Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

Who /swordboys/ here?

Japan needs to ban homo for the sake of their population like Russia does.

Yeah, sure.

Did you like the first episode? I think that if I was a secondary I would be fucking lost.


no girls allowed

Man, that looked like ass

Yes. I thought it was well done even for newcomers.

Swordgirls, you mean.

>bringing oodachi to night battle and indoor fight
>Nikkari isn't the leader

Aruji why?

draw a girl
call it a sword

That part was incredibly gay

I loved it

But user that's a boy


How much screentime will this guy get? I really like his design.

Stupid cunt was just lazy, Hasebe even said master's room was messy.

Probably little to none, he is autistic and doesn't talk so you'll have to deal with the fox's annoying voice.

why everyone loves to bully hasebe

I want to marry her.

No matter how much you want to convince yourself that you aren't gay, Yamato is definitely a boy, user.

Where's Hotarumaru?

It's not gay if it's a feminine penis.

Busy dragging piece of lazy shit Kuniyuki off from his NEET life.

They're straight.

>wanting to lewd a boy as pure as him

the purer someone is etc. etc.

It has a penis


But it's a boy. If you are a boy and want to marry another boy then you're gay

did I just watch fujobait? I'm not entirely sure what the fuck just happened

It's Kancolle for girls. So yes.

it's not gay if they're girls (male)

Friendly reminder that CCP is cutest mom.

If you can love KanColle, you can love TouRabu.

>making two threads
But why, this is too hard.

I'm calling Yagen, You need treatment

I want to treat Yagen with my dick


Is there any trapservice or is it just full gay?

I love both, yes.

Do you, wimpy user, really believe He will let you?

Unfortunately pic related is not appearing in the anime.

Yes. As the saying goes, No one beats the cock.

Can't beat the cock man.

But he is.

Oh my, you're right. My bad.


because Ishikirimaru needs to be the show's comic relief, apparently.
I don't mind. He a cute.

Nope, not the cock.

I had super low expectations for this so I was pleasantly surprised. The animation was way better than I thought and it was pretty fun and cute at times. I'm tempted to start playing Tourabu again so I guess they achieved what they wanted for an advertisement.

Who would've known the Sakura Fubuki was achieved like this.


>it's also deleted from pixiv so I can't get the full res

>That pointy torso
>That no ass

I don't know why would you want to save this shit.

That outfit is making me diamonds. Also that's a rib cage and slender boys don't have asses user.

I was gonna upload the full picture but I guess nobody wants it.

Does anyone know what is that sleeves-only piece of clothing called?

>If you are a boy and want to marry another boy then you're gay

Who else just imagines they're all reverse traps?

That'd be hot.

what are you, gay?

>draw a girl
>call it a sword
why is this allowed

So this is how these threads are gonna be huh

What did you expect?

It's great. One of the few fetishes Japan doesn't accommodate enough.

I'm sure this shit has an english name but I can't find it. In nip it's 長手甲.

This thread is shit, the other one up right now is a lot better than this.

But the other one is even gayer.

i think they're called tekkou

Thanks kind anons, looks like it's called "nagatekkou".

Fuck me in the anus. That's a guy?

No, it's a sword.