Why are there no good anime this season?

Why are there no good anime this season?

Ask Japan.

Because you have shit taste

Because Stella no Mahou subs are one week delayed.

name one good anime this season


This season

How can you say that in the season when Brave Witches airs?

Hello! Welcome to the second season of anime you ever watched! Half of the shows this season are yet to air.

You fucking retard I hope you find nothing good at all

I think Hime sama is a fine anime.

Not even 1/3 of the shows aired yet, you mongoloid. Wait a week, then you can shitpost.

Anime is always the same, if you dont like a season then you dont like anime period.
I recommend you look for something else to waste your time on

thinly veiled rec thread

>no himouto season 2

>Rec thread
>Barely anything is out yet

Mob was just the sonic episode of OPM dragged out for a whole season.

This season is so gay. Probably the gayest Ive ever seen

b-but the Meguca/Wixoss rip off seems fine

Tiger Mask W. Also, wait for Drifters.

>not watching image related
you're going to miss alot of good shows

>faggot mc and stupid woman the show



Liechtenstein, the anime

>tfw you will never be a billionaire femboy getting railed by the Germans

>what is drifters

It time go back and watch anime you didn't see pass seasons.

For recommendations which Fall 2016 anime to watch, please go to the worksafe request board.

Or the next time, be one week earlier on Cred Forums, when the current season ended and we all have dozens of what-will-you-watch-next-season threads daily.

>isekai with fate ripofff on top

How about no


Are you one of those retards who watch every piece of putrid dogshit out there ? There's usually 2-5 watchable anime every season, the rest are there just for quantity.

There were no good anime last season either you fucking moefag

Those 2-5 are also all the same, maybe a different category from most stuff, but still the same within each other.

Too many sluts, not enough bros in anime lately.


S2 when?

Barely any shows have aired yet you stupid piece of shit.

Because nips have shit taste.

>violence against men is funny

No thanks


You want a fucking rec thread don't you faggot?

Boku no Pico


Natsume? Fucking pleb.

>literally the only good thing airing this season is Hibike S2
Thanks Japan for making my choices incredibly easy.

If you like drama shows, I guess it would be fine.
But at this point, might as well watch a standard telenovela.

>yfw when Mahou Shouji Ikusekai, Hibike, Yuri!!! on Ice, All Out, Wixross and Izetta end up going full het.


What else would there be? Girls water fighting with their asses? Gay men on skates?

If those are the only anime series that immediately come up to your mind, it really shows that you're just interested in boring shows.

So far, I've watched Tiger Mask, Mahou Shoujo Isukei, Shuumatsu no Izetta, and Monster Hunter Ride-On
I've enjoyed them all par the MH anime, which I am watching purely because I'm a huge fan of the series in general and fanboy like a little bitch when I see monsters I like

Enlighten me on what's going to be the most interesting then, sensei.

You've already made up your mind. You just wanna watch Euphonium, so just stay there and watch it.

>There's nothing else good enough to watch
You heard it here first gents.

Exactly, bro. You want to watch Euphonium, and you will do that.

In fact, I don't even think you will watch it. You will just be one of the countless shitposters repeating the same boring memes about if it's yuri and hetfags/yurifags BTFO over and over in the Euphonium-threads.

Ive watched every eo 1 this season
It was painful
Anime is shit

looking forward to this s2

What is it? Google is shit, tineye comes back with nothing.

There usually is only like one good show a year, two if you're lucky.

this show

>watch this PV
>the noises that come out of that fucking red head

Do Nips actually enjoy these ear bleeding-ly high and cheery voices? I might have to skip this just because of her

>not watching cute girls with nice butts playing ping pong

Oh, thanks. That helps. Filename translates to kuro kuma? Black frame? Can't find anything from that either.

This one's the worst one out of all the ones that got posted here. Good job

>having shit taste

>muh poorly drawn spats mean this 12 episode show is even remotely enjoyable

Start picking up shows until you find it

Okusama ga Seito Kaichou! 2nd Season
I feel that the art changed a bit i dont mind it but it feel kind of weird

>judging when he hasn't even watched it

Why do you assume haven't seen it?
Why would I have a grudge against it?

Oh, I understand now.

Maybe you should check out the yuri on ice show, might be more of your taste in anime.

I have been watching quite a bit.
Actually found sauce for a gif that was posted yesterday, today just by chance. I'm getting there.

Thanks, kind user. Haven't seen season 1yet and it wasn't on my to-watch list... yet.

I take it back, I have seen it. Jeez theyre getting jumbled up.

Were we spoilt for choice last season? I've been watching fewer and fewer anime as the years have gone by, but this summer I watched a bunch.


last season was legit the worst season I have experienced this decade what the fuck are you on

>5fps animation with millions of motion lines
Yea sure, excellent anime.

>no one even mentioning Natsume Yuujinchou
Ya'll niggers lose a heart or something?


>not enjoying anime

>being new to anime and likely still in highschool/college
you'll see

Get some better taste fag.

>being new to anime

Drifters, Flip Flappers and Hibike should be good.

Kyoani has a bad track record for second seasons though.

>flip flappers
3hz is 0 for 2 so far I'm not sure if I want to even give them a shot anymore

two different people have declared anime dead

it's over