getting closer and closer to fusing.
Also Zarc isn't confirmed to be the demon duelist yet.



Would anyone in their research of doujins for science find any doujins with Silent Magician? If so, can I have a link?

According to the poll, we are singing kirifuda.
Before you get your Ruris in a twist , I'll keep it to one post per thread.
Send your recording here: [email protected]
Send harmonies in a separate recording
good luck

Since cast list was revealed.

>Kaito that high
Yusho defeated the commander of Academia, is consider a big threat for Academia by Leo and Reiji is his fanboy plus he trained Kaito. Champion of the Standard Dimension and apparently never has lost a duel. He is obviously OP



I wonder if Yusho uses any of the Extra Deck methods, otherwise his Sky Magician must be some full power Monarch tier bullshit.

>Tributes the opponent's monsters to summon his boss.
>"This is FUN, isn't it?"

WHy not send it to the guy who always does these things?

Kaito is completely undefeated, didn't take damage against Yuya, wins duels against multiple opponents at once, is feared by Academia and actually beats named characters. He's the strongest duelist in the show by far.

>Yusho defeated the commander of Academia,

Edo is a scrub

>is consider a big threat for Academia by Leo

Kaito was considered a big threat as well

> Reiji is his fanboy

Which has to do with him as a person and not as a duelist

> plus he trained Kaito

Doesn't matter. Students surpassing teachers is a common trope.

>Champion of the Standard Dimension

Years ago

>apparently never has lost a duel

Has that actually be stated?

>He is obviously OP

No, until he has onscreen feats of him winning duels or even hype from other characters of how good he is then we can't rank him. He has nothing to base his skill on. The only duel we've seen from him had him run away. You can't put him above people like Reiji and Kaito who we've seen win all across their screentime. Even Reiji doesn't have recent feats so it's hard to rank him versus the influx of new characters we've got.

Nigga pls Yuya bricked and wasn't even trying beat Kaito just convince him to rejoin resistance

>Kaito is completely undefeated
I happen to know the one duelist who can defeat Kaito.

Don't know his email

It has DMG at first then Silent Magician, sweet vanilla for you.
Still no Northwemko vanilla doujin why is life so hard

My sides would explode.

What is it with this franchise and fujos?

Any user here managed to find a Dark Side of dimensions subbed? I know dubs kinda ruin everything

Thank you, senpai! Have this gift!

No. Stop asking.

>Kaito is completely undefeated
Not for long

>Nigga pls Yuya bricked

No he didn't. He got out Odd-Eyes turn one and even boosted it past Galaxy-Eyes

You don't need to.
>fiendish chain
>tfw a lot of cards have the non-target protection
Welp, I guess I could just take my time to find the Ultimates a little more cheap right?

How do Ancient Gears/ Predator Plants deal with CIPHER PROJECTION + CIPHER INTERFERE gg no re?

Stop pushing this meme.

Somebody kill this smug ass mofo


With the power of the plot

It's even worse if they Fiendish your lower-level or non-Lv Silent Magician, since Spell Counter rulings state that unlike literally every counter type in the game, the ability to HAVE spell counters is considered part of a monster's card effect, meaning if the effect is negated they lose all of their counters.

Meanwhile, I can put a counter on cards otherwise completely immune to card effects and nobody gives a shit.

It’s the final stretch
We’ll be singing Kirifuda (Tv size).
Submit yourself singing the song. You can upload it to vocaroo,sendspace,mediafire,picosong, anywhere that you like, just make sure I can download it.
Regarding on how to record:
> Make sure you have no background noise.
>Try to sing on time, and on pitch. If you can’t do both try at least on time.
>You can record using a free program like Audacity.
>If you want to sing both voices of the song, make two separate files, not one.
Post the link of your recording in the threads (I’ll be watching them) or send me via e-mail:
[email protected]
Let’s all sing this to celebrate the end of the show. I’ll wait a month from now, 03/10, until I finish accepting submissions. I’ll deliver the final product a few days later after we reach our goal, on youtube.

Song: youtube.com/watch?v=pQU8WYRsF4s
Lyrics: lirik.biz/2016/03/kirifuda-lyrics-yu-gi-oh-arc-v-opening.html

Do your best.

PS: the reason I didn't finish Vision was because I had gotten a new job and had to travel a bit, so I didn't have time to finish it.

Ancient Gears are Cipher Interfere proof.

>Tfw a quality waifu like Silent Magician is unplayable in the meta

Why even live

Thanks user

Because that game isn't about waifus, kid. It's about big dragons. You just go play Vanguard or some pussy shit.

Problem is that Monsters that works with Spell-Counters have more issues than Union monsters. There should be a Field-Spell that protect them from shuffling or flipped facedown.
I mean, unless you want to use the Lv Archetype (which btw, you should try it), both Silent Magician and Swordsman's retrain are great enough to work by themselves. Negating a Spell Card is always good this days, they have to kill them him first and you can protect them with traps or other things.
Plus, Secret Village of the Spellcaster in the case of Silent Magician. I know, it is risky, but use them when your opponent doesn't have a Spellcaster and you wreck some shit.
I actually considered her with Northwemko and DM stuff, if things go well, I may have Eternal Soul, the Circles and Navigation this month.

