Ako will never be your bro tomboy girlfriend

>Ako will never be your bro tomboy girlfriend

She deserves better than someone like user.

Am I being memed?

What do you mean?

She's not really a tomboy (too girly) and Pig is more the 'bro' character but yeah, I'd like a cute Ako to have all sorts of fun with.

Ako is just boring delusional retard

Worst girl.

>Being a fujoshit means being a tomboy

Sit your ass down and see me after class.

I only jerk it to Ako because there's no good material of Nekohime-Sensei or Piggu.

I don't remember this.


Jesus, she's two fangs away from an orc.

Something about the way the way the underwear is drawn makes it look disgusting, which suits the filthy hikki gamer character I guess.





she;s pretty girly

She should sell them for a pretty buck.


aparantly any autistic girl is now a tomboy.

>no getting the true prize through smelly NEET daughter

>She's not really a tomboy (too girly)

Am I being memed?

What? The blonde one is not that small

>not going for threesome

>pomf, what are we going to do on the bed, etc.

As long as she can cook and take care of the household she'd be an above average waifu. She's dumb as a brick but at least aware of it and knows her place.

>pouty slut lips
No thanks.


A pig is fine too. In fact, a pig would be preferable.

Hot as hell, but such a shameful personality

Isn't she and ntring slut though?

Prez looks so much better without the retarded lips.

Sensei is

This show was surprisingly comfy.

She's cute, earnest, loyal and appreciative. She's dumb and clumsy but it's mostly manageable (and cute).
No? She was hard on herself for mistaking another person for Russian for a few seconds. She's an overt waifu character and thus makes good NTR bait though, which is basically what that was.