Are you ready for the Phantom World beach OVA?

Are you ready for the Phantom World beach OVA?

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It's getting ripped today?

I'm ready for more nVidia PhysX

I`ve heard it will come out in 2 days

Why is Coito so best?

Huh, from the thumbnail I thought it's fanart but the fifth one have already come out
I thought the OVA is supposed to come together with this volume's release?

>Mai in One-piece swimsuit and thigh highs

My dick is ready.


I want to marry mayonaise-sama!

Get in line

I want to titty-fuck Reina-san!

Uh what.

I want to tickle Reina!

>why can't I hold all these tits?

Of course I'm ready to see best girl!

It would finally be amusing for once.


cause they're fake

This one isn't

>has to stick out her butt to try and make up for lack of ass


What episode is the one where Mai becomes a MILF and mothers shotahiko?

Your pic is doing the same


Mai has an ass tho

I wanna rape Mai!

Are you an oversized primate?


Oh god, Koito is hot

Try it, faggot

I graduated in the top of my navy seal class and have over 300 confirmed kills, she can't resist me

Koito wants sweets right meow!

All the sweets for Koito, just need a smile.

>giving a cat sweets
That would be animal abuse.

Are the untranslated novels even available online? I searched for them but couldn't find them.


Wasn't volume 5 released?
Was there a PD5?

5 and 6 are out.

Just yesterday

Mother of GOD!
I need to check this shit more often!


motherfucking spirals

Ruru's ass looks very soft and fat while Reina and Koitos' assess look very toned.

Nothing is sacred for them, stealing strawberries from pure maidens.
Exterminate all abominations, but keep the cute ones for thoroughly examination.

I want to steal Koito's cherry.

You'll need protection as in bomb disposal protection.

Too bad that's the last of it

This show was made for porn and there's barely any.
Even Pinvise ignored it.
What a blunder.

why is that mole so erotic?

>thinly veiled request

No, I'm perfectly aware of how disappointing the porn is.
Something like the mommy Mai episode if it was in Amagi would have gotten hundreds of doujin.
Sad really.

Surely there's one that's cuter than the others and therefore deserves a more thorough examination?

Haruhiko called dibs

But he's already married to his mind.

An ugly one.

But Koito already won.

Koito lost something that night

Ruru, both sizes.

She already lost that a long time ago user

Maybe she's just keeping guard at his house while he's away.

Koito jealous that she has a flat butt.


Mai jealous that she'll never literally sleep half naked on Haru's bed

Why that boy is wearing a dress? He doesn't look comfortable.

Mai will get something even better; hand holding

I know they'll find a way to cockblock even that

Is that the last part or is more coming out this month?

>implying haru doesn't have koito's vaginal juices on his fingers


Why are Koitofags so lewd?


Haru is too pure for that!

Still missing one volume, which includes the OVA.
Boys wear it best.

So does Mai


post the shaved version

This is your Wagnaria staff for tonight.

I want Koito to step on me!

what a bitch

So he spilled his spaghetti trying to talk to Koito?

What is going on with those two at the back

jesus christ

Sorry, couldn't resist. You don't get an opening like that everyday.


New Mai doujin

What happened to the other stitches?

My lord, this world is beyond redemption. It is a disgusting place filled with heretical psykers willingly consorting with daemons of the warp. Though it at first seemed a peaceful planet it soon became evident that the line between reality and the Immaterium has been blurred and the beasts of Chaos regularly manifest to attack it's citizens.

Worst of all they rely on and even encourage the use of psykers and daemonic summoners to safeguard their filthy lives! I have personally witnessed children fighting these creatures, many of which exhibit characteristic of Alpha and Alpha+ class psykers. A girl who spews warpflame and sonic vibrations from her mouth, another who commands and channels the elements through her body at will. Yet another seems able to take the stuff of chaos into her own body, how she has not mutated beyond recognition I do not know. Even the smallest of them is able to corrupt a child's toy into a hulking abomination capable of mass destruction. Finally, I have witnessed a daemonic summoner seemingly capable of bringing Greater Daemons from the warp into reality with no ill effect to himself, even able to exert command over them.

This cannot continue! There is only one course of action left to us; Exterminatus.


What the fuck is this shit?
I didn't get what the fuck the image was talking about even back when the show was airing.

Look at this heretical piece of garbage


Which part that you didn't get?

I call bullshit. Psychic powers are a human power, it's not magic. Also aren't physics approved in WH40k if they work and use their power for the benefit of everyone else?

Te parts the referenced what I can now tell by my google searching, is warhammer 40k.
Which I know nothing about.

Good. Post them all please.

They are in the previous thread

Well, in 40K magic and similar powers are all derived from the alternate dimension the Warp. That place used to be a calm place full of energy but since sentient creatures' emotion influences it, it is now literally Hell. Long story for that one but let's just say it's almost suicidal to just use psychic powers without preparation or years of training.

That emotion part is because the powers are manifested through the brain, that's why you see human psykers, magic users, have to use protection, like in pic related, that covers their heads. Otherwise you'd risk daemons literally popping out from yer head because these things feeds on souls and any who use them shine brightly in the warp like a grimdark lighthouse. That's why psykers are generally frowned in 40K. I don't know where you're getting that last part of the post from though.

The relation with this show, is that the abilities here also come from the brain/mind, difference being that those kids are exhibiting power levels way above what's expected of accepted/sanctioned psykers, that's why the copypasta mentioned that Alpha class, and hence why it's calling for Exterminatus because of the fear that their heads would just blow up and summon a horde of soul eaters from the warp.

tl;dr the pasta refers to PW and 40K having powers that manifest from the brain, and why from the perspective of 40K such powers are terribly, terribly dangerous to have in the minds of unrestrained young souls.

I want to see the harem already.