>implying the end of the show is something to be celebrated
why can't it just go on forever

yuri is cute! cute!

I wish we could go back to the plant synchro days when Yugioh wasn't based around not letting your opponent play the game.

Can you endure years of abuse like we're suffering?

>Not about big dragons

They just need to errata how spell counters work in some places. I can use Vijam the Cubic Seed to put a Cubic Counter on my opponent's Magnus with 17 materials, and completely fuck Super Quants out of their biggest play while ALSO clogging up resources, but if my Maiden of Macabre with 15 counters gets popped with a single Breakthrough skill I'm back to square one with her?

Also, post pictures that summarize these past 3 years of Cred Forumsrc-v here.


why does fusion want to jump on Gon's D?

I think this paints a pretty good picture of thread moods from Standard till now.

It'd be funnier if you put the episode numbers on each frame.

Which episodes thought? It's quite obvious the first one is all the Standar arc, but what about the rest?

First is Standard.
Second is Start of Synchro to Yuya's first duel with Jack.
Third is start of Friendship cup to 91.
Fourth is 92 to Level 0 round 2.
Fifth is Kaito vs Dennis to last BB episode.

But that's jut my opinion.

If Hitotsu nii turns out to be a teenager then I can finally drop this show because there isn't anything else left to show other than him

Man 2014 /Arc-V/ was the fucking best

>Yugo Synchs up with him
im sorry, HWAT? and more importantly HWEN

You might as well drop it now since they seem rather young. Also the brainwashed Ruris sub plot will end up being even longer than BB at this rate

Gotta say, Otome arc to Xyz was pretty rad

A rough estimate here.
Panel 1: 1 - 55
Panel 2: 56 - 75
Panel 3: 76 - 99
Panel 4: 100 - 108
Panel 5: 109 - 122
123 on may or may not reverse the panel progression. Excludes exceptions like 19 - 20 which is obviously panel 5.

In my opinion:
1 = 1 - 64 (+75
2 = 65 - 81 (+99, 106, 117, & 123 - 125)
3 = 82 - 98 (+107, 108, 113, & 119)
4 = 100 - 112 (19 - 20)
5 = 114 - 122

Yugo's 2 duels in the Friendship Cup: 72, 84, & 85.

oh right... i guess their lines "synched up"

but i think that was more like hitotsu ni calling out to him rather than making an actual impact like when yuto and yuya became one

Its pretty obvious that the series will end around next summer? What's your ideal ending for this show that would salvage it/make it the best YGO anime, Cred Forums?

Wow being a part of Cred Forumsrc-v will be something I'll never experience again. I wonder if there will an anime that is an even bigger trainwreck. Honestly though I never thought I would end up watching what would become of the worst rated anime to exist

Taking the YumaXKotori even further. Not only she confesses... but they end up holding hands

old joke is old

Sure you will just tune in for the next yugioh

Meh, I think being a Pokemon fan is still more pitiful, at this point.

bring back tiddy monster asuka and rip dennis fag's card in half.


But user, they already hold hands in the last episode


this is clever,

this is just straigt up /guro/

last one because more would be autism

Did a girl just kicked a YGO MC in the nards?

Was slacking on Arc-V but now it's time to come back.

It would have been so fucking simple to keep the show good


Standard had a wealth of interesting characters from all the dimensions. Why not just keep them, develop them? Remember when Dennis brings back Kachidoki and then Kachidoki just fucks off? Hey, Masumi's teacher was carded and Selena killed her friend, there's tons of interesting stuff you could have done there!


Standard Yuzu was the perfect counterpart to Yuya, and a nice change of pace. She didn't have asspull powers, she had to work to get stronger. She was fun to watch. Reiji was great too, his duels being fucking curb stomps with ACTUAL CARD GAME STRATEGY LIKE CARD ADVANTAGE, CHAINS, TRAPS, etc. These three characters covered pretty much ALL YOUR BASES. You get the Protag, you get the Protag's friend, you get the Smug Rival. It's a classic dynamic and it works!


I mean it's ok for Yuya to like EGAO, but don't make him into a SIMPLER character as he goes on.

I don't see the problem though? I think it has been a pretty good anime

Not really the only reason I'm watching is because I watched 100 episodes so I'm obligated too

Nah. It lost its amazing attention to character and ability to build hype during Synchro

I blame Ono's hotel room powered Fortune Cup masturbation session.

Hey Yuri, we just got new cards, can we be relevant again?



If I had to grade it, Pre-Synchro started at 5/10 (being generous) and slowly climbed to 7/10, Synchro onwards started around there too and dropped to fucking 3/10, hopefully it will keep recovering.

I think Arc-V is one of the only shows in which the Duel Tournament was the best part.

I kinda wish we had gotten an ending like the one from GX where Jaden and Chazz duel, then Syrus and Tyranno join in on Jaden's side with Blair and Alexis joining on Chazz's side with them all going at each til the backdrop becomes overwhelmed with cards

Start of Synchro was leagues better than Start of Xyz if only because Yuya tried the EGAO shit and Security literally couldn't find it in themselves to give a shit. It proved that EGAO is flawed on principle and won't work in every situation, less than 5 episodes after Yoko told him to use it.

