What kind of things would you do to this cute boy, Cred Forums?

What kind of things would you do to this cute boy, Cred Forums?

Can boys be magical girls too?

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Grab tail to see what happens.

>this is a Japanese schoolboy

Here we go again

>Has boobs


I'll be honest, the eyeshadow is sort of growing on me.

>liking eyeshadow on boys

sort of gay.

Same here, I didn't like it at first but now my dick is getting hard just thinking about it.

He transforms into a girl fully. Also even if impregnated as a magical girl, if he turns back into a guy he won't be pregnant anymore, until he transforms back into girl.

alignment yuyu

Alignment You You was garbage tier futanari.

>not always liking slutty makeup

slutty makeup is fine. just not on a boy in a skirt.


It's not really a boy.

But the original body is a boy. He just transformed.

>tfw your (male) childhood friend has bigger boobs than you when transformed into a magical girl

After the trans though his gender is female.

When it's wearing a skirt, it's a girl.

Then that golden frame of her looking down at her friend to check him out.

>the Mahou forms are extensions of their innermost desires
>his innermost desire was to have titties and be a slut

What did Souta mean by this

But before that, he is male.

It doesn't matter what he was before.

The magic has changed his chromosomes.

>Magic has given him more chromosomes

Is that what gave you yours too?

user im not a magical girl


just kidding i only like cute girls!

You shut your whore mouth.

Yes you are, you don't need to pretend otherwise.
We all are

Im a mage

If you could press a button to make yourself 100% genetically female and a 2D cutie, would you do it if it meant that, as per anime standards, you would never be able to do anything above a 17- rating for the rest of your life? No masturbation, romance is OK but no sex, etc. etc. No, you can't whore yourself out either.

Oh yeah, also, anyone you're even borderline interested in has a density + 10000% modifier that makes them unable to understand your intentions for years.

>not a magic knight

Step up your game, fampai.

no lewd no life

Best ED this season

The corruption/ntr doujins are inevitable.

He's fucking dead within 3 episodes.

I know he will, but I don't want him to die.

Basically, he's one of us.

I'm getting hard just imagining the doujins.

>Can boys be magical girls too?
Only if they have twintails. Anything else is just a trap.

What about only "tail"?

I read the spoiler and holy shit I wasn't expecting this I like it and hate it at the same time

Also, best ED this season

Dammit, Yuno!

I bet you could cover a crap ton of fetishy doujins with just those two.

gender bender is god tier, the doujins for this are going to be fucking great.

Yes I would.

I've been thinking about him all day. I need help.

Taking his first creampie must've been a magical experience.

Voice ruins it. I hate genderbenders/traps where they don't use a female voice.

It's those stupid sexy eyes and that stupid sexy eyeshadow that's making me throb.

She probably accidentally broke the guy who creamed in her with her enhanced strength.

the eyeshadow is what sets her (male) apart from girls (female)


I don’t blame her checking him out.


What anime?

They were smart to flat out say he's a chick when he's transformed to avoid a trap tag but now I'm curious.

If you cum inside his vagina while he's transformed then have him turn off his magical form, will the cum still be inside him or will it be outside?

I imagine it would technically be "inside" and ooze out of him from his penis.

Magical Girl Raising Project

It's looking like it's gonna be a madoka magica.


>It's looking like it's gonna be a madoka magica.
Nice bait.

Then what would you compare it too?

Not him but it probably won't delve so deep into the genre as Madoka, and flesh out the real core of the plot.
It'll probably be more Yuuna and character-driven.

This show is turning me gay
Anyone else?

I was already pretty gay for these types of guys to begin with

Not at all. If I'm a magical girl it's only natural to like men.

Something like Fate from Type-Moon. It becomes a battle royale to become last man standing.

>turning you gay
We don't need lesbians here.

He wants to be the oppai little girl

I could work around those limitations

Truly the best fetish. Always good to get more material.

so are they gonna kill each other or what

Probably kill him in episode 3

I want to fuck this boy.

Them eyes.