There's something wrong with Reina,
But im not sure what it is.

Hmm not clear to me but I'll just explain the image.

In the show humanoid Phantoms all have different colored eyes, their pupil reflections are noticeably different, whereas in human eyes they're just a slightly faded color. That's why there's a small cutout in each corner of the images to show the subtle difference. Koito herself noticed this in the ninth episode, the one with the drama show. Same as with those spiral markings, all phantoms have them regardless of form, you can see it here The image itself, I assume, would be an in-universe, 40K universe, warning announcement showing how to spot who's pure humans and who's not, and thus who deserves all the hate and bullets that can be spared. Real long backstory there, but humans and non-humans all hate each other a lot. Like this The image has a light-hearted sense of humour, so it's not easy for those not well-versed in 40K to get it, whereas for those that do, it tends to get a chuckle out of them like I do.


What's special about Pinvise?

I want to see them animate the harem.

heh, I think down here on the bottom is where that image is inspired from.

I want more ruru

That witch is cute as fuck, damn.

You can't fuck her

Fuck this show and fuck anyone who likes it

Best girl!

>no fun allowed

Fuck you too motherfucker

dumb phoneposter

There is no Warp in PW though. So anyone using special abilities isn't going to have some daemon popping up.

In most fiction psychic power and the case with PW here is the result of the brain having higher sensitivity or a more developed brain in general. Nothing to do with daemons.

Yer missing the point, it's a cross over image and paste mate. It's not meant to be taken at face value straight away.

Burn the witch.

Damn she was so hot.
But I still like pic related the best of of all the phantoms, besides Ruru of course.

So witchy comes in at number 3.

Are you theatrically skilled enough to impress her?

Some purple roses should be enough.

Is there something symbolic about that?

Thanks user.

I'd storm her stage if you know what I mean.

I'd let her direct our performance if you catch my drift

>Hibike episode 1 is an hour long
>Phantom World fanservice OVA releasing on the same day
has more of a way ever been found?

I'd Michael Bay inside her if you get my gist

Weren't both of these directed by the same guy?

Fuck Hibikek
More Ruru

Hands are wrong tho.

No user, it is your hands that are wrong

Look at the blurr.

What a manslut

OVA is out, Kyoani found a way to fuck it all up by making the censors see through so the nude illusion is ruined




It's already out on himado.

Rips when?


When will we get more butt painting?

I don't think we'll see much of the poor guy.

i want lick Mai's hairy and sweaty twat!

I want Maizuri.


Reina es mi reina

Did Reina win in the LNs?

More or less. I heard that's where volume 2 ends.

I don't think it'll be known until whoever reads the final volume posts the end summary
I've only read the ones up until the second one, I do have heard of Mai taking a more sisterly role and letting Haru choose someone else but I can't really confirm that.

I think I'm going to buy the volumes to learn about it. I can't find them anywhere online.

Apparently someone found a copy of VEG on Amazon, maybe you can find PW there too.

Why not use a proxy and order straight from kyoani?

OAV is

Yeah, that sounds viable. I find it funny how information on the novels was obscure even in Japanese imageboards before the anime aired.

Why isn't anyone posting screenshots or gifs/webms?

I'm downloading it now
Apparently it's only 360p

I liked the series more when it wasn't focused on whoring out the characters. If I wanted that, I'd just go watch Ikkitousen. Mai, Ruru, and the MC are the only characters worth a damn anyway. Koito and Reina offered nothing to the series.

So you´re saying you never liked it.

I'm ready for no loli fanservice.
Again. Like always.

Neo-lolicons need to go. Lolis are for cute not lewd.

I'm tempted, but I watched PW only for the visuals and the fan service. Anything less than 1080p would damage the watching experience.

>neo lolicons
You mean lolicons.
Not non-lolicons like you.
Also even SHAFT doesn't lewd lolis anymore.


Post like 6 more shaft lolis


>everyday until you like it

You can't appreciate recent KinoAni at less than 1080p, you dingus.



Are you fugging gidding's me :-DDD


I want to stick my dick inside Reina's tight butthole if you know what I mean.

The phantom gave the illusion that they are naked? Kinda harmless.


Season 2 next year.




Post Mai

Is there enough material?
Never mind, If Kyoani really wants they'll add a ton of anime original content.

Would they actually make a S2 for this though?
The sales weren't all that impressive.

now that's some bullshit


Is there a non-sample version?

Literally mother and child

Oh, and yes, seriously though, don't watch it until the full 1080p version is out

>Is there enough material?
There's plenty enough.

>kyoani circlejerk

I want to worship that brown back for the rest of my days.

That's my wife and daughter you're talking about.

Fanservices everywhere and Ruru cockblocked Haruhiko and Mai.

She's too small to block his cock.

No surprise there no fanservice of Kurumi.
GG Kyoani, keep killing lolis.


Fucking Ruru.

I'm going to sleep now don't start the subbed OVA thread without me.

>mfw he was right
Kurumi literally stops existing when the three other girls get their service scenes respectively.
Hell, even the two MILFs get theirs.

Subs when



>Are you ready for the Phantom World beach OVA?

Don't expect fanservice of her.
We get that, one shot up her neck in the water and later on a subpar swimsuit shot.
When the lewd happens, she is always excluded from the fanservice scenes.

I've downloaded and skimmed through that 360p video
I think it's definitely good if you enjoyed the show, one thing I didn't expect is how literal the censors are

Why circlejerk? If a studio is known for their visuals why would you watch a release in shit quality when a proper one is imminent?

Well, it's Kyoani. They love to tease but they never show the goods.

I wanted to see Mai to get my early dose of heartboners. So cute.



>onii-chan? what's with that camera? are we filming something?

>those digits

>I'm filming your handlebars!

i'm gonna marry mai