The problem was that Synchro decided that instead of going with the GX message of "there are times to laugh and times to be serious and it's important to know the difference," it instead decided to go with the message that the show presented in a bad light at the beginning of the show "EVERYTHING is about Fun and when you feel like crying, laugh instead!"

This is Arc-V's greatest flaw: It sets up a bad message in a bad light, gives the character room to grow, then has the character decide that the toxic-as-fuck thing is the RIGHT thing to do AND THIS NEVER GOES WRONG FOR HIM.

Gif when?

>giving so much importance to egao
Nobody watches the show for that and you should just stop minding.

Yellow hippo is best hippo.

Reminder that Standard's writing of Yuya was so good that an actual literature professor was referring to it as a masterpiece of character writing.

Don't think I forgot about you, user. You still haven't shown us the paper.

>Reminder that Standard's writing of Yuya was so good that an actual literature professor was referring to it as a masterpiece of character writing


Now I'm curious.

That's one thing I can say was nice about Yuya's duels in the friendship cup, they consisted of two failures of EGAO and slap to Shinji's hypocritical face instead.


When will we get to see Zarc pop out and get absolutely fucking obliterated by Reiji's DDD

also what happened to casino reiji
because I liked casino reiji

Sorry to break it you, but even Reiji can't beat the ultimate duelist.


>no doujins of Yusho ramming it up Asuka's cooter

If Yuto had his leg burned by the Parasite Queen's acid, how come Yuya doesn't have the same injury? In the manga they can switch bodies and clothes, just like in the anime, but they share the same pain.

Yusho is hated in Japan. Nobody is drawing him doing much of anything.

That's the tip of Yugo's hair dumbass

Wait, whys he hated?

>tfw good Spell Counters would make Tempest Magician hyper degenerate

If the patternfags are right, does that mean Ray will have blonde hair and dark purple eyes? I'm guessing Zarc will have a monochrome or a rainbow scheme.


>Does fucking nothing all series
>The reason Eago jesus memes exist
>A standard users yet BTFO one of Academia's strongest dueliest
>His stupid naive ideal is forced and is always right
>The anime billed a duel between him and Dennis only for him to play 2 cards and run away
>Mistakes Yuri for Yuya but not Yugo for him
>Left that sweet delicious Yoko ass for so long she developed an /ss/ fetish
>His vanishment was all because he was a dumb dumb rather than something cool and mysterious

Yusho is the biggest disappointment of Arc-V his Sky Magician better be really fucking good for a standard monster.

I'm gonna assume Leo should be up there somewhere. Being the Big Bad and all that.

Those two look nothing like the silhouettes.

oh yis!

Her voice has no right to sound so sexy in english.

You know, I kinda wouldn't mind a tag duel of Yuya/Yuzu vs Yusho and Shizuo, old tainers vs new tainers sounds totally tubular

>Every week was trying to figure out what Kamishiro's Wild Ride was gonna do next.
>Getting hype when Gorgonzola not only had a deck of 40 monsters with no ED but FORCED A DRAW against X-SABERS
>Cringing with everybody when Cookmates created weird inflation/vore shit onscreen.
>Reiji being an ABSOLUTE MADMAN setting himself up to lose to 4000 burn damage.
>Best dad telling Yuya to stop being a whiny little bitch about pendulums
>Yuya RASEN NO STRAIKU BAAHSTO'ing so hard the stream crashed.
>Watching Smooth Operator Yuya make Aoi Yuuki nosebleed hearts.
>Rituals getting the ED monster treatment.
>Sawatari was still a living joke but at least he was a living FUNNY joke.
>Trying to figure out why Yoko seemed completely unsurprised when Yuya did the first Pendulum Summon.
>All of the "Yuto is alt-Future Yuya where Yuzu died" theories and all of the UBW edits.
>Everyone flipping their shit over Yugo's hairstyle.
>RANK 4 = LEVEL 0 memes
>Talonflame using Brave Bird to TPK the LDS trio for the first time.
>Yuzu actually pulling off Kaiser-tier De-Fusion combos like a pro.
>Reiji gaining SEVEN THOUSAND LP and telling Barret to shove it.
>That absolutely painful 2-week break between Shun and Sora's first duel and the aftermath.
>All the crazy theories about Omni-Yuzu and Berserk Yuya chucking galaxies at each other as the series finale
>The first year of Cred Forumsrc-v was capped off with one of the best duels of the series, both metaphorically and play-wise, with both sides exchanging blows and combos in equal measure.

Yeah, 2014 and the first half of 2015 were a hell of a ride, and it makes me sad that it's all over. Hopefully 2016-2017 can help ease the pain a bit. Fat Chance.

They're wearing casual clothes.

As someone who doesn't actually watch Arc V aside form minor parts of various duels, what's EGAO? Also, Yoko has an /ss/ thing?

Some guy wrote a paper for his writing class on post-modern media's use of specific themes and how Arc-V exhibited them. Apparently it had his professor intrigued enough to actually look into the show (at which point there were about 18 episodes).

The professor said that the show's treatment of Yuya was an excellent use of tragic writing, and the way the plot constantly sets Yuya up to succeed then pushes him down a flight of stairs was brilliant and masterful writing, because even the viewer is taken along for it all.

We never got to see the paper that got this professor interested, although the guy said he'd post it.

