M____i a shit


Wow user you're so funny.

why are you posting worst girl? do you want to shit post Saekano?

>boring normal mortal

>Sexy Goddess


I don't think there are any Utaha pics as sexy as this one.

Egotistic Lily.

>Cute Goddess

How creative.

I think we can all agree on this.

Megumi > Utaha > Izumi > Michiru > Eriri

Eriri > Utaha > Megumi > Michiru > Izumi

Utaha > Eriri > Izumi > Michiru > Megumi

Eriri > Izumi > Megumi > Michiru > Iori > Utaha

>ever at the top


>Most boring and worst girl
>Better than anything

Let the shit flinging begin

I love this meme.

Eriri is the real blessing.


The outfit looks horrible on Eriri.

not fair man

this is just not fair...

That outfit was wasted on Megumi. Such a shame.

Yes, meme. It gets constantly repeated with no substance.

>truth that gets repeated

Eriri should do more outfits and fashion designs. She's great at it.

>nothing to support assertion

>what Megumifags want to believe Megumi being Kosaki 2.0

Can't compete against the transparent dress.

Megumi > Utaha > Eriri > Michiru > Izumi

Japan and Cred Forums agree, etc.

Calling Megumi a Kosaki clone is like calling Eriri a Houki clone. Absolutely retarded.

Kosaki is a doormat. Megumi isn't.

Lmao how fucking stupid are you

Let hypocritical Eririfags be. At least Eriri detractors can use actual material from the series to give her flak instead of memeing it up desperately in every thread.

>Generalizing and associating one troll to a whole fanbase
Can you stop being a retard too please? Thanks.

>The actions of a few don't reflect the actions of the many. Eririfags are a peaceful people.

>You are still doing it.
Knock it off. You wouldn't want people to do the same at Megumifags.

>this shit again
Post one genuinely good thing about every girl. No "she looks good, i would fug", that's every girl and you know it.

The reddit poster isn't a fan of Eriri. He isn't even a fan of Saekano period.

That outfit wasn't even as good as the one that captivated Tomoya's heart in their first scene.

Megumi is nice and caring.


LN readers would Eriri second behind Megumi in most cases. Utaha is losing a lot of ground in recent novels.

Observant, reliable, earnest, gets shit done.
Strong-willed when it comes to drawing, prideful.
Teasing, domineering, protective.

But Utaha has Koisuru Metronome. If we include that, she wouldn't be second, but only because of Mayu.

Thank god Utaha is over Tomoya and no longer pines for him.

People said that after V7. She's the show's butt monkey, accept it.

Eriri is the anime's butt monkey.

Eriri didn't get a spin-off for an even better girl to show up so she could lose to her.

Yeah, she didn't get a good spinoff at all!

At least she wasn't utterly humiliated.

Eriri's existence is a humiliation.

How's that? Eriri is doing what she wants and is winning.

Oh man, this one is going to hurt you good.

Hurt what? I'm not expecting her end up together with Tomoya by the end of the show. My point remains though.

Eriri isn't going to keep chasing after him after being rejected.

Nothing since then has disproved that notion.

>plays the game obsessively

>Implying Megumi isn't the top Goddess that will outlast the other two


>playing a game means that you still love someone

Why are her tits so big

>the only time Tomoya was stunned at someone's beauty was when he first saw Megumi with long hair

A little bird told me that a side LN in this series proves that Megumi doesn't like Tomoya.

The opposite actually, they revealed Megumi liked Tomoya in a side novel.

It does when you obsess over the sex scenes.

We al feel horny at times. I don't think she sees the MC as Tomoya when she flicks to it.


As a professional partner and a friend surely.

In Girls Side 2.

Eriri and Utaha are best girls.

Should Mayu have been the circle's new illustrator rather than Izumi?

Megumi and Utaha*

That would be overkill.

I'm okay with this.

>those asscracks

We're they really necessary?

Are Eriri and Megumi BFFs now?

My dick thinks so.

They've been BFFs since Volume 4.

Good. I like them both. Utaha can choke on a cock though.

>constantly repeated without substance
Megumeme is literally a meme

Utaha isn't too bad. She's just overstayed her welcome. She should have fucked off after Volume 5.

Have you preordered yet?



I don't know if I could handle having two best girls (Mayu and Megumi) in the same circle.

Koisuru Metronome is too lewd.

Should Eriri and Mayu switch personalities?


Any of you nerds know the name of the song that plays in the background in the first minute of episode 12?

Eriri has surpassed Izumi. Mayu is the next peak Eriri will surmount.

Posting sexy Saekanos

I'm struggling to find any ruined by Megumi

No. I got this instead. Even though it still costs more.