Piggyback or princess carry?

Piggyback or princess carry?

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Giving: Piggyback
Receiving: Princess Carry

Princess carry, no contest.

Because it's more heavier to lift with princess carry than piggyback.

If the girl is tired piggyback so all she can remember from you helping her is the smell of your body as you held her on your back. Princess carry if shes awake

On the back of my bicycle as the sun sets and covers us in warm light.

But if I had to choose, princess carry. I've actually done it with my mother once - it's not that hard - yes, it feels heavy in the beginning, but as you shift her weight around it becomes easier.

has pretty good taste, too.

>not wanting to look into your wife's beautiful blushing face as you function as her legs


>missionary or doggy-style

Now that I think about it, I'd probably be too weak to do either.

>Looking your lover in her eyes
>Or just looking at her asscrack,back, or back of her head.

Reverse piggyback

>looking at her hips from a different perspective
>getting to see her beautiful back and being able to see her cute spine bulge softly through her skin, and feeling it with your fingers
>Licking and biting her sexy-ass nape
>pressing your fingers softly in her sides and moving them around to tease her

Not even that guy, but come on, it's not completely unsellable.

>Implying watching her ass shake as you thrust into her isn't the pinnacle of human mating
Get out of my face with that shit.

>long day of adventure with waifu
>walking around the promenade going shopping

>"im tired user, will you carry me"

>weak little body struggles to carry her
>sweats profusely

>"user you smell"

It's because you're fucking heavy bitch.

The nasty smell is from armpits and you should spray that. Other fresh sweat is not very smelly and has shit in it that makes pussy wet. Also a lady understands she smells too and accepts everything of her lover, even the sweat of his brow.

>feel titties and pussy on your back
>princess carry
>feel thighs and maybe tits with your hands

>princess carry
>you can see her embarrassed but happy face as you carry her.
>wanting to feel up her body without her consent
If she wants you to feel her body she will offer. Nothing is better than an embarrassed animu girl telling the boy she likes that she is okay with him touching her

Neither because I'm not my bitch's bitch, I'll be the one getting Princess carried, because I'm a Princess, and she's my bitch.

hotarufags everyone.

Rape can be cute too.

Only if sexual relations arent allowed and the girl asks to be raped so she can be with him without trouble

>not carrying your waifu like this

I have to piggycarry my daughter frequently because fuck strollers

Fireman's carry for maximum carrying efficiency.

Have you given her the D yet?

I hope for him he didnt search too much father-daughter incest because then the NSA is gonna make him their bitch