Yuto should've been the one running the Xyz arc, kicking everyone's asses (Including Kaito's.) and taking names, even if it's just punching everyone the gut and kicking them all in the dick.

>Also, Yoko has an /ss/ thing?
Like 70% of her screentime was her talking about which boy was the cutest.

Considering the hunk of masculine man-meat she married, she has an odd affinity for shotas and bishounens in general.

>Even Yuto was on the "Hey guys let's think about this whole EGAO thing for a second" train
I mean, he was jumping to the other extreme, but fucking hell this show KNOWS how off-kilter it's gotten.

She picked up Sora when he was a stray and has shown attraction to Michio, Dennis, and Halil.

Shame we'll likely never see Yoko x Dennis doujins.

At least there's a Yoko/Sora cgset. Himika still has nothing.

That's really cool. I'd love to see it.

He didn't call it brilliant or an 'excellent use of tragic writing' though, just that it was interesting. And that the story could take the full hamartia route if it wanted to with the way it was going. It didn't.

I know that time can make memories fonder, but let's not get delusional, user.

now that we all know she's been BLACKED, Japan might get on that

>literature """"""""""professor""""""""""

I tried to go back into the archives to get the proper story, but the archives died between then and now so I had to go mostly on memory.

Thanks for the correction.

Egao's the japanese word for smile. Yuya's "Make everyone egao" philosophy is understandably pissing people off, since it's working even when it really shouldn't.

Did people really need the hair to be able to tell Leo was a nigger?

>Himika still has nothing
Will we have a Leo/Himika flashback? Considering that next episode we will see Leo in his younger days.

judging from recent threads, yes

Considering how YGO loves its "generic brown" people, it was fairly safe to wait. For all we knew Leo was an Egyptian.

Yes. For all we know he pulled an EMIYA before the series started.

Inside this package is a big black D/D/D. Would you dare to open it?

Here's hoping he didn't have to dive into a nuclear meltdown to get that tan.

>Leo was an Egyptian
Fucking egyptians, how many times they will try to ruin the world by card games?


Honestly it would be easy to justify if they felt like it. His first dimensional travel device sucked, his body got damaged or changed or something, end result he's black and has a vein popping out of his head now.

nah he black


The fuck is wrong with you? Go be autistic elsewhere.


>10-11 years old
>wearing a training bra

Why would I do that?

user calm down

Nah, he was already black, but I agree about the hair, though. I am sure we was involved in an accident and lost all his hair a la Lex Luthor with half of his head as well. He has that chunk of metal in his head for a reason, after all.


Leo gave her lots of snacks growing up.

How can Leo be black when Reira's teddy bear, which shows the extent of Leo's wounds, is white? And don't try to argue the color doesn't matter, the pieces that replaced the damaged teddy are purple, which is the color of the Fusion dimension, further supporting me.

Reira is adopted. Maybe Reiji as well.

post the pic of this slut holding hands with everybody

Maybe you're as well.

I find it very amusing that this could only be bait or retardation. There's no other option.

Why didn't Sora used his Edgy Mode against Joeri? Or maybe Joeri edgyness was too much even for him.

Sora's "edgyness" is a dropped plot point.

Because he wasn't losing to a sub-human scum summon method.

I didn't know he was losing to pendulums.

I just noticed OED is in the preview instead of OEPD. What?

Technically it's the original dragon.
I have a feeling the pendulum is the cause of all the upgrades to Odd Eyes, that they were al trapped within it.

Ruri while being brainwashed is actually pretty hot.
Yuto is a lucky son of a bitch

But Pendulums make everything better, even disgusting Xyz.

>Yugo gets kneed in the gut, thrown out a window, had his D-Huwheel smashed, and his body battered and broken from Rin
>Yuto got a hole burnt into his leg from acid and slammed into a platform from Ruri
>Yuya got kicked in the groin from Serena
Lucky isn't really the word to describe the Yuus right now

Yuri is fine, tho.

Pendulum Fluffals when?

>got cockblocked from carding Sora
>interrupted for the 106th time by retarded banan

Just imagine her in the bed

Manga ones will probably get printed in in the SP.

He doesn't seem to mind it.

Don't worry. This time the Banana won't sruvive

Already exist

She'd stick a Parasite Fusioner in your dick hole.

Only Serena can take Jori's cabbage without dying in the process

Ruri seems like the kind of prude who won't allow any sex until her wedding night.

And even then you only get 30 seconds of missionary before she forces you to stop and you won't get more until she wants kids.

All the Ruris are the same with parasites anyways.

Worth it.


Is he ever going to recover? I hate Shun since the moment it was revealed he was an asshole to Ruri even before the War but this is too much

Nah. Because Ruri is a loser who settles for Yuto just because Shun approves of it, she must be pretty fucking horny, but keep this facade of being a good and well behaved girl. She'll probably dump eggplant when he is not able to fulfill her needs by being a little beta.

Be honest. Would you tell her her Decks sucks if she were to invite you in a Date?

If Zarc can morph into a Dragon, what will Ray morph into?

They should just hire Aoi Yuuki as a regular for the next series, like they eventually did with Hosoya.

