Why does Cred Forums like gay anime more than hetero anime?

Why does Cred Forums like gay anime more than hetero anime?

The word you're looking for is homosexual/lesbian. Only men can be gay.

yaoi anime sucks. yuri anime is good

The same reason why people moved out from shounen. Because it's old and cliche now.

report and ignore

Because Cred Forums is progressive. Unlike you stupid hetnormals from reddit.

>only men can be gay
Gay = homosexual human being

all anime is gay

If I pose it as a question that means it's true.

>being degenerate is progressive

Which IRC clique has been spamming this shit for the last year?

you're gay


Because Cred Forums is full of girls.

report and ignore necrobumping IRC circlejerks

>implying Kumiko isn't going to get wienerd

Because this place is filled with gays and lesbians

Anime is sweet escapism to them

this is not a forum. You can doublepost and even post when the thread is at page 10. The thread is not over unless it has 500+ replies and it's at page 10.
Not like I care about this thread or anything anyway you can sage too.


I like yuri because it's an escape from how girls act in the real world, and I like yaoi because it frees up the girls for each other.

OK, but why do you enjoy replying to threads started by an elite clique of bronies dedicated to ruining Cred Forums?

The audience for late night shows is made of people at the margins of society, from emotional or psychological problems or just their circumstances. But these shows don't dwell on the stuff their audiences deals with directly. It would be too sad. And they can't just focus instead on healthy, happy, normal people either, since that creates just as much misery. So you get shows like Hibiki, with very slightly odd MC getting pulled back and forth between a 'normal' relationship and following her heart into something socially unacceptable. It lets the audience both relate to her, for being 'abnormal', but she's not so strange or messed up as to remind them of their real life.

I am still not going to watch Sound Euphonium, no matter how hard you all try to sell this as an anime with lesbians.

I have no desire to watch an utterly mundane drama show.

I don't care enough to find out what that is.

You already know, considering you replying to this thread without saging

all the anime you like at least

That doesn't make sense.