Even EBINA can't escape QUALITY

Don't know she seems to really like Yuto. He just doesn't care as much as Shun

Even if she does, is because of lack of options. She'd latch on the first guy she could. Shun is a very controlling brother and probably doesn't allow many guys around his little bird.


"I can see you've put a lot of work here. Have you tried changing some cards to help with combos and consistency? I think your deck has a lot of potential, Ruri. Come by my house and we can mess with it a bit."

The insect theme seems already embedded into the ruris
But if anything else I have no idea

>will end around next summer

Not even close. Probably around late March.

A humanoid goddess.

Because it's chocolate-covered.

Let's leave that aside = SHIEEEET?

So in the end he was never alive to begin with? What happened to the real Sergey?

Alright guys, I understand why you are saying Arc-V went trainwreck.

And, truth to be told, after the nostalgia about things from the first starting seasons, with a hype that was too real, I really have to admit that Arc-V now isn't as good as back then.

Back then, I eagerly waited for the fucking raws to watch the episodes with shit going crazy and the whole theories, illuminati and possible crossover and even when the crossover became alternate universes, it was still amazing.

Now, I don't feel the same... I think you guys are right, but I don't think Arc-V is bad. It still feels good, it has its charms, but I think it's like, there isn't what it had back then.

Kinda like Tower of God or DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything.

Maybe it was something around the Synchro arc? It has moments of hype, of when I anticipate something, but I don't feel the intensity as back then. It feels... not as powerful?

I dunno, man... I just dont know

When can we expect to see info about the new Yugioh Anime and the new summoning method? Beginning of January ?

How do you know?

>new summoning method
Please no

Ohh ok. Yeah, I was wondering how some of his flat out enemies became buddy-buddies with him after seeing his lightshow thing every duel. Off all the things yugioh has tried to shove down our throats over the years, this is the dumbest

Mid December.

Arc-V is like a monkey's paw.
>Wanted new HEROs
>Get them but they're shit
>Wanted more cameos since 5Ds got them
>Get them but the GX ones are shit, Kaito gets a thousand duels and no Shark
>Want Yuri to get screen time
>Get it but he doesn't use his deck and his backstory is garbage
>Want Rin and Ruri to finally get some screen time
>Get it but they're brainwashed
>Want Shun to get more screen time
>Get it but he's unconscious for most of it



You know its coming.
I guess this kind of cards will get completely forgotten once Arc-V ends right? I can't see anyone buy Yuya using them

I recall their being an interview saying that the only reason Arc-V had all the summoning methods was because it was an anniversary series so don't expect that next time. I heard that in these threads so take it with a grain of salt.

Will there ever be a FeMC of a yu-gi-oh series? All the males leages past Yugi\Yami have failed me so far. I need something different.



>Shun is a very controlling brother and probably doesn't allow many guys around his little bird.
This is most likely true.

>>Want Rin and Ruri to finally get some screen time
>>Get it but they're brainwashed
But that turned out alright.

Yugioh is aimed at little boys. They won't watch a show with a female lead. It's the main reason why Sentai and Kamen Rider have never had female leads in their 40+ years of existence. Female toys usually sell the worst too and go on clearance. Power Rangers usually makes less of the female rangers so they become chase figures after a while.

Never. The girls in all series get secondary character treatment, even when they start out more relevant like Aki and Yuzu they get sidelined later.
Then there's the fact the series is primarily aimed at young boys, and it's bigger periphery demographic is fujos.

That pretty much kills any chance of a female protagonist.


Female toys are usually bought by grown up men, like Precures.


i wanted some badass Xyz and Synchro archetypes on par with lunalights.

We get 2 more melodius archetypes where the main mechanic got shafted for fusions instead.

If this is the next MC I won't even be mad, he is a qt.

Shun needs to get laid.

I doubt at this point they won't get pendulums. Heck Mozart was in the ED.

That would be pretty stupid of them.
Maybe the new series could give more focus to its new summoning method than Arc-V does, but pulling a 5D's and Zexal again would keep them from advertising new cards of older summon methods in the show. If Arc-V did alright selling cards I don't think they have any reason to go back.

is Ute daijobu?


Yes, just look at how peaceful they are.

Are there any vanilla doujins? Getting bored of all the yaoi

Anons, I'm going to need source on this
Google is not being helpful, nor are the tags on panda.

It's pretty bad. They're just making tame faces while still being bad at card games. They barely have personalities. They're a bit smug but that doesn't mean shit when they can't play. Brainwashing is one of the most boring ways of making female characters interesting.

I like my crazy girls to go crazy naturally. Aki was driven crazy by the way people had treated her her whole life. She became sadistic and twisted with guidance from Divine but she was legit loyal to him. Her sadistic nature came across in her dueling style. It was done well.

Katejina from Victory Gundam went crazy throughout the series and eventually became a murder machine that crazy laughed and killed a shitload of cast members. That was fun and done nicely.

The Ruri's are preschool versions of that shit

>But that turned out alright.
No it didn't. Their characterization is dogshit.

get out

Precure Figuarts are stuck being exclusives these days because they don't sell enough to be regular releases. The role play gear and normal merchandise is bought mostly by girls. The franchise has a big male following though. I wouldn't say males buy the most stuff.

He's worse than Yuma-tier.




>done nicely
I think you just have shit taste then.

>he doesn't know


>Zarc is the Destruction, the Shiva
>Ray is the Creation, the Brahma

Who would be the Balance, the Vishnu?


If Danganronpa and Jojo can get a FeMC I'm sure Yugioh can

I mean, not like it could do WORSE than Arc-V right

But he's not relevant

>I like my crazy girls to go crazy naturally.

Katejina wasn't perfect but she was always fucked up in the head. Her end result was nice even though Victory slacked a ton in the middle.

>Ray-A has white hair like the light of creation
>Z-Arc has black hair like the darkness of destruction
>Reiji has grey hair to symbolize a balance between both

Will Zarc solely use Magicians?

I want her to ara ara me with her dick

They are aimed at completely different audiences. Danganronpa shouldn't have any problem having a female MC since it's mostly aimed at older teens and adult otaku.

As for Jojo, that's more Araki doing whatever he wants than anything. Jolyne and Part 6 in general are among the most disliked, especially in Japan.


I find her change too sudden, and her personality does an immediate 180 turn.
Then again, this is Tomino we're talking about.

female MC's are only allowed in shows where they do alot of /u/ pandering and get borderline naked all the time, see Precure, Nanoha, Kill la Kill, Sailor Moon,Neptunia. Senia Kagura and Prisma Ilya. Females are only worth watching if there's a promise of boner teasing and a female lead in a card battle or any gaming anime will always be domed to failure because of it and I see no problem with this.

wheres the best place to find this besides sadpanda

Fair enough. If you don't already like mind control there's really not much to be gained from what's happening to them in Arc-V.

I'm liking it enough. And I doubt they would do anything worthwhile with them otherwise.

She and her swordsman friends deserve more support. Not this.


When will Laguhmaker and Dag Daggerman be revealed? This Friday? I need to see they're good or not. And, I made a bet with a friend that Force Witch was in, if I win, I get Paizuri, if I lose I have to munch carpet.

Get fucking rekt


Except, you know, Dennis

>get separated from Yuzu thanks to clingy banana teleporting her to another dimension
>meet with her only to get cockblocked by a zombie cyborg and wormhole-kun
>finally get to be with her for longer than 2 minutes
>she gets kidnapped by a traitorous Serena
>next time she's shown its because a bug was shoved in her brain
>get to see a fucking creeper practically molest her
>manages to defeat 2 Ruris at once, but once Yuzu is within grabbing distance the fucking creeper activates a cage
Just give the guy his citrus

>Doctor touches Yuzu
>Both Yuya and Yuto are so triggered that even the bugs were afraid before they even said anything
>Ruri and Serena are still too bugged out to understand
>Battle da
>Get the full force of the Rage

I can only imagine how angry Yuya's gonna get if something happens to his dad in front of him now. Hes been looking for him for 3 years and now he's so cloes he can taste it.

I agree that I doubt they'd do anything else worthwhile with them but I can't even count this as worthwhile since aside from Rin they've all lost every duel. It doesn't really further their characters to be brainwashed and doesn't further anyone else either. Who's really effected by Ruri being brainwashed? Yuto and Shun are still as calm as ever with Shun napping. Who's effected by Serena being brainwashed? No characters are really that connected to her. Rin effects Yugo but they've been so separate from the plot that it doesn't effect anything important. They're just wasted characters no matter how you stack it.

>Ever approving of Ruri being anywhere near the guy

Considering these parasites can communicate with each other, It isn't surprising the others were scared shitless, after witnessing their fellow bug devoured by DARKNESS.

>he's so close he can taste it



>Destruction Magician
>Creation Magician
>Destruction and Creation are the lore of Chaos in YGO
>Chaos is associated with Rituals
What if Zarc and Raya are Ritual users and the original dimension is the Ritual Dimension before they upgraded to Extra Deck?

we wuz keingkakus and shiieet

They have to tribute summon the Ruris and Yus

I bet ten bucks that there are 4 Yu's and 4 Ruri's because Zarc and Raya had their "hearts broken to pieces" and it's going to be some gay metaphorical, figurative thing.

I'm almost inclined to agree but ZEXAL had some really YGO as fuck moments. 5Ds is a little weird on it.

The next series better feature Rituals in a prominent way (equal to how Xyz-Synchro-Fusion) were treated in ARC-V. It's just pure bullshit that the 3 Extra Deck methods for wanked so hard and Fusion has been getting support since DM but Rituals show up twice in ARC-V and don't even show up at all in 5Ds and just once in Zexal.

Is it bad that I liked ZeXaL waaaay more than GX and 5Ds?


Don't get your hopes up. It's better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed.

damn why is yuri so heterosex

You forgot
>Keeps desperately calling out to her, but she doesn't even acknowledge his presence.

Yuya's suffering is always delicious.

I am sure next series will go full Zexal and shill only the new summonning method.

Godammit Yuya, slip through the fucking bars you manlet.
Do it for your waifu.

I just hope the main character has a better boss monster. Odd-Eyes is boring.

the true (true) final boss

As a boss, yes. It's more as an engine that Odd-Eyes shines. Too bad they couldn't get that right in the anime and it isnt worth much with the current banlist

>not liking Odd Eyes
Fuck you

>I'm almost inclined to agree but ZEXAL had some really YGO as fuck moments
Such as?

Why can't the Japanese into romanization?

So this series is about four separate dimensions - tribute, fusion, synchro and pendulum - all colliding with each other. The main protag has alternate versions of himself, and they eventually dual each other using diverse tactics and new styles of play?

Most of Shark's duels in the final part of the series. Yuma versus Eliphas was also pretty YGO because they spoke to one another a lot. I actually really liked that duel even though I'm not a fan of monsters like the final New Orders and Don Thousand's ace.

Hm what else was there.
Astral versus Yuma didn't feel too YGO and while Kaito versus Mizar was good it didn't really have that vibe to me, so I won't cite that one.

Oh yeah, Kaito (later Yuma) versus Heartland, although only just so. I don't like when ZEXAL transformations happen, because they in and of themselves don't feel very YGO, they're too flashy. That's why I'm hesitant on citing any duels with the ZEXAL transformation.

III and V versus Mizar had that vibe.

So did the birth of Neo Galaxy-Eyes in Zexal 1 (In general, the Tron family makes things feel super Yu-Gi-Oh!).

>and they eventually dual each other using diverse tactics and new styles of play?

I mean I guess. The duels are definitely more diverse than ZEXAL by far, but not all of them are very good. Even though they're diverse some of them lack emotion like previous installments (5Ds, GX, DM and yes, even ZEXAL, although I'm hesitant to list it because people hate it).

I hope so.
Pendulum didn't get nearly as much love from ARC-V as I felt it should have. We're only just now (maybe) learning what it is and why it's important. I really liked Chronomancy and Astromancy and they haven't shown up in like forever, but dragons are here getting shilled out of the fucking ass. It's a little gay.

Not him, but...

I dont see reason to hate Zexal. Sure, flashy shounen at times, but I would rank it at 2nd best in all yugioh series so far

I personally really liked ZEXAL.

Not every episode was too entertaining to me but I've always hated YGO Filler in pretty much every season. When the plot got going ZEXAL was super good for me. Until, well, maybe the final stretch of ZEXAL 2. I didn't really like the explanations for certain things we got.

That's a failing of ZEXAL in general, it's kind of abstract and I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing. The manga itself suffers from explanation failures. It doesn't really consider "how we got here" to be as important as what's going on now.

And you know, I can't say that it's necessarily a bad philosophy all the time but in the case of ZEXAL it really hurts the story. Or at least, for me it did. Astral and Yuma's final duel was also really, really gay.

>Yuya caged while the professor has full access the mind-controlled dimensional Yuzus

Why didn't you include lyrics

>I dont see reason to hate Zexal.
I do. It was really obnoxious at times, including some of Yuma's antics. A lot of the one-offs were also either completely forgettable or just bland.

That said, I do agree that Zexal had more convincing character relationships and friendships. The major antagonists were also overall more engaging.

Really, it doesn't take much for the nips to be endeared to a series. It just needs some deep running friendships (even if they border on outright corny), a rival who's relevant and cool, some high stakes now and then, and entertaining relevant antagonists that people can look forward to getting duels. Give them that and they'll forgive anything enough.

It's tribute (called Standard dimension), Fusion, Synchro and Xyz actually.

Pendulums start existing in the first episode.

I like Zexal, but I think the duels become very stale and boring after a while. Not only because it focuses on only one summon method, more because Xyz doesn't offer as much variety as the others. I hope if they return to having only one summoning method next series it lends itself to variety more easily.

At least with Arc-V's variety it feels less samey even when it's not a good duel.

Because did.

Yeah, when I think of Arc-V I don't really think of any notable antagonists. Except Yuri and it's kind of hard to think of him as one since he's a Yu and he's sitting there in the OP/ED with the other Yu's and they're buddies.

It's fucking weird man.

If Yuya is caged why doesn't he just summon Odd-Eyes and break out?

Those all sound like perfectly reasonable expectations

Probably is the same kind of cage that got Sora.

no she is acting tsundere towards yuya!

It's basic shounen 101, and it says a lot if a show falls fundamentally short of those expectations

yah ok

Hey the new OP and ED are pretty good, the latest OPs and EDs Arc-v has had had been pretty underwhelming after HANATE MONSUTA so i was scared that the arc-v OPs and EDs wouldn't live up to the ones from past yugioh series.
Because even if Zexal was shitty, it had some amazing fucking music.

Very true.

Though it should be noted that before it's quality took a nosedive, what made Arc-V well liked by us was that it played around and avoided most of these, especially the antagonist one. During most of Standard we did not have a clear antagonist or goal, just mysteries and a bunch of characters running around.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but even back then Arc-V was not popular in Japan.

I like all Yu-Gi-Oh! series but I have to admit that during it's first 50 or so Arc-V was easily my favorite precisely by going against expectations of what a Yu-Gi-Oh! series would be like, and by the plot in general. Now it's not my favorite anymore though I don't hate it like some people here. What bothers me most is how they stopped giving time to the characters interact and ended up downplaying every meaningful relationship the series had. The rest of it doesn't bother me much.

Are you kidding? I'd rather have Light of Hope back as the OP and I didn't like it at all

How is Arc-V's popularity in Japan?

No Light of Hope is still the absolute worst OP.

Not that user but

>Though it should be noted that before it's quality took a nosedive, what made Arc-V well liked by us was that it played around and avoided most of these, especially the antagonist one. During most of Standard we did not have a clear antagonist or goal, just mysteries and a bunch of characters running around.

Yeah. It was designed to appeal to people who did not like or were tired of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s common archetypes and that probably came off as refreshing to a lot of fans as well. Initially anyway. Stuff like that doesn't ever last though.

Things designed to cater to people's grievances with something else are only good for cheap thrills and don't really have any soul of their own. Arc-V was never trying to tell a story, as evidenced by the way we got dicked around again, and again, and again, and again, even over the course of the Standard Dimension arc.

It tried to be DM 2.0 without having the charm the original characters had. Also half of the cast were annoying and had retarded motivations.

>if we lose we'll do whatever you say
>you better hold on to those words
>proceeds to lose and runs away like a bitch
never trust a women

Back in Standard Reiji was mildly more relevant and no one knew that he'd end up to amounting to very little. He was also interesting for the short time he played the antagonist role. Shun, Sora, Yuto, and Yugo also provided a decent amount of intrigue before they lost a large part of their relevancy as the show went on.

If a show is going to flip or drop a convention, it has to put up something else in its place and follow through, or it's just going to come off as an empty effort. It's called being full of hot air

I still hope for a parallel Yugi to appear with support for Silent Magician

Kek, I just realised myself.

>Yuya before: It's not like she's my girlfriend or anything
And this is why it happened

Goddamn SMfag, calm down.

>tfw being a tsundere haunts you back

5th dimension?

Is it that hard to think that the dimensions will fuse?

females in card games should learn their place t b h

Don't forget, she kicked him in the dick too.

It's the worst rated anime in NicoNico history.

best girl

No nigga, it's probably that shit Leo was talking about


I'm guessing this is the reason why the dimensions split.

1 reiji/yuya
2 kaito/yusho
3 yugo/yuri
4 Jack
5 battle beast

It's a cosmo explosion caused by the pendulum.

124 Nico reactions



次回は期待できるんだよなぁ 今回は5だけど

爆 上 げ
ワ ー ス ト フ ァ イ ブ

デュエマ 84.9  ヴァンガ 97.1  遊戯王 19.5





Will Zarc and Ray be older?

im only getting pandas tho

Yugo will survive.

>im only getting pandas tho

That's the newfag filter you're seeing

When we'll get their reactions to 125?

Also half of these are people surprised or talking about the low ratings themselves rather than complaining about the show. I guess most people who give a low rating don't care enough to comment?

I started reading that recently. It's pretty good


>Duel Master 84.9
>Vanguard 97.1

Why do we care about their opinions again? Arc-V is bad but this is also prime shit taste on display.

Saturday probably.

Ratings come out Saturday, reactions come out a day later.

Hopefully we'll actually get a glimpse of them next week. Even if it's just in the preview for 127.

Vanguard is actually good though and it had a good finale.

What if they dedicated the final ED to the counterparts because they'll stay fused into Zarc and Ray forever?

I can only hope.

@katsuono Twitterから皆さんの声を聞かせてください。って自分で書いてんだから意見聞けば?

They're both voiced next week, though.

What did he mean by this?

How will Ono ever recover?

@katsuono 銀のエンゼルよりお前がひり出した糞アニメ改善するアイデアでも出せボケ

If they're listed in the credits does that mean that they will appear on-screen, or just that they have a speaking role?

I ask because the writers could easily have a hazy flashback or silhouettes that dont really give us a good look at them.


Can someone who speak moon translate

>page 4

What is he even talking about? I don't understand what he is referring to.

Yurifag is desperate to put him in the OP.

>a tweet to him that has no likes or RT

I doubt he cares.

Really makes you think.

Pick one.

He's basically saying he's an incompetent writer that masturbates to his own agendas.

You're in an Arc-V thread, you have no right to look down on other anime.

>Go to his profile
>Suggested followers are Americans

lol basically an American fag that can speak nip wrote that to him.

everything is better than gx so is ok

Anyone can do this. Unless these tweets have a lot of likes, retweets, or there is a huge number of tweets like that, it's fucking nothing.

I have to commend you on your Ono hateboner though, don't think I ever hated an anime director enough to go fish for hatepost on his twitter.

Thought we were talking about the game itself. Point still stands either way

Nothing is better than gx, fuck off.

I see it began. The period where these threads devolve in nothing but trying to bait shitposting wars over which series is worse.

That's my cue to leave until Saturday.

You've never actually watched those shows.

You are like one year later.

When there's a new episode or related news it's not so bad. But after a few days whatever news there is to talk becomes old and all that is left is fishing for (You)s. Kinda bored of that after the first few months so I don't hang out here as much during weekdays.

So guys, I've been losing interest of Arc-V ever lately. Last episode I watched was the one where Dennisss got carded. But now, seeing Yuya go edge made me want to pick up again. Starting from there, is there any episode that I should pick up?

Watch 117, 119, 123, 124, and 125. That's it.

That's not me bro. That's another dude that likes SM.
I don't like to watch/masturbate with porn of my cardfu, I have seen some hardcore stuff and I feel like that would drag her